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Wanted Dead Episode 1

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

The chattering of the white couple filled the air as they cruise the streets of Liverpool in the cool of the evening, everywhere was dark, only the bright lights from the street lamps illuminated the vicinities, there was no moon up high in the sky, because it was only an hour ago that the last drop of rain touched the earth.

After the rain fall, Randy and his wife had decided to trek back home from their little outing with their young son, it was a beautiful atmosphere as the couple chattered away happily, laughing loud, and making funny gestures. Claire had her baby placed on a pack that hugged her breast.

The cute chirpy little sound that emanated from the baby's mouth made Claire stopped to take a look at him and at once she became emotional, Randy did not notice her mood until he had made a very crazy remark, but he didn't hear Claire laugh or say a word, that he had turned to her.

Hey Claire are you ok? Randy asked, but she didn't say a word.
Honey!!! Randy called again
Oops my bad she finally found herself.

What is it? He asked.

Oh it's nothing, she replied
Are you sure? Because you seem to be lost.

Uhmm It's about Cyrus, he made a chirp like a bird it was so cute, I only became emotional, she voiced out.

Hmm it's fine honey.

Don't you wish he ours? Claire asked him.

Yes I always do dear, but haven't you heard it that it not who birth a child that own it but he who raised it.

Yes darling, I have, but what was his mother thinking about that made her dump such a charming child? Claire asked her husband, as they approach the final bend that led to their home.

I never can tell honey, but he is ours now.

Yes!!! she said with a smile, that melted Randy's heart.

They were only a year old in their marriage, and it was a sweet one, it was not because the two of them were From the rich family of the London descendants, but because their union was backed by genuine Love.

Randy met Claire in Top class conference that was held three years ago by the city's monarch, his father Dr Berton had insisted he come for the End of year dinner party hosted by the monarch, but Randy had been a little reluctant about going to dinner, but he later went after a sweet talk from his mom, and there he met claire the Monarch's last daughter, they clung to each, and knotted the tie only two years later.

And only a year after their marriage, Randy had brought home an abandoned child, he thought Claire would be made at him when she comes back from her vacation, but she had embraced the child with open arms, and now she showed him so much love as though he were her own child.

As the couple took the last street to their castle home, the street lamps had tripped off all of a sudden, and this brought shock upon Randy and his wife, because it had happened unexpectedly, but just as the light went off, it came on again, and they were relaxed, not until Claire had felt a heat generating from her breast, and she had looked down to see Cyrus that she had Screamed at the top of her voice.

The baby's eyes generated hot smoky flame that sent shivers down the spine of his mother, Randy was forced to look and he too could not explain what was going on, he had wanted to scream, but he managed to calm himself down, he was the man.
Calm down Claire!!!

Please calm down!!! He said, Claire fondle the strap of the Jacket, as she made to take the baby of her body, but then everything returned to normal, it was as though nothing happened, the smoky flame stopped and the couple continued their journey home in peace.

The incident that transpired was wiped out of their memory in the clave at California.

Iris, California
Rheo Diaz II the Icarius of the ghost clan, tossed up and down his bed, he was having a restless night, because his wife went into labour that night, and the memories of his nightmare flashed through his head, after a little while of continuous tossing, he stood up, and went in to the Chamber Of Solitude, There he could get the answers to whatever solution he seeks, The chamber of solitude in the ghost clan, was a powerful place, it holds such powers, that it could give solution to any problem that was brought before it, The chamber holds the truth of the future and past once a person drinks from the Dark cup, every other ghost in the institute could drink from the cup but not the Icarius, if he does, it makes him become evil, The chamber of solitude was also the place where the Mortal sword was kept, and the Lazarus lake, a lake that could restore a person being possessed by demons and bring a mundane back to life if he was bitten to death by a demon Vampire or wolf.

As Rheo got into the Chambers, he took hold of the Dark Cup and drank a content from the cup, he knew it was forbidden of him to do so, but he had drank of the cup, and a bright light had shun on his face, it was followed by click sounds, like the flash of a camera, and his mind traveled to the future, he wasn't happy with what he saw.

None of his two children will be the next Icarius.

Nooooo!!!!! He yelled.

What?? No my lord what are you doing with the Dark Cup?? Don't tell me you have drank from it!!! Adrian said in panic the moment he stepped his feet into the Chambers.

And what happens if I drink of the cup? Rheo asked, and Adrian became confused, he wasn't sure if it was Rheo talking or someone was talking through him.

He came closer and tried to collect the cup from him, but Rheo hold on to the cup and pushed him, till he fell to the ground.

What have you come to do here? Rheo asked Adrian who was already groaning on the floor.

Your Wife has put to bed a twin! He said still in pain.

Yes I know I can feel My Children already Rheo said and dropped the cup.

Come.let's go to them, he said to Adrian and he stood up at once and followed him.

As Rheo behold his wife and the babies, he killed her, and took hold of the two young ghost.

You shall be Jordan, he said to the boy and kissed him, and you shall be Vanessa he said to the girl, the moment he named them, a blue light shun from their eyes, and he returned them back to Marian Their mother.


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