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VAMPIRE - Episode Twelve


Vampire - Episode Twelve

Mindy still cried the more I felt bad for her and Josh didn't one day tell me about this or he and Mindy having an affair.
It took a lot to convince Mindy.
"You have to tell Josh" I said
"I already tried, he doesn't even likes me anymore he's in love with you" she said
"then I'll tell him" I said
"No don't tell him it will be worse if he hears that coming out from you" she said
"I won't tell him" I said and she gave me a tight hug I'm sure I couldn't even breathe.
She dried her her tears and soon the boys joined us.
"is she okay" Sebastian asked seeing his sister normal again.
"She's fine" I said
"what did she tell you" he asked

"Nothing" I lied knowing what Sebastian is Capable if he finds out.
"are you sure" Sebastian asked
"positively" I said
Soon Josh howled and another howl came too.
"we are here" he said
We are in the middle of nowhere
"where are we exactly" Sebastian asked
"We are at the Clan" he said
Soon the Howls got louder.
"what is that" Amy asked not bearing the noise anymore.
"the pack" Josh said and a bunch of werewolves arrived
"WELCOME TRAVELLERS" one of the Wolves or pheoledophite said


I can't believe it's being already three weeks and no Sign of Mindy and Sebastian and worse of all the Vampire council keeps on loosing it's members.
The blood Moon will be out in a few days.
Soon black dust appeared and three of the most powerful Vampires stood in front of me.
The head Dreco walked towards me.
"Zarla the CASTER" he said
"What can I do for you Dreco Surprisingly I didn't expect your Visit" I asked
"you are aware we are loosing our Members Just ten of them were sent and nine killed and one managed to escape" he said
"So what are you saying" I asked
"we've come to cut the Alliance" Dreco said
"what is the need of taking that step" I asked
"we keep on loosing Members and we can take the risk of erasing the Vampire race" he said
"wait I know a way to draw her in" I said

"WHAT" Dreco said.
"Her parents have been looking for her and in exchange for her powers, her parents" I said
"what makes you think she'll come after her parents she ran away from home after all" Dreco said
"True but she'll never want to see her parents suffer"

we've been in the woods with Josh's pack or clan or whatever, and the oldest Balsadar has been helping to train me alone, I've developed powers such as Telekinesis, healing and control over Nature and so many more but I've no being able to unlock them and the hardest I'm trying to control is time.
BALSADAR told us to sit down and Meditate
"Breathe in and out, in out, in out" he said kept repeating his words.
"Now Clear your Mind" He said
"how do I do that" I said
"it's easy to clear one's mind child" he said
"well not me" I said he took a long look at me.
"What's in your mind" he asked nothing my gloomy Nature.
"I want to go home" I said
"Home sick" he asked me
"I miss my parents" I said
"is that all"
"no I am the Last Keeper and I am the one supposed to stop Zarla a Caster and I have to bring balance and pick between Josh and Sebastian and worse of all Mindy's pregnant for the guy I kinda like even though he's the father it's like I'm in a bad dream" I said letting it all out.
"you know how I became a Pheoledophite" he asked
"you were cursed" I said
"Not exactly I was born one, I didn't choose to become a pheoledophite or a leader or to train you, I wasn't given a choice but that's life for you, you aren't given any choices what life throws at you, you make the best out of it, you are a Keeper that doesn't mean you can't do anything than complete your destiny" he said
"Thank you sir" I said taking his words
"why don't you join the others today" he said
"but I need to complete my training" I said
"you need to have fun too now get out of my sight before I change my mind" he said
"you are the best teacher" I said and ran to join the others before he changed his mind.
The others were busy having fun eating meat like Sebastian and Josh while Amy who was a Vegetarian went to pick berries
I saw The Pack Chanting for Josh to win my question is that how do they cook the meat.
I saw Mindy in the corner quiet maybe Meditating I hesitated to meet her but I had to.
"Hey Mindy how are you doing" I asked
"fine" she said not even looking at me.
"Have you told Josh yet" I asked her

"No not yet" she said.
"he's going to find out eventually you have to tell him " I said
"he already hates me I'm not sure he's going to take the truth so well" she said
"you have to tell him" I said
"No Emily, you don't understand I don't want him to know" she said.
"what if Sebastian finds out" I asked her
"I don't know and I don't want you telling Sebastian" she said and got up Just in time Amy Came.
Amy's been practically learning how to use her shape-shifting powers like turning her hands into swords and other weapons.
"what was that about" Amy asked me
"She won't tell Josh neither Sebastian" I said
"why would she have you met those two they are practically beasts" she said with her hands full of berries
"Want some" she asked handing me some
"no I'll pass" I said
I laid down in the bare floor and soon shut my eyes.

I see Miss A but much younger like she was a Teenager 
Carrying a baby in her hands that could be Sebastian and a man Leaving and soon she drops the baby at the hands of a woman wearing a Cloak.
And then someone comes behinds her and kills her.
I screamed and went to meet her but she's out cold

"Miss A" I shouted as I woke up from that dream
"what about Miss A" Sebastian said as he approached me
"She's gone I'm sorry Sebastian" I said
"Sorry for what" he asked
"Miss A is your Mother" I said and he looked confused more than ever.
to be continued

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