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VAMPIRE - Episode Thirteen


Vampire - Episode Thirteen

"Who the Heck is Miss A" Sebastian asked
I remember he didn't follow me and when last he did Miss A erased his Memory by blowing a white powder and now she's gone and it's all my fault for leaving her alone.
"she's your mother I promise we'll see her together but she's gone" I said
"how do you know she's dead" Josh who came to check on me after I screamed hell.
"her Telepathic powers are getting stronger" Balsadar walked in and the atmosphere went calm.
"fooling around is over Emily get back to training" he said
"but Sir" I said
"I just got information the blood moon is to be out in a few days and I need to train you more now follow me " he said and I did.

I sat down alone not wanting a single company then Sebastian sits next to me.
"Hey Sis what's going on" he said
"Nothing, don't you have a dead mother to mourn" I said coldly
"OK what's up with you" Sebastian asked me
"Nothing, now leave me alone" I said getting up but I felt pangs all over my body.
"Mindy are you alright" he said but I was looking balance and everything was dizzy and I couldn't breathe and before I could get control I collapsed.

Mindy went out cold and some of the pack carried her to Balsadar.
Emily was free from training and Handed to Josh to train, I secretly followed them but to make one thing clear I am not Jealous I just wanted to spy on them.
He told her to clear her mind and she smiled a little and he went closer to her.
"Now breath in and out…." he kept repeating a procedure.
"how's this going to help me control Time" she asked
"it's not, lately you've been acting strange around me what's going on" he said and she choked on the question
"I need to go" she said getting up to leave but he held her back.
"you are not going until you tell me what's going on" she said
"you probably don't want to hear it" she said trying to escape
"why won't you tell me are you afraid Sebastian will hear us or something" he said
"yes and I'm afraid what he'll do to you" she said like she cared and she really did.
"Emily tell me" he said getting close to her and wanting to kiss her, she pushed him away.
"this isn't right" she said
"what us" he said
"yes I can't do this Josh not when I still have feelings for Sebastian" she said and I couldn't help but smile.
"don't you love me anymore" he said
"I do but after what I've heard I'm not so sure I like you that much" she said and left.

I can't believe she has feelings for both me and Sebastian then Mateo one of the pack that hates me for being chosen called me out.
"Josh, BALSADAR wants to see you" he said with a wicked grin.
"what for" I asked
"he said he wants to see you privately" Mateo said and left, I decided to talk to Emily later.

I left Josh still angry on the fact that Mindy is pregnant for him and I couldn't tell him because I swore I wouldn't tell Josh and I couldn't break my promise I get a slight headache and feel dizzy.
Emily sees her parents in her room crying over her.
"why did she run away were we bad parents" my mom asked crying
"we were good parents and wanted the best for her" dad said calming mom down.
"the police said they've checked the whole town what if she was kidnapped like Zarla's kids and Amy" she said
"she'll be just fine" dad said
"I miss my baby if she was here I would have taken all those things back" mom said I tried to hug them but it felt like I was Invisible to them then three people entered I looked at them closely and they have Fangs.
They are Vampires and Zarla walks in
"Zarla what is this nonsense" my father said
"shut up human I only need a favor" she said
"after you insulted me why would I do anything for you" Dad said
"you have to, you see your daughter is still alive but I need to draw her in before the blood moon" she said and held my parents captive.
"how do we send her a message" Dreco said
"don't worry I'll find my way" she said and everything became a blur.
"Mom, dad" I shouted but it was nothing but total darkness.
"Emily, Emily" I heard Amy waking me up.
"what happened" I said regaining consciousness
"you fainted" she said
"how long was I out" I asked
"Forget that Josh and Sebastian are about to kill each other.
"what, why does Sebastian knows.... " I said
"yes he knows about Mindy's pregnancy" she said
"how, you didn't tell Sebastian did you??" I asked.
"no I didn't!!!" she said
"but how" I said
"Forget how, you have to stop the fight" she said

"why me" I said
"Cause they'll both listen to you" Amy said while dragging me to where they were fighting Mindy was crying and the Two were in a bloody showdown.
"I have to go in there" I said
"are you crazy girl that fight is a blood bath you could get killed" she said
"if I don't stop them one of them would get killed" I said entering the fight.

............EARLIER .........
I went to see Balsadar since he called me Mindy was there crying and Balsadar didn't look happy.
"Tell him" Balsadar said harshly
"I shouldn't…." Mindy said still crying
"I said tell him I'm here what will he do to you" he said
Mindy got up and walked towards me
"Mindy what's happening" I asked her
"I'm pregnant" she said it felt like a joke
"for who" I asked her
"For you" Balsadar said annoyed
"you have to be joking" I said
"I'm not joking" she said
"Josh do you know what you've done" Balsadar asked me
"you've just put our pack in danger it was fine bringing the keeper but impregnating a Vampire is a death wish if the Vampire council finds out" Balsadar said
"I was sure I was careful" I said
"well it's your choice now you both have to decide whether to keep the child or not" Balsadar said and left us both.
"Mindy I'm not sure we should keep the baby" I said and she slapped me so hard my ear rings.
"you didn't complain when we had an affair and you are telling me we can't keep the baby" she said
"I can't be a Father Mindy and didn't you hear what Balsadar said it's a death wish" I said and she looked like she wanted to kill me
"and I don't care I broke a lot of rules frustrated being a Vampire and in the name of love I'm not killing this baby I'm keeping it, I promise myself I won't be like my parents" she said
"then good luck being a single parent" I said
"let me tell you how I became a Vampire
My parents left me to die when I was still young, I lived a wayward life until one day I had I got into an accident and unfortunately I was saved by a Vampire, I've lived hundreds of years on earth Lonely until I was adopted by Zarla I thought I would be happy until I met you I thought I would be happy but I was wrong I'm not getting rid of this pregnancy Josh and I knew you wouldn't accept, you are hopelessly in love with her anyways" she said and left crying I felt bad for her.
I went alone to a quiet spot until I felt a punch on my face and it was Sebastian
"you impregnated my sister" he said
"wait that's why you punched me" I said
"you are lucky it wasn't on your nose" he said and gave me another one and I punched him and that's how the fight started.
Emily ran to us unnoticed and I mistakenly punched her and she landed to the ground unconscious.
"Emily" Amy screamed
Soon Balsadar appeared and saw what happened
"Everyone leave" Balsadar commanded
"Carry her Mystic Fountain" he said directing some of the pack
"you two explain yourselves" he said furious
Oh my gosh is Emily dead, she's not she just took a hit to the head what's going to happen next

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