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VAMPIRE - Episode Ten


Vampire - Episode Ten

"how is Sebastian your son" I said

"I remember, I Fell in love with Craig Martinez as the Keeper soon we started a relationship and I had Sebastian, the Vampire council found out Craig told me to run away with Sebastian but they found me and punished Craig by banishing him to the Torture Realm, I left Sebastian with Zarla and my memory was erased" she said
"we have to go tell Sebastian" I said
"Forget Sebastian he's the least of our problems now we have a bigger one and she's called Zarla and I bet she's going to send Mindy" Amy said
"She's right Amy we can't stay here I've dated Mindy and she's dangerous if she's sent to track us down she'll definitely kill us" Josh said
"but what are we going to do run away" I said
"we have no other option" Josh said
"What about my parents, what about Miss A" I said
"I'll be fine Emily, you have to go you have to learn how to use your powers" she said
"where are we going to go" I said.
"I know a place" Josh said
"I'll come back Miss A and I promise I'll take down Zarla" I said and hugged her.

I sat down at the park hoping to clear my mind and Mindy seats next to me.
"what are you doing here" she asks
"clearing my mind it's what people you call weaklings do considering you don't have one" I said
"look I didn't come here to fight" she said
"OK what do you want to talk about" I asked her.
"the Vampire council are going after Emily" she said
"What, why, now" I shouted
"they found out she's the Keeper and she made a deal If they help her bring Emily, she'll kill you in Exchange releasing your father" Mindy said

we ran away as planned to where ever Josh is leading us.
"I'm tired" Amy complained
"seriously our lives are at stake and you are tired" Josh said
"your life is the thing at stake I can shape shift into a rock if I wanted to" Amy said
"why don't you at least rocks don't talk" Josh said.
"they don't talk because they don't move in the first place" Amy said
I decided to ignore them while moving.
"you have to be the most stupid person I've ever met in life" Amy said
"you've got to be the most pathetic girl on earth" Josh said
"Stop it you two, stop acting like children" I shouted at both of them.
"he started it" Amy said
"oh you are blaming me" Josh said
"Shut up, just Shut up, you guys are the worst, you have shape shifting powers and you didn't bother to call or tell me, you have werewolf powers and you almost killed me you both have so much in common, you keep secrets, you are trying to hurt me and you guys have this special powers you possess and control and I'm stuck with you stuck with this curse" I said falling apart
"we had reasons not to tell you" Amy said
"yes we didn't want to put you in danger" Josh said
"Sure, we don't get along but we have one thing in common we may have hurt you but to keep you safe and we love you Emily you have a great Destiny to restore balance that's why you are the Keeper after all" she said
"promise you guys won't kill each other" I said
"we will try for now" Amy said
"Then Josh lead the way" I said

"why are you telling me this don't you hate Emily " I asked her surprised
"I do but she tried to hurt Josh and Josh is everything to me and it pains me to see him hurt" Mindy said all I could do was to look at her strangely.
"is that all" I asked to make sure she's okay
"even though we are not siblings, I don't really want to to be killed by Zarla, I want to kill you myself" she said.
"Seriously" I asked.
"Sorry I'm getting used to having a heart" she said
"OK I need to warn Emily" I said
"OK good luck" she said
"And thank you for finally being a Sister" I said
"you are welcome" she said
"OK bye" I said
"wait" she said
"what" I asked
"I'm following you" she said

"Josh are we there yet yet" Amy Whined
"for the 68th time no" Josh said
"you've been counting weird" Amy said
"shut up you have a big mouth" Josh said
"Shut up" I said
"yeah Josh you heard Her shut up" Amy said
"I was talking to both of you, can you hear that" I said
"Hear what" Josh said
"Silence" Amy said
"Amy Dock" I said pushing her away before a knife hits her head and hits a tree.
"what the heck was that" Amy said getting up.
"they are following us" I said
"I didn't remember Mindy being good at using Knives" Josh said
"well if we don't get out of here we won't have heads anymore" Amy said
"Split" Josh said
I ran left, Amy took right and Josh took the Middle.
I ran as fast as I could could until I got to a dead end.
"where are you going Emily" a strange boy from the Shadows said
"away from you but that isn't possible right now" I said.
The boy came out of the Shadows and showed me his Fangs
"Too bad I won't get dinner" he said and swiftly made his way through me and held my hands.
"Sorry I won't make it to Dinner" I said hitting him in the knee with my foot.

"ouch you are going to pay for this" he said and I ran away but I was still followed until I hurt my Knee and fell to the ground.
The boy still came after me.
"Any last words" he said
"Leave her alone Clouse" I look up to see Mindy
"Mindy what a pleasant surprise looking gorgeous as always" he said
"Stop with the Sugar coated words Clouse" she said
"Seriously you are protecting this human" Clouse said
"no I'm protecting a keeper" she said and attacked him by punching him but he deflected it. She keeps punching him but he overpowers her by grabbing her hand and throwing her to the floor.
"you should not have done that" he said getting close to her and carried a stake.
"Bye Mindy" he said about to Stab her
"can I have a last request" she said
"Sure what shall it be" Clouse Said
"I want to say, you were always so gullible" she said and kicks the Stake off his hands and then catches it and then stabs Clouse in the chest and he disappears.
"you Saved me" I said
"yes I did, Sebastian forced me to" she said
"why did you even bother, you hate me" I said
"I do hate you but I can't stand the thought of someone killing you rather than me" she said
"OK thanks" I said
"you are welcome" she said
"this doesn't make us friends, does it" I asked
"No, Never, we are not friends" she said
"Thank God, I thought I had to be nice to you" I said
"Just hope I don't kill you" she said
"trust me that stake should be what you should be worried about" I said

I ran into Josh as I was running.
"great I couldn't hit a Vampire it had to be you" I said
"you are lucky you ran into me" he said
"Lucky isn't the right word" I said and heard sounds and then Josh turned into a werewolf and I just stood beside him.
Soon Sebastian came out
"Sebastian I should have known you were sent to kill us" I shouted
"wrong, I'm here to save you" Sebastian said as Josh turned to his human form.
"why should we trust you" Josh said
"because I know what they are after it's not you it's Emily and we need to get to her" Sebastian said
"if you lay one hair on Emily I will chew you Alive" Josh said
"whatever dude" Sebastian said as Josh went ahead.
I pulled him back to talk to him privately
"look Emily is my best friend and we never fight over things often but ever since you came you've done nothing but Jeopardize our friendship, one thing is if you hurt Emily, Josh would be the last person to worry about" I said and left him to catch up with Josh before he leaves me.

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