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Vampire - Episode Six/seven


Vampire - Episode Six

I felt guilty when I shape shift into Emily and kissed Sebastian I didn't know someone would take a picture of us and worse of all she was disgraced by Mindy and Josh got mad at her, after that Emily didn't come to school neither pick my calls I just hoped she's alright.
I got my books from the Locker I close it and see Mindy.
"you are a shape shifter" she asked me
"So what if I am" I asked why leaving her.
She grabbed my hand and stopped me from moving
She drags me to the girls toilet
"so you are going to kill me" I said
"I would but it's too early and won't be that fun" she said with a devilish grin
"what do you want from me" I asked
"I have a proposal that's why I'm keeping you alive for now" she said and I didn't like the sound of it.

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I haven't been to school for three whole days everyone hates me so why go anyway my parents aren't back from Their Conference or whatever in France so I sit down on my bed Watching a whole Marathon of "Twisted fate" on my laptop soon the bell rang I looked out the window and see Sebastian.
I decided to ignore him and continue watching the Marathon soon I received a text on my computer.
"I know you are in" the text says curse his Vampiric powers.
"go away" I texted him back and locked the computer and checked the Window to see Sebastian was gone.

Soon some one came close I attacked it and it was Sebastian.
"what are you doing in my room" I asked in my pyjamas
"I'm fine thanks for asking" he said and I went back to watching the Movie on my Laptop
"How did you even get here" I said getting my earpiece
"I used the back door" he said
"I should have locked that place" I said getting back to the bed
"you haven't been to school lately are you OK" he asked
"Yes Sebastian my best friend left me, Josh and pretty much everyone that goes to Rosewood high hates me so I'm totally fine" I said sarcastically
"I just came to tell you, you made the Soccer team" he said. I Shut down the laptop got up from my bed and went so close to his Face reading it like a book
"you are lying" I said and tried to walk away but he pulls me close
"The Truth is I missed you OK" he said and I felt something like butterflies in my stomach.
"well I didn't miss you and the door is that way" I said getting rid of the Bugs in my stomach.
"Just look me in the eye and say you hate me and I'll go" he said not letting me go
"I...... I...... I.. Ha….." that's the only thing that came out of my mouth Seriously ever since he Came I've been wanting to say it to his face but I couldn't right now.
"I like you and want to be close to you " he said as he strokes away my Messy hair all I did was stand like a Statue.
"I don't want to leave you Emily" he said and I couldn't help to smile, and this time I kissed him and he responded it was better than the first one it felt like Electric then I felt a powerful Shock that threw us both to the sides of my room
"are you OK" he asked
"I'm fine" I said while looking for my Contacts but I couldn't find them.
I successfully find my way through my drawer and found my Glasses.
"you wear Glasses" he asked while I put it on.
"Duh yes" I said
"it makes you look smarter" he said and I looked away so he wouldn't see me blushing.
"you can go now" I said
"No I thought I'll spend the day with you" he said
"OK like what" he said
"like go see a Movie" he said
"NO" I said
"but I already bought Tickets" he said
"fine I'll go but this doesn't mean we are in a relationship or something" I said making myself clear
"no we'll be only Just Friends" He said.
"OK I have to change then" I said and he stood there not bothered about it.
"what" he asked
"aren't you going to leave" I said
"you are only going to change not go Naked or something" he said
"get out of my Room Sebastian" I shouted why throwing things at him and he did and I locked the door.

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I left Emily's Room as she told me to I waited a while for her to change, I followed Zarla's and Mindy's orders to be close to her, and I'm planning not to Fall for her pink peach lips and her silky black long hair and her Flawless Skin, she's even prettier without makeup I kept thinking of how to carry out my mission.
Soon she came down wear a white dress with black Floral patterns and black heels she curled her hand and wore her glasses she wore a bracelet and carried a small purse on her hand.
"How do I look" she asked smiling at me a real smile not a shy smile a real smile.
"you look great" I said and she really did.
"let's go" she said while she held my hand and Another Shock came again and she let go.
"Sorry" she said feeling remorse
"it's Nothing" I said as I escort her out to the Car.
We both got into the car and said nothing to each other I didn't know what to talk about I try to read her mind but it's not clear.
"how old are you" she asked
"I stopped aging at 18" I said
"so you are a billion years old" she said
"Nope I'm 173 years next month" I said
"so you are 172 wow, how does it feel growing up with out parents" she asked
"dreadful especially if your father committed a Taboo and your Mother runs away and having a n evil Sister and some how a mother" I said
"So if I was to like get you a present what will it be" she asked
"I don't do birthdays" I said
"oh come on you are going to be a hundred and seventy at least Celebrate it you don't know if it will be your last" she said
"no I'll pass" I said and we arrived at the movie theater

we are at the Movies me and Mindy not to watch a movie but to carry out her evil plot, earlier today I left a note at Josh's locker to see me at the movies to insult him but however that plan is ruined when Emily really comes and is with Sebastian I take a look at Mindy and she isn't happy at all.
"Make sure Emily doesn't spot you and find Josh" she said and left.
I decided to hide in one of the Theater only to barge into Sebastian, while Emily was sitting down.
"What are you doing here" he said not happy to see me.
"to see a Movie" I said
"Well not here I don't want you messing up my plans" he said and left.
I waited until everyone founded their seats and I saw Josh.
"hey you are Emily's friend right, do you know where she is" he asked breathing like he ran five blocks to get here.
"No I don't know" I lied.
"OK if you do please inform me" he said and left.

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I spot Mindy and Amy and I know Mindy is up to no good, I lied to Emily saying I needed popcorn so I decided to get one as a sign of evidence, I told the lady at the Boothe to give me a bucket full of popcorn until I saw it was Mindy wearing the Uniform.
"What are you doing here" I asked
"I'll like to ask you the same" she said
"I'm winning Emily's trust" I said
"yeah you are winning her trust" she said and laughed
"what's so funny you assaulted an employee and wore his Uniform" I asked
"he was lucky I didn't suck the life out of him" she said filling the bowl with popcorn
"so how is that funny" I asked
"I can't believe how stupid and foolish you are do you think I'm an idiot, you are already falling for a human and how can I blame you, you are part human " she said handing me the popcorn
"so what's your point" I asked
"your mission was for her to fall for you not the other way around and remember if you mess up, you know what Zarla is Capable of" she said
"I know" I said
"good" she said and I left her there's no way I'm falling for Emily or am I ?

I waited for Sebastian why he went to have some popcorn not everyone has taken their seats then someone sat down next to me I thought it was Sebastian but it was Amy.
"Amy what are you doing here" I asked
"Emily you have to get out of here now" she said while dragging me outside.
"Why" I asked then Sebastian met with us.
"what did I tell you" Sebastian said annoyed
Then Mindy Came with Josh.
"there she is" Mindy pointed at me
"Josh what are you doing here" I asked
"you told me to meet you here" he said handing me a note and I know this Handwriting anywhere.
I turned to Amy
"Amy you wrote this didn't you " I asked as I looked at the girl I used to call my best friend

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Vampire - Episode Seven

Mindy set me up as expected, she gave me the "go with the plan or I'll expose you" eyes, Emily's shouting gathered attention from others.
"Answer me" she shouted, I've never seen this side of Emily before, She's changed and why won't she she was disgraced in front of the whole school.
"why don't you explain Amy, I'm sure you'll think of something" Mindy said
"I... I.... Emily you know I would never do this to you" I said
"I thought that too when we were friends" she said and left and Sebastian went after her so did Josh which left me with Mindy.
"phase one complete" she said and laughed and I didn't only break a trust, I lost my best friend.

I ran out of the theater to escape from Everyone, I can't believe Amy would do such a thing.
"Emily" I heard someone call and it was Josh
"what are you here to humiliate me too" I said
"no I came to apologize" he said
"you don't have to" I said getting into the car with Sebastian.
Sebastian drove off before he could say anything.
"so where are we heading to" Sebastian said
"Home" I said still thinking about Josh
We were on the road until someone Jumped on top of the car.
"what was that" I asked
"maybe some kids throwing stones" he said and kept driving ignoring it, soon it felt like someone was Jumping on top of the car.
Soon I saw Claws tearing through the top and behold an animal that looks like a Dog but bigger and more scarier.
"what the hell" Sebastian said distracted.
"Sebastian look out" I said as we hit a Neighborhood tree.
We came down from the car and the beast went unconscious but not for long, I came out with Slight Injury on my arm, I saw Sebastian on the other side badly injured I dragged him out of the car with blood stains almost every where, I scanned the place hoping I knew this part of town and I could spot Miss A book store not far away.
I dragged Sebastian and checked to see the monster but it Vanished.
Soon we got to the book shop.
"Welcome" Miss A said
"Miss A you have to help me this might sound crazy but there's a Werewolf out there and we have to help him" I said pointing to poor Sebastian on the floor bleeding she managed to get up and checked his palm.
"I can't do anything" she said, it's like an arrow went through my heart when She said it
She went inside and I lay on top of Sebastian's body not caring of his blood stained my dress, not caring if tears stained my glasses.
Miss A came in again and I begged her all she did was pity me I went back to his body and layed on his chest wishing he could heal.
"I wish you were alright, I wish I never shouted at you in the first place, you are a good person and I like you please don't go" I said still in tears.
"go where exactly" I heard Sebastian say and I hugged him, then came the Shock again and I backed away.
"I knew you could do it Emily" Miss A
"Where am I" Sebastian said
Then Miss A blew something to his face and he fell asleep.
"Miss A what did you do that for" I said
"I don't trust him" Miss A said
"but he's Trustworthy" I said
She went to one of her Shelves and brought a book titled THE KEEPERS.
"Miss A what's this" I asked
"this is the book of the Keepers everyone who's being a Keeper write down their Stories in here" she said, I opened the book and it's true.
"even the bookstore is old" I asked
"yes this is a collection of books, so it won't get into a Casters hands" she say.
"what are Casters" I asked
"Casters are Magical beings, they've been existing not too far from time, they are the only one who would do at nothing to destroy us Keepers" she said
"what happened to them" I asked
"they were banished by the First Caster but it seems like not all of them were banished" she said showing me a picture of someone I know.
"This was the LAST CASTER" she said
I looked closely at the picture and now I remember who it was
"ZARLA" I said

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I wake up to see Emily was gone so was Sebastian but the car was there Crashed I didn't sustain a single scratch due to my Werewolf form protecting me, I'm no Werewolf but a Pheoledophite, I look like a werewolf but I can transform anytime I wanted but then I hear a Familiar Howl Saying that the Clan should get together I howl too replying I got the Message, I abandon my search for Emily and Turned the other way to go but a man screamed at me.
"Hey, you, yes I'm talking to you" he said
"WHAT" I said and growled
"Your Growling doesn't Scare me" he shouted
"you are making a big Mistake" I threatened him.
"Teenagers and all your harmless Threats you are going to pay Mr I'm so powerful, I'm calling the police" he said reaching out for his phone I collected it from him and Smashed it with one hand.
"you are going to pay for that" he said
I Changed into my Wolf form to his very eyes
All he could do was stare at me and open his Mouth down. He backed away as I came closer
"Please don't hurt me" he said afraid while backing his front door and I liked his fear I used my fingers to Scratch the Door and growled.
Then I hear the Howl again, I left him for now I saw the car Sebastian used to hit the tree I used my Claws to Strike the Tree and it Fell on the Car.
I Turned back to my human Form
"that will be you next time Sebastian" I said and ran as fast as I could to the Forest.

"you know her" Miss A asked
"yes she Lives not far from my place" I said
"do you know anyone that lives with her" she asked
"Yes Mindy" I said not wanting to name Sebastian too.
"are you friends with this Mindy" she said
"no" I said
"you have to get close to that Mindy" she said and I think I nearly purged
"Miss A Why" i said
"she might know of Zarla's Motives" she said
"even Mindy's Motive isn't good trust me" I said
"is there any way you can get close to her" she asked
"they are throwing a pool party tomorrow and I'm not dreaming of going" I said
"you have to go" she said.
"Why" I asked
"to look for anything Suspicious" she said
She goes to a cupboard and brings out a blue powder and hands it to.
"Sprinkle it on your self and you will become invisible, use it wisely" she said
She hands me the book too.
Sebastian is waking up
"get him out of here" she said
"you are the Keeper you'll think of Something" she said and left.
Sebastian woke up confused on the floor
"how did I end up here" he asked
"I dragged you in here to get some ointments so you wouldn't bleed to death" I said why I help him get up and I didn't feel a shock.
"thanks" he said and I felt the Shock again
"Sure let us get out of here" I said.

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I ran through the forest as fast as I could could in my wolf form I howled sending my message throughout the forest.
I got to where the Clan was a disaster with Fighting and Violence like something happened or is going to happen.
Then The Eldest wolf Balsadar Howled and the whole clan silenced and we all bowed.
"you know why we are here" he said
Everyone was quiet not even me had a clue.
"FOOLS" he called us all.
"BALSADAR THE WISE, as I speak for everyone I don't know why we were called" he said and everyone agreed
"oh you know" he said
But all of us remained silent.
"how did all of you become Pheoledophite" he said
"some cursed some bitten" the one representing us said.
"yes and we were cursed by who" he said but everyone remained silent
"A Caster" I said and everyone looked at my direction
Balsadar walked towards my direction.
"What's your name" he asked
"Josh Evans sir" I said
"how did you become a Pheoledophite" he asked me
"I was born one" I said
Everyone Whispered in amazement
He looks at me and then I think something that looks like a smile.
"where are your parents" he said
"my Father was killed by hunters and my mother died after giving birth to me I stay with my Uncle and Aunt" I said
He looked at me and examined me and raised my hand.
"he is the one" she shouted and so did the others
"but BALSADAR he's a hybrid" one of the Strongest, Mateo said.
"he's the one that will free us all" Balsadar said and I was carried on the Clans Shoulder chanting.
"he is the one, the one that will lead us" they all chanted

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