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VAMPIRE - Episode Fourteen/Fifteen


Vampire - Episode Fifteen/sixteen

Emily left with Josh to meet Balsadar.
I got up seeing some dude.
"what was that about" I asked him wondering what the hell was going on when I was asleep.
"I was just asking her about Amy" he said
"you mean Amy the Shape shifter, that crazy girl dude you are nuts" I said
"what she's pretty" he said
"yeah pretty rude and sarcastic and unbearable" I said
"well you were a nice person" I said leaving him

it took a while before me and Josh got to Balsadar
"so are you and Sebastian dating" he asked
"I don't really know" I said and I don't really know
"what do you mean" he asked
"we are close but I don't know whether he likes me for real and all those times he pretended to like me he was working for Zarla" I said
"then we are on the same page I thought Mindy only liked me for what I am but however in a weird creepy way she has deep affection for me" He said
"I'm proud of you FYI" i said
"I'm proud of you too Ms all powerful keeper" he said bowing down and I hit his head.
"what was that for" he asked
"for punching me and landing me into a concussion" I said
"I said sorry" he said
"no you didn't" I said
"yes I did"
"no you did not"
"did too"
"did not" we went on and on until Amy came along
"Stop it you little children" she said and we all laughed.
Soon I went into training with Balsadar, I had to stand on one foot with heavy rocks in my hands.
"how will this help me control time" I said in pain
"controlling time isn't easy and you have to endure this will teach you Endurance" he said meditating
I didn't even know when I fell to the ground and I'm glad I'm so tired right now.
"get up" he said harshly and I did.
"I'm tired and weak and I think I broke my hands can't I rest" I said whining
"the chosen one never rests " he said getting his stick.
He throws the stick up high
"Make sure the stick doesn't touch the ground" he said
"how" I said and it hits my head
He throws it up again
"try again we'll do this until you get it right" he said and he kept true to his words I don't know which part he enjoyed making me suffer while the others have fun or everytime the stick knocks my head.
Until then I had enough I stopped time again except for Balsadar.
"good" he said
"good I did better than good I'm ready to defeat Zarla" I said
"Not quite" he said
"what now" I said
"you haven't tried it on a person" I said
"but my parents are in danger if I don't go before the blood moon... " I said
"forget your parents this is humanity we are talking about Zarla would be more powerful on the day of the blood moon and you being there is even worse when she uses your powers, and you are not ready after the blood moon she'll be weak and you can go" he said
"I don't have time after the blood moon" I said
"leave" he said and I did.
I joined the others during their feast I wasn't in the mood.
"what are you going to do" Mindy said as she sat down next to me
"what are you talking about" I asked
"about saving your parents" she said
"how did you know" I asked her
"I am a Vampire remember my eyes are on everything and also I eavesdropped on your conversation" she said
"I'm going Anyway" I said
"but didn't Balsadar say you shouldn't" she said
"my parents are in danger I'm going and Balsadar isn't going to stop me" I said
"I'm going with you" she said
"but what about" I said
"don't worry about me I'm still a fighting machine and thank you" she said hugging me
"you are welcome" I said
"when do we leave" she said
"Tonight" I said
We waited for everyone to dose off we decided to meet.
I woke up pretending to sleep and on my way I hit Amy.
"what are you doing" she asked
"it's a free forest, what are you doing here" I asked and saw Mateo coming towards us.
"Hey Amy" he said then Mindy came along
"what are you doing out here is she coming with us " Mindy asked me.
"Coming with you to where" Amy asked
Then Josh showed up and then Sebastian Seriously do they sleep.
"what are you doing here" Sebastian asked Mindy
How am I going to get out of here
"is it already time" Josh asked
"time for what" Sebastian and Amy asked
"I was going back home OK" I finally confessed
"why you haven't completed your training" Mateo said
"I know but my parents lives are at risk and I'm going prepared or not whether you are with me or not" I said
"I'm with you besides that Zarla tried to kill my best friend" Amy said
"I'm going too she tried to kill my girlfriend afterall" he said and I couldn't help to blush a little
"you know we were always with you" Josh said with Mindy
"thanks guys" I said and hugged them and Mateo joined us.
"I'm going too" he said
"OK but don't expect me dragging you back if you die" Amy said
"Amy" we all shouted quietly
"What" she said
"Never mind" Sebastian said
"Josh lead the way" I said and we all followed we've been walking for hours the only light we had was the stars until the sun came up we arrived at Mystic Falls.
We all gathered
"we all meet at Zarla's lair" I said and they all nod
"we should go in pairs" Mateo said
"I'm with Sebastian, you are with Amy Mindy you are with Josh, no one gets spotted and if we do call for backup Mateo" I said and we all split
I went to Miss A Book store and it was a mess more dusty than before.
"Miss A" I shouted I went inside and Sebastian followed me then we heard a voice.
"who are you looking for child" I heard a voice in the dark and it was suspicious
"Miss A" I said

"Sorry Miss A is gone" it said and I couldn't help but recognize the familiar voice
"what happened to my Mother" Sebastian asked
"the same thing that is going to happen to you" it attacked us and like Suspected the Vampire Dreco.
He threw Sebastian to the floor I brought out the wooden stake Mindy use to kill Clouse.
"what are you going to do I am one of the most powerful Vampires I'm not afraid of you" he said
"you should be, you killed Miss A and I'm going to return the favor" I said but he swiftly went behind me and collected the stake I bit him and then I and then turned him into stone.
"what did you do to him" Sebastian asked
"I froze him" I said
"we have to go" he said dragging me.

me and Josh went straight to Zarla's Lair where she was mixing up potions.
"Mindy dearie" she said
"Zarla" I said
"am I not your mother anymore" she said
"using me as your personal slave and way to carry out your plots doesn't make you my mother" j said
"now that you are pregnant, you've gone soft" she said
"how did you know" I asked
"I know everything and I can help you get rid of it" she said coming close
"I'm keeping it" I said
"what if the council finds out" she asked me
"let them find out I'm not getting rid of this baby and I'm not going to help you with anything" I said and she looked like she was going to kill me.
"then you'll suffer for this" she said and all the Vampires came out.
"Mindy Scott you are hereby banished to the torture realm for disobeying our rules" one of the leaders of the council said
"Not if I have anything to say about it" Josh said by my side and something broke down the walls.
"we brought back up" Amy said with Mateo and the pack even old Balsadar came.
"well this party isn't fun without us" Emily said with Sebastian next to her.
"you didn't think we were coming alone" Emily said
"The Battle line has been drawn" Zarla said

Vampire - Episode sixteen

When was evening yet but soon the blood moon would be out I see the room filled with different species.
"where are my parents" I asked
"they are fine" Zarla said
"bring them out and we won't attack" I said and she laughed
"didn't we make a deal" she said
"why would I make a deal with a Psycho like you" I said
"let me make you a deal I'll give you your parents if you give me your powers" she said
"why should I" I asked
"because if you don't you won't see your parents again" she said
"Emily don't" Sebastian pulls me back
"she has my parents I'm going" I said going to meet her.
"show me my parents first" I said
"I gladly will" she said and we went out leaving the room.

When Zarla left with Emily the fight started I shape shift my hands into swords, Mateo kept covering for me and I was glad.
"we need to find Emily" I said to Mateo
"how" he asked
"Cover me" I said and I went to the door where Emily went while Mateo transformed into a wolf.
The door was solid shut and I couldn't cut through it.
"allow me" Mindy said as she used her supe strength to open the door.
We both went in before it was too late.

Zarla carries me to an empty room where my parents are but they are locked in a cage.
"Mom, Dad" I said going to meet them
"Emily is it really you" my mom said touching my face
"it me" I said trying to hug them inside the cage.
"I kept my half of the bargain now it's time for you" she said
"Let them go first" I said
"are you playing with me child" she said
"let them go then I'll give you my powers" I said
She let them free.
"RUN" I said

"we are not leaving you alone here" my mom said
"I made a bargain and I'm going to keep it, I'll be back" I said and they left me with Zarla.
"now give me your powers" she said and I laughed
"what is so funny" she asked
"you think I'm going to give you my powers you are sick" I said
She grew angry and blast me with a spell but I deflected it, I gave her a death blast but she couldn't feel it.
"what the hell" I said
"the blood moon is out" she said and opened the windows
"you were Stalling" I said
"you finally figured it out" she said as I fell for the trap I couldn't move again.
"what's happening to me" she said
"the blood moon is out so I'm draining all your powers" she said Balsadar was right I shouldn't have fallen for this trap.
She drained the energy out of me that I couldn't stand and I fell to the ground.

I saw nothing but darkness then a little bit of light shined and I saw the damage I caused I saw Sebastian I ran to him and tried to heal him but he's already gone.
I saw Miss A in the form of an angel.
"I failed" I said she comes close to me and pushes my hair out of my face
"you didn't fail" she said
"everyone is gone even Sebastian you chose wrongly " I said
"I didn't choose you cause you were powerful because you were different and you were a keeper before you were born, when life throws something at you don't give up always find a way" she said and disappears.

I woke up with everyone next to me.
"Emily you are awake" Mindy said

"but Zarla has her powers" Josh said
"we are all going to die Zarla already opened the portal for all the Casters" Amy said
"Josh that Medalian" I said
"what about it" he asked
"didn't you say something about using it to destroy Zarla" I said
"yes but it's dangerous you can get killed too" he said
"give me the Medalian" I said
"are you crazy, didn't you hear you could get killed" Amy said
"if I get killed it's fine but billions of people is not fine it's my mess I'm going to fix it" I said and collected the Medalian without looking back
I ran outside where Zarla was casting a spell to release the Casters, which she already did since its the blood moon they are all strong.

"My fellow brothers let us join forces and enslave the human race" she said
"not if I have anything to say about it" I said
"don't you give up, I already took your powers the council has your friends and all the casters are free" she said
I brought out the Medalian and and point it at her.
"what is that an ordinary necklace" she said and started laughing

AND ALL HER DOINGS REVERSED" I said and the Medalian glowed and a blast came from the moon to the Medalian and I shoot it a Zarla.
The blast was too strong it destroyed Zarla and the casters as well as the Council and I couldn't take it the power was too much.
"Emily let go" Sebastian said
"I can't" I said and it exploded.

after the explosion Emily was laid down on the floor with the Medalian on her hands
"Emily" I shouted as I ran to her but she was out cold
Everyone came out.
"I can't believe she's gone" Mindy said
"she saved the day" Balsadar said
"my best friend is gone" and they all felt remorse
Soon she started coughing.
"why is everyone sad" Emily said and I hugged her so tight.
"I can't breathe Sebastian" she said
"Emily you are alive" Amy said and pushed me away and hugged her.
"why won't I be" she said.
"you brought balance Keeper I'm proud" Balsadar said
I touched my teeth to touch my Fangs but it wasn't there anymore
"Sebastian" someone called me I looked to see my dad and one woman.
"Miss A" Emily got up and ran to her.
"Emily thank you" she said hugging her
I went closer to her.
"Sebastian I missed you give a hug to your mother" she said and I hugged her more than I did to Emily.
"Ehem" Mindy said
"Dad remember Mindy" I said
"why won't I" he said
"I brought my cell phone" Amy said
"So" Josh asked irritated by the question
"let's take a picture together" she said
"great idea" Emily said

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