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VAMPIRE - Episode Fourteen


Vampire - Episode Fourteen

Emily got hit on the head I decided to go check up on her, they carried her to the Mystic Falls fountain they only dropped her off and slowly she woke.
"who are you" Amy asked Emily
"Emily Rodriguez" she said
"who am I" Amy asked again
"Amy Winehouse" she said feeling a slight headache
"she's alright" Amy said
"how did I get here" She asked
"Josh punched you and Balsadar is talking to them" Amy said
"My parents" she said
"what about your parents" Amy asked
"Zarla has them we have to go home Amy" She said
"how did you know" Amy asked
"I saw it like in a Vision, like the one about Miss A earlier" she said
"Miss A is alive and your parents are alright we are here to get you away from Zarla not lead you in a trap" Amy said
"but Amy..... " Emily said
"No buts I'm going to see how the boys are holding up don't think of going anywhere" Amy left and looked at me with pity.

maybe Amy is right and Miss A and My parents are fine but it didn't look real to me.
"I'm sorry" I looked over to see Mindy I got up from the fountain soaking wet.
"for what" I said
"for putting you in a mess by the way I told him" she said
"it's okay you didn't give me a black eye but Josh gave me a headache" I said
"how did he take it" I asked her still wet.
"badly he said he doesn't want to be a father" she said and I felt pity for her.
"I'm sorry Mindy, I promise to be always there for you no matter what" she said and couldn't help crying and hugged me.
"why are you being nice to me" she asked
"Cause even though you've done terrible things to me in the past, you are still a good person and I can't hold a grudge for long" she said

She smiles for a while her tummy is still flat is that how Vampires are pregnant or what???
soon she starts getting headaches.
"what is it" I asked her
"Zarla is communicating with me" she said screaming.
"what does she says" I asked her and Mindy eyes turned blood red.
"Hello Emily" Zarla said using Mindy as a messenger
"Zarla, what did you do to Mindy" I said
"forget Mindy for now, You should be worrying about your parents" she said and it hit me, I knew it My parents were in danger that means Miss A is dead.
"where are my parents" I said
"your parents are alright for now if you don't show up before the blood moon they won't longer be and by the way bring Mindy and Sebastian and if you come with anyone else you won't like what I'll do with your parents" she said and Mindy fell down breathing heavily.
"Mindy are you alright" I asked her
"she was in my head it was terrible" she said
"we need to tell Balsadar" I said helping her up.

after Balsadar probably scolded Josh and Sebastian I went to meet both of them.
"you guys make me sick" I said
"we don't have your time Amy" Josh said
"well you better, you guys hate each other and surprisingly have almost everything in common" I said
"why won't I hate the idiot that impregnated my sister" Sebastian said
"she's not even your blood sister" Josh sister
"did that give you the right to sleep with her" Sebastian said bitterly
"enough, you both sustained serious injuries" I said
"I can heal" Sebastian said
"me too" Josh said
"that's the stupid part you both have something in common, you both like Emily, you both are hybrids, you both are stupid and you both can heal all on your own and I hate you both, you guys are supposed to get along instead of fighting" I said
"And Josh you are worse than Zarla telling Mindy to abort an innocent soul" she said
and left them hoping what I told them entered their skills.

Amy left and she's right and I hate that she is.
"I'm sorry dude" I said
"it's okay it could have happened to anybody" he said
"friends" I said
"why not" Sebastian said and Emily ran towards us
"guys, I know you are fighting but this is important" She said
"we aren't fighting anymore" Sebastian said
"you guys already made up" Emily said
"yes" I said
"guys freaks of nature" she said
"what's important" Sebastian asked
"Zarla has my parents, we need to go home but she said you and Mindy should come with me alone" She said to Sebastian
"it's a trap" Sebastian said
"we have to tell Balsadar" I said
"no we are not" she said
"Why" I asked

"Balsadar won't let us go until my training is complete" she said
"when do we go" Sebastian asked
"on the day of the blood moon and don't tell Amy or Balsadar agreed" Emily said
"agree" they all said.
"Hey Sebastian I want to show you something" she said dragging Sebastian away leaving me with Mindy.
I went close to her.
"I'm ready" I said
"what are you talking about" she said
"I'm ready to start acting responsible if you really want we can keep the baby" I said and tears came slowly down from her eyes.
"really" she said
"yes really, I love you Mindy and not Emily, I just freaked out on the news never expected to be a father so early and I'm not going to leave you or our baby" I said and she started crying.
"I love you too" she said and we both hugged.

Emily carries me to an empty spot.
"So what are we doing here" I asked
"Nothing I just wanted to bring you out here so that Josh and Mindy could talk" she said
She sat down on the bare floor and I'm actually surprised she made it this far.
"you know, I'm surprised you made it this far" I said
"really how" she asked
"I thought you would go crazy or loose it living in the woods" I said
"I'm perfectly Sane" she said resting on my shoulders.
"I know you are" I said
"Happy birthday Sebastian" she said giving me a kiss
"didn't I tell you I don't do birthdays" I said
"I know so I got you something" she said
"what is it" I asked
"nothing" she said
"how is that a present" I asked her
she rested her heads on my shoulders.
"I'm afraid" she said
"about what" I as her
"Everyone is counting on me to stop Zarla and bring balance what if I can't do it, what if I fail" she said holding my hand tight.
"you can, you can control your powers better than before" I said

"yes but I tried to defeat her before and I failed what if this time she kills me" she said
"she won't because we are ready for her" I assured her, we sat down talking for a while or longer and didn't know when we slept off.

I woke up next to Sebastian I got to to remove every possible insects and leafs off my hair Sebastian was just Snoring, I pecked him on the head and got up I checked to see if the book of the keepers was still in my backpack and wrote about what happened like every other day ever since I ran away.
"Hey what are you doing" Amy said coming with some berries.
"writing down something" I said
She looked at Sebastian snoring.
"He snores like a pig" she said
"you snore louder than a pig" I said and we both laughed
Then a guy with blue eyes and dark brown hair dress roughly I assume a pack of the Pheoledophite
"Hey" he said And Amy got up.
"hi" I said
"hey Emily let's go pick some berries" she said ignoring the guy.
"hi Amy I was expecting you to meet me at the Fountain" the boy said
"sorry I got lost by the way Emily are you coming" she said not sparing a look at him.
"I have to wake up Sebastian I'll join you later" I said
"can I come" the boy said
"I didn't invite you Mateo" she said and left.
He sat down next to me.
"so is Amy your best friend" he asked
"yes why are you following her unless you like her" I said.
"Maybe OK yes but she doesn't like me any advice " he said
"wait why do you like Amy" I asked
"because she's perfect tough and Sarcastic" he said like a crazy person
"well my advice to you is to……" I wanted to say something but Josh came.
"Hey Emily Balsadar wants to see you" he said waking up Sebastian.
"what " Sebastian said waking up from his sleep
"Later Mateo" I said and followed Josh.

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