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VAMPIRE - Episode Four


Vampire - Episode Four

we all went in the theater and we were advised to switch off our phones and any other electronic device.

I sat down in between Josh and Sebastian I don't know whether to feel safe or worried, a killer is sitting besides me after all.

I getting itchy and nervous.

"Emily are you alright" Josh asked
"I'm fine I don't feel comfortable in this seat" I said
"don't worry about it" he said and all my worries vanished.
"it's starting" Sebastian said
'This is going to be a long night' I said in my mind.

"Hey Mindy how's life been treating you" I said
"stop with the stupid questions and answer me first" she said
"I got bored and decided to take a stroll, what are you doing here I thought you went out to a party or something" I said
"the party was a wasteland so I left" she said
"so you and Sebastian are siblings" I asked
"not quite, he's my adoptive brother" she said
"whose that man in the picture" I asked
"Craig Martinez" she said
"Craig Who" I asked
"that's Sebastian's blood father" she said
"what happened to him" I said
"you better be on your way now, I assure you" she said.
"OK" I said and left.

Emily's being acting strange and giving me suspicious looks the entire movie does she already know what I did to that girl if she does I need a way to win her heart and Josh being in the picture isn't going exactly as planned, why won't she fall for me and what does Zarla needs Emily anyways, all I need is some time with Emily.
Soon the Movie ended and the three of us went to the parking lot to get our cars.
"well I enjoyed the movie how about you guys" I asked
"It was awesome" Josh said but Emily kept silent
"what are you thinking about Emily" I asked her
"Me….oh look at the time I'm supposed to be home before nine thirty, let's do this again but without you next time ok" she said leaving
"you can't walk home all by yourself" Josh said
"well I can run and your place is in the other side of town" she said
"I can drive you" I said hoping she would accept.
"No don't bother I can use my legs" she said
"Just let him drive you, you'll be fine" Josh said
"Fine Ok" she said and Josh got into his car and bid us farewell.
"get in" I said and she did but didn't care to look at me for one second.

I sat besides Sebastian while he drives hoping he might not kill me too.
"what are you doing" he asked
"just writing my will before you kill me" I said bringing out a pen and paper.
"you are so complicated" Sebastian said
"what do you mean about that" I asked
"why bother dating Josh when he still has feelings for Mindy and I should know they've been together for a long time and you think he will just forget about her and starts dating you, girls like you are so pathetic"
he said and it hit me so hard I felt something like a needle piercing through my skin I didn't know when Tears started dropping from my eyes soon the rain started falling.
"are you crying" he said
I didn't answer him
"I should have known you would cry" he said
"STOP" I said with and everything froze again.
"what just happened" he asked.
I got down from the car and ran as fast as I could In the middle of nowhere I don't care where I'm going all I need is to be far away from Sebastian.
I ran with cold tears dripping from my eyes I heard nothing but my footsteps all the crickets frogs and bats were silent.
I stopped at one point at a hill, thinking why I shouldn't jump now maybe everything will will come back to normal.
"Emily don't Jump" Sebastian shouted as I was about to.
"don't come close" I shouted
"you don't want to do anything stupid" he said and he it angers me
"So killing Lizzy wasn't stupid to you" I said
"who's Lizzy, what are you talking about" he said startled
"don't play dumb, you killed Lizzy I saw it with my own eyes you monster" I said
"it wasn't what you saw, I had to" he said and came close and I went back a little.
"you want to kill me too" I said but in a flash he came close to me and was a breathe away and held me close.
I looked at his cowlick eyes and then his lips and he starts brushing my hair with his fingers and before I knew it his lips were on mine hard and I responded to it feeling Adrenaline rush through my body I wanted to stop but I couldn't it was like I was in a trance and soon we separated and everything unfroze and I could hear the sounds of creatures again.
We looked at each other until I decided to leave him.
"Emily" Sebastian called me
But I ignored him.
"where are you going" he asked
"far away from you as possible" I said still walking till I didn't hear him anymore.

I don't know what happened there, first everything froze and then it unfroze when I kissed her, Can she be, She can't but she just froze time and that Kiss what happened to me, I don't really know what came over me but now she knows I killed that girl, Zarla is going to kill me if she finds out.

I walked home in the cold night thinking about that terrible kiss it's worse than the dream because it's real, I'm going to disinfect my mouth if possible, I can't believe his lips were on mine it's disgusting to think about it and what is happening to me this is the second time today this is happening and I need to tell someone about this but who.

having dinner with Emily's parent was successful, I walked to my secret passage and saw a Shadow.
"don't you stay one place" I said spotting Mindy
"I'm a Vampire, I don't sleep" she said
"why were you not at dinner" I asked
"I had some spying to do and she came to the portrait room" she said
"she did" I asked curious
"she's very much interested in Sebastian and we can use that against her" she said and I smiled.
"bring Sebastian" I said she bowed and left.
I always wondered what Sebastian was capable of rather than fooling himself I can use this love interest again her and her powers will finally be mine.

I drove the car not seeing any sight of Emily I really feel bad about earlier and want to apologize then I saw someone walking to the middle of the road.
I stopped before I killed someone else again
"why don't you kill me why you are at it" I heard Mindy shout and she got into the car and I regretted not running her over.
"I would but you won't still die" I said
"Mother wants to see you" she said
"what now" I said hitting the horn
"give me the wheels" she said
"and you probably killing somebody no way" I said
"since when do you care about people" she said and I kept quiet.
"that what I'm talking about now give me the Keys" she said and we change seats and she Started the car.
"Don't mess up my car" I said why she put it on high gear.
"that I won't promise" she said and drove more than the speed limit I wasn't afraid this isn't the first time she's driving.
"you passed a red light" I said
"oh please there was no sign of life" she said not giving a care, soon the police were after us.
"see, the police are after us" I said
"and you are afraid why" she said and put it on full gear and drove as fast as she could and loosing the police.
"told you I could loose them" she said and enjoying herself.

i went through the window when I got home and someone opened the door, and it was A dark form and it Summasulted me to the ground.
"who are you" I heard it say
"Emily and this is my room" I said with pains on my back.
"oh I'm so sorry I thought you were a criminal or something, so how was the date" she asked
"horrible how was the dinner party" I asked
"it was horrible and I have something to tell you" she said.
"Me too" I said
"let's say it at the same time" she said
"1.2.3 and
Mandy and Sebastian are siblings
Sebastian kissed me" we said at the same time
"WHAT" we said again at the same time.

Mindy drove us home and probably she didn't kill us why won't she care she's a vampire and I'm a hybrid, she can't die unless being killed the right way but me I'm just like humans a stab and I'm gone the only thing being half vampire is I don't age and I can't turn anyone into a vampire but kill them and super speed and strength and hearing Unlike Mindy who's not afraid to die and a full pure Vampire, that gives her the thinking that she's stronger than me.
We walked to Zarla's Lair mixing up potions and whatever she was.
"Sebastian come in" she said adding something to the potion
"Mindy leave" she said and Mindy disappeared
"what do you want Zarla" I said
"call me mother" she said nicely
"did you hit your head or something" I asked and she laughed.
"what was your mission" she asked
"get Emily to trust me" I said
"forget all that and make her want you" she said
"are you saying I should date her" I asked
"yes" she said
"but she already hates me after killing Lizzy" I said
She went through her shelves and gave me a potion
"put this in her drink and ask her about the memory and she won't remember a thing" she said instructing me.
"if you fail to get close to her you will suffer greatly now leave my sight" she said

"MINDY" I shouted
"Yes Ma'am" she said bowing down
"you know what to do" I asked her
"watch over Sebastian so he won't ruin your plans" she said
"good girl now leave" she said and I sit down Smiling soon the blood moon would be here and I'll finally have my revenge.


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