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VAMPIRE - Episode Five


Vampire - Episode Five

"you did what" she asked
"Mindy and Sebastian are siblings" I asked
"forget Mindy, you kissed Sebastian when" she asked
"when I froze time again" I said
"So he kissed you and everything went back to normal" she asked annoyed
"yes" I said
"do you think I'm dumb you can just say you like Sebastian instead of lying" she said
"who's lying I'm telling the truth" I said in my defense.
"so all of a sudden you froze time and Sebastian kissed you, Emily just say you like Sebastian and stop playing games with me" she said
"I'm not playing games I'm actually telling the truth and I won't dream of liking Sebastian" I said
"If you don't want to tell me the truth Just say it I understand if you want to keep secrets to yourself" she said and went out the window and I locked it.
What is happening to me do I possess some power and who will I tell without my parents taking me a psychiatrist hospital I jumped on top of my bed confused. I didn't know when I slept off.


I Woke up early in the morning got dressed with blue ripped Jeans and a floral crop top, I grabbed my backpack and got everything I needed.
I went down to see my parents getting ready.
"What's the big event" I asked
"your Father is hosting an award ceremony in France" my mom said
"where are you off to" my dad asked knotting his tie
"I'm off to School" I said
"School doesn't start until nine" dad said
"I thought I better walk since you guys won't get me a car" I said grabbing the door handle.
"oh no School is a thirty minutes walk, what are you going to do with the remaining time" my dad asked
"read at the Library" I said
"won't you take something to eat" mom asked
"no I'll buy a snack bye love you guys" I said and left, and locked the door, I saw Sebastian with Amy talking and she was totally flirting with him I chose to ignore them and went my own way.
Soon a car drove besides me.
"Hey Emily" Sebastian called
"Hi" I said Amy sat down and ignore me like I didn't exist.
"want to come in" he asked and I can see fumes coming out from Amy.
"No thanks I have something to do" I said
"I could drop you there" he said
"No you can just go with out me" I said.
"but.... " he said
"She said she's fine walking on her own let's just leave her here" Amy said not even sparing a look at me.
"OK bye" he said and drove off, I can't believe Amy is mad about that kiss I just let her be she'll get over it eventually.
I walked down town to go to an old Bookstore nobody goes there since phones were invented except me.
I walked in to the dusty place and see Miss Alice the owner the Shop she's got to be a 100 years old.
"Emily, welcome I haven't see you Lately is OK" she asked
"Everything is Fine Miss A" that's what I call her.
"that's my Emily" she said as I helped her get up.
"it's sure nice to see youths facing books instead of their phones I've been here for 60 years and everything was splendid" she said telling me again about her previous lives.
"why are you telling me this you still have life in you" I said
"Emily I'm 192" she said and I couldn't help to to keep my mouth wide open
"you're 192 Miss A you are the oldest being to live this long in this century" she said
"That's not all dearie I used to be like you" she said
"insecured" I asked
"no wanted to know the world see everything and know Mysteries not knowing I was a mystery my self " she said
"what Mysteries" I asked
"you know why I like you, you ask questions" she said
"Like I possess great powers myself" she said
"I was chosen to be a Keeper" she said
"Book Keeper" she said
"No Keeper of balance, we possess great powers to control and Manipulate time" she said
"We, Miss A what are you talking about" I asked confused
"Emily you are chosen as the Last Keeper of Balance" she said
"What" I asked

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I ignored Emily on purpose telling me lies she could just say she likes Sebastian instead of making up stories about him kissing her, Sebastian is as cool as I thought giving me a lift to school he looks upset after Emily declined his invitation.
"are you OK" I asked
"I'm fine" he said
"so Mindy is your Sister" I asked
"not exactly" he said
"I went to your house yesterday" I said
"you did, for what" he asked
"promise you won't tell" I said
"I promise" he said
"I'm a shape shifter" I said

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"Is that why strange things being happening to me, but how I wasn't born with it" I said confused
"those are steps of you developing new powers" she said
"but who and why was I Chosen" i asked
"I did as the former Keeper" she said
"but why me I can't control my life talk less powers" I said
"you are pure of heart and Souls will find their way to get you" she said
"what do you mean" I asked
"Some people might take your powers and use it for evil" she said
"but I can't control them" i said
"that's what I'm here for" she said
"I'm Sorry Miss A you chose the wrong person" I said grabbed my backpack and forgot what I came for, I wasn't blessed rather I was cursed.
I got to school late but I snuck in soon classes were over and Amy kept avoiding me I went to the Cafeteria and everyone gave me the Stink eye I saw Amy sitting between Sebastian and Mindy I chose to ignore them and decided to sit with Josh.
"Hey Josh" I said but he didn't answer but kept talking to his Crew.
I called him again but he just kept ignoring me then Mindy walked up to me.
"don't you see Josh has just enough with you" she said
"what are you talking about" she said and brought out her phone with a picture of me and Sebastian Kissing in his car.
"when did that happen" I asked seeing someone has posted it.
"I didn't kiss Sebastian" I said
"did you or weren't you at dinner at our place and you were just Flirting with him behind Josh's back I've never seen someone's relationship last like yours but the Video was posted and you can't deny the fact that it isn't you Emily we've known what you are now and you are a cheater Josh doesn't deserve you"
she said I didn't know whether to cry, fight or slap this bitch in front of me.
"Cat cut your tongue or you can speak" she said
Everyone looked at us what is going to happen next.
I don't know what's going on here but I let everyone think bad of me so I walked passed her.
"where do you think you are going" Mindy said as she shouldered me
As I was about to give her a Slap the bell rang.
"Saved by the Bell" she said and walked away so did others who hated me for that Video I don't know what happened.
I caught up with Josh
"Josh" I said as I held him back
"what" he said annoyed
"you know I didn't make that Video" I said
"I don't know what to believe again I thought you were a decent nice girl but you are just the same as Mindy" he said and left
I've heard names before but me being Mindy is the last thing I want to hear we had Soccer practice but I didn't bother to Show up I was researching who posted that Video in an empty classroom
I got exhausted until he reason for my problems came.
I shut down my laptop and put it in my back pack and set to leave
"excuse me you are in my way" I said not ready to waste another time with him.
"you weren't in practice" he asked
"when Mindy blackmailed me with that Video why didn't you show your concern there" I said
"because we Kissed before remember" he said
"I didn't remember in the day and in your car, Sebastian get out of my way now" I said not afraid if he killed a million girls I'm not going to be one of them.
"Just let me explain" he said
"explain what, you turned Amy, the School and worse Josh against me I don't want to have anything to do with you" I said leaving but he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him.
"Emily Just give me a minute to explain OK" he said pleading
"you have a minute" I said
"I'm a Hybrid, my Father was a Vampire and my mother a Human, my Parents were Separated after I was born, I was an abomination to the Vampire council so my Father was Sent to Torture Realm, and my mother left me when I was Eighteen and I was adopted to Zarla and I never saw my mother again" he said I didn't know whether he was joking or serious
"if you are a hybrid what is Mindy" I managed to ask
"Mindy is a full bred Vampire and she's not someone to mess with that's why I couldn't help you" he said
"Why should I trust you" I said
"because I know what is happening to you, you are the last Keeper on earth" he said
"you are just as Crazy as Miss A, I am not the last Keeper or the Keeper of balance I'm Emily will always be" I said and broke free from his grip


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