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VAMPIRE - Episode Eleven


Vampire - Episode Eleven

me and Mindy have being walking for hours I'm sure she only saved me so she can kill me herself, besides she said it I don't trust her one bit she's leading the way.
"Why don't you kill me already" I said
"if I did Sebastian will kill me too" she said not even looking back.
"oh stop pretending you just saved me from whatever his name was so you can bring me to Zarla" I said
"well you are right and wrong I'm only saving you because of Sebastian" she said
"you despise me, why" I asked
"you have the big house a best friend and great parents and you have everything and yet you don't notice, it you hide so that no one will know you are a Rodriguez" she said
"I have to hide to protect myself" I said
"how long are you going to hide" She said
Soon we heard sounds in the bushes, we Stood there waiting for the next Victim but Josh Amy and Sebastian came out.
"Sebastian" I said running to him and giving him a hug.
"I'm right here" Amy said and I gave her a hug too.
"Zarla Sent Vampires to hunt you down Emily" Sebastian said
"I know Mindy just killed one" I said
"we have to train Emily we can't keep running forever " Amy said
"And how, we don't know how the only person right for the Job is a former Keeper" Sebastian said while we all kept silent.
"I have the book of the keepers maybe I can use it to train" I said
"it might work but we need a place" Sebastian said
"I know a place" Josh said
"then lead the way you goof" Amy said
"Follow me" Josh said as Mindy and Amy did but I held Sebastian back.
"you need to know something" I said
"what is it" he asked me worried
"I found your Mother" I said
"really where is she, is she alive" Sebastian asked
"Yes" I said
"then let's go meet her" Sebastian said
"if you go back you'll be killed" I said
"but my mother" he said
"I promise we'll meet her for now we can't" I said he agreed.
"Where did the others go" Sebastian asked.
"they might have not gone far" I said
"Lead the way" he said

I walked with the most two annoying people I despise Mindy and Josh they are perfectly made for each other because they are annoying I'm glad I am not alone I decided to check on Emily but she's not there.
"Hey idiots" I said calling both their attention.
"what" they both said at the same time
"Emily and Sebastian are missing" I said
"Maybe they are behind talking" Mindy said

"Can't we go find them" I said
"Why don't you go and find them" Josh said
"I will" I said leaving both of them.

"you know we have to follow her" Mindy said
"I Know" I said

I look around to see anything familiar but how could I, I don't know this damn place.
"We are lost" I confessed to Sebastian
"What makes you think so" he asked
"My feet are killing me, and I don't know where we are going" I said then
"we can stop if you want" He said
"OK" I said
We just stood there awkward I didn't even dare to take a look at him.
"don't you miss your parents" he asked starting a conversation.
"probably Yes, after all this I'm going to boarding school" I said
"Why" he asked
"probably because I was covered in a pool of your own blood and I missed school so they lost it" I said
"will I still see you" He asked
"Sure you can use your Vampiric powers and super speed to the School I'll probably see you everyday" I said and we both laughed and started looking at each other he came close and asked me.
"Can i"
I nod my head in approval.
He Came closer until Amy Jumped out of Nowhere and ruined the moment.
"were you guys having a moment" Amy asked
"NO" me and Sebastian said at the same time.
"OK weirdos" she said
"do you know where we are" Sebastian asked

"do I look like like a map" Amy said and I'm so glad she's back.
"I missed you, you know right" I said to her
"what do you mean" she asked
"nothing I'm just glad you are back" I said and she looks more confused, and she should be.

Me and Josh set out to Find Amy it was really weird none of us uttered a single word.
"So how is the Pack" I asked
"why are you here " he said
"what are you talking about" I said
"you don't like Amy, Sebastian and Emily why are you here" he said and he's probably telling the truth.
"I like Sebastian he's my brother" I said in my defense
"yeah what about Emily how am I sure you are not here to take Emily for yourself to that Crazy Caster mother of yours" he said
"she's not my mother OK she took me in" I said
"is that why you are here" he shouted
"I'm here because of you" I said without thinking about it.
"I knew it" He said
"that's all you could say" I said
"what should I say, thank you for coming to check up on me, for goodness sake Mindy we broke up" he said
"yes I tried everything, framing Emily and setting her up but still you fell for her" I said
"why won't I, she isn't crazy like you" he said
"So you think I'm crazy" I said
"Yes you are and I want nothing to do with you" he said and it hurts I tried to make sure tears didn't drip from my eyes but it kept flowing like a rushing tap.
"I'm sorry for everything" I said and Amy Sebastian came out of nowhere.
"Mindy are you OK" Sebastian asked me
"I'm fine, I just need some time alone" I said and went on my own.

I see my sister crying and she went ahead to dry her tears.
"me and Amy will go check up on her" Emily said
"we will" Amy said
"we will" Emily said giving her a glare leaving me with Josh.
"What did you do to Mindy" I asked him
"Nothing" he said

"so she just started crying for nothing" I said
"I guess so" he said I wish I could drain the life out of him now.
"just stay away from Mindy" I said making my self clear
"Noted stay away from Emily too" he said
"I don't remember Emily being your girlfriend" I said
"neither she is your girlfriend" Josh said
"She's in love with me" I said
"that's what you think" he said
"what are you trying to say" I said
"I'm trying to say that Emily is in love with me not you" He said
"May the best man win her heart" I said
"and it's going to be me" he said

Mindy looked upset and started crying I decided me and Amy should go talk to her I don't like her but she is a person after all
We spotted her sitting on top a huge rock.
"Mindy are you alright" I asked her
She didn't answer me
"let's leave her she probably doesn't want to talk" Amy said
"just leave me alone" she said sobbing.
"See she agreed let's go " Amy said dragging me back but I disagreed
"No you are crying, we are your friends tell us what's bothering you Mindy" I asked her
"promise you won't freak out" Mindy said
"Promise" I said
"I'm pregnant" she said
"Pregnant for who" Amy asked
"I'm Pregnant for Josh" she said
Me and Amy opened down our mouth.
"When" I asked
"after we broke up I found out I was pregnant" she said
"that's why you were trying to get back together with Josh" Amy asked
"have you told him" I asked
"I have bigger problems than telling Josh" she said
"what it can't be that bad" Amy said
"you don't understand, if the Vampire council finds out I'm pregnant for a Pheoledophite' helping you out is a minor punishment but if they find out it's a punishment worse than death" she said

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