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VAMPIRE - Epilogue


Vampire - Epilogue

Me, my dad and mom plus Mindy and the others took a picture and that was the end of Zarla all thanks to your Mother.
"So dad are you a Vampire" Nathalia my 16 year old asked me.
"No not anymore thanks to your mom" I answered her
"what about Aunt Mindy" Sophie 17, asked
"well fortunate for her the spell your mom cast removed her powers so she gave birth to a human like you" I said
"How old is Aunt Mindy"Coby 14 asked

"we may never know" I said
"oh man" Nathalia asked me
"what is it" I asked
"if mom didn't cast that stupid spell I would have had power" Nathalia said
"and I'm glad I cast that spell or you might have destroyed my house or probably killed your siblings" Emily said arranging the table for the family dinner party.
"Mom do you have powers" Coby asked her.
"yes it's having the power to take care of monkeys like you" she said
"Now go help your mother set up" I said to them
"Mom I can't believe I'm saying this but you were actually cool when you were younger" Sophie said
"thanks sweetheart now go set the table" she said
"yes Ma'am" Sophie said
"I just have one last question did Mateo and Amy get Married" Nathalia asked me
"well ask her when you see her at the party" I said
And truly everyone came to the party.
"Man of the hour" Josh said to me
"dude that got my sister pregnant" I said
"seriously that was 21 years ago" he said
"I know" I said
"Uncle Josh, Uncle Josh" Nathalia called
"what" he answered her
"do you still have powers" she asked
"you told her the story" Josh asked
"yup" I said
"Well no now go play with your cousins" he said
"seriously why did mom have to cast that spell I'm meeting Aunt Mindy" she said
Amy walks towards us with a familiar face.
"wow Amy you've changed a lot you've even gotten fat" I said annoying her

"Sebastian as stupid as always if you didn't notice I'm pregnant" she said and she's not changed one bit
"Hey you what do you see in this woman" I asked the stranger
and Emily comes to join us.
"oh my gosh, is it a boy or girl" Emily says
"girl" Amy said
"I'm so happy for you" Emily screams
"whose the stranger" I asked
"like always you have a bad memory this is Mateo my husband" she said and Nathalia screams
"I knew it I'm going to be a aunt" Nathalia screams
"it doesn't work that way Natha" Sophie says trying to correct Nathalia but she's too excited to care.
Soon my parents came so did Emily and everyone got to see each other again the big old Mansion could accommodate everyone I went to the room with Emily she was already tired cooking for the family.
"thank you" I said
"for what" she said
"for everything" I said as I pecked her on the head.
"as long we didn't do a blood wedding and you bit my neck" she said
"what" I asked
"goodnight" she said
"what did you say" I asked
"I said goodnight" she said
"we are not sleeping until you repeat what you said" I said
"here we go again I'm sleeping on the couch" she said
"Emily" I called her
"goodnight Sebastian" she said switching off the lights, I swear to God this woman is /Mysterious but I still love her.

*THE END.......*

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