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The Ghost Girl - Episode Eleven

The Ghost Girl - Episode eleven


                        JOHN POV

I sat in my office playing game on my phone. A lady walks in holding some files in her hand.
She looks so hot and pretty. The skirt she was putting on was so tight and a bit short showing her fresh laps. She placed those files on my table smiling at me in a seductive manner. “Wow. You look more handsome than I heard about you.” she said smiling.
Wow they already talked about me on my first day at work. This is so cool and interesting
” I thought to myself smiling at her. “I was asked to bring this files to you. Anyway my name is Cassandra. Am the president’s secretary nice meeting you” she said smiling.
“Wow what a lovely name. Nice meeting you too” I said smiling. “I have to go for now. I’ll see you later because I have something to say to you” she said.
“Oh really? Alright am here for you Cassandra I said smiling. She turned back and started walking towards the door. Her back side was a huge one. She has a big sexy ass figure. As she walks, her butt swayed right and left to every step she took. My eyes were fixed on her butt as they bounce like she’s tweaking. She opened the door and walked out.
I swallowed hard when she left. Before I know it, I was already standing on my feet. I wonder how I got up from the seat. I sat back on the chair picking my phone from the desk. “Cassandra. Wow you hit me at the right point” I said smiling.

When I balanced on my feet, I was staring at her in confusion wondering what just happened. She was also staring at me holding the rosary in her hand. I now understand what she just did. I leant some human have something to protect themselves from evil ghosts and evil spirits.
I think she was reciting that because she saw me.
She thought am an evil spirit or trying to harm her. I was moving closer to her slowly ”Jenny. I mean no harm OK. Am not an evil person” I said looking at her.
“Leave me alone!” she screamed on top of her voice which attracted the rest attention to her. The music was stopped as they were all staring at her in confusion.
 “Jenny what’s it?” the choreographer asked looking at her.
 “It’s nothing madam” she replied in a shaky voice.
“Are you sure?” she asked again to confirm.
“Yes madam.” she replied.
 ”okay. Lower your voice OK” she said and they continue. Jenny stood up from where she was sitting and headed out. I followed her and found out she was heading to the bathroom. When she got there, she just went to the tap to wash her face. She looked into the mirror and I guess she could see me through the mirror because I can’t see myself through the mirror I could only see her. She turned back facing me. “Jenny I mean no harm. I felt bad about how the choreographer sent you out back there. I thought you could not see me but I was wrong about that.
 I mean you no harm.” I said looking at her.
“Is that it?” she said looking at me. I was so happy she responded. I think I made another human friend so quick.
“Yes. And am happy you responded. I know some pretend they don’t see us when they do. Am happy you could respond to me so quick” I said smiling. She smiled looking at me.
“Thanks for your concern. This is not the first time of been kicked out of practice. I think this is not my path but my mum insisted I must be a dancer. She wants me to be a celebrity just like Debbie Annie, Suzy Mick and many other successful celebrity out there. Isn’t that funny? I think she’s too selfish. She only thought of how she feel not minding what her daughter might feel about it. Although I also love dancing but I think I can’t do any better than this. It makes me want to give up every time am trying to do better but she will never allow that. So funny “ she said smiling.
“Really? That’s so bad. But I think your mother want the best for you. You can also be better than those celebrities in future just believe in yourself. Believe you can do it. Every successful human today don’t give up on their dreams and ambitions they kept trying and trying till they were able to make it to their goals.
Jenny you can do better. Believe in yourself and keep trying.” I said looking at her.
She nodded her head looking at me. “You’re such a wonderful person. Thanks for the advise” she said smiling.

It’s 6:45pm, I was already preparing to leave the office. But I think am missing something when I was about leaving. “What could I be missing? What’s it?” I started thinking hard to remember. “Oh yes. The ghost girl. Where could she be?” I said looking around. I stopped for a while feeling like a nuisance. “Why am i worried about a ghost? It’s not like she doesn’t know how to make her way home.” I said. I picked my car key from the table and left the office heading out to the elevator. I walked slowly hoping she’ll pop out to my side as usual but she was not showing up.
“What could be happening?” I thought to myself not feeling comfortable. I got to the elevator and waited for it to open. After a while, the elevator opened. I looked at the person Inside and saw Debbie. I enter and pressed a button to close it.
“Why are you leaving this late? Does the person you’re here to see delayed you?” she asked looking at me.
 “Should I say that?” I asked smiling. “Are you going home?” I asked her.
“Yes. I am.” she replied.
“Would you mind if I invite you for a drink?” I asked looking at her.
“Really? That would be great. Am free for now” she replied smiling.
The elevator stopped when it got to the last floor. We both walked out heading to the compound.

By 7:15pm, Jenny and I was walking side by side on the street. I said I wish to walk her home and she was OK by that. I already told her about how I live my life as a ghost. I told her I was not able to remember how I died too and she also told me about when she started seeing ghosts. We’re already close just like Friends. I can see she’s a simple minded person. She’s free spirited and has a soft mind. She got shy when she’s with people but feel free when she’s with me. I wonder why she chose to act that way.
“So, you mean you were also a dancer when you were still alive?” she asked.
 “Yes. I could remember that.” I replied. She stopped all of a sudden and started staring at me.
 “The more I look at you. You looks so familiar to me. But I can’t remember if I saw your face before. What’s your name?” she asked looking at me.
“My name is Stella” I replied looking at her.
 “I think am wrong. You looks so familiar but I think that name doesn’t sound familiar. Maybe I once saw you as a ghost” she said thinking about it. She continue walking while I also walked beside her.
“I guess you were a good dancer when you were still human” she said smiling.
 “Who knows. Everything is gone now that am a ghost. It’s useless” I said.
“If you were so good, you might be of help to me someday.” she said smiling.
 “Huh. How can that be?” I asked looking at her.
 “I heard some ghosts could possess a human body. You’ll just have to do that for me during my performance.
 That’ll be so perfect. I mean if I could be seen by people dancing amazingly. That’ll make my mum so happy. And that would make me happy myself” she said smiling.
“Is that possible?” I asked her.
“I don’t know. I was just assuming” she said.
 “I never possess a human body before. I think that’s impossible” I said looking at her.
“It might be and might not. My grandma told me it’s possible. But I never believe in that.” she said looking at me.
“Could it be true? If I could possess human body, people would be able to see me. I won’t live a lonely life anymore. That would be so good. I think I might also help her. But I think it’s impossible” I thought to myself.
“I can do anything just to be a good dancer. I want to impress my mum on my next performance. She always felt disappointed but this time, am trying my best to make her happy. Our performance is just four days to go. I don’t want to be left out this time too.” she said looking sad. I felt pity for her but there’s nothing I can do about that.
Should I try possessing her body?” I thought to myself looking at her. But shook my head to snap out of it.
“Should I try it?” I thought again but hesitated. She stopped and faced me smiling.
“Would you give it a try?” she asked facing me. I was so surprised she knows what I’ve been thinking about.
 “Can you read my thoughts?” I thought to myself looking at her.
“Yes I can. I know you wanted to help. I know you’re not a bad person, that was why I trust you easily at the first place. I can read thoughts so I know what you’re thinking.” she replied looking at me. My jaw dropped in amazement.
“Do you really want me to possess you?” I asked her.
“You can give it a try” she replied standing still.
“I never done this before but I prayed it worked” I said looking at her. I closed my eyes and moved closer to her body. What I felt next was so shocking to me

To be continued...

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