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Story: VAMPIRE - Episode Eight/Nine


Vampire - Episode Eight

We left the Store covered in Sebastian's blood people kept looking at us as if we were murderers at least one of us is.
"Hey are you still throwing your pool party" I asked
"I have to, I wanted to cancel but Mindy is forcing me to" he said
He escort me home since his car was busted.
"What was that" I asked
"I don't really know" he said
Soon we got home.
"bye" I said as we reach my place
He came close and brushed off my hair then I started feeling that fuzzy feeling again
"see you tomorrow" he said and I regretted not kissing him, I went home still in a bloody dress I opened the door to see my parents angry.
"Hey.... " I wanted to say
"don't hey us, would you like to explain why you haven't been to school for the three days" my dad shouted
"dad I can explain" I said
"and why are you Stained with blood did you get hurt" my mom asked.
"Mom I can explain" I said
"please do" Dad said
I didn't know what to say, should I tell them that I was attacked by a werewolf and I have some powers and I'm the chosen one without ending up in a psychiatric hospital.
"I have nothing to say" I said
"well miss you are grounded since you would be going to strange place, without us there you are going to boarding school" Dad said
"what I can't go to boarding school" I said
"well you are going as from next week get your bags ready" mom said
"now go to your room and wash off that stain before it reeks" dad said and I went to my room.
The day came for Sebastian pool party I was stuck in my room like a prisoner.
I glanced through my reading table see the book Miss A gave me and decided to take a look at it.
I came across a page.
"trust no one" the page said.
Soon some one knocked on my window. I hid the book and opened the curtains to see Sebastian I opened up the windows and he came in.
"what are you doing here" I whispered to him
"the pool party already started, just wanted to check if you were ok" he said
"I got grounded" I said lying on one side of my bed
"for what" he asked
"for skipping school and for coming home covered in blood" I said
"get up, you are still going" he said
"you just want to see me wearing bikinis don't you" I said and he went quiet soon my mom knocked on the door.
"Honey" she called.
"yes mom" I answered
"can you please open the door" she said
"I'm coming" I said, "get out of here" I whispered to Sebastian.
"I can't jump out of the window" he said

"you came in through it you can go out through it again" I said
"I'm not going through the Window" he said
"you better find a place to hide because if my parents found out a boy was in my room I'll be sent to Military school" I whispered
He swiftly hid under my bed I opened the door to see my mom dressed .

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"were you talking to someone" she asked
"yes I was talking to myself" I said and she looks at me like I've already lost it.
"OK honey what's happening" she asks me
"excuse me" I said
"this is not like you" she said
"what are you talking about" I said confused
"you are skipping school and going to places I don't know of what happened dear" she said
"that's what you wanted to talk about so you are blaming me, so I'm the one to blame what about you guys who always leaves their only daughter to abroad or different countries, you don't even know what is happening in my life" I said not even thinking about what I said.
"well I think you need some space" she said and left.
I locked the door and sat against the door.
"you can come out now" I shouted and Sebastian came out from under the bed.
I fold my self against the door frustrated I felt Sebastian sitting down next to me.
"do you want to talk" he said I really wanted to but I don't want to tell him anything.
"no" I said
He came close to me and I looked at him and then my room
"I'm really stupid" I said
"no you're not" he said
"you are just saying that to make me feel better" I said
He gets up and pulls me up and strokes my hair gently.
"you are the Smartest, Nicest, most beautiful creature I've ever laid my eyes on" he said I just stood there smiling he came close wanting to kiss me.
"No Sebastian" I said pushing him away.
"what did I do something wrong" he said

"Yes.... I mean no, I just can't be doing this with you, I really like you but I don't really know you that much" I said
"but we know each other so well" he said bringing me close.
"I don't know you" I said and he released me from his grip.
He left without saying a word I go back to where the book is.
"Trust no one" I read it again
I changed into a bikini with small skirt at the bottom I carried a purse and put the powder in, I turned off the lights and snuck out.

She stopped me from kissing her and I felt bad about it and we are not even dating, there's this burning desire in me that I want to spend every moment with her and I don't know why am I starting to develop feelings for her I'm so confused I go to my room and lay on my bed.
"well I saw you at Emily's place earlier" Mindy said leaning against the door wearing her bikinis and a short white Jacket
"what do you want Mindy" I said
"you are throwing a party aren't you supposed to be entertaining your guests" she said
"and why do you care" I asked
"Josh is coming to this party and so is Emily I don't want that girl ruining my plans" she said
"don't bother I don't think she's coming" I said pulling off my shirt
"good thing I don't want her ruining my plans" she said and left. I locked the door Mindy can handle the party I don't really care anymore.

I went to Sebastian's party hoping to see Emily, she needs to know what is going on and why Sebastian is with her. I got to the backyard seeing everyone having fun and and getting wet, since I don't have a bikini I went for what I have in my wardrobe a short singlet and shorts.
I scanned the surrounding and no sign of Emily but I do see Mindy. She walks towards my direction.
"Amy Dearest I didn't think you'll show up after betraying your best friend" she said
"I only came to see someone" I said
"is it Emily cause she's not coming" she said and Josh walked Towards us.
"Hey Amy" he said
"hey Josh" Emily said but Josh ignored her
"have you seen Emily" Josh asked
"she's not coming" Mindy said
"well if you see her tell her to meet me inside" he said
"For sure" I said and he left.
"I have something for you to do" Mindy said with a wicked grin.

i've been looking for Emily everywhere but she's no where to be seen I hope Sebastian hasn't done something or anything to her after the incident.

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soon I was carried to the cave where the pack resides some have homes and normal lives some stay here.
They hunted and ate like animals I just watched them how they behave.
Soon they gave me a medalian or some sort of Necklace.
"Find the Caster and use the Medalian to destroy her and we will be all free from this curse" they said



I need to make sure Emily is not here so she won't get hurt.

I snuck into the party everyone was busy having fun splashing water and showing off their Swimsuits I didn't really care I'm on a mission to spy not to have fun.
I get into the house without anyone probably spotting me then I hit someone.
"Josh" I said
"Emily" I've been looking everywhere for you " he said and hugged me
"really" I said
"let's get out of here it's not safe for you" he said
"I'm not going now, at least not without finding Zarla's Lair" I said.

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Vampire - Episode Nine

"what are we looking for exactly" Josh asked as we entered a room filled with Portraits of Sebastian and with maybe his father I presume.
"Anything suspicious" I said, being in the room kept bringing back Some moments of me and Sebastian together, I really wanted to be with him but he's a Vampire, correction half Vampire it would never work.
I picked one picture of Sebastian and put it in my purse before Josh notices
"So how's the week being going" he asked
"I don't know, a lot happened like getting grounded" I said
"oh" he said why still searching through a pile.
"do you feel like everyone is hiding secrets from you and you want to hide but they just want you to spill it out" I said sitting down on the bare floor.
Josh stood right next to me.
"what are you talking about" he said and I was afraid to tell him what's happened for the past 5 days and especially the kiss with Sebastian.
"I.... Am" I tried to say but heard someone coming.
"what are you doing" Josh asked as I brought the blue powder out and sprinkle it at both of us and we turned invisible.
It was Zarla she walked in and went to the Shelves and a secret door opened.
The powder wore off and we could see each other again.
"where do you think you are going" Josh asked
"to where she was going" I said
"you don't know if it's dangerous and you are walking right in" he said
"I'll be fine you don't have to protect me" I said and went into the secret passage it was something like a stair, me and Josh went to where it led us.
We came down finally and we saw Zarla mixing up a potion or something.
"Stay here" Josh said
"where do you think you are going" I asked him
"to end this Caster" He said but before I could stop him he went in.

"so it's you that is called the Caster" Josh said to Zarla
"I think you missed your way child the party is upstairs" Zarla said
"I'm not here for the party, I'm here to stop you" Josh said and transforms into the beast that attacked me and Sebastian yesterday, wait Josh's a Werewolf is anyone even normal in this Town.

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He growled and before I knew it Zarla striked him with a blast so hard he carved his body to the wall, Josh got up again but this time weak and changed to his human form.
"you should have left when you had the chance" Zarla said wanting to give him another blast but I got in the way and got hit instead, the bag I used to carry the powder cut and scattered on the floor.
"Emily" Zarla said
I got up even weak.
"so you are the last Caster" I said
"what are you doing here child didn't your mother teach you to respect people's privacy" she said annoyed
"she did, she also taught me to fight for what is right" I said
"so you finally learnt about your powers so what are you going to do fight me" she said
"no I finally figured out your plan, you sent Sebastian close to me and then Josh so you can have my powers" I said
"not close, I sent Sebastian to be close to you, I don't know about that Pheodelophite , my plan was to draw you in until the blood moon that's when I'll take your powers and get my revenge" she said
"what's exactly your revenge" I asked her stalling
"you keepers banished my kind, I grew up with hatred knowing that one day I'll get my revenge" she said
"what about Sebastian and Mindy" I asked
"Sebastian was given to me by his father when he went to the torture realm after his mother ran away and I adopted Mindy," she said
"so you are using Teenagers to carry out your plans" I said
"they have to be good at something and now that you know about this I need to eliminate you" she said creating an energy ball and throws it at me
"Emily watch out" Amy shouted and took the hit for me.
"Amy" I said to her as she laid cold on the floor.
"Emily" she managed to say
"Don't worry Amy we'll get out of here I assure you" I said to her.
She then kept changing into forms.
"what is happening" I asked
"Emily you have to get out of here, just leave me here" she said
"No I'm not leaving you" I said.
"I was the one who shape shift into you and kissed Sebastian in the car, I'm sorry I wanted to tell you but I didn't think you'll forgive me" she said
"you what???.... I forgive you" I calmly said .
"Sorry to interrupt but it's time I finish you" Zarla said creating another energy ball
I stood there as a feeling of Electricity ran through my body, I breathe in feeling the energy and me and Zarla blast each other, my blast was strong at first but hers became stronger, I couldn't handle it anymore, her Blast hit me to the The Floor hard.
"I thought I had to wait until the blood moon but I guess not any last words child" she said up close
"Yes …….STOP" and everything froze except for Amy and Josh, Josh Carried weak Amy.
"Let's get out of here" I said
As we did everything Unfroze and time was moving again I guess freezing time didn't last enough since I was weak.
"Emily we need to get out of here" Josh said
"I need to get the keepers book first" I said
"where is it" he asked
"it's in my room, get what you need and meet me at the old bookstore" I said and we split and I barged into Sebastian.
"Emily, I thought you didn't want to come" he said
"I did, I just wanted to apologize, OK bye" I said but he held me back
"what's going on" he asked me looking concerned
"I'm so sorry I can't tell you" I said as our lips as I crashed my lips on his, I kissed him, soon we Disengage from the Kiss.
"I love you Sebastian I'm sorry I couldn't stay" I said as Tears came flowing down my cheeks he wiped them slowly with his hand.
"Emily I love you..... " I ran away before he could finish his sentence
I ran home on the Thought of Confessing to Sebastian and leaving him, I changed into a sweater and Jeans I brought out my backpack and packed everything I needed even the Keepers book I ran as fast as I could to Miss A bookstore.

I checked everywhere for Josh but it seems that he left. I saw Sebastian all dressed up.
"Where are you going" I asked
"none of your business considering you will spill" he said.
"you are such a twit" I said
"And that's why no one likes you" Sebastian said
"everybody likes me" I said
"I don't know what sad fantasy, you are living in but no body likes you not even me and I don't blame them, you are too proud and think you are always better than anyone and used Amy to get what you want" he said
"at least I'm not pretending to like some random girl" I said
"I don't like Emily, I love her OK, I admit it and I don't care I'm no longer pretending and there's a reason to why I like her" he said
"what's the reason she's pretty" I said
"Just get out of my room I have something to do" he said as he locked it.
The party was still going on so why not get a Snack, I Scanned the room and Saw Tom Jefferson.
"Hey Tom" I said in a sweet voice
"Hey Mindy, nice party" he said
"yeah you are looking great today why don't we have some fun" I said as I dragged him to a room.
I Kissed him and things were hitting up he went to my top wanting to remove them, soon we removed each others clothes.
"you are so Sweet Mindy" he said until I located his Neck I first kissed it and then I Lick it.
"What are you... " before he said anything I bit him and drained the life out of him Since I had no intention of turning him into a Vampire.
I was done and Tom laid lifeless on the floor I got a towel to cover me.
"you were sweet too Tom" I said as I dragged his lifeless body to a closet.
I wiped the blood of my mouth and wore my bikinis and locked the door before anyone noticed.
"what have you been doing" Zarla came out of nowhere and asked me.
"Having Fun" I said
"well your fun has been expired where is Sebastian" she asked
"I don't know" I said
"Find Sebastian now" she said giving me another Job like she always does.

I got to the book store seeing Miss A lying in the floor in pain.
"Miss A" I screamed and went to help her get her back up to her chair.
"Emily is that you" she said
"yes Miss A" I said and Josh came holding Miss A making sure she doesn't fall.
"who are you people" she said sighting Amy and Josh
"they helped protect me from Zarla she is the one, the last Caster" I said
"everything is coming back to me" Miss A said
"Miss A what are you talking about" I asked
"that boy you brought in here" she said
"what about Sebastian" I asked
"yes Sebastian I now remember, Sebastian is my Son" she said
"WHAT?????" me Josh and Amy she at the same time

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