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story: The Nigerian Graduate - Final Episode 10



The Nigerian Graduate - Final Episode 10


I picked my phone and called Fiwa, she picked.

“I’ve missed you, girlfriend.” I said immediately she picked my call.

“Who’s that?” She asked harshly.

“Guess.” I replied jokingly. She disconnected the call immediately. I was surprised, I knew quite well that Fiwa could identify my voice in the means of people. Was it because I refused to talk to her for some months?

“Who was that?” Shina asked.

“Fiwa.” I replied.

“Do you still talk to that girl?!”

” I offended her same way I offended you, she warned me against keeping my past from you but I never listened. I didn’t tell her about my movement since I left Ado and haven’t call till this moment.”

“Ademi, not everyone you make friends with deserve you. Fiwa is not who you should associate yourself with” he warned.

“Excuse me! We’ve been together since primary school. She’s my best friend.”

“Ademi, she almost ruined us, she ruined Dominique and Bola.!”

“I don’t understand you”

“She told me about your fake lifestyle and that you were not the saint you portrayed yourself to be. That was why I was disappointed the first day I made love to you, she told me you had abortions and that was why you were not tight down there so I made love to you to be sure. She was the one who told Bola about us, she described my house to Dominique and gave them your address the day they came to your apartment to embarrass you.” He explained as I listened keenly.

“Ayomi, that is not possible, she is my friend. She didn’t support my past too.” I argued.

“Look here, Ade. She was not happy you met me, she was disappointed in how you could marry a good man despite your bad past. I had our WhatsApp chats here” he showed me their chats, all the negative things she told him about me. I was dumbfounded, Fiwa stabbed me in the back, I wept silently and vowed never to make close friends like Fiwa again. I shared everything with her, I never kept anything from her and she used them against me.

“You should have asked me” I wept silently.

“I thought they were all lies until Bola repeated it” he said.

“I searched everywhere for you, I was sad and was indoor for five days, I love you and want you to be my wife, I went to see my mum who advised I go after you since you love me. In her words,’she saw love in your eyes’.
She told me you will change and I’m happy Kolade confirmed it to me.”
Kolade was Kzee’s real name.

.”Are you guys related?”I asked.

“He is my stepbrother, my Father’s lovechild. We were in the states together but Dad told him to come back home because he was associating with the bad gang in Los Angeles. We’re so close since we grew up together.” He said.

“I always feel relaxed around him, I think it is for the kind of bond I share with his brother.” We laughed.

“When I got to your house, they told me you packed out, I went to meet Fiwa, she said you travelled to Abuja with a man, so I withdrew. I went back to the states and that was when Bola called me, she was set up by Fiwa, Fiwa introduced her and Dommy to some guys who after sleeping with them hypnotised them, they shaved their private parts and since then, she was growing lean everyday. She told her parents who took her for deliverance, even though she was delivered, she could not have a child of her own except miracle happened.
Dommy was presently in Ijare, her hometown . She told me she called to apologized and told me you are in Ilawe Ekiti. It was during this period Kolade used your group picture as his BBM display picture. I was shocked to see you but was happy he said you are a changed person and still single.he told me about your bad mood the day you saw my picture on his phone. My love, here I am for you, and don’t think this time, you are running away.” He narrated and hugged me. I love him, I knew fate brought us together. It was our destiny, I held him tight and sobbed silently. Fiwa betrayed me, I felt pity for Dommy and Amber Rose.

We got married and relocated to the States, my parents were happy that they could boast of me. My wedding was the talk of the town because it was attended by prolific figures and money was wasted. All hotels within and without Ado and Ilawe were filled to the brim. Our villagers especially Akin and his mother came to check if it was true I married a rich man.

Dear readers, we’re married for five months now and I’m looking up to God for the fruit of the womb…. Please pray for me. Fiwa still roams around Ado as no man is ready to marry a devil.


Riri is one of the few who are lucky to get out unhurt even though she learnt her lessons the hardest way…

Girls should say NO to Abortions. It is so rampant this days that we ladies are not afraid to go through the pains of abortions.

Say NO to prostitution. We don’t mind who climbed us all in the name of money and love. Amber Rose and her friends regretted diving into prostitution.

Say No to bad gangs. Some children were brought up in the godly way but the kind of people they associate with destroy their future

Parents should take care of their children well and always check on them as they are growing up especially those in the boarding school.

Parents should detest bad behaviors because children follow the footsteps of their parents.

Finally, Say NO to fake lifestyle. Be yourself and maintain yourself.

Thanks for your patience.
Hope you enjoyed the story,..


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