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story :The Nigerian Graduate - Episode 2



The Nigerian Graduate - Episode 2

“You stare a lot. Follow me to my car” he made to move and I follow closely behind.

I followed him to his Car and we opted in, believe me, I knew I had hit a jackpot!
This man was driving a G-wagon in this part of Nigeria. I started reminiscing and calculating those I was owing, my makeup kits, and all other expenses .

I was lost in my thought that I did not noticed this guy had been talking to me.
“Are you alright” he shook me vehemently.

“Yes, I am” I shifted confortably and concentrated.

“Have been asking what your name is since and u were just staring at me blankly”

“Oh! I’m sorry. My name is Riri”.

” Is that an Igbo name?”

“Shortened form of Aderinola”

“Oh! I am Shina, Shinaayomi” he added quickly.

“Where do you stay”


“My parents are based here in Ado but I’m based in lag even though I’m new in Nigeria”[/b] he explained calmly “I’ll be in town for some couple of months”

“Oh really” I said smiling.

“What are you doing in the bank” he asked

“Ehm…. Ehm… I actually came to withdraw” I stammered

“To withdraw? But you said you’re stranded” he said confusingly.
“Shina, it’s a long story. Two things brought me to the bank, to withdraw and search for work. My parents promised to send me some cash today.” I said soberly. That was one of the begging tactics I used on men.
“Eeya. Can I take you home” 

“Home?” It was still some minutes to two and I am not expected to be home yet at least as a banker. I was lost in thought thinking of an excuse.

“You don’t want me to know your house, Aderin” He asked looking dejected.

“Why not, I stay in Falegan” I said quickly as the thought of losing that handsome man crossed my mind.

Shinaayomi eventually took me home and gave me fifteen thousand naira with the promise to check on me the next day. It was my happiest day.

I could not enter my house before I rushed down to Fiwasaye’s shop, I stopped and paid Mama Sikira my debt and also Bello. Bello was the mei tea at my junction.I would buy tea, noodles and bread and package it inside either Captain cook, Take away or chicken republic nylon. Don’t ask me where I got them, I could be lucky to eat lunch there once in few months but to my neighbours, I eat there everyday! Fake life was the best to me! A lot of people accorded me with respect because I knew how best to”package” myself.

On getting to Fiwa’s shop, I greeted her and handed her the sum of five thousand naira.

“Corporate Ashawo, wetin b dis”
“Stop calling me that! You have customers now” I replied angrily.
“No one is listening”

“Does that matters, walls have ears”
“Where you c money”
“How much am I owing”
” 3,765″
“Who’s spending #5 in this period”
“You still have 1,235”
“Keep the change” I replied feeling fly
“Riri, who have you money”
“Iwa, you won’t believe I’ll be getting married soon” pardon me readers, In the “packaging” business, there is something you must know how to do well, it’s “lying”… I, Aderinola can sell the whole Nigeria with lies. I’ was born,bred and buttered in ” LIES”. My father could lie and my mother was always his witness so as we, the children.

“Who will marrying our Almighty corporate…”

“Shut it!”[/b] I shut her off

“Who is marrying our Riri” she asked rolling her eyes. She knew all my tactics, she was the torn in my flesh. She knew me better than my parents and she rolling her eyes meant one thing, She does not believe me.

I left Fiwa’s shop and took a bike to Chuks, my makeup customer at the market. I was owing him the total sum of #550 which I paid and bought my loose powder and some essentials.(if you will agree with me: as either a makeup artist, or a makeup lover,never take more than you’ve budgeted to a makeup shop/studio or else you end up spending more than you have? I got some foodstuffs and soup ingredients and when I got home that evening, I had less than #2000. I was nervous that I could not sleep all through the night expecting Shina’s cal which seems like a dream not coming true. I was home the next day after feigning sick to my neighbours.
I decided against calling Shina and the day ended without a call or visit from him.I was disappointed throughout the week not seeing Shina and after a whole week of mourning Shina, I chose to move on. 

I dusted my CV and my trekking shoes and went back to the street. I was working down the street of GRA one hot Thursday afternoon lost in my own thoughts when a red car stopped by,at first I paid less attention to the car and walked passed it until the driver horned, I stopped to look at the driver but it was a tinted glass, knocked repeatedly but no response. I tried peeping through the tinted glass but all I could see is a couple arguing so I moved on,the car followed so I decided to pick a bike home. I had to borrow money from Mama Sikira to pay the biker rider. It was some minutes to 7 when a call came in and the caller asked to me to come outside. I was so eager to know who it was so I went so immediately

I saw a familiar red car outside my compound, it was the red car I saw in the afternoon. I was confused ,paused and was trying to fathom whom it was. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard the car horn.I took grip of myself and went to where the car was parked. I knocked on the windscreen and it was wound down. Guess who?

It was my Princecharming!!! I screamed so loud that all my akproko neighbours rushed outside to see who it was. I felt embarrassed and entered into the car to avoid story that touched.



“Can I talk to you?”

“Where have you been? No calls, no chats, no messages”

“I’ve been through alot these past few weeks”

“Like what and what?”

“I’m going back to the states”


“My parents, they don’t love me” he screamed. I was disappointed, devasted. I was quiet and every time I tried opening my mouth to talk… It was so dry and silky.

“Aderin, can I sleep here this night?”

“You mean…. My…my room?” I stammered

“Yea… I need somewhere to rest my head and cool my mind.”

“Hotel… There are five stars hotels around, why my room?” I regretted those words almost immediately.

“Are you trying to drive me away?” He asked disappointed.

“Why should I, Shina? I mean a man of your caliber and status…(I paused)… Moreso,we met once, we’re friends and… and… I don’t know your intentions” I looked up seeing Shina beaming with smiles.I felt foolish.

“So you have a dirty mind?” He asked laughing out so hard.

“Was it so funny?”

“Oh I’m sorry. I know all hotels around here but I just want someone to talk to. I need someone to lend me some listening ears. You fits into my demands, Riri. You are such an amazing woman.”
He poured out. I was quiet for a period of time because My room was a bit absorb. My unwashed pants were lying in my bed.

“Let us go inside” I opted out immediately and he locked his car and followed almost immediately. I was looking for the perfect lie concerning my unwashed p@anties but found none. As we got into my compounds, all my neighbours, I mean all my neighbours, my neighbours’ neighbours, my neighbours’ children,boyfriends,girlfriends and street members were hanging around all staring at my Princecharming. To be truthful,Shina smelt of riches, even though he was dressed in a joggers n tees, he was a head turner.
My head was so swollen that I could not help feeling on top of the world. I looked back and discovered everyone was greeting him,even some were trying to form familiarity. I took it as an opportunity to rushed into my room,I cleared my room and rushed out to pick Shina. On getting outside, what and who I saw shocked me.

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