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story : KUSI - Episode 6


KUSI (A pidgin story)- (Bold)

KUSI - Episode 6

©Amah's Heart.

“...I Kusimala Issac do take you Immaculate Johnson as my lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, in richer and in poor, sickness and in health till death do we part…
“You may now kiss the bride…
As I hear my name for the second time na so I come wake up.
aah…so na dream I dey since, come do wedding finish with Imma, na when I wan kiss her, person come dey shout my name come wake me from my fine sleep.
I suspect the way English they flow from my mouth as if I don they speak English since my mama born me, I know say na only for dream I fit speak that kind better English.
Why e come be say na when I wan kiss my bride person come wake me up, who come be that sef? which kind of wahala be this, who be that person sef wey just they shout my name?
today wey be Saturday I know wan rush go shop, my boys for shop go take care of things.
I wan rest small today, I even tell my mama say I wan rest today. I know say that voice no be my mama, my mama dey her own shop, all my siblings them no dey house na only me dey house and my small car wey I take they manage park for outside.
I buy the car from one of my customer hand, na small money him take sellam for me, the car get small engine problem I come repair everything for the car come dey use am.
Maybe na the car the person see come know say I dey house. and na woman voice be that.
as the person still dey shout my name, I come stand up come go open my window curtain small to check who the person be, e come be say na Yeti, one of those my female friends.
this one just they enter me pass other once, she no wan allow me breath.
last time she complain say she no get money to buy school hand-out, say the money wey her parents give her she spend the money for something else now she no fit go meet them to give her another one, so as she beg me i come carry the money give her, she happy. after that time, she start to they come my house every time.
I don give her money pass five times. no be say I be mumu I just wan help her, and she no be my girlfriend but she go dey enter me as if I be her boyfriend.
the girl make sense but I no want. she no be my dream girl and her house no far from where we dey live.
this one wey Yeti dey shout my name like this make e no be say she wan ask for another money because me I no get, I get plenty responsibility make she no carry her own come join for my own.
i come wear cloth go outside, as I reach outside, she come dey smil for me. I just manage smile small.
“kusi…hafa na? I know say you dey house because I see your car park for compound as I open una gate. i don dey call you since I no say you dey sleep…you no dey go shop today…abi you wan rest today…
“I go still go later…make I rest small first. body no be firewood.
she come dey laugh. she moved closer to me.
“hahahaha… you funny Kusi. fine boy wey no get pimple. wetin dey na?…I say make I come see you so you go do weekend for me. my body need money…I never even make my weekend hair. if you are free this weekend make we just hangout na…house dey boring. I wan make you flex me this weekend…make we grove small. all work no play make Kusi a dull boy. as your girlfriend wey I be make you take me out make i go enjoy…
that her tak tire me as i stand. she come hold my shoulder dey smile as she dey talk. na like this she dey take collect money for my hand but na today i go end this. she think say i be maga.
“hmmm…abeg Yeti, make I understand the kind girlfriend wey you dey reason because I dey confuse. I never toast you na…allow me to ask you out first before you start to they claim me as your boyfriend. hahahaha! No take am personal.. na joke we dey so o. anyhow sha…I no get money. if work tire me..i go just rest my body for house, I no need grooving. grooving sef na work… and if you get person wey fit do weekend for two of us abeg make I know because me sef they find that kind friend. I never cut my weekend hair too…I need money Yeti…so how e go be na?…
i take style like that tell her wetin dey my mind.
she come frown her face come talk.
“aah ah…Kusi…you don dey stingy now, you don dey change small small… no come fall my hand because I don take you get hope for this weekend. do make we hangout. you know say I like you Kusi, you know that right? I know that some men no sabi toast woman…they go dey shy. I know say you dey shy to ask me out because I don dey give you green light tey tey and you still never talk say you like me or you want me…is not good o. no be every girl get the kind boldness wey I get to they tell man say they like him. you suppose know that one. I no go lie sha… I get boyfriend for school but him no dey bring light I wan leavam because of you, I no dey like make person dey dull my spirit. no be I love you go pay my bills. that my boyfriend wey go soon be my ex dey always tell me say him love me, I don tire to dey hear that one. na you I wan but you just they do me any how…I ready to do anything wey you wan…anything Kusi. I like you well well… and I like as you dey always give me money anytime wey I ask you…no be because of the money wey you dey give make me like you. I just like your person, you be better person and your type dey rare. no be every man go dey give me money as you dey give me and no go wan see the colour of my pant, but you no be like that. no be say if you ask to see the colour I no go gree show…I go show you well and even give any style you want because I like you. as I dey bold they tell you all this things I never tell man this kind thing before for my life. I don tire to they wait make you tell me say you want me you no talk, that was why I commot shame for eye, come say make I tell you since you no gree talk. I no say you no get girlfriend… all those other girls wey dey come around you I know say na normal friends dem be, so make I be your correct babe. I know say you like me…but the thing dey hard you talk. I understand sha…no wahala…show me say you be man…
this Yeti na winch she be. she dey find who she go put for trouble with all this her sweet talk. no be me she go send go hell fire. the girl never know who i be.
“Yety…slow down small. i be correct man and I don’t need to prove that to you or anybody. no leave your boyfriend because of me…abeg. if I want you to be my girlfriend I for don toast you tey tey. I like as we be normal friends, I also like your courage. no be everybody get that kind mind to dey talk as you just dey talk now. but the problem here be say get girlfriend Yety. she dey school that is why you never see her. we dey always talk for phone every time…and I no wan dey double date because I love and respect my woman and I no wan dey do anyhow. hope you understand? na correct babe you be…if no be say I don already get girlfriend I for don chyke you finish. we for don dey even plan our marriage sef…hahaha. but I get person already. wahala no dey…if you need something and I get the thing I go surely help you. I no be stingy guy, you sef know that one. .no vex…hope say you understand me? go back to your boyfriend, no reason my side because I’m already taken, my girlfriend no dey like use eye see another woman for my side. atleast you fit come once in a while no be every time because she fit dey around any moment from now…
As she come dey squeeze face for me, she don already dey vex. I come carry the small money wey dey my wallet givam, she collect the money but her face still squeeze, the girl no get joy at all.
she no even tell me thank you, she just waka comot for gate. abeg make she go and leave me alone, maybe she don dey think say I be money making machine.
e better make she just know now say i no be mumu and i no fit be her boyfriend, to avoid stories wey dey touche for heart.
I get better thing wey dey my head no be Yety be my problem. I no even get girlfriend but I just lie give her so that she go fit leave me alone.
Because I no get girlfriend no mean say I no be man, because I dey give her money anytime she ask no mean say I no sabi wetin I wan use the money do. because I never take advantage of her closeness come carry her enter bed no mean say I dey impotent. I get full action and hot blood still dey flow inside me but I no dey stupid and I no be mumu.
the suffer wey i don suffer for this life made me wiser. if i still be mumu after all that plenty suffer, it means say i no go everly get sense again.
some men like us still dey, we dey exist, we they like think better thing no be things wey no get head.
Imma later come back for holiday, e remain small she go finish for school, she don dey round up, na her third third year she dey now for school. she come house come visit us, me and she come drive go my shop that day,
“I really missed you Kusi. you are doing so well for yourself…look at your big shop. wow! that is so good of you. so tell me...do you have any girlfriend yet? i will like to meet her if there’s any. you know you are like my younger brother, at least I’m older than you with a year or two…so I will really like to know everything I have missed while in school…gist me I’m all ears...
As Imma ask me about my girlfriend, come still add say I be her younger brother na so I just weak.. i no just know what to reply again. the question weak me. she be the only one my heart dey beat for. na she matter pass for my life. and I even see her for dream where we do wedding. I get courage before to tell her my mind but as she sit for my front dey smile after she don talk say I be her younger brother because she senior me small for age, na so I come lose focus and the whole courage wey i get before come disappear. maybe make I just swallow wetin dey my mind, make I no go hang cloth were my hand no go reach. maybe Imma don get boyfriend for school.
anytime i gather courage i go tell her wetin I dey feel for her, e better make I talkam out as it take dey my heart. she go still matter to me even if she get boyfriend. but e go pain me, I no go lie.
age no be anything for my side, I no care if na me senior her or she senior me for age all that matters for me now be say my heart dey beat for her every time.
“I no get any girlfriend Imma. no be because I no get woman friend or better ladies around but…na because...! Imma…i…I no fit talkam. make we just talk about something else abeg…you no go understand. so how’s school?…
Imma no gree talk another thing. she come dey force me to talk wetin dey my mind.
“Say it. I will understand Kusi… don’t change the topic. I want to know… you said is because of what? I want to hear it please. don’t swallow your word back…say it no matter how hard it is…please…
Fear hold me I no fit talk again. why she go talk say she senior me and i be her younger brother. she killed my moral.
how she wan make I put mouth tell her say na she I want. the way she dey encourage me to talk e come be as if she don already know wetin dey my mind but she just want hear the word for my mouth.
abi make I still talk or make I just leave the matter because I never know how she go feel if I tell her how I feel for her.
abeg make I still talk?
this one pass me... If Imma come get person or she no want me wetin i go come do?
i no wan go meet Yety.
Yety na fine girl she be but she no follow for my type of woman, abi make i give her a try but na Imma i wan.
abeg wetin una reason for this kind matter?

To face my fear I go try to be a real man, because even courage no dey enough for this kind time.


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