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story : KUSI - Episode 5


KUSI (A pidgin story)

KUSI - Episode 5

©Amah's Heart. 

Imma papa and mama dey call her through my mama phone every time. they even dey beg her make she allow them come see her or make she return back but she no gree, she tell them time never reach for them to see her, make they just wait when time reach she go come house or she go invite them come for where shey they live.
Imma tell them say she be prodigal child and she no wan shame them with her condition but her parents say they love her as she be and she go always be their lovely daughter. they tell her make she no worry about the mistake wey she make, wetin give them joy be say she dey alive and healthy. her papa tell her say after she born finish she go will back to school.
they say they thank God well well as God send me to go save her, they even dey call me angel. her parents talk say i be Imma’s guiding angel.
I come dey laugh for my mind, that means i fit change my name to angel Kusi, I be person wey God send to go save Imma.
laugh catch me as I just reason the whole matter, me wey they look for angel that day wey go help me recover the money wey I lose but I no see. anyway, I just thank God because nobody sabi wetin they God mind, na him know wetin go happen even before the thing happen.
Imma parents thanked me and my mama well well after Imma tell them say if no be us she for don die. so they thanked us and even they always pray for us for phone anytime they call.
They come later they send plenty money for Imma account make she they take care of herself, sometime sef they go send plenty money for my mama too, na so things come they easy for us pass before.
Imma time to born her pikin come they reach, na so my mama come dey pray, she come enter praying and fasting for Imma. she just dey pray make God help Imma to born well. Imma parents too they pray for their side as their daughter wan born, me sef I follow they pray make God help her make she born like women for Hebrew as bible take talk.
God talk say women for Hebrew go born well and their pikin go they healthy and them too go they fine, everything go easy for them , na so I come use that one as a prayer point they fire prayer for Imma head.
My mama come later send address for Imma papa and mama make them come.
na so they come drive come, na long journey from their side to our side, but they come before Imma go enter delivery room,
her parents fine well well and they be nice people.
one of Imma brother follow them come, that one tall like his papa.
Imma mama come hug my own mama, her papa wey be pastor come give me a warm handshake, even their son shake my hand too. they come still they thank all of us how we manage they take care of their daughter,
As all of us come go the hospital where Imma dey, she don already enter delivery room.
As she enter the room to born, all of us come dey corridor they wait. Imma papa just they pray silent prayer wey person no dey hear. Imma mama come dey waka up and down for the corridor, na so everybody just they worry and they pray.
we just they hear when doctor dey tell Imma make she push, she just they cry they scream, I come they beg God to help Imma to born like the Hebrew women for bible, but later doctor come out come talk say Imma no get strength to push pikin out say they go do her cs. i ask my mama wetin be cs, my mama talk say na operation. they go open her belle with knife come bring the pikin out.
na so fear catch me, e no dey easy to born pikin o.
nawa o, how they go cut her belle to bring out pikin come still carry needle and thread sew the thing back, abi they wan kill Imma?
aah! nawa o... e no dey easy at all to be a woman, after you don suffer carry pikin like truck for nine months another wahala go come again when you wan born. God bless every woman oo because to carry belle come born no easy at all.
I just they pray as doctor them they plan to do her operation, as they wan carry her go where they go do her the cs, na so she come say make she try to push again, as she talk say make she try one more time na so she come push out the pikin.
we come they hear the baby cry for the corridor, everybody they happy, doctor come out they smile better smile.
Imma born baby girl and she they alright and her baby too they alright. I just thank God say they no do her the operation again. she born by herself, na so e suppose be.
After some days they come discharge Imma, before that time, I they always go hospital go see her and her baby, her baby fine well well, Imma just they smile, as she don become mother. she go just look her baby they happy, me too happy because na God win.
When they come discharge them her parents come carry Imma go their house,
After two month, pastor and his wife drive come down to our house, they come talk say make we follow them they wan show us something.
they say dey get big surprise for us, and it was a big surprise wey I no even expect for my life. the thing be me like dream, they carry us for car to one new fine house wey get everything inside. they carry the house key give my mama say na our new home be that.
if you see this house wey I dey tell you ee, e be like all this people wey they act firm house. the house fine no be small. my mama shock me sef shock, everybody just they shock.
I come they talk for my mind make e no be say na play this people they play give us, but at the end, I come see say no be play na real something.
as if that one no do, they come still talk say their ministry go give one of my sister and one of my brother scholarship, all their school expenses till they finish university the ministry go pay for everything.
Imma come later go back to school after she do her daughter one year birthday finish. Imma mama no dey take her grand daughter play, even the pastor love his grand daughter wey carry his last name.
They come ask me wetin I wan do, if na school I wan go they are ready to sponsor me. I tell them say I no wan go school I wan do business, na so they come support me for the business wey I wan do.
Na them God use help our life. things come turn around for us, my mama come get shop, she continue her business,
Me I come change line of sells, come enter into the main business to they sell motor parts.
Na there I come they pay school fees for my brother and sister them wey no follow for the scholarship. I come they pay their school fees from the money I get from my business. we no dey lack like before because I make sure say I put better eye for my business and profit they inside the thing.
plenty people come sabi me for the business, I come later get two sales boys.
You see this life, is good to be good. Imma dey always call me for phone, I dey always advice her make she dey focus for her book, make she no go follow man again. she go laugh come talk for English
“kusi you need not worry about that…once beaten twice shy. I’m wiser now all thanks to you. I can’t stop thanking God for using you to save me, I like you. I like everything about you. your realness, your personality, your strength, your hustling spirit, your love for humanity, your kind heart...everything. thank you…and thank you again. You are God sent to me.
I go come they smile as she they talk all those fine thing for phone. my head go they swear like puff puff.
anytime I see her call I go they happy, I they always call her too.
na she God use change our story, na she be God sent to us or maybe we be God sent to ourselves. as God take use me for her na so God use her parents take change out story.
I happy as I remember the day I go that bridge come save her life.
oyibo talk say “been in the right place at the right time”.
My brother and sister them don enter university, the church they sponsor two while me and my mama they pay for the remaining two school fees.
Life don dey make sense, and very soon I go settle down, get my own family.
I get friends, female friends too, some they come house come visit some they come shop, some don school finish. no be say I get anything with them but they just like me.
but e get one person wey I like pass, wey dey always dey my mind, I know even know how to tell her say she mean plenty thing to me, na she matter pass, but make I no cross my boundary, make I still focus for my business and family.
Over happiness they worry me as God don dey butter my bread, they sugar my tea.
I know say life go better pass as e be now.

i be man wey get faith.


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