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story : KUSI - Episode 1


KUSI (A pidgin story)

KUSI - Episode 1

©Amah's Heart.

My name na Kusimala Isaac but people dey call me Kusi. My papa die when I be fourteen years after his death I commot for school come face business.
I want to do business so that I fit they support my mama.
My mama na common trader, the money wey she dey make for a day no dey reach anywhere. I get two brothers and two sisters wey dey go school.
My mama no go fit take care of all of us. All of us for that house sabi chop food well well. We dey finish one bow of eba if we sit down to chop. I come dey wonder maybe this talk wey people dey talk say na poor man children dey chop pass people wey get money.
That talk fit be true because I no understand the way we take they consume food or it fit be say because no be every time we dey see food chop. If money no dey we no go chop belleful but if my mam sell well for her market we go chop until we resemble woman wey get belle.
I don see say my mama no go fit carry the burden alone. Even though my brothers and sisters they go public school but they still dey pay small small fees. They go buy books, school bags and uniform. Everything na money and is too much for only my mama to carter.
I drop out of school come join my mama they do business. Since my papa no dey I go make sure I hustle hard to make my mama happy. I no dey like make she dey remember say her husband die leavam with plenty children. No, I no wan make my mama dey vex or make she dey worry over my papa. I want to make sure say she go dey always see reason to dey smile.
If I see her dey smile the thing dey give me joy. Na so me too go dey smile like mumu or like i win jackpot.
Every day I go arrange my groundnut inside tray, I don already know how much I go make for a tray of groundnut. I go carry the tray filled with groundnut enter market.
If market good, before 1pm I don sell finish, run go back house go carry another groundnut.
I no send anybody if I dey sell my market. Wetin dey my mind na how to sell finish and make plenty money for my mama.
Shame no dey catch me if I see my follow schoolmate wey dey go school. Dey go dey laugh me dey talk rubbish for mouth but I no dey worry for their talk.
Na man I be even though I never get bear bear. Nothing concern me with wetin people dey talk. Na their mouth, if dey tire to dey talk, dey go keep quiet. I no come life to look person face.
Na my family I carry for mind if I dey hustle for sun or rain. Life no easy, I know but I no go because say life no easy come go kill myself. I go makam for this life, na that one be my prayer everyday.
I be man wey get sense, even though my age never too big but I dey reason like old man wey don reach eighty years.
As the small hawking business wey I dey do dey grow, my mama dey happy. She even talk say I get better luck for business. I no dey make plenty money but I dey consistent.
One day as I enter market. My mama don already tell me make I try sell all my market so that she go add the money with her to go use buy more market for sell.
That day, I come enter market and within few hours I don almost sell finish.
Na one youth corper buy the last groundnut for my hand. As she buy the ground nut finish she come give me big money. as I wan find change for her, the corper come say make I no worry for change. Make I take the money.
“heyyy…aunty…aaah. Aunty na God go bless. Thank you oo.
Na so I take greet that corper. I happy well well. I dey save money wey people dey dash me. if I give my mama her own money I go save the one wey people dash me so that I go use am pay for small space for the main market were I fit stay dey sell my market.
I tell you say I dey reason like old man. But sometime as I dey save the money na so my brothers wey wan buy book or sandals go come meet me and I go give them some of the money to go buy the thing wey dey wan buy. I no dey like make dem dey worry my mama every time for money.
As I no go school, I wan make all of them go school and become better person for this life.
After the corper go, I come carry my empty tray they go house. I want rush go house go give my mama the money wey I don sell so that she fit add go market.
As I dey waka dey go na so one strong better food smell enter my nose.
I come trace the correct aroma come see say na one big restaurant dey around for there.
I stand, na so i carry my nose they chop the food. The aroma strong. I no even know if I should go front or back.
Na so I come dey reason maybe I should just enter inside the restaurant chop only once comot, I no go near the restaurant again. But I come reason the money wey dey my pocket.
My only gain for the market wey I sell na only two hundred naira. I no fit touch my mama money.
I confuse as I stand they reason my life. If I comot the two hundred naira chop e go mean say I no go fit save the money.
I come dey swallow spit, as the matter tire me I come take another step close to the restaurant.
One mind say make I go use my two hundred chop another mind talk say make I dey go house.
As I move close I come see plenty people dey chop for their.
I enter inside come use my eyes they look all the plate of food. I see one better ogbono soup wey go havard. The soup set dye.
I swallow another spit. One mind still dey tell me make I dey go house and another dey tell me make I sit down chop better.
I know even know wetin I go do now because na mind battle I dey so but my eyes still dey look that correct ogbono soup wey one man dey chop for the restaurant.
Wetin I fit do now?

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