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KUSI (A pidgin story)


©Amah's Heart.

For those who were able to read and understand the Kusi pidgin story, you all are amazing, and I appreciate all your supports.
Speaking pidgin can be very easy compare to reading and writing it, so I totally understand those who couldn’t read the story.
And for those who are not from Nigeria and those who were not able to follow up, thank you all for your patient.
I said I was going to translate after the story and here is it in brief.
There was a young boy who lived with his mother and four siblings. his name was Kusimala Isaac, but he likes to be addressed as Kusi.
he was just fourteen years when his father died, after the death of his father he vow to support his mum so that the burden of catering for the whole family will be easy on her.
Kusi quit school and started hawking groundnuts at first but later discovered that people buy fruits more than groundnut and so he switched and started selling fruits.
Kusi had brothers and sister who goes to school, Kusi worked hard with his mum to make sure their school fees are paid and there was food in the house.
there was a big restaurant in the outskirt of market where Kusi hawked his wares, the aroma of the food got to him one day as he was going home so he decided to check it out.
after eating he found out the food was far expensive than he expected and wasn’t as delicious like he has assumed. he vow never to go back there again because he had to replaced the money he spent from his little saving and he also know that his mum will not be happy if she finds out he spend so much money just on a plate of ogbono soup and fufu.
he stood strong and refused to go back to the restaurant even on the following day when the aroma got to him again. More stronger than the previous day.
he worked so hard that day and made a lot of money. as he was selling he was stuffing all the money into his cloth pocket which he didn’t know has a tear.
when he was done for the day, Kusi was so happy and decided to count all the money he has made but was shock when he found out that all the money he made for that day was all gone.
he searched the market but did not see the money.
sadly he decide to delay a little before going home to face his mother. he walked to a pedestrian bridge and sat down there to think about what he was going to tell the mother.
While at the bridge, he saw a young lady who was crying but Kusi had a problem of his own and didn’t pay attention to the young lady.
as night approached and he wanted to start going home, that was when he noticed that the young girl was trying to jump down from the bridge.
she was trying to commit suicide. Kusi rushed and saved her before she could jump to her death. he later took the young girl home to his mother. he narrated everything to his mother who was happy that Kusi was able to save the girl from killing herself.
his mum told him to forget about the missing money after kusi explained to her. she told him not to worry that her joy was that he was able to save the stranger's life.
They later found out that the girl was an only daughter of a pastor, who owns a big church. she was sent to school to study biologist but ended up pregnant and the boy that got her pregnant denied her.
she first lied to Kusi and his mum that her name was Emy, but her real name was Immaculate Johnson and she was twenty years. she wanted to commit suicide because of the shame she will bring to her parents if they found out that she was pregnant.
Imma wanted to end her life just because she felt she was a disappointment to her family who believed so much in her and her father’s entire congregation. Kusi and his mother encourage her and started taking care of her.
Imma as she was fondly called by Kusi lost all means of reaching her people, so she was stuck with Kusi’s family. as the month goes by people started referring to her as Kusi’s wife because they thought Kusi was responsible for her pregnancy. Kusi accepted being called her husband, and Imma was happy as she saw the way Kusi cared for her, and not just her, his entire family.
she fell in love with Kusi without him knowing. Kusi also likes her and buys her things but never knew that Imma was in love with him.
Imma was shy and also because she was older than Kusi with two years, she couldn’t come out straight to express her full felling for Kusi.
Kusi later got the information from one of her customer how to contact Imma’s family. her people where looking for her, and even put her picture and information up on televisions and social media. Kusi didn’t tell anybody about Imma, he also found out Imma lied about her name.
he confronted her and she explained to him why she did that, she said that her name “Immaculate” means purity, it means perfection and she wasn’t perfect in anyway. she has being defied and felt unworthy of the name, after explaining to Kusi she started crying and he consoled her and still encouraged her. he also asked her to call her people which she refused, Kusi mother urged her to call her people with the contact that Kusi got.
but Imma didn’t want to call her people, her reasons being that her family will take her away if they found out where she was and she felt felt at home under Kusi and his mothers care.
she didn’t want to go back to her house. she wanted to be close to Kusi.
Imma eventually called her people who were so happy to hear from her and begged her to come home that they still love her just as she is,but she told them not to come looking for her she will let them know the right time to come and they agreed.
Kusi's mother registered Immaculate in a hospital close to where they live, where she goes for check up.
after nine months she went into labour and her parents where informed and drove down to see her.
Imma gave birth to a baby girl after a long complication. everyone was happy, she went back home with her parents.
After sometime Imma’s parents gave Kusi and his mother a big surprised. they wanted to say thank you in a big way to them for caring for their only daughter. they gave Kusi and his family a new fine house, also gave Kusi’s two siblings a scholarship to university level, they open a big workshop for Kusi where he started dealing with motor parts after he told them his interest in business. his mum also got a shop for herself.
That was how Kusi and his family’s life changed for good. Imma went back to school after weaning her daughter.
Kusi had female friends but he was not interested in any of them, there was a particular one name Yety who Kusi do give money whenever she asked but had nothing with her. she tried to get into a relationship with Kusi but he told her he was not interested and that he had a girlfriend which was actually a lie.
That was how he dismissed the Yety girl.
Kusi was already in love with Imma and sometime dream about her.
he wish Imma will accept him as her boyfriend but he kept everything cool.
Kusi and Imma do speak over the phone but none of them had the courage to tell the other how they felt.
Imma was in love with Kusi but was shy to tell him how she feel, same with Kusi.
As the years goes by Imma was about rounding up from school she came back and visited Kusi, she indirectly asked Kusi about his girlfriend, she even called him her younger brother because she was older and Kusi who was planning on wooing her couldn’t proceed again he loosed courage, what he didn’t know is that Imma just wanted to see his reaction and to know if he has a girlfriend which she silently prayed that Kusi doesn’t.
Imma wanted to know how kusi felt about her, she also hoped that Kusi will asked her out one day and when Kusi summoned courage and tell her how he actually felt, she was so happy and hugged him. she also told him about the feeling she has stored up for long.
Kusi was so happy as Imma agreed to date him. Imma took him to the father, who made her promise she will bring any man she plane to go into a relationship with so that the father can ascertain if the man is good or not. he did not want his only daughter to make another mistake.
so Kusi went with her to see the father and the man was happy that his daughter was in love with the man who saved her from committing suicide years back.
they called Kusi Imma’s guiding angel, because they were praying for their daughter that period and God used a young man like Kusi to rescue her and save her life.
Imma’s father who was also a pastor spoke to Kusi and Imma about indulging in premarital sex, he quote bible verses and told them not to sin against their body which was God’s temple.
after the long advice which Kusi even got tired off, they gathered like one family at the dining table and feast on the meal that Imma’s mother prepared with the help of her cooks.
Imma later went back to school and rounded up her studies. when she returned back Kusi proposed to her in his shop but forgot that he was suppose to get a ring for her, his sales boys in the shop made a fake ring from a car wire which Kusi used for his wife to be.
Imma who was having the best moment of her life from the drama Kusi and was preforming did not mind the fake ring. Kusi later drove down to a jewelry shop and got Imma an engagement ring.
They later got married and Imma’s daughter was their little flower girl. Imma’s father walked her down the aisle and handed her over to Kusi.
Kusi shed few tears as he watched the whole thing unfold before him. his brother was his best man. Kusi stood with Imma as they exchange marital vows.
Kusi married Imma the love of his life, age and educational status was not a barrier to them.
Kusi was a pure pidgin boy and Imma was the English lady. they refused to look at their flows instead they became comfortable with their selves and accepted each other.
And Kusi just wanted people to know that is good to be good and one good turn deserves another which was a pure example of his transformation.
this is majorly what the story was about.


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