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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 19


I want a home- Episode 19

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

He looked carefully around the garden and the few men standing around the drug lord and their position, he moved backwards and walked out from the garden immediately.
He went directly towards one of his handy man and made strange signals to him and some of the men he had already spoke to, against bringing down Lord Nathaniel even though some of them never agreed to his plans.
The first man he walked to, whispered and made a signal to him, appropriately saying No but Sunny wouldn’t have it or listen, he suddenly became furious and he totally lost it.
He couldn’t control himself and brought out a revolver instantly, he rushed back to the garden immediately and fired.

Few minutes ago.
Vladimir held unto Margot neck against the car and tightened his grip on her, he noticed she was trying to breath and with all her strength to resist his grip without putting up a fight with him but he still held on tightly.
She wanted to speak but its seems Vladimir doesn’t want to listen and the grip continued longer than expected. He was going to strangled her to death for coming or maybe trying to stop him from his plans on attacking Nathaniel. He thought.
Margot men held their guns tightly but none of them dared raised it to stop Vladimir from trying to strangled their boss out of fear of what might be done to them especially when Vladimir has totally became tyrant two days ago and everyone of them including his own men now feared him more than ever. They all came down from the jeep with shock as they silently watched if Vladimir will strangled their boss to death.
Margot raised her left hand to stop him when he seemed not to stop anytime soon. He had already taken her right hand firmly with his left arm against the car door and even prevented her two legs from making any movement with his legs. He was too strong for Margot to handle and the fast grip on her neck worsened it the more. Soon, she began to try move her legs apart and her tongue already coming out from her mouth as her men took different looks at each other, confused and doesn’t know what to do.
Stone, who was seated at the jeep Vladimir came down from quickly rushed out from the jeep when he saw his boss reaction. He ran towards them and called out his boss name with respect before Vladimir finally released Margot who immediately fell against the door and two of her men rushed forward before she could fell down totally with fear as she gasp for breath heavily.
“Boss, we can’t waste more time here. I think its best we just do this another time” Stone spoke up after he finally released his grip on Margot neck and moved backwards for her men.

“Why can’t we Stone? My soul will not rest tonight if I don’t kill Nathaniel with my bare hands” Vladimir uttered and began to walk back to the jeep he was seated previously.
“Boss, there are other security measures we still need to take care of before we can proceed, and our men cannot proceed to enter into the building without a good plan for their safety” Stone spoke as he began to follow him towards the same jeep.
“There is no security measures to take again Stone, just relay my message to our men. Tell them to wait for my arrival before entering the building, Nathaniel may look old and weak but he’s stronger than he looks and any wrong move could leads to trouble”
“But boss, that could be…”
“No but Stone, Nathaniel and I was trained together by the same drug lord and no one knows his skill and basic techniques like I do. Just relay my message now and tell them to wait for my arrival before they enter into the building” Vladimir ordered as Stone obeyed hurriedly and probably think its best not to argue with the drug lord decision, knowing fully what he could do, he picked up his mouthpiece.
Lord Nathaniel turned back immediately he sensed a sharp swiftness and loud sound behind him, he saw Sunny holding a gun as he made a fast movement and stand up almost instantly.

In less than 6 seconds, Sunny fired a bullet and all the men around Lord Nathaniel rushed like a mad bull forward when more gunshots followed.
Sunny rushed quickly ahead the drug lord and fired more shots at the same direction he fired as they all took cover, including lord Nathaniel who had jump and dodge behind the bar hurriedly.
Vladimir’s men also took cover quickly as the last two shots sunny fired got three of the men down at once.
In less than 45 seconds more, there were sounds of gunshots from different angles as Vladimir’s men troop into the building and more of lord Nathaniel’s men began to rush towards the garden to protect the drug lord.

Steve stands up from the bed and walked back towards the window where he stood earlier, he pocketed both hands and stared at the window, looking at the glimpse of the city and the lights far ahead his zone.
He hadn’t become weak, in fact, he has become more stronger unlike Joel and everyone else especially Sunny thought. He only needed peace, he only wanted a rest of mind and a home he planned on having with Vivian whom different circumstances keep arising to keep them off.
Joel finally stopped what he was doing on the same laptop Steve was working on earlier, he took a look at Steve and stands up from the chair.
“We’ll have to contact the detectives back” he announced and crossed his hands as Steve turned to him instantly from the window.
“We !!” Steve emphasized.
“Steve I think its time to end this whole drug of a thing, you and I both know the real source and its time we eliminate the key source of the illicit business, its time to cleanse this drenched Nation and that can be done only by the detectives”
“Joel I think you are still missing the point here, I already told you I’m retired from all of this and I’m not doing this anymore. What I want is a Home, I want a home, I want a happy home with my children and my grand children and that of my great grand children with a woman I fell in love with, must I repeat myself a hundredth time? I said I’m done”.. Steve shouted with a face.
“Oh this doesn’t cause for noise Steve Jones, I do not care about whatever it is that you want for yourself but I do know that we are calling on the detectives and we are both going to help them end this drug issues even ahead what we know” Joel said interrupting and countered him immediately as Steve finally turned totally to face him.
“Joel I’m out of this, I’m not doing this anymore”
“of course you will Steve, remember you have an unfished task with lord Nathaniel and you are going to do this either you like or not” Joel announced with a chuckle.
MetLife Company, New York city.
“I’ve gotten access into the building” Cheng, one of the Chinese hacker announced through the tiny communication device carefully hidden and placed on his ear as he continued to walk confidently forward, he was suited and his hair was perfectly curled backwards with an identity card attached on his chest.
“Good, which of the floors are you?” he heard Weng asked through the same communication piece immediately.
“I’m just at the first floor” he answered him and began to move away quickly from the entrance he just swiped through a card.
“Good. Remember the building has 60 floors and the server room we are heading is on the 36th floor, their security system is top-notch and its impossible to breach but things are quite different at the maintenance entrance and we could easily get to the roof from the maintenance which the only way to get into their server room is through the roof you must head to immediately” Weng announced.
“Weng do you really have to repeat this the hundredth time? I could get caught with this whole lots of distraction you know..”
“I wasn’t talking to you Cheng, have you forgotten we have some of our men disguise as their staffs? Don’t we need to give them strict instructions?”
“Oh common Weng, will you please disconnect my connection with them? You know I hate noise and distraction” Cheng whispered as he approached one of the security officers at the second security check-up.

“No problem, just do a good job” He heard Weng voice and smiled as he reached the security officer, trying to prevent him from seeing his moving lips.
“Hey Michael !!” the security officer greeted him.
Vladimir rushed out from cover the second time and began to shoot with the third gun he brought out. He’s main focus was fixed on lord Nathaniel but he couldn’t have a clear shots due to lord Nathaniel’s men who was thriving to protect him with their lives.
Soon, the whole garden became a dead ground for both drug lords men and as Vladimir men trooped inside, lord Nathaniel’s men ran ahead the more with heavy loaded sophisticated weapons until sunny noticed something.
He managed to shoot back ahead lord Nathaniel who took cover behind him and swing left and right before more than 15 of their men surrounded the drug lord and they began to gradually make their stand than Vladimir’s men.
Vladimir took brief look backwards and peeped just immediately two bullets went through his mere face almost luckily he escaped been hit by the heavy bullet.
Sunny re-cocked the long gun he used immediately Vladimir peeped back and began to move backwards with lord Nathaniel and the men surrounding him.
“Stone I need you to trigger the bombs now, neither I or the rest of the men can move from here with their sophisticated weapons” Vladimir ordered through his communicating device immediately behind the cover he took along some of the men with him as the loud gunshots became heavier and louder.
“Boss, the rest of the men are already entering through the main entrance, I think its best if we wait and let them get in successfully before I trigger it”
“Listen and do what I order you Stone, I can’t wait any longer or we are going to lose it if this should continue” Vladimir shouted.
Stone made a big sigh in frustration in the jeep he was still seated. Three men were inside the jeep with him and Margot who was seated inside the two jeep earlier was still there with few of her men.

This isn’t right, our men will all end up dead if this should continue. Stone thought immediately he temporarily end the connection with him and Vladimir as his hands work on the laptop.
“Stone, we can’t do this. Our men will all die if we allow Boss do this without appropriate measures” One of them said loud in the jeep and they all turned to Stone whose fingers were on the laptop.
“And what do you want me to do if that’s what the boss wants?” Stone asked them without stopping what he was doing until one of them mentioned Margot name.
“I think I have an idea” Stone said and suddenly stopped who was talking among them.
“The boss is not in his right state of mind due to his anger now and it will cause more damages if we don’t stop him. I think I need to speak with Margot” he added.

Steve chased after Vivian immediately and began to call her name but she didn’t answer as she rushed towards the main door.
“Vivian how many times I’m I going apologies to you? Is this my entire fault? Why are you not trying to see here that I’m protecting you and I?” He shouted before she could rushed out after opening the door and saw her stopped.
Vivian stopped after what he said and the next thing she did really took him by shock.

To be continued…

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