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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Last Episode


Cassandra Season 2Last Episode

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

I really was very scared and anxious as David left my house with Cassandra and officer Doris. I imagined the worst. I feared Edwin could easily take them all out and disappear with my son and money. Chinedu and my young sister had a tough time calming me down. Yes it really was a terrible moment for everyone.


‘’please God don’t let anything happen to them. Guide and protect them for me’’ I prayed earnestly. I just wasn’t myself all through as we all waited for them to return home and finally by 2:56pm, David’s car pulled up in front of the house, accompanied by a police truck.

I instantly ran out to meet them with great fear. Yes I still feared the worst. I just couldn’t control my feelings and fears until I saw David alight from the car with Officer Doris who was carrying my son.

I almost fell with joy as the great sight greeted me.

‘’here is your son, very strong and okay’’ Doris said with a smile as she handed over my son to me. Tears of joy and gratefulness fell from my eyes.
‘’Thank you. Thank you’’ I thanked her breathlessly, facing David who drew forward and hugged me as people gathered to witness the joyful scene.

‘’Edwin is dead. Cassandra is injured and currently being treated at a hospital. We no longer have anything to worry about. It’s finally you and I plus our son. The happy ending we always dream of is finally here. But it won’t be complete without me saying this’’ David said softly, breaking free from me while I watched him curiously, clueless of his intentions.

‘’things happened so fast these past few days and I know this shouldn’t be the right time to say this but I want the whole world to know how much I love you. I want everyone to help plead on my behalf. I couldn’t get a ring to offer you right now but a ring is nothing but an object. Our bond and love comes from the heart, soul, spirit and destiny. Please will you marry me?. I won’t stand up till you say yes’’ he suddenly proposed, knelt down and buried his head on my waist, leaving me totally stunned.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I just couldn’t believe it was all happening.

Chinedu, Officer Doris, her colleagues and even my sister all started begging me to say yes as if they already planned the whole show before coming over to my house. I truly felt a bit embarrassed and excited at the same time.

‘’oh David you never needed all these drama for me to marry you. Of course I will marry you. Yes I accept’’ I breathed delightfully.
The whole crowd screamed ‘’yes, yes, yes’’, clapping for us.
Oh it was such a wonderful moment.


David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David

I never planned proposing to Nora till we arrived at her house that fateful afternoon. Something just struck me to cash in on the opportunity, make my feelings for her public and equally propose to her even though I had no ring with me.

I simply threw away my fears and pride, everything as I knelt down to propose to her and everyone present kind of lent me their support and I felt on top of the world. I never knew the police could even be so friendly or romantic. Could you believe It was an officer who first shouted ‘’yes’’ before others joined him to scream the word when Nora accepted my proposal.


A month later I married Nora in a quiet ceremony with few friends attending, including Val who never allowed me to rest until Nora and I narrated the different versions of our story to him.
Chinedu on the other hand proposed to Jessica during my wedding ceremony and hopefully they will be getting married this December.

As for Cassandra I never heard from her till this day. I pray she finds true love again. And as for my bachelor friends, please always use your head when searching for love. Sometimes your one true love is by the corner looking at you while you desperately chase over nothing a mile away.

Love has many definitions, so dear friends chose wisely.


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