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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep26


Cassandra Season 2Ep26

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
I couldn’t believe my ears as I pulled up at Nora’s apartment that fateful evening to see her ranting like a mad woman. I jumped out of my car with disbelief, rushed up and held her. She instantly slapped me with great fury, throwing me aback with her behavior.

‘’my son is gone. Edwin took my son’’ she cried, sending a sickening sensation all over me with the words. Sweat instantly drenched me as I stood like a confused bull.

Of course I was totally confused, who wouldn’t be?, when faced with such situation, faced with confronting a hothead like Edwin.
‘’you see what you have caused. You see what your obsession with Cassandra has caused?’’ she cried, hitting my chest over and over as some on lookers and neighbors approached us to know what was happening.

‘’my son was just kidnapped. My son is missing’’ she cried out once again, while the crowd that just gathered screamed with disbelief. Her sister dutifully showed emerged from the house that moment and dragged her back to the apartment while I used the opportunity to call Chinedu who promised to come over instantly. I equally reported the situation to the senior police officer who addressed us before the ill fated trip to Cassandra’s school. The officer, begged me to calm down.
‘’Just relax; I believe he took your son for a reason. Please report at my office at the state headquarters early tomorrow morning, we can come up with a plan to rescue your son’’ he assured me.

I also had to call Cassandra to give her the bad news.

‘’I will be spending the night with Nora. See you tomorrow’’ were the last words I said to her that fateful evening.


Chinedu arrived at Nora’s house minutes later with Cassandra’s friend (Jessica), leaving me stunned with her presence.

‘’she came in this afternoon, anyway that’s the story for another day’’ my friend said to me with a smile, before heading to Nora’s room to console her.

Just like I was expecting, Edwin soon called me to rub the news on my face.

‘’Mr. David, how are you?’’ he greeted with a dry laugh as I picked up his call.

‘’you see what you brought to your son?. I hate being underestimated. You underestimated me. Remember I once told you that your son will get to know me and that is now happening. But you can have him back if only you will provide Cassandra under 24hrs, plus the sum of one million naira which is the total cost of expenses I have incurred since you started messing my life. Lastly you will be the one to bring Cassandra and the money. And please don’t involve the police, I don’t want to kill any more cops, you already know they are useless. But if you still want to risk the life of your child, you can bring the cops along. I will call you tomorrow with details on how to make the exchange’’ he said and hung up, giving me no chance to say to a word. I tried calling back the number but it was already switched off.


I rushed over to Nora’s room, to break the news to her.

‘’Edwin just called. He wants Cassandra and one million naira in exchange for our son. He wants me to make the exchange myself. He wants us to keep the police out of this’’ I breathed quickly.

‘’of course you must get the police involved this time. We just got lucky the time we rescued Cassandra without their help’’ Chinedu quickly interrupted.

‘’yes I know, I have already spoken to the police officer from the state headquarters we met the previous day. He wants us to show up at his office tomorrow’’ I said to Chinedu who nodded.

‘’tomorrow then, I will be here to pick you guys up’’ he said with a smile, got up and left with his new girlfriend.


Nora couldn’t sleep that night. She simply sat up all night crying and wondering what our son was passing through in Edwin’s hands. I equally had to stay up to keep her company. I had to make promises. I had to use every word I can come up with to calm her down.

‘’my love, when this is over, we will go for a little holiday in Calabar; where we can be alone with our son and at least have a little quiet time. I just wish all these could go away before morning. I really would gladly sacrifice my life just for little David to live’’ I said with all my heart. Nora wiped her tears and stared at me for all while.

‘’I love you David. I equally wish all these could just go away right now. I’m so terrified. Please just make love to me. Just make me forget all these’’ she begged solemnly, leaving me staring at her with great disbelief.

‘’just make love to me’’ she demanded once again as tears dropped from her eyes. I slowly wiped the tears, reached for her lips and kissed her. All we needed was a night of passion to live through the next day.

How will it all end?.

Hmmmmmm Only time will tell.


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