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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep25


Cassandra Season 2Ep25

David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David

I left Nora’s apartment that fateful evening with great happiness. My respect and admiration for the noble lady increased a thousand times over. She just was amazing. I never expected her to be so understanding and submissive. I swore never to let her down ever again.

‘’I know she didn’t accept right?’’ Cassandra asked as I joined her in my car. I smiled at her and shook my head.

‘’Nora is a very noble woman. Of course she gave her consent’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’thank God’’ she breathed with great relief while I switched on my car engine.

‘’I don’t think there is anything to eat in my house. I guess we should first find somewhere to eat before heading to the house’’ I suggested. She shrugged in agreement.

minutes later, @ a small eatery downtown
‘’you know there are many things about your relationship with Edwin that I’m yet to fully understand’’ I softly said to Cassandra as we settled in a food joint to eat. She breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’what do you want to know?’’ she asked.

‘’the day I rescued you from his house, you really weren’t like someone under captivity. Yes I noticed you weren’t comfortable but then you were free. Why didn’t you make a move to escape all the while you were with him?’’ I asked seriously.

‘’escape how?. The house was always locked up. I didn’t even know the name of the village nor the terrain. I had no money with me. He locked my phones inside his locker which you saw for yourself. Escaping was practically impossible’’ she explained feebly.
‘’so what made him so obsessed with you?. Don’t tell me that bull crap story you once told me sometime back. I feel there is something that made him very obsessed with you’’ I asked curiously. Her eyes instantly dropped.

‘’I don’t know. Maybe that’s his own way of loving’’ she breathed softly. I shook my head, saying nothing further even though I felt like asking a lot more.


We returned to my apartment minutes later where Cassandra freshened up before joining me in the sitting room.

‘’I want to ask you something’’ she said with a smile, sitting beside me. I nodded and stared at her.

‘’are you getting back with Nora simply because of what I did to you the previous year or because of how much she helped you through the crises?’’ she asked softly. I breathed deeply, a bit surprised by the question.

‘’Cassandra, you are no longer in a position to ask me that kind of question. Just go in and sleep. You have your life to think about’’ I answered a bit coldly. She rolled her eyes, drew closer and held my hand.

‘’that very day you walked into Edwin’s house to save me. My eyes opened. I began seeing things with a different perspective. We all make mistakes but what makes a difference is learning from your mistakes. I have learnt my lesson and it’s very difficult to say this, but I’m very much indebted and in love with you. I just wish we can continue from where we stopped’’ she breathed, searching me with her eyes.

Supposing it was months back, my head would have swollen by those sweet words but unfortunately, loving her almost sent me to the grave and the last thing I would ever do was daring to even consider having her back in my life.

I quickly stood up, to avoid getting aroused by her soft hands.

‘’I have to go check on Nora again. I promised her earlier that I would return to spend the evening with her. Take care of the house’’ I said to an astonished Cassandra, went to my room, changed and headed out.

But Instead of going directly to Nora’s house, I first stopped at a hair salon to barb my hair. I really spent close to an hour there before heading to Nora’s house that fateful evening.


meanwhile @nora ’s house, the story continues;
As Narrated by Nora

Edwin and his gang walked into my apartment looking very mean and cold. I felt like screaming but couldn’t. My sister was in the kitchen cooking while my little son was in my room sleeping.
‘’we came for your baby and please madam this isn’t about you nor your child. You guys are just victims of circumstance. You see, David took something that belongs to me. I begged him in the past; I approached him like a gentleman. I did everything to make him leave my property but he refused and here I’m to take his own blood. Please for the sake of your life and that of your son. You got to comply. I already have nothing to lose. I can easily kill anyone that stands in my way, so please relax, you will have your son back. That I promise you’’ Edwin said with a softly cold tone as his men went into the rooms.

I just didn’t know how to react as his men reappeared, with the first guy dragging my sister and the second one carrying little David. I lost it that moment. I instantly screamed while Edwin quickly pulled out a gun, cocked it and aimed it at my mouth.

‘’I swear to Gawd, I will kill you. Nothing would have given me more pleasure than to kill you. But no, I don’t kill women’’ he said as my voice seized in my throat.

‘’what if we take your sister along huh?. Someone needs to care for the little baby. Your sister is equally very pretty’’ he said with a dirty smile while his men laughed.
‘’I hate kids and if David doesn’t comply within 48hrs to get his son back. The kid will be killed or sold’’ he threatened, nodding to his men who quickly headed towards the door. I instantly plunged at the guy carrying my baby but it earned me a super punch from him while Edwin grabbed me from behind and threw me with great strength across the room.

My sister was just too scared to react; luckily they didn’t take her along as they left. And Before I could recover from the shock, they were gone.

They were gone with my son.
I screamed like a mad woman as I ran out to the street only to see David pull up with his car that very moment. The first thing I did was to slap him.

‘’my son is gone. Edwin took my son’’ I cried.


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