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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep24


Cassandra Season 2Ep24

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
Nora instantly noticed my nervous composure the moment I walked into her apartment. She quickly hugged me, feeling that it was the tension of what happened earlier at Cassandra’s school that made me so nervous.

‘’I couldn’t go out today because I was so scared and when you called to say that the inspector was shot, I almost fainted. Thank God you are back’’ she breathed happily, hugging me tightly with great happiness.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the warmth of her embrace.

‘’she’s surely the right woman for me’’ I breathed inwardly.

‘’Cassandra is with me’’ I slowly muttered. She instantly froze as the news went through her head.
‘’she met me at the hospital, begging me to accommodate her for some days. The girl has nowhere else to go. She can’t go to her house out of fear that Edwin could easily get to her there and harm her family in the process’’ I explained softly.

‘’yes and you are the lone ranger with nothing to lose, with no family?. Jeez’’ she quickly interrupted me, drawing back with disgust.

‘’hear me out my dear’’. I begged desperately, very much uncertain on how to get her to understand. She folded her hands and nodded.
‘’I’m all ears’’ she breathed.
‘’Cassandra only begged for me to accommodate her for few days. The girl really went down on her knees to beg me at the hospital. She almost created a big scene and i couldn’t say no to her’’ I explained truthfully.

‘’The girl has lost everything. She has lost her life, her freedom and all she used to be in the past. She is just a depressed girl looking to start all over with life. I didn’t say no to her neither did I promise her anything. I told her I had to get your consent first and I know you won’t give in easily. I really can’t stand allowing her fall back in Edwin’s hands again’’ I stammered nervously.

Nora simply couldn’t believe her ears. Her color changed as she listened to me.

‘’you are still in love with her right?’’ she suddenly asked. A question I was undeniably expecting. I drew close and held her with a smile.

‘’I’m not in love with Cassandra. All I feel for her right now is pity. You have to trust me on this. I earlier wanted to ask you to accommodate her in your apartment but it’s risky. Allow me to accommodate her for few days. She already promised never to return once she leaves. My dear all I need is your trust. Our relationship needs trust to be strong. I think you should use this to test my fidelity and loyalty. If by any means something happens between Cassandra and I again, then just know that I’m nothing but a very stupid man who never deserved you in the first place. I know this is hard to accept but you have successfully lived through many difficult moments. I beg of you Nora. Just have a little sympathy on the girl and allow me to take her in for few more days’’ I begged breathlessly.

‘’Dave this is crazy’’ she breathed.
‘’yes I know. But you are a noble woman with a noble heart. You sacrificed your happiness in the past for my sake. Just please allow me take her in’’ I pushed on.
‘’okay. I trust you on this. Just be careful with her. I still feel she is nothing but a snake. Nevertheless if she needs anything, do let me know’’ she finally accepted, leaving me close to tears with her humanitarian gesture.

‘’Thank you. Thank you’’ I breathed with great happiness, held her face and kissed her strongly.

‘’I love you Nora’’ I breathed with all sincerity.

‘’I will return later in the evening to be with you after she has settled down in my apartment. We still have a lot to talk about’’ I said happily to her.

‘’fine, I will be expecting you’’ she smiled.

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

Yes I really was very uncomfortable with David’s request but the way by which he presented the whole thing was totally convincing. I had no choice than to let him have his way in a bid to test his fidelity just like he requested.

My young sister walked into the sitting room as soon as he left, breaking my thoughts with her appearance.

‘’I witnessed all that just happened. I just don’t know what to say to you big sister. You know men are like chameleon’’ she said to me. I smiled at her.

‘’yes I’m scared but hopeful. Whatever will be, will be’’ I breathed with resignation.

7;15pm, Nora’s apartment

I heard soft knocks on my door, which made me feel that David was back just like he promised. I hurriedly opened the door to see three young men grinning at me.
‘’hi my name is Edwin, David’s friend’’ one of them introduced himself as they brushed past me, entering my apartment noiselessly.
I almost fainted with shock.

To be continued


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