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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep23


Cassandra Season 2Ep23

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David
‘’so what do you want to tell me?’’ I asked, breaking free from her. She breathed deeply and stared at me for some seconds without saying a word.

‘’were you guys able to get Edwin?. i got some calls from friends who told me what happened today’’ she muttered slowly, I shook my head softly.
‘’unfortunately we couldn’t get him. Instead the inspector got shot. We left immediately and I’m yet to know if anyone was later arrested’’ I answered honestly.
‘’you now see how dangerous it could be, trying to confront Edwin. I know how much pain I passed through just to withstand his advances and everything. That guy is just so ruthless. He is so obsessed with me. I’m so scared. He has been calling me since morning. I can’t go home to my parents because he could come for me there and you know how harsh my father is. He could end up killing the old man. I equally can’t go to any of my relatives without first sharing my horrible story with them which I can never do. Just look at me. Just look at how dry, thin and dirty I have become. I’m now so worthless. I don’t even have a place to stay’’ she suddenly blew up, almost creating a scene with her outburst.

I was forced to hold her tightly, just to calm her down because she really was drawing great attention with her drama.

‘’what do you want me to do now?. You know you are not welcomed any longer in my home. Supposing I have money, I would have lodged you in a hotel until Edwin is caught but I lost all my money over your case and seriously there is nothing I can do to help. I wish I can’’ I explained truthfully.
‘’Dave. Dave. Dave’’ she called my name thrice, staring deep into my eyes. I swallowed hard and looked away, very much surprised that my feelings towards her were still somehow alive.

‘’Just allow me to stay with you for few days. I really need like a week to regroup and fix myself. I will leave your house at the end of one week and will never come back nor disturb you again’’ she suddenly begged, grabbing my hand in the process.

I shook my head as I quickly remembered Nora.

‘’this is going to be difficult. Nora won’t like it. You already know I’m moving on with her’’ I stammered.

‘’oh! Nora. I see. She now dictates to you what to do. She now tells you how to run your life. You can’t help a friend without first consulting her’’ she slowly murmured, turned and backed me.

‘’please David, don’t let me sleep out in the street again. All I need is just one week. Please, there is nothing I can possible do to you in a week or is there?’’ she begged, turned and faced me with tears dropping from her eyes.

‘’I can call Chinedu to accommodate you. He is single’’ I reluctantly stammered.

‘’just listen to yourself acting like a child. You will call your friend to accommodate me because he is single. Are you married?. Are you not single like him?. Please don’t spoil all the good things you have done for me by allowing me fall back in Edwin’s hands. Please just accommodate me. I beg of you’’ she begged desperately.

‘’I will have to talk to Nora first’’ I said seriously. She had no choice than to shrug with resignation.

fifteen minutes later

I arrived at Nora’s apartment with Cassandra in my car. Yes I knew what I was about doing was totally crazy but I just couldn’t let the girl go, after the way she begged me minutes earlier. I had to leave the hospital with her to Nora’s apartment.
When we got to the house she waited for me in the car while I went in to speak with Nora. My plan was simply to convince Nora to allow Cassandra either stay with her for some days or stay with me, something I knew she wasn’t going to buy but then I still felt like giving it a try.

I knew my plan wasn’t cool judging from any point of view. Anyone could easily suspect that I was just looking for an excuse to get back with Cassandra, but seriously that wasn’t the case. Yes I loved Cassandra in the past. Yes I still had some feelings for her. But come on; which man would take back a woman so openly and thoroughly abused for a month or more by a loud mouthed rascal like Edwin?.
To be sincere my decision to help Cassandra was more out of sympathy than love. But I guess no one would believe me including Nora.
As I walked into Nora’s apartment that evening, I felt a strong weight in my chest. I was scared of how she could react. I just was tired of all these. All I wanted was just a quiet and peaceful life.

A happy ending


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