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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep22


Cassandra Season 2Ep22

David’s side of the story,
As narrated by David

As we approached the street leading to the hostel where Edwin was said to be hiding, we were surprised to see a large crowd of students gathered outside a blue hotel adjacent to the one we were about storming.
It really left the police inspector and his team a bit confused of what to make of the crowd, considering the time of the day.
‘’what could be happening?. It’s too early in the day for students to gather outside in this manner. Something isn’t right’’ he breathed as the leading squad car slowly stopped. After a little hesitation, he alighted with his men.
‘’we planned taking this guy by surprise but I guess he had luck on his side. The element of surprise has been lost’’ he said to me with a frown.
A group of female students instantly approached us with tears in their eyes.

‘’you guys came late. You always come after a crime has been committed. It’s not fair’’ they cried, almost physically attacking the inspector and his team. We all were totally confused and shocked to even say a word.
Another squad car suddenly showed up from nowhere, distracting us for a moment as a different group of policemen led by a sergeant approached us panting heavily.
‘’we just got a call that two guys were stabbed in front one of these hostels’’ the sergeant said to us after saluting the inspector.
‘’what!’’ the inspector exclaimed, facing the students who nodded in agreement.
‘’yes the student leader for students living within this vicinity was just stabbed moments ago. His friend was also stabbed. We have taken them to the hospital. You guys are just worthless. You can’t protect us. You only protect the criminals and always show up after a crime must have been committed.’’ They shouted and booed at the policemen.
In no time sachets of water started landing on us from nowhere, leaving the inspector and his colleagues clueless on how to handle the enraged students without things escalating.
‘’you should call for back up my friend. I came here on another mission. You guys should try to put a patrol team within this neighborhood. I really need to have a long talk with your boss’’ he said to the sergeant who drew back to speak with his men.
‘’so what do we do now?’’ I asked the inspector as we headed back to the squad car.
‘’we just lost the element of surprise. We also can’t storm any hostel without having to confront the angry students which is totally unacceptable’’ he said with resignation but before I could say another word, a gunshot rang out from nowhere, sending the inspector down as students scampered with fright.
There was total chaos everywhere. No one could even say where the shot came from and the armed officers couldn’t risk firing back for fear of hitting innocent students.
I simply froze with fear as the inspector’s blood designed my shirt. For the first time in my life, I made up my mind to give up my quest of getting Edwin. Of course I felt it was either him or one of his men who took the shot from a hidden location. And for a guy like him to have the nerves to shoot at armed policemen, he surely was nothing but a hardened criminal. Someone I shouldn’t have any business with.
The other policemen quickly pulled the inspector to the car which sped up, heading straight to the teaching hospital as the inspector struggled hard to breathe.
‘’I believe the bullet grazed your neck sir. Just be calm’’ one of the young officers said as he expertly bandaged the inspector’s neck.
‘’that’s a high caliber gun’’ the inspector managed to mutter with a weak voice.

Six hours later. F.M.C Owerri
I sat at one of the chairs at the reception hall, still shaken with fright. i couldn’t help but wonder if the bullet was actually meant for the inspector or for me because we stood beside each other when the bullet came flying.
‘’thank God he survived’’ I muttered to myself, picking up my phone which vibrated that moment. It was Cassandra calling for the second time that day. She first called when we were leaving the teaching hospital after the inspector’s wound had been stabilized, begging to speak to me urgently. I had no choice than to ask her to wait for me at F.M.C Owerri (where we were taking the inspector to, for a more thorough treatment because he wasn’t well attended to at the teaching hospital which surprisingly was on a strike).
‘’I’m at the hospital gate. Where are you?’’ Cassandra asked as soon as I picked the call.
‘’I’m at the reception. Just stroll down you will see me’’ I answered.
Minutes later, she walked over to me with a strange look on her face, surprisingly drew close and hugged me strongly as if her life depended on it.

‘’oh David’’ she breathed, hugging me tightly as her bosoms sent a strong wave of electric current to my head.


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