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My Colorless Rainbow -Episode 2

©Amah’s Heart

After work that day, I decided to while away time. Going home immediately after work used to be my usual routine but not again.
Ever since my parents starts with their trouble I began to resent home.
I called Richard to know if we can hang out and talk. His place was far from me I could have gone over.
Richard said he can't make it down because he was doing some paper work for his Dad and has a place to go with his guys.
I had two single friends like me, Anita was my age mate while JoJo is a year younger.
JoJo is 26 while me and Anita are 27years but we all bond together.
Rina my friend is 25years when she got married, Ella is 26years yet whenever we are all together you can't differentiate the age.
Maturity and respect for everyone is what we portray.
I called JoJo my follow single girlfriend who is a slay queen and lives on her own. Her house was not too far from my Workin place.
She asked me to come over that she was home.
I went over to JoJo's place to chill out time.
JoJo was almost same age with me but nobody troubles her over getting married and settling down like my parents does to me.
She is a big girl, she lives in a comfortable apartment, well furnished and also drives a porch car.
She was living her best life with no worries and wasn't even ready for any commitment.
I envied her freedom and began to wish I was actually in JoJo's perfect size shoe with no worries.
I stayed for sometime at her place before taking my leave.
Through out the week I did not stop texting and calling
Richard that we need to sit and talk.
"Can't it wait Becca? I'm so tied up right now. Better still why not tell me on the phone or wait till upper week when I will be done with things over here and I will drive down to see you.
"It can't wait Rich, is very urgent and we can't keep postponing it.
Richard later agreed to come down.
He said he will be free by weekend and it was okay by me.
He drove down to my place, said hello to my mom and my dad who had many words on his lips for Richard.
We left to our cool spot and sat as he ordered for my favorite drink and snacks.
We talked about many things as we ate.
I was enjoying both the moment and the man I love so dearly and desired to spend the rest of my life with.
"What was it you wanted to discuss... you got me worried with the urgency in your voice. Hope I'm safe...?
Richard asked looking straight at me with his cute smiling face.
I smile back at the humour in his voice before saying.
"Rich, we have been together for over two years. We need to start talking about the future. I mean what exactly is your plan for us. Aside my parents reminding me everytime that I'm not a kid anymore I also know that I need to sit up and get serious... which was why I decided to have this discussion with you because I'm planning to move out of the house. Either to get place of my own or move in with a friend.
Richard started laughing out loud.
I told him what I just talked about was not funny.

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"I'm sorry Becca for my sudden outburst of laughter. Is just that through out the week you got me so worried. I thought it was something very important. I even thought you planned to break up with me. I never knew is because of this. C'mon, don't look at me like that... this is also important and it will happen. I love you Becca, very much and I'm sorry that for sometimes I have been too occupied with work and with my guys than the way I used to be with you. I will make it up to you my love. Please, I need just little time to get myself fully ready. Marriage is not a child's play my love. Is something we will calm down and plan together when the right time comes. You alone is the woman for me. Please, don't move out of your parents house. I don't like all this ladies that feels they are independent, uncontrollable and has it all figured out because they live alone. Don't try it, it doesn't feel right. To me they don't seem responsible. Is good that you are under your parents watch and guard... don't let their usual talk get to you. You are supposed to be used to your parents by now... especially your Dad. He was a barrister before so is a normal thing for him to talk. Becca, you worry too much. Relax your mind and Just a matter of a little time you will get your desires. Okay?
His speech was relieving. I feel calm after he was done talking and I did not see any need to move out from my parents house again.
Richard said that is just a matter of time, a little time and all my desires will come true. I believe him and will try not to let my parents usual words get to me.
The following week I was more happy than I have ever being.
Richard invited me over to his place, we went out to beach, movies and many other places.
It was fun filled and I was happy and did not hide it when I'm home.
My fellow single friends JoJo and Anita had a birthday party which they invited me over.
I took Richard and we went there together to catch some fun.
Anita and JoJo lives on there own, in the apartment they rented and they are doing alright.
They knows about Richard and we all cool together.
I saw Richard looking at JoJo, he was admiring her. JoJo is a beautiful lady and any man can admire her.
Since I know Richard is not into ladies, I hardly see him looking at a woman.
He looked back at me and smile of which I returned back the smile.
I wasn't worried. JoJo is my friend and we graduated from the same school. She won't betray our years of friendship and same with Richard, the love of my life.
He has never cheated on me, even if he does it secretly he respect me and i trust him. He is not only handsome, he is very sincere and open minded.
I heard him ask JoJo what she studied in school and few other normal questions.
JoJo seems to like him too as she smiled at his every question and answered him.
They were getting along and it was okay by me.
I know JoJo is not his type because she lives on her own, a free lifestyle.
Richard has already made it clear that he doesn't like such women.
I later joined in the conversation, even Anita joined in too and we all had a great time before I left with Richard.
I still stop at JoJo's place on my way back from work and spend little time before going home.
With the way my life was going happily, my Mom wanted to know the secret and I told her that within a short period of time Richard will propose and our wedding plans will commence.
My Mom was happy and we had a fun filled gist like mother and daughter.
She told my Dad and as I was leaving for work the next morning, I saw my Dad doing his usual early morning sport.
Before I could even say good morning to him he shouted out to me from his treadmill.
"Congratulations oo...in advance Rebecca. Your mother told me that Richard is planning a surprise proposal for you. That is what I'm talking about, is a good news. I want my three children to be making me proud. After your elder brother got married and traveled abroad with his family, the next person in line is you before Melinda. Don't allow your younger sister to outsmart you, don't let her to first you to get married. I like the new development about you and Richard and I look forward to him making it a reality soon and also...
I heard the staff bus horning outside the gate, i waved my Dad goodbye before he makes me miss the staff bus.
I will be turning 28years by next Month and with the way I'm seeing Richard he plans to propose on my birthday.
I can't wait, I'm begining to count everyday, every hours, minutes and second to my birthday.
It will be a good day that I will be gradually stepping away from being single.
Before I used to worry about getting a year older without the main achievement which is having a home of my own.
But right now I look forward to my 28th birthday.
Even my parents look forward to me coming home with an engagement ring.
I feel so happy that my desires are finally coming true.


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