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story : KUSI - Last Episode


KUSI (A pidgin story)

KUSI - Last Episode

©Amah's Heart.

As Imma dey urge me to tell her about my girlfriend I come gather courage say make I tell her as e take hold me, make I tell her how I dey feel for where she dey. anything wey go happen make e happen, I don tire to dey pretend and to dey fear.
“me... I no get girlfriend for now Imma. I get one person for mind, this person don become part of me but I never fit tellam wetin she mean to me. she matter pass for my life, but I no wan cross my boundary because she just talk say I be her younger brother. me wey don do wedding finish with her for dream e come remain to start family together but I no even know wetin I fit talk again. make she no go break my head as she dey see me as her younger brother. Imma, make we leave joke aside, na you my heart dey beat for, I love you Imma. I no fit pretend again, I no fit keep the kind feeling wey I get for you for my heart before my heart go blow. na you I want, no woman again matter to me like you. i fit die for your matter as you see me so. but I wan still know…make you no vex Imma…you get person already? I mean you get boy abi man friend….so that I go know how I go take cry. e go pain me well well but I go try endure. the truth be say I never fit love another woman the way I take love you…na you I want…only you Imma. so, I wan kno….
Before I go talk finish she just rush me. the rushing sef surprise me, she come give me one better hug wey I no expect... she hold me tight, me I come hold her too. we stay like that for some minutes. she no wan leave me, me sef I no wan leavam but I never know what to expect after the hugging. I just they pray make this hug be better hug. I just dey feel her heart beat.
na she be the woman I don carry for mind, my feeling for were she dey strong well wel.
na she I go like spend the rest of my life with if God allows it, I wish she go accept me.
I get my own personal office for shop, na there we just hold ourselves as if the world wan end. she later come leave me, come hold my hand. I see small tears for her eyes she dey try to hide. but I just sit down there they look her, as I look into her eye I know say she has feeling too for me but I wan make she take her mouth talkam.
And she later talk. Making me the happiest man alive.
“I have always waited for this. not just now…but for a very long time. I have secretly prayed that you will ask me out. I have loved you Kusi right from when I was still pregnant for my daughter, few months after you saved me and took me to your mother, I began to develop feelings for you. I watched you hustle morning and night no relenting. you worked so hard and carried everybody’s burden like yours, the day you got me the cloths during my pregnancy was one of the happiest day of my life, I felt so care for that I didn’t even want to call my parents even after you and your mom urged me. I didn’t want to be far away from you Kusi, because I know they may take me away from you and I may not see you again. I always wanted to be close to you, when other young boys of your age then where enjoying their lives you were busy working so hard to feed many mouths, you and your mum. did you know that I like it when the market women back then will refer you as my husband, back then when I was still pregnant. they will be calling you my husband because they thought you arethe man that got me pregnant and you will answer them positively, you accepted me without fault and covered my shame. I always wanted you to ask me to be your girlfriend. I couldn’t just come out straight because I was shy and did not know how you are going to feel about it. you know back in school whenever we talk over the phone and you tell me to focus on my book and don’t allow any man to deceive me I will just be laughing because you are always sounding and acting as like an elder. like you were older than me with ten years, and I loved it. I have looked forward to this day Kusimala Isaac. and to answer your question I don’t have any boy or man friend, I had guys coming but I always dismiss them with the excuse that have a boyfriend. I will always tell them to leave me alone because I have a boyfriend, and you were my imaginary boyfriend. I have prayed and crossed my finger with hope that you will not have any woman and that you will eventually ask me out. I don’t care about your educational background, or anything else, all that matters to me is you. i wish I can speak pidgin so fluently like you so that i can communicate better to your understanding. so that we can both be on same level and crack our ribs sometime with funny pidgin English but no matter what, I will love and support you always. what my parents did to show gratitude to you and your mum for saving me was even small. I can never stop thanking God for you and also your mum. you are really God sent, as my Dad will always say that Kusi is the man God sent on mission to save me from dying. my Dad said they were praying for me all through that period and God answered their prayer by sending Kusi to that bridge. you losing your money that day was God’s own plan so that he can direct your step to the bridge to save a naïve young girl like me. you are a blessing to me and my daughter. there wouldn’t have been me or my daughter if I had jumped to my death that day. you are a man filled with strength, kind heart, originality and love for humanity. what more can I ask than that. my Dad will be glad to have you beside me, and hope you don’t mind if I take you to see my Dad because he made me promise him that I will bring down any man I intend to go into a relationship with. he will like to see and know the man, he doesn’t want me to make same mistake I made in my previous relationship, so please will you go with me...
Hope say no be dream I dey dream so, abeg make person pinch me small so that I go know say na reality be this.
na like this God come take answer my prayer.
Anywhere she want make we go, I ready to go with her. na she be the only woman my heart dey always beat for. I no even know say she don dey wait for me to toast her since. if i know we for don dey relationship since but she for don carry another belle be that because my blood dey hot for where she dey.
hahahaha… my mind dey sweet me well well. na like this God want everything to go and I dey happy.
And e come be now wey she don dey finish school, I happy no be small. I still thank God say I no ask her out that time as e take hold me for body who know wetin for don happen because this our love na strong something.
After three days, I come drive with her to her papa house, the pastor and his wife dey happy too. dey even come dey talk say na so God ordain two of us. the family accept me and they like me. Imma mama come gather her chef, people wey dey cook for her. dey come arrange better food. na so all of us come sit down round the dining table as if we be one family. we come dey eat, dey gist.
life don better for me, I no fit shout.
Imma papa give us plenty advice, the advice come be like preaching for my ear and the one wey I no fit forget na the last part. the pastor talk say make we hold our body well well, the pastor talkam like this,
“...respect your partner, both presence and absence. among all this things that I have spoken the most important is… avoid premarital sex. God dislike it, you know the bible said in the book of first Corinthians 6:18 that every sin that a man commits is outside the body but the sin of sexual intercourse is a sin against his own body. because… you know that your body is a temple of the Lord, do not defy God’s temple…
The man sabi talk plenty talk. as him be pastor every talk na bible and preaching. the advice come be like say na church wey dey. na long sermon him preach that day for us.
but I no go lie the talk tire me but na the truth him talk. the pastor dey very right.
me I already know that one, even though my blood dey boil for where Imma dey I go just dey patient, I go wait for the right time.
Later Imma come go back to school to go finish up, our phone call come increase, na every minute we dey talk for phone with her too.
After she finish school, she come back house, I dey always carry her out sometime to go flex.
one day I done already plan wetin go happen that day even God sef don ordain the thing.
as we go flex, after the whole grooving, I come carry her enter my office for my shop.
to show say I dey romantic na so I come go down for one kneel. i even thank God say i remember how men dey propose.
i don almost forget come knee down with two knees but thank God for my sharp brain.
I don almost fall her hand.
I know say na laugh she for laugh me.
As a correct guy wey I be na so I kneel down for one kneel come ask her the question.
abeg time no dey again, make we do sharp sharp settle down before person go fall into sin.
I ask her whether she go fit marry me, na so Imma just dey scream yes…yes…
even my shop boys wey dey outside come inside come dey look us as if na film me dey act.
all of dem just dey smile as they stand for my office door wey I leave open they watch our drama.
as Imma say yes finish I come forget say I no get ring to put for her finger.
Everybody come dey laugh me, I follow dey laugh my self. I forget to buy ring, I forget say them dey use ring propose to a woman.
as I still dey reason wetin I go do, na so my boys rush go outside go make one fake ring with car wire come give me so that everything go be official. I collect the fake ring come put for Imma finger.
she just dey laugh. later I come drive go one better ring shop come buy original engagement ring for her, as I come back I come commot the fake one wey still dey her finger come carry the original one put. she just dey smile come hug me.
she come kiss me small, just small kiss. we no wan trespass.
The food wey we dey cook don almost ready, we go still chopam any how we want, no need to rush the food for fire. after all na we gettam. Na proverb be this. Make we no rush ourselves, e just remain small everything go set.
Na so the marriage preparation come start. my mama happy everybody happy as me and Imma dey prepare to marry,
Then finally, the day wey we don dey wait for come finally reach, my younger brother na him do best man for me. Imma beautiful daughter be the little flower girl, wey just dey spray flower for road, the little girl resemble Imma well well, with her fine smile, na so she just they match in front of her mama.
As I stand close to the pulpit, I see plenty people wey come wedding full ground. I see my mama dey smile, my sister them follow for Imma’s bridesmaid, all of them just fine. everything just dey beautiful.
I come see Imma dey come with her papa, as the music they play, slow gospel music. na so she just dey match with her papa, wey hold her for hand as they walk down the aisle.
my heart wan boast with joy, na so one small tears just drop for my eye, my best man wey be my younger brother just stretch hand give me handkerchief to clean the thing.
Imma papa come carry her give me and after we don exchange our vow, na so the pastor pronouns us husband and wife. finally I kissed my bride for live no be for dream.
“I Kusimala Isaac took Immaculate Johnson to be my lawful wedded wife and not even death fit separate us. I go always love her with my life.
So my people na reception we don enter so, and the asoebi color na blue with yellow gele, but the asoebi no dey compulsory come as you are. party jellof rice wey dey boast brain dey available. food full ground and na serve yourself, you go chop belleful.
My name na Kusimala Isaac and Is good make person dey do good. abeg make we dey always do good so that our tomorrow go better.
And no forget say “One good turn deserve another”, na so oyibo talkam.
Na for here I go draw the curtain for this my story,
Abeg call me Kusi the man wey get faith.


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