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inlove with a prostitute - Last Episode

Lucy stared on at the woman before her.

Not even in her wildest dreams did she ever thought she was going to see her again.

“Mrs…Mrs…. Johnson?” Lucy called and Mrs Johnson smiled broadly, going close to hug her.
“What are you doing here?” Mrs Johnson asked, pulling away to look at her face.

“Mum.. what’s happening here?” Ryan called, confused.

“We’ve met before….my car knocked her down few months ago.” Mrs Johnson replied, looking at Lucy.

Ryan looked at Lucy too.”Was she…?” He stopped when Lucy nodded her head, cutting him short.

“Oh my God…what a small world!” Ryan said,sitting back down.

Benson and Felix were equally confused too. They weren’t expecting this!

“Is this the girl you were talking about!”Mrs Johnson asked Benson and he nodded.

Mrs Johnson slowly turned to look at Lucy,her face full of wonder.”But…how come?” She asked,her voice laced with concern.

Instead of replying her, Lucy burst into tears and everywhere became silent.

Mrs Johnson breathed in after listening to Lucy’s story. Her face was full of pity that she almost cried.

She held Lucy’s hand and looked at Benson.

“We all make mistakes in life due to one problem or the other,one challenges or the other..

Sometimes in life…we just have to make that bitter mistake.
And I’m one of those who had made that mistake but it’s all in the past.

Lucy,stop crying. I’m not going to come between you and my son just because of what happened in the past.

I know how it feels.” Mrs Johnson said and Lucy looked gladly at her.
Benson and Felix bowed their heads, ashamed.

Ryan gave them a mockery glance and laughed at their faces.
He wrapped his arms around around Lucy, pecking her to increase their agony.

The next day,Lucy went to Martha’s shop to pick up her daughter.

She was so sad to see Rachel finally going.

“I will miss her so much and guess what?” Martha said, smiling happily.

“What’s that?” Lucy asked, throwing her baby up. She was equally happy.

“I’m pregnant!” Martha announced and Lucy stopped to look at her,a jubilant smile, spreading across her face.

“Oh my God!” You finally did it!” Lucy said,as they hugged happily.
“God used Rachel in answering my prayers.

Your baby girl is really special.” Martha said, smiling at Rachel.
Lucy was happy for Martha and fir herself too.

As she left her shop,she remembered she forgot to carry her baby’s box from the house. She was reluctant to go but she went.

When she got to the compound,her face twitched in disgust.

The compound was so dirty it stinks.

There were sticks of cigarettes everywhere and Lucy shook her her head, pitifully.

She opened the door and entered the living room.

More dirt.

Different types of clothes were on the chairs.

Bottles of alcohol scattered the whole place and the bathroom smelt of urine.

Only two days that she was gone,the whole place looked like a cow’s dung?
Lucy turned around to leave the house as she couldn’t go inside the house furthermore.

She opened the door and stopped when she heard her mother coughing weakly in her bedroom and calling her name.

Lucy stopped,closing her eyes. She tried going out again and stopped as she heard her name yet again.
She remembered one thing she had always loved her mother for…even though she treated her like this.

She had given birth to her….not aborting her away when she was pregnant.

Lucy turned back and went back into the house,going to her mother’s room.

She opened the door and rushed in as she saw her laying on the ground,blood rushing out of her mouth.

She placed Rachel on the bed as she knelt beside Patricia,who was breathing life and death.

“Mother…what…what happened!” Lucy asked,fast years piercing her eyes at her mother’s state.

“Lucy…I’m sorry….I’m not worthy for you to call me mother. Thank God you came…I wanted to ask for your forgiveness.”Pa
tricia said, coughing the more.

“What happened to you!” Lucy cried.

She rushed to her bag beside Rachel and dialled Ryan’s number with shaky fingers. He picked up at the third ring.

“Hello Ryan… please… Please…I need your help. Right now!”

Ryan arrived with his car and they took Patricia to the hospital.
She was almost losing consciousness and Lucy cried all the way.

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Her mother might be the first mother ever but she still loves her.
She was rushed to the emergency room where tests were carried on her immediately and she was diagnosed with damaged lungs due to excessive smoking and drinking and she might not live to survive it.

“You have to stop crying…you are hurting me and making the situation worst.” Ryan said as they sat at the lobby.

“I’m sorry….” Lucy said quietly, sniffing. She had always warned her about smoking and now,her life was on the line.

Ryan took Rachel who was asleep,from her,placing her against his chest. He brought Lucy close to himself too,patting her back for comfort.

The door opened and a woman ran in,crying and shouting for help.

She cried to the nurses and they rushed up from their seats.
A guy runs in too, carrying a little baby in his arms.

The baby was unconscious.

“Please..help us.” The man said in a strangled voice and Lucy’s head shot up at the recognition of the familiar voice.

“What’s it?” Ryan asked her as she strained her neck to see the guy’s face.

“I know that voice and it only….oh my God!” Lucy said as the guy turned around, placing the baby in one of the nurse’s hand.
The baby was rushed out of the lobby.

Lucy was still staring at his face….the bastard.

Lucy felt like standing up and running to him… strangling him.
“Who’s he?” Ryan asked silently.
Lucy was quiet. She could barely talk and just then,the guy met her gaze and stopped. Lucy looked away, turning to face Ryan.

“Can we stay somewhere else, Please?” Lucy asked, standing up.
“What’s happening?” Ryan asked again, getting up too.

“I will tell you..let’s leave here first!” Lucy demanded and as she made to walk away the guy rushed up to her, grabbing her hand.

Lucy lost it. She turned and gave him a dirty slap.

“Lucy!” Ryan shouted, grabbing her.”What are you doing? We are in the hospital!” Ryan whispered again.

“How dare you even touch me,you imp!” Lucy yelled at him.

“Please Lucy…here me out….I can explain!”

“Alfred! what’s happening here? And why did this woman slap you?” The other woman who came into the hospital shouting for held asked, running forward.

“Please,Zainab….stay out of this for now!”

The people at the waiting room were watching them as if they were television.

“So…you are the Alfred guy?” Ryan asked, finally understanding the situation.

Alfred looked at Ryan and the sleeping baby in his arms.

He needed nobody to tell him it was his daughter. He could see himself in her.

He closed his eyes in regret and turned back to look at Lucy’s furious eyes.

“Right now….I need you to forgive me. I’ve suffered too much!” Alfred said in a strangled voice.

“Why should I forgive you,Alfred? Why! Just give me one good reason why I should forgive a wicked soul like you!

Wait…even if I do, It won’t change anything.

Would it? Just go your own way. Ryan, let’s go.” Lucy said sternly and marched away.

Ryan was about to follow her when Alfred held his hand back.”Please,help me and talk to her.” He pleaded.

Ryan met Lucy sitting at the second ward,in tears. He sat beside her.

“The one thing you will have to learn how to do is to let go of something.

When you hold in too tight..you will only hurt yourself.” Ryan said softly to her.” Forgive the guy and let your bitter heart soften towards him.” Ryan added.

“Then what about Rachel? Will he not try to claim ownership of his daughter?”
“He won’t. Although he’s the father…you guys had nothing together before you got pregnant for him and besides,he’s even married and definitely,that was his child they rushed in,not long ago.

He has the right to come see his daughter whenever he pleases but then…that’s all.

Just forgive and forget.” Ryan said smiling at her.

Lucy smiled back as they stood up,young back towards the lobby.

It was a miracle to the when Patricia came out of coma but the doctor said she needed a fast treatment abroad and would have to stop anything smoking or drinking.

Lucy sat beside her mother in the room she was wheeled to,with Ryan who was still carrying Rachel.

Patricia held Lucy’s hand, weeping.

“I wish I knew how to apologise to you,my daughter…for all my wrong doings.

I wish I have words right now to tell you and to show you how deeply I regretted everything I’ve done to you.

I’m not worthy to be called a mother.

I was also influenced by my parents too whom always fought each other back then.

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My mother would be seen with different men and I thought it was a normal way of life because she never taught me anything.

I was sent to the university but I became a dropout due to lack of seriousness and that was when I got pregnant and had you.” Patricia said and took Lucy’s both hands in hers, looking into her eyes.

“You must not be that type of a mother to Rachel….show her the right way of life…. give her all the morals she needs as a teenager when the time comes.” Patricia said and Lucy nodded.

Patricia looked at Ryan and took his hand too joining it together with Lucy’s.

“Thank you my son for changing my daughter’s life. I bless your union.” She said, smiling. Ryan smiled back.

“You don’t have to worry about your treatments.

As soon as you are discharged, your Visa will be ready and you will be taken abroad.” Ryan said and Patricia thanked him.

They left Patricia in the hospital to complete her treatment before going for the abroad treatment.
That night, Lucy showed Ryan and his mother how great a cook she was. She prepared a wonderful dinner and they ate like never before.

“You are truly a wife material!” Mrs Johnson complemented and they all laughed.

“You smell of onions.” Ryan said to Lucy as they layed down on his bed,for the night. Rachel layed at their middle, kicking the air and sucking her wrist.

Lucy laughed.”Is that a complement or what?” She asked, punching his side.

“Ooucch!! That hurts!”Ryan whispered and stopped, looking at Lucy.”When do you want our wedding to take place?”

Lucy sighed loudly, surprised.”God!”she laughed.”Will you please stop? It’s too early for that!” She said,her voice filled with happiness.

“Just want you to know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you,Lucy.”Ryan murmured,as Lucy stared up at him,amazed at the love she saw up in his eyes.

“I love you too,Ryan Johnson.” Lucy replied, smiling sweetly at him.

Ryan smiled, tightening his arms around her as she pulled herself up and their lips met in a passionate hot kiss.


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