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inlove with a prostitute - Episode Ten

Ryan’s hand ran up and behind her back, drawing her closer.

Lucy stirred,her breast pressing harder and deeper against his chest.

Ryan closed his eyes. She was so soft and splendid. She was a killer.
It had been long since he had romanced a woman… talkless of having sex.

He had taken his eyes off women since he broke up with his lovely girlfriend who cheated on him.
He thought all women were the same and avoided then like the plague.

But when he set his eyes on Lucy,that mentally change and gradually,he was falling in love again and this time,more deeper.
He tilted her head up, kissing her neck,her cheeks,then back to her mouth.

Lucy’s eyes flung opened and her drunkeness washed out of her eyes at the magical touch of Ryan’s lips.

She put her hands in his chest, holding him back.

“What…. are you doing?” She asked, getting up. She winced as she held her head with her hand.
“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, getting up with her.” You are having an headache.”

Lucy nodded.She looked at him again, wondering how she got into his room again.

“I…I’m sorry…I did not plan to come here.” Lucy stammered, rushing to her feet. She arranged her clothing and hair.

Ryan sat back on the bed, looking at her.

What is wrong with her? Can’t she read the hand writing on the wall?
“Where do you think you are going to at this time of the night?”Ryan asked.

Lucy looked at him and looked away sharply.

“How is that your business? I’m going.” She said and started walking to the door.

“Really? Is that what you want? Selling your body to men?

Drinking yourself to such state?” Ryan asked as she walked.

Lucy stopped,her hand on the door.”What do you want me to do? Sit idly and die of hunger?” She asked.

Ryan stood up.”Lucy…..I’m in love with you.”

Lucy’s heart stopped for a moment. She thought her ears were playing tricks on her.

Slowly,she turned to meet his gaze and as soon as their eyes came in contact with each other…as soon as she saw the expression in his eyes…she knew they weren’t playing tricks at all.

It was true…stack true.

For the first time…the first time in her life… someone just confessed his love to her!

“You …..what?” Lucy asked in an exhausted voice as though,she has been running for a long time.

“I’m a prostitute. I have a daughter…I…I… come from a disastrous family….

I’m not worthy for a guy like you to be in love with me.. please…let me go.” Lucy said,her eyes dropping to the floor with tears.
Ryan smiled going to her. He held her hands and brought her close, hugging her to himself and allowing her to cry on his shoulder.

He took her back to the bed,and they layed there together,until she fell asleep.

The next morning,Lucy woke up and found herself still in Ryan’s arms.

He was still asleep,one hand circling her and the other, holding her close to him.

Lucy pulled herself up, looking into his face.

He was cute… handsome and it felt like heaven to be in his arms…the arms of a guy who has confessed his love for her.

Lucy’s face fell again, wondering if a guy like Ryan would actually be hers.

She shook her head….it was impossible.

Slowly,she began to lift his hand off her body. When she thought she was making an escape,Ryan stirred and tightened his hold, bringing her close again.

“Running away again?” He murmured,his eyes still closed.
Lucy tried to talk but she only blabbed as she looked at Ryan.
She wondered if he was awake or dreaming.

Then he opened his eyes and smiled at her. Lucy blushed,looking away.

“Where are you running to,this time? Perhaps…I won’t see you again?” Ryan asked,his smile lazily fading away.

“No ….I wasn’t going to run away….I was only… afraid..I can’t stay here with you like this.”

Lucy stammered,not knowing how to put words together…not when his eyes were staring into hers..so intently.

“Tell me what happened…why did you got so drunk yesterday?” Ryan asked.

Lucy kept quiet,her tears forming again.

Maybe this time,she should open up.”She’s going to throw me out of the house…with my baby.” Lucy said,her eyes filled with hatred for her mother.

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“I refused…to…go out with the guy whom she requested me to go out with.

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The guy has slept with her too! God….and she wanted me to go out with him? I even doubted she is my real mother.

I don’t know where to go…what to do with my ruined life…. I have finished packing my things but when I was stranded….I had to take my baby to a friend…she’s currently there now.

I do not know where to go to except the club house….where you picked me up….drunk.” Lucy said and breathed in.

“Then move in with me…It will be fun to accommodate you.

You know what?” Ryan said, staring dreamily at the ceiling.
“I had the most remarkable night last night and…with you in my arms…it was awesome.

Why not move in with me?” Ryan asked, returning his eyes to her perplexed face.

She could not believe her ears… could not believe this was fast becoming true!

”Hello mum..”Ryan said into the phone. He was in his car,on his way to work.

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”Ryan!” His mother called into the phone,rather furiously and Ryan closed his eyes, knowing the reason for her calling.

Benson and Felix…those bastards.

”Don’t tell me what Benson said was true,is it?

Ryan…I’m talking to you!” His mother shouted when he said nothing.

”Look mum…I’m on the road now, driving…can I call you later when I get to the office?”

”No! Park that car of yours right now. We need to talk now.”
Ryan sighed and swung the car to the side of the road, switching off the engine.

”Satisfied? Look mum.ots not everything Benson tells you…you are supposed to listen to…”

”Answer my question first….is it true you now live with a prostitute?”

”Mum… she’s not a prostitute! There are somethings you need to understand.” Ryan said, developing an headache immediately.

”You know what…I’m coming to the house tommorow evening and by the time I get there….I don’t want to meet any prostitute in there.

It’s either you send her out or you tell me right now to stop visiting you.

Who are you trying to put into shame?” His mother’s angry voice asked from the other line.

”Mum…until you come…I’m late for work. Yes ……why not try and listen to my own side of the story instead of believing those brats over me?”

After a while,he cut the call off,shook his head and started his engine.

*******THE NEXT DAY*******

“Yes! I’m going already! Eat your house and drink water on top!” Lucy said, dragging her luggage with her as Patricia shouted on her.

“Yes,go! You enemy…” She stopped, coughing.”pf progress!! Go!!” Patricia screamed at Lucy as she left the house.

She jammed the door close, coughing again.

Lucy went to Martha’s shop and breast feed Rachel.

She was surprised when Rachel ran back into Martha’s hands.
They laughed about it but Lucy was somehow taken aback.
She needed to get her daughter close to her again.

She left, telling Martha she would be back tommorow to pick up her daughter, finally.

Lucy boarded a cab to Ryan’s house,her heart beating fast. She tried to control it but couldn’t.
She entered the compound and dragged the luggage along, going to the main door.

She pushed it and entered. She regretted that she entered that very moment. Three pair of eyes stared back at her from the living room.

Ryan stood up, extending a hand to her.

She prayed the ground would open up and swallow her.

Benson and Felix sat down, looking at her with disgust in their eyes.

She turned to rush out but Ryan caught up with her before she could do so.

“Please…I think I made a mistake by coming….I have to go..”Lucy pleaded.

“Don’t be silly,Lucy. My….mum is around..I want you to meet her.” Ryan said and Lucy’s mouth flew opened.

“Your…what? Oh my God! Please..I have to go.” Lucy said struggling with Ryan who held her in place.
He made her sit down and sat beside her to prevent her from standing up.”Relax….Lucy…she’s not going to kill you,is she? I just want you to meet her.” Ryan said softly to her and Lucy decided to pick courage and sat still.

Benson had gone upstairs to notify Ryan’s mom who left her room immediately, burning with rage.
“A prostitute? In my house? “Ryan’s mom asked as she stepped into the living room.

Her eyes immediately went to Lucy and she stopped.

Lucy’s eyes flew wide open with perplexity as she slowly stood up on her feet.

Their action left the guys confused as they stared from the woman to the lady.

What was happening?.

Lucy’s was still staring at the woman in shook.

Ryan’s mother??

“You….what are you doing here??” Ryan’s mother asked, amazed………

Who’s she?? How come Lucy knows Ryan’s mother??
Just who is she!!??
Find out in the next thrilling episode!!..

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