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inlove with a prostitute - Episode Eight

Ryan stopped immediately as he saw the tears in Lucy’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“I know I walk down the street…I know I sell my body to men but you do not have to remind me!” Lucy cried.

“I’m sorry I did but it’s just too pathetic..” Ryan said as Lucy looked at him,getting up from the bed.

“Well,if all we are going to do is to sit down and talk,I’m going!” Lucy said, going back into the bathroom. She dressed and cane out,heading for the door.

“Where are you going to at this time of the night? Aren’t you scared of kidnap…rape?

Come in…it’s late already. Sleep in here while I go to the guest room.” Ryan said and got up too.

As he opened the door to go,Lucy dropped on the bed and broke into tears.

He closed back the door and went to sit beside her,putting one comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay.”

Lucy stopped crying and her face hardened as she stared ahead…
“I started sleeping with boys when I was 15.

My mother advised me to keep numerous boyfriends and collect money from them.

Then I got pregnant along the line…when I was not even prepared for it at all.

The guy who got me pregnant….Alfre
d….he denied it totally.

Although I went about sleeping around…..I used protection and I never got pregnant but when I met Alfred….I fell in love with him and we had sex uncountable times without using protection.

But he denied me totally and I took the pain alone.

After I gave birth to my daughter,u started seeing life in a different form and decided to turn a new leaf, promising to be a good mother to my daughter.

My mother tried to force me into what she was doing.

She wanted me to join her in what she was doing but I refused to do so.

She banned me from eating her food or spending any money that belonged to her…we are always quarrelling…we are ways in a brawl.

What was I to do?

I went out in search of a job and luckily,I found one in a school….as a teacher.

But tragedy stuck again. The principal wanted my body…in order for me to get the job.

He tried seducing me in his office but I slapped him,telling him I would never do such a thing.

He told me I should leave his office if I was not ready to do it.
I left.

But when I got home,I saw I was fighting a losed battle. I saw I had no other choice…no other option but to do it….so I went back to the school the next day.

But on getting to the office and opening the door,I saw something that made me look like a rag….like a piece of trash.

Right there in the office,the principal was with another female teacher… having her sucking his penis.

I turned and ran… turning deaf ears to his voice calling me back.
I ran.

I saw myself running….I did not know where I was running to bit I just knew I was running…that I had to run far away from such shame…then boom!!

A car knocked me down on the road and I became unconscious.
When I opened my eyes in the hospital bed,I knew life was not being fair to me.

I decided I had heard enough of being a good girl.

A good girl couldn’t put food on my table….a good girl couldn’t cloth me….a good girl could not take care of my baby….what was the use of it?

So..that night when we got home,I told my mum I was going to join her and do anything…just anything so I can be able to take care of my baby….” Lucy stopped talking as fresh tears ran down her face.

Ryan was deeply touched by her story. He reached out for her face, wiping the tears away.

“You’ve been through a lot…” He said and Lucy nodded. But she could not control the tears…more kept rushing out.

Ryan climbed up the bed with her and made her rest her head on his chest,putting his arms around her, allowing her tears to wet him.

“You did not even tell me your name.” Ryan told her softly,robbing his hand on her hair.

“Lucy…my name is Lucia ….”

Soon…she fell asleep in his arms.
The next morning,Lucy was sitting on the bed and wearing her shoes when Ryan came into the room.
He was already dressed.

“You are already awake…I thought you were still sleeping.” Ryan said smiling down at her.

“Yes…I guess I wasn’t up on time due to my headache but I’m set now. I will be going.”

Lucy said and stood up. She carried her bag and opened it, pulling out the bunch of money he gave her.

“Take back your money..you did nothing with me last night…so…I should return this.” Lucy said, stretching it to him.

Ryan folded his arms, looking at her. He shook his head.” No take it… for your time. It’s yours now.”

Lucy tried to talk. Her mouth moved to say something but she couldn’t. Instead,she found herself weeping again.

“You cried all night. Please stop.” Ryan said. Lucy sniffed and got hold of herself.

“Thank you very much….but I beg to take my leave now.” She said.

“Please don’t go yet….have breakfast with us before you go. I…will personally drop you off.” Ryan said as Lucy looked at him and saw a strange expression she couldn’t recognize.

They went downstairs and saw Benson and Felix, laughing and talking about their nights,in the living room.

They looked surprised to see Lucy still in the house. Other girls left as early as 6:30 am. It was already nine am.

“Good… morning.” Lucy stammered. She was suddenly ashamed of herself.

Ryan asked Lucy to seat and she did, putting down her bag.

She desperately wanted to stand up and leave but her kegs were weak.

They even refused to function.
Benson and Felix followed Ryan to the kitchen.

Lucy looked around the living room again. It was large and beautiful.

“Other girls left…why is she still here?” Benson asked Ryan.

“What’s wrong with that? She’s staying for breakfast.” Ryan replied.

“What? Break wettin? Wettin she dey break? Are you okay?” Felix asked.

Ryan sighed, looking at them.”What is wrong with you? Why are you against that?”

Lucy could hear their hushed tones.

She knew his friends were worried about her presence. Just then her phone rang. It was her mother.

” Hello,mum.” Lucy said,rather dull,into the phone.

”Lucy! Where are you!” Patricia asked, rather impatiently.

”I’m still…I’m not around yet.”

”Come home right now. Sam is waiting for you. He cane all the way from Abuja all because of you and guess what? Our lives will be changed forever! He has a big offer for you….just for a night… isn’t that amazing!” Patricia said at the other end.

Lucy went silent. She looked towards the kitchen, deciding what to do right now.

” Lucy,be quick. He’s waiting.”

Lucy stared on towards the kitchen….what is she going to do now? Leave this living room and go back to her mother…to her normal life?

Should I disappear right now….and never see him again? We had nothing together at first…. just business……why should I be here….in his house?

“At this time of the day…a girl like her is not supposed to be here.
 What if…what if..your mum comes in here right now and see her?

What are you gonna say? You know her very well.” Benson said.

“And what business of yours is that,you nose poker?” Ryan asked slowly.

“I’m not just your friend…but also your cousin.

I can’t watch you doing something wrong and you expect me to keep quiet.” Benson said again.

“She has to leave now.” Felix added.

“This is my house we are talking about!” Ryan said, amazed at his friends.” Just an ordinary breakfast?”

“No,she can’t.” They chorused.

Ryan sighed and left the kitchen, going back to the sitting room.

He stopped, looking frantically about the living room.

It was empty…. totally empty.
“Lucy? Lucy??…” Ryan called, running forward to the front door.
 He jerked it opened and ran out to the compound but Lucy was nowhere to be found…….!!

Has she taken the right decision??
Ryan’s friends are going to be another threat….how???
Find out in the next thrilling episode..!

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