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Empire - Finale


Empire - Chapter twenty-four


"Emilia Don't Do this... " Ben came rummaging through the crowd.
"Ben... But?? How Did you survive??" I asked he snickered at me.
"Harley provided a cover and Rocco Helped with Backup...." the side of his Lips were bruised, his hair was messed up it took everything in me not to run my fingers through his hair.
"Devante Son, I finally meet a blood of a Dark... " Ben pulled me closer him.
"So you are The Noah Dante I've heard so much about... " Ben said
"in the Flesh you picked the right day to attend our ceremony, come on Alaina keep your End of the Bargain... " I flinched from Ben's grip striding towards Noah but Ben pulled me back.
"Emilia?? "
"My name is Alaina I know nothing of the Emilia you speak of..." I sobbed quietly
"why did you hide the fact that you are the goddaughter of Silico... " I yanked away from his grasp.
"Who are you to talk.. You monster you are like everyone else in this room a liar you have no right to know about my past you don't know what I've been through my parents hid me away from my grandfather, they died a brutal death and I was Bethroted to him, if I told you what are the chances you won't gun me?? "
"I'm sorry I didn't want you end up like the rest I love you Alaina.... "
"I'm sorry I don't feel the same... " I said in a Sob.
"Alaina it's Time..." Noah said as I stride towards him fiddling with my fingers.
"I... "
A gunshot hit the ceiling interrupting me from saying my vows my eyes Darted to Harley or should I say Peyton flicking the end of her Gun.
"No one is saying any vows sorry I'm late to the party... " Harley said striding towards us
"Harley?? " that's all I could say.
"Emilia..... " I turned to see Becca with Liam by her side.
"Becca ??..... " I stuttered
"We Know you are Pregnant... " Everyone eyes widened in shock especially Ben's who more surprised than anyone else In the room.
"Emilia You're Pregnant?? " Ben asked my silence was my reply
"it doesn't matter if she's Pregnant or not say Your Vows...." I clenched tightly my fist.
"No, you can't tell me what to do, all this time I've been told what to do, but not anymore cause I don't follow your orders... "
"Don't make me change my mind about you think of decision now before you make it Alaina... "
"Alaina would have Listened to you my name is Emilia... " I said running back to Ben and the rest.
"Then so be it Alaina Kill the Boy and everyone in this room Leave Alaina... " he said heading up through a stair my eyes widened in Shock as they shot Kaden.
"Kaden... " Harley held on to my arm pulling me back as Kaden crumbled to the floor dressed with his own blood.
"We have to get out of here... " Harley warned
"Let me go.." I break into a sob but she gripped tightly to my upper arm as Kaden Dies slowly before my very eyes.
"I'm sorry Emilia but... " I yanked away from her grip prancing towards Kaden my arms lift his up his Limbs as his blood paints my gown.
"Kaden stay with me... You'll be alright please stay just a little longer please stay for me.. " tears flicked down my cheeks drizzling down on his cheeks washing away some blood, his fingers brushes my cheeks he forces a smile as I ran my fingers through his hair.
"I did my job it's time for me to go Princess, I love you this isn't an end, this is Just a beginning I watched you grow up into the crazy girl you are now.." he smiled
"Don't say that you'll survive I'll make sure of it, please don't go...." I sobbed
"I'm sorry Alaina make the right Decision I Love you but I think it's time we both let go you have a new family Don't think of it as a goodbye think of it as a new beginning Take care of Yourself.. " He breath his final words my head buried deep on his torso as my fingers dug through his clothes.
I looked around Ben, Emilia and Liam were shooting Noah's Men they were outnumbered while my men remained numb waiting for orders.
I searched through Kaden's pockets pulling out a Gun and a Knife, I ripped the dress sleeves off and ripped the outer layer of the gown.
I let my hair down grabbing a lock on it and chopping it off to shoulder Length, my fingers traced to Kadens blood as I mark my cheeks with his Blood, I looked up at Noah who was enjoying the battle in his comfort.
I ran into the middle of the battlefield as my eyes darted to my grandfather Soldiers.
"I am Alaina Deville the goddaughter of Silico Deville the battle line has been drawn.. Take down all of Noah's Men... " I said as they all obeyed my orders going after Noah's men one by one making it easier for Harley Liam and Ben.
"Help..Let me go..." I heard Becca cry as Noah tugged to her hair.
"Renounce Your Power now Or Your Friend Dies..."
"Emilia don't do this... " Becca squealed
"Shut up if I were you I'll be a good girl and not put myself in deeper than it already is.... " Noah said yanking her hair.
"This is Your Destiny...."
"Keep him busy I have a plan.. " Liam whispered and hide through the crowd.
"I wasn't Destined to murder, my parents had a reason to hide me from my grandfather he was a Murderer just like you nothing but a criminal... " I said
"it's funny though, you gave your Body to the person that Murdered Your Grandfather... " my eyes Darted to Ben who Looked remorseful meaning it's true.
"what's the Difference between Devante Son and me he's a Murderer too he's responsible for the Death of Silico... "
"Emilia.... I'm... " Ben said
"Don't apologize... " I cut him off
"My grandfather was responsible for the Death of many souls he deserved to Die just like you... "
"What makes you an exception, it's your Destiny Alaina it's in your Blood the murder the cries of Blood are in Your Blood and you can never run away from it before it's part of you, this is Life this is Your Empire.... " I spot Liam behind him and cocked on a Smirk.
"No it's Your Dream it's my Grandfather's Dream, yes this is my Life but they are my Empire.... " Liam punched him from behind as he let's go of Becca and they continue their Punching Scenario.
Becca ran towards me as Ben joins in the beat down of Noah, they left him lifeless.
"Ben, Liam it's enough he's not worth it let's Just go... "
"Cowards You are nothing Like your Grandfather, you are nothing but cheap and resilient .... " I pointed my gun at him.
"Look at You, Chicago's Biggest Mob boss couldn't live up to the Legacy and dies in the hands of his Bride... "
"You can't Kill me, you can't kill a Fly... " Noah Scoffed as my hand let go of the Gun but somebody already shot him.
"She can't Kill but I can.. " Ben said as everyone made their way towards me.
"I'm sorry Guys this wouldn't have happened if I didn't walk into you guys lives this wouldn't have happened it's all my fault.. " I sobbed
"Don't say that it's partially Liam's Fault... " Harley joked.
Ben yanked me away from the group hug.
He first glared at me then pulled me into a Hug.
"Why didn't you tell me??? "
"would you believe me if I told you I was some goddaughter?? "
"I Mean about the Pregnancy , why would you hide that from me?? " he asked
"Because I was afraid I didn't think you were ready to become a Father and.. " Ben shut me up with a Kiss and I didn't care if it was to shut me up or not.
We both disengage from the kiss.
"I love you Alaina... I really mean it Since you're supposed to get married will you Marry me.." he brings out a ring.
"It's Emilia and Yes... " he embraced me in a warm Hug.
"I called Rocco he'll be here to Clean up this Mess and Take Care of Kaden I'm sorry About him Emilia.. " Liam said and I just nod looking over at Kaden dead body.
"it's okay... "
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"Wait since I know about you guys am I getting initiated... " Becca said with a worried Look.
"We can arrange for that don't worry you won't get initiated... " Liam said as Becca heave a sigh of relief my eyes Darted to Harley who shot me a bemused smirk.
"You won his heart This Time eventually he'll leave you.. " she said was that a compliment or a threat oh well.


"Emilia... " Becca called
"Huh?? " I asked she pointed as the thousand of men marched forward, Ben Liam and Harley pulled out their Guns but they all stopped.
"They are bowing down to you You've shown you are worthy to rule Them Emilia .. " Harley said leaving me shocked.
"They are Your Army... " Ben Pushed me forward as I stood before thousands of Skilled killers.
"You are all Free your services are no Longer needed.. " I said as one of them stood up and stride towards me
"Thank you Alaina you have freed us from your Grandfather's Control we are Forever grateful... "
And one by one they Left.
"You just let them go??....." Harley said furious
"My Grandfather Captured them and turned them into his Personal Army it's the least I could do they are people not Soldiers... " I said as Becca came to hug me.
"Who is up for Pizza.. "
"When you said who's up for Pizza it didn't mean you should throw a party.. " Emilia said but I just ignored.
"Just Have Fun, this is like your baby shower you Sour Puss where's Ben by the way...?? " I asked
"He's Busy he's coming to pick me up and throwing a pizza party is the wrong way of organizing a baby shower.... " her phone Vibrated as Liam made his way towards us.
"I've got to go Becca I'll be back tomorrow.. " i just rolled my eyes as she left me with Liam.
"So about Fundraiser night ...i wanted to ask you a question?? "
"I didn't mean to kiss you it's ummh I'm sorry.... " Liam chuckled.
"I didn't mean that wanna go biking with me.. " he asked
"What happened to your car.. " I asked
"I Sold it so are you in?? "
"Is that a date?? " I asked
"Wanna Dance??... " he answered my question with a question I just smiled and took his hand.
"it's a Date then..."
I was in Ben's room glancing through a Laptop watching the news about Noah's Death and Daxton Death.
Ben barged in with a tank top and knee shorts climbing up the bed next to me.
"What are you looking at?? " Ben asked
"oh it's nothing.. " I said as Ben peeked a bit of what I was watching.
"Are you OK?? " Ben asked
"It's Just that I'm responsible for the Death of all those who my grandfather killed I can't help but feel worried... "
"why are you worried..? "
"What if this isn't the End what if this is the beginning what if there are others like Noah I'm scared.... "
"Then they will have to come through me First I won't let anyone touch you and Benjamin Junior... " my nose scrunch up on the name.
"Who gave you the right to name it that you don't even know it's Gender... "
"It's my Child too I have the right.. "
"We are not naming it Ben Forget it... " I slammed the laptop shut about to escape but Ben Pulled me back tossing me on the Bed as he climbed on me.
"Where Do you think you're going?? "
"get off me Dickhead... " I yelled but he snickered at me.
He pushed his head down over my ear as his lips grazed my ear lobe.
His hands trapped mine on the Bed as my eyes widen in shock.
"Get off me.... " I yelped
"Give me One Minute...." he whispered hoarsely
I quietly breathe as he Kisses my neck thrust down.
He looked back at me as our eyes locked in an intense stare
"Give me one minute to make you feel Special.." he said as he Lipped me in a Kiss.
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