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EMPIRE - Chapter twenty


Empire - Chapter twenty


Sipping on a glass of Heniken Daxton made his way towards me and huffing out my end of the cigarette, Daxton swipe it from my fingers and inhale, smoking a bit of it thinking of a plan.
"How can we part the two?... " Daxton asked
"I thought you had a plan?? " I voiced
"I do but we have no chance against Ben we'll get discovered before we carry it out its pointless... "
"Since he's probably in a relationship with her he has to Initiate her, right?? " I voiced
"And how will that be an advantage??"
"If she Knows about Ben's actual Job she'll have to be initiated... " I said
"Don't you know the rules Harley?? If she gets initiated and fails she'll Die Like the rest and Ben won't Let her get initiated the only way one can escape initiation is if one is betrothed to one of the Bosses the Same thing like Amira will apply for Emilia... "
"Yes, but if one is to be Married to escape the Initiation they have to be undergo the blood ritual, blood for Blood, that's the reason Amira Died right?? "
"How will that Help?? "
"When Emilia finds out about Ben she'll either be shocked or afraid and she'll eventually need someone to lead on since Ben Lied to her and that's when she comes to you.. " I said
"What makes you think Emilia won't just agree to the ritual to prevent the initiation.. "
"That Girl is weak she can't kill a Fly and you expect her to go on with the ritual, I think not and I'm not sure she'll have the heart to pick a gun..... " I sipped on my glass again wearing a nefarious smirk.
"And even if she does not go on with the ritual she has to pay with her Life... "
"And that's where you come in, you will think of something you are Daxton Stark ?? Just Create a Diversion or plan a Surgery or something I don't care all you, have to do is to play your Part when everything is put in place... "
"And how do you expect for Emilia to Find out, She won't believe me when I told her the other day that Ben's Dangerous and I'm sure she won't feel safe to even think you would advise her I'm right... " Daxton said as I play with my Drink.
"She doesn't need to hear it from you, she needs to see it for herself... "
"What do you have in mind?? "
"That Song at the Fundraiser about that Rebecca Torres I guess, Liam sang that song and I noticed the whole time he was staring at Emilia.. "
"The Two brothers have feelings for her... " Daxton said and I nod.
"Liam, sweet obedient Liam, I wonder what they see in that Bitch but it's an exception since you want her too... " I sipped the last chog and slammed my glass on the table.
"What's your Plan??..."
"You Know everyone is useful, you just have to figure out what they are good at and as For Liam his Feelings for this girl will be exploited...."
"Are you going to tell me your Plan?? " Daxton said smoking my stick and I snatched it from him and huffed a think smoke directly to his face.
"Be ready when Emilia needs comfort... " I said as Daxton cocked a grin.
"Ben are you sure you wanna tell her, think about the consequences she could get initiated... " Rocco voiced on the other side of the phone.
"She needs to Know and I have a back up plan" I said as I heard Rocco sigh.
"This is a stupid plan the back up plan was the same reason Amira Died Benjamin, do you expect Emilia to go through the ritual you are putting everything at risk it isn't worth it.. " Rocco growled
"but what if she's the one, what if she's my only hope for happiness, what if she's the only one that makes my heart beat again I've never felt this way before anyone except Amira.."
"Amira is Dead Ben move on Emilia may make your heart beat but you don't know her that doesn't give you any reason to tell her anything.. " Rocco voiced.
"But what if she's the one that Dippora talked about before she died.." I knew Rocco was upset about me still clinging on to that believe that's why I never actually bed more than once because I'm waiting for the right one.
"Dippora is Dead whatever she foretold before she died Is nothing but bullshit think straight Ben, Look I'm busy all I want you to do is to forget this nonsense Emilia is Just an average girl like the rest and risking her safety is something you don't want to do...." he grunted like it was a threat.
"What do you mean by That?? " I asked
"Remember that Trouble we talked about earlier in New York, it's coming...." Rocco whispered.
"Rocco I don't get you what are you talking about? "
"Good bye.... " Rocco cut like he was afraid and Cindy barged in with some documents.
"Where's Emilia ??" I asked
"She's Busy arranging the Files you requested should I call her attention?? " Cindy said
"No,.. Do you have the appointment for the next meeting.. " I said as Cindy nod and I looked down picking a ring out of my pockets.
"Here are the Files... " Cindy gasped on the sight of the ring.
"That's a very beautiful ring sir but doesn't that Look familiar like Dippora's ring..." Cindy complimented
"It is... " I said and as she gasped again
"what's Wrong?? " I asked
"Nothing Sir It's Just that, that ring belongs to the Next Heiress of according to Dippora, you Slide that ring into Amira's Finger before she died... Is there going to be a new Heiress.. " Shit Cindy is Just too smart, I just shot her A smile.
"No I just miss Dippora and it reminds me of her, please organise the rest of the schedules... " I said as Cindy bows and I looked at the Ring once more, I don't care what Rocco says I'm claiming Emilia.
I was in the Females Toilet facepalming myself I can't believe it, I pressed my head against the cubicle, I need to talk to Ben I was about to leave until some female Co workers came in if I remember they were Becky and Ivy, I creaked my door open they were putting on makeup, seriously how many artificial disguise do they need.
"I'm not supposed to talk but Cindy said she saw Dippora's Ring" Becky said as Ivy gasped.
"He Found another Heiress oh my God that girl who ever she is Lucky... " ivy squealed
"or you mean she's doomed remember what happened to Amira it's still a mystery and even the girls before her disappeared... "
"Yeah but Amira's different suddenly Ben and her were engaged and boom Amira Disappeared and still no word from Ben on what happened it's a shame people won't even debate on the fact to sue it actually could confirm the rumors that This Company is actually a Cult.... " Ivy said
"you believe that dumb rumor oh please if it was actually a cult we'll be all dead but I think it's kinda suspicious of the disappearance and not one word was said about them.. " Becky said
"Yeah but What if it is everyone keeps changing like Peyton and when she sets foot in the company she's known as Harley Quine what happened to her after she left... " Ivy said applying a hint of lipgoss.
"At least She came back alive after she disappeared but something tells me this company had something to do with her change.. " Becky said
"or do you mean Ben after that Sex scandal got leaked in the Internet why won't she change...." Ivy said
"What if she went through something like a ritual or initiation it kinda connects you know she once wore a purity ring for eighteen straight years and instantly decides to give her body to Ben and mysteriously disappeared and comes back looking like a bitch definitely that's not an ordinary transformation it has to be the work of something more powerful than a cult.... " Becky said
"Whatever I still get why she would give her body to Ben who wouldn't.... "
"But who could be the new Heiress?? " Becky asked smacking her lips.
"Maybe it's Emilia... " I nearly choked but held back my it back.
"Who's Emilia??? " Becky growled
"You know his new Toy...oh I forgot you weren't here when she first started, she's Ben New Fuck Toy, Slim, kinda Curvy and the eyes of everyone guy here, you know that song Liam sang at the Fundraiser, I heard he wrote the song for her... " Ivy said
"Wait are you serious?? " Becky growled
"Yeah they've been hanging out lately and she's been doing a great job locking the two brothers in her dark spell, seriously she must be A witch or something can you believe Ben picked her to go to the business trip in New York and she hasn't work for the company that long.... " Ivy said
"As if, Ben will just get under her skirt eventually and when he's done with her she's history... " Those words were like a dagger driven down my heart, I sobbed quietly and eventually pushed past the door to see they were gone.
I wiped my tears as my phone vibrated.
@Becca -- Are you Home?? Or are you still at work I'm ordering Pizza extra Large.
@Me -- microwave mine I think I might be held back at work.
@Becca --Just admit you wanna eat at Ben's Place instead of giving excuses I understand
@Me -- it's not about Ben Besides I'm coming home Jeez I'm just being held back now OK ...
@Becca --I'm inviting Liam then
My brows Furrowed what does she have with Liam and why isn't she hanging out with Anthony, that's another Mystery to solve.
@Me --Sure invite Liam my break is over.
I shoveled my phone down my pockets brainstorming the familiar name.
"Dippora??? " that name sounds familiar, I pulled out my phone and googled it there were many results but I clicked on one.
"Dippora the Queen of Mischief, The Queen of Hearts the Devils Daughter and also the Heiress died peacefully in her sleep, the ex wife of Devante Dark.... " I gasped on reading the last part
Dippora is Ben's mother
My phone Vibrated as Sylvia glared at me.
"Drop it if it's Emilia... "
"It's a Strange number... " I looked down hoping probably it's Emilia but it's from Becca.
@Becca - hey it's Becca are you by any chance Allergic to Pizza
@Me -- that would be a sin
@Becca --Pizza at my place, you in??
I stopped and put my phone down as Sylvia looked at me.
I looked back at my phone
@Me --it better be hot
@Becca ---it won't be the only thing Hot
I chuckled lightly
@Me --- See you till then
"Finally you're Dating someone else... " Sylvia blurted out almost immediately and I glared at her until Harley pushed past the door and stride towards me.
"Miss Peyton I.... "
"Zip it Pweni get at back I need to have a little chat with Liam... " Harley said cutting off Sylvia and surprisingly she obeyed the power of idolizing.
"What do you want?? " I asked
"Do you have something like a Beer could do, didn't your mother teach you how to entertain your guest... " Harley spat.
"The Door is that way same with your Sanity get out Peyton... " She growled on the mention of her real name it's her weakness and I know why.
"You should Talk...you don't even know what I have for you... " Harley said
"What could I possibly want that I could be interested... " I said
"Ben Wants to make Emilia the next Heiress."
"How come I wasn't aware about this??"
"You Know Ben doesn't want Emilia to know the secret of the Company so he decided that he would make her the next Heiress in secret... "
"What is Ben Thinking he's risking Emilia safety if they found out she was the next Heiress without being initiated she'd be killed ... " I said
"That's where you come in, tell her the truth Liam.... "
"But.... "
"What good will it do in endangering her if she is going to get engaged she needs to know who Ben is.....tell her.... "
"Emilia where are you off to?? " Cindy asked as I Clinged tightly to my purse.
"Home, Becca said it's Pizza night... " though it's true I wanted to get out of here I need to do research.
"OK Be Careful... "
"Where's Ben?? " I asked
"Oh he went to some Meeting.. " She stuttered and something isn't right like she knows something.
"OK.... " I said striding out but Cindy called my attention.
"Emilia he had a reason..." my brows furrowed on her statement and I didn't want to find out any further.
I only nod heading out of the Building.
My phone vibrated, seriously can't I get a break.
I picked up my phone.
@Liam --meet me at the old abandoned warehouse it's important.
I just stared at my phone it sounds urgent, shrugged and it isn't that far though so I decided to walk the distance, it was shivering and most of the lights were dimmed shut, I brought out my phone to check out the time.
09:45pm what could be so urgent that Liam texted me to meet him here.
I got a call from Becca but ignored and muted my phone
I stood in front of the warehouse something made me to go in without thinking twice.
"Hello?? Liam I'm here what's important?? " I yelled and saw a ray of Light within a creak door and peep through, I saw hundreds maybe thousands all lined up.
"I'm sorry..." instantly the man was shot dead revealing Ben with a gun by his side as everyone shrieked back in fear.
My eyes widened in shock
"Ben's a Killer" I said in my thoughts until a pair of hands virtually blinded me and abducted me as I struggle until they put me down.
"Master we caught a Spy what shall we do with her... " they put me down in their midst as I bowed.
"Emilia??? " Ben said as he made his way towards me but I backed up.
"What are you doing here?? " Ben asked surprised.
"Daxton was right about you, you are Dangerous.... " tears raced down my cheek recalling our moments together they meant nothing to him because he's cold-hearted and a beast.
"Emilia?? "
"What are you.... " I said as everyone looked at us waiting for Ben's reaction and he sighed.
"I'm a Mafia Boss.... " he said and I gasped
"That's means Darks Empire is actually a.. "
"It's a Cover up Emilia...." what have I done I gave my body to a Mafia Boss.
Anymonous Pov
Sipping on my glass slowly drowning in my bitterness.
"Alaina is Found We tracked her " Dexter said as he marched In my office.
"Did the boy finally Talk... " I said amused that he finally broke down.
"No Sir he didn't give us answers so I tracked the Train she boarded she's in Detroit and Apparently I fear she's already been Claimed.."
"Who dare Touches what's Mine... " I growled
"Detroit's Mob boss... "
"I thought Devante was Dead?? "
"His Son took over.....And he's Touched Alaina...my master shall we declare Amargeddon on Detroit..."
"not yet Track Down Alaina and prepare the Jet we are going to pay respects to our Friends...." I said.
"What about the Boy?? " Dexter asked
"Track down Alaina first she'll watch the one she Loves die before her very eyes that will teach her a lesson... And as For the one that Marked her he will face my wrath... "


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