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EMPIRE - Chapter twenty-two


Empire - Chapter twenty-two
Theme: DOOM 



"Emilia is pregnant.... " shocked I went blank in a second, Emilia was pregnant that means Ben touched her.
"Idiot...I'm an idiot this is all my fault... " I said
Rebecca shot me a confused look falling to my knees I pushed out my legs leaning back against the door Becca expression grimaced in pity and confusion.
She sat down next to me.
"You are not responsible for the Pregnancy are you?? " she asked and I shook my head.
"then why are you hard on yourself.. " Rebecca asked
"Because I knew this would happen, I was supposed to protect her but I let my feelings for her get in the way now I failed as a friend and as her family she doesn't deserve this this is all my fault... " I clenched tightly my fist, Becca fingers trailed down to my knuckles caressing them.
"What's been done has been done and I Blame myself anyways it's my fault too when she was confused about her feelings I told her to take a risk, this is me written all over it, it's all partially your fault besides she Loves Ben.. " I jerked back how does she know Ben.
"Ben??? "
"yeah Ben is her Coworker that's what she told me.. " Becca said as my phone rang.
"Hello??... "
"Liam they Have Emilia... " I heard Harley from the other side of the phone.
"Who has Emilia?? " I asked
"Noah Dante.... " I gulped down and I'm a little bit confused.
"Wait up what does the most powerful mob boss have with Emilia? " I asked
"Don't you get it Liam she's the Lost goddaughter of Silico Deville... " Harley said, my eyes widened in shock wait so Emilia is Alaina Deville Silico goddaughter.
"How's that even possible Alaina was declared missing for five years after the brutal death of her parents... " I asked
"I don't know Liam I'm just as confused as you are Rocco is already on the case behind the Mystery so far the only one that can disclose about the Connection between Emilia and Noah is Emilia but right now they have her and want to Declare War.. "
"if Emilia is really Silico's goddaughter then Detroit is.... "
"Doomed... " Harley said finishing my sentence.
"What of Ben what's his say?? "
"Rocco said we need to evacuate and leave Detroit as soon as we Can but Ben declined he isn't going without Emilia and he's ready to pick up a Fight... "
"Does he know he's actually brought Doom on Detroit for touching a Sacred bred, Silico's men are the most powerful and Dangerous men on battle we will all die trying to even start a war.... " I said
"Ben already made up his mind, his Decision is Final and you know nothing can change his mind.. "
"What about Emilia??? Where is she being Held.. "
"That's why I called you, Ben needs you to track her down and keep us updated we are trying to call back up in case I only advise you to be careful... " I nod hanging up as Becca shot me a confused look.
"Becca you need to go home I have work to attend to... " she fold her arms squinting her eyes shut.
I pushed past her but she grabbed hold on to my wrist and I stopped.
"I don't know what's going on but I know Emilia is trouble and I'm not going to sit down and hope that everything is alright Emilia is my friend and I'm coming whether you like it or not I care too...and I'm not going to let go.......not until you let me come with you... " she said I sighed cause she was serious.
"Fine but before we venture out to find Emilia there are some things you need to know don't freak out... " I said as she nods.
"what's worse than knowing Emilia is Pregnant.. "
"Emilia is actually Pregnant for Benjamin Dark and he is a Mafia Boss.... "
"I know....wait what??? "
My eyes slowly open blinking my blurred vision became clear.
I was still wearing what I had on before I was kidnapped, I sighed trying to get up but the chains hugged my wrist and bound me down.
I tried slipping out of the chains but bruised it more I stopped before I actually bleed my wrist it wasn't worth it.
My hands trailed up my hair searching for my pin, my heart sank it wasn't there anymore.
"Looking for This?? " I looked up to see Noah the Devil himself holding up my pin I hissed under my breath as he threw he Pin far away from my grasp.
"This time you won't escape... " I rolled my eyes at his stupid smirk.
"Where am I?? " I asked
"Relax we are Still in Detroit just hiding... "
"How did you find me??? " I asked
"Kaden...... " my heart sank on the mention of Kaden's name
"You think I'll fall for your little play I know you killed Kaden before my very eyes and even if Kaden was alive he would never tell you where I was... " I spat
"Kaden is very much alive believe it or not and after a little chat he finally gave up your hiding spot and that's how we found you... " I couldn't believe and I won't believe it Kaden is Dead he died before my very eyes.
"I know what you are doing and your plan won't work you Bastard.. " I said
"Then would you like to see Kaden yourself?? bring in the boy" my heart skipped a beat as they rolled in Kaden strapped in a Doug my heart cried on seeing his bruises his scar, he was only clad on jeans that were ripped and dirty.
"Alaina.... " she voiced my name in a whisper I looked directly into his eyes, they were filled with pain and a thousand misery, I know what they did to him he's been tortured for my sake to protect me.
"Kaden... " tears raced down my cheeks I tried to get up and hug him but I was being pulled back by my chains.
"I'll leave both alone...." Noah said said releasing Both me and Kaden as Kaden fell to my arms.
"You have Five minutes.. " Noah said as they left us alone.
I ran my fingers through Kadens hair something I usually do when I'm scared it always annoys him but this time he forces a smile.
"I miss that .." he said grabbing hold of my hand intertwining his fingers with mine.
"You're lying you always hated that... " I broke into a sob as his grin grew wider.
"I never told you I hated it... "
"I'm sorry Kaden if only I listened to you we would have escaped together, we could have started a new life together we could have been free but no I didn't listen and I you had to pay for it and look where it brought me to..... " my eyes well up my tears slowly dribbled down on Kadens face.
"You didn't know, don't cry OK... I promise your parents I wouldn't make you sad smile for me... " Kaden said
"We will get out of here I promise... " Kaden smile disappeared which worried me.
"What's wrong?? " I asked
"Alaina you can't run away from your Destiny..... " he sounded off, the Same person that risked his life for mine, something is definitely wrong
"Excuse me?? " I asked
"You are the goddaughter of Silico, you are the last bred many would kill to have you because anyone that claims you first owns you that's why your parents Bethroted you to Noah because they knew you'd be safe with him...." I shot him a confused look.
"What are you talking about??? You said Noah Killed my parents"
"I lied to you... "
"Kaden what happened who put you up to this, this isn't you talking are they threatening you don't give in be strong... " I said
"It's the truth, Noah is your Bethroted he's here to protect you, Being the goddaughter means you grant who touches you inevitable power, Noah is the only one that you need... "
"I'm afraid I can't... " Kaden's eyes widened in shock
"What do you mean you can't ??"
"I'm sorry Kaden I gave my body to Benjamin Dark... "
"The King of Detroit ??" Kaden asked and I nodded.
Kaden got up and embraced me in a hug as his lips brushes my earlobe.
"Do you Love Ben?? " he whispered lowly only for me to hear I looked around CCTV cameras were planted everywhere they were eavesdropping on our conversation that's why he's been speaking gibberish I slowly pat his back.
"I don't know ??"
"What makes you think so?? "
"He lied to me, he's a Mafia boss this whole time and I was just his toy and if Noah finds out about it I'm not sure he'll spare me... "
"Every one has a reason to Lie because the truth is always bitter, the same way your parents had a reason to lie to you they were descendants of Silico to protect, they loved you Alaina and they could keep that secret away from you for your safety trust me That Ben Dark is the least of your issue... "
"How do I know I love him... "
"Your Heart will tell you in the Battlefield... I'm sorry... " he kissed my cheeks leaving me confused as Noah made his way in separating the both of us.
"Escort him back to his chamber I have to chat with Alaina... " Noah said as they escort Kaden out.
"What did you tell him?? " I asked
"When he heard you were found he offered his life as a price for your freedom but I think instead of wasting his precious life you marry me and let him go... " I gulped down my saliva.
"What makes you think I'll believe you that you'll just let him go?? "
"I haven't killed him right??? And think of it you are the reason he went through hell just think about it you'll rule by my side and Kaden will be free all you have to do is to renounce Silico's power to me during our vows and I'll let him go don't you want him to be free... "
Don't you know the rules, you have claim me first and I'm not sure that's going to happen."
"I know you are Pregnant for Devante's Son and it's being arranged for the baby's abortion during the ceremony the baby will be aborted and you will say your vows in front of every soldier that will see you in pain that you will renounce your power over to me......"


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