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EMPIRE - Chapter twenty-three


Empire - Chapter twenty-three


"So, let me get this straight I've been accomadating a Mafia Princess not only that but the goddaughter of some Silico Deville and Emilia which is actually Alaina is Pregnant for Benjamin Dark your Half brother and the Mob boss of Detroit, this whole time I've been living with Mafias... " Becca said trying to peice everything together she even got me confused.
I just nodded as a reply leaving her stunned into silence.
"Peyton Vera is also one of you guys?? " she asked and I just nod and somehow she was starting to get it.
"It makes sense but the thing I don't really understand is the disappearance of previous employees and how Peyton was fortunate to survive and not disappeared like the rest... "
"Peyton was the only one that survived the initiation, the rest weren't Lucky they were mainly targeted my enemy Mafias to get close to Ben and when they were infiltrated they were killed and not spoken about, Ben decided to close the Platform after Amira Died.... "
"She too wasn't fortunate right?? "
"actually hers was different, Ben fell in love and decided to save her from the initiation once you find out about the source of The companies Power you have to be initiated..."
"initiated how ??" Becca asked
"You will have to take down one of the most powerful soldier down and if you fail sudden death will be granted unfailingly... "
"How Did Amira Die??? "
"For you to escape the initiation you must participate in a ritual blood for Blood also know as B•B, Ben couldn't save Amira and she didn't stand a chance... "
"I don't get the big deal of being a goddaughter, why is Emilia so Sacred for some reason because of the title... " Becca said
"Silico Deville was the talk of every gangster or Mafia group in the country he owns the strongest and the most deadliest army that only obey his commands, one soldier could take down a thousand chariots, anyone who was foolish enough to wage war brings doom on themselves... "
"Then what does Emilia have to do with her Fiance?? "
"with what I know Noah was Silico's Little Nephew at that time, Emilia Father wanted no part In his Father's Dirty business and married and they had Emilia, Silico was Disappointed in his son not following after his steps but decided to get close to his granddaughter, Emilia was Bred perfectly like a sheep without her parents knowledge when they found out they hid her and was assigned a guardian, not too long Emilia's parents died a mysterious Brutal death claiming their lives, Emilia was taken back to her grandfather and she was Bethroted to Noah the next morning Silico Died after the Engagement, Noah was crowned the new boss and Emilia went into hiding... and she was never heard from again until now... "
"But since Silico is dead and Noah is the New Boss what does he need Emilia for?? "
"Emilia being the goddaughter means she possses the power to control her grandfather's Soldiers, thousands of soldiers trained to obey her every word, good or bad they only listen to her and since Ben claimed her that means... "
"He owns her... Meaning Emilia isn't safe.. "
"Excuse me??
"Think about it Liam Since Ben claimed her that means Noah chances of possessing her are fruitless and he might do just about anything to make he posses such power if he finds out about Emilia's Pregnancy how much do you wanna bet he's going to abort it and make her renounce her power over to him, we need to Find Emilia... " Becca said
"so you have two options Marry me or watch the one you Love Suffer... " he said I didn't have a choice did I??
"you promise you will let Kaden free if I marry you and renounce my authority to you.. " I gulped down hard.
"as you wish...you keep your half of the bargain I keep mine" he said
"I succumb... " I said as he wore a Devilish smirk.
"You are doing the right thing Alaina, just one more thing you have cut all contact with Kaden, he's being released and will be brought in to see you one last time.. "
"So you want me to end all ties with Kaden.. "
"Yes, he will still be available at the ceremony I don't want you close to him or else you're risking his safety and freedom after today your relationship with him ends... "
"Kaden is Like a brother to me how will he affect your plans.. "
"Brother or not you end it now... " immediately Kaden was brought in as Noah exits and leaves us both.
"Alaina are you OK what did he say to you?? " I looked over the CCTV cameras everywhere I clenched my fist tightly.
"I'm going to marry Noah... " I said almost immediately leaving Kaden flabbergasted
"Excuse me?? Where is this Coming from I'm your guardian for a good reason, your parents put me in charge of your safety before you die... "
"I know you've been in charge of my life and I've done nothing but brought woe and problems, you were tortured because of me Kaden, you don't deserve that.. "
"I swore to protect you it's my job.. " he said
"it's Inhumane.... You have Scars and bruises marked on your body because of me, when I thought you died I couldn't do anything right I always had nightmares I couldn't sleep I couldn't forgive myself putting you at risk is just inhumane and I've made up my mind I'm getting married to Noah... "
"Alaina what did he say to you, this isn't you talking, remember why we ran away, remember why you're not supposed to Marry him don't let him get to your head... "
"I've made up my mind I'm getting married to Noah... " I said, Kaden looked upset at my decision, I'm taking a big risk.

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"You are taking a risk too big to mend on later if you Marry Noah should I remind you that he will have Valid authority over your grandfather's army, think about the innocent people he's going to use them on Alaina, think about millions of lives you are putting at risk Alaina don't do this... " he interwined his fingers with mine as I flinched from his grip a tear slides down my cheek
"My decision still stands...this conversation is over... So is our friendship... " my heart broke on mentioning those words but it's for his freedom, finally he can be free without me while I face what I was born to do.
"Alaina don't do this... " Kaden cried but I didn't give a cry.
"I'm sorry... " I said as Noah walked in wearing a satisfying smirk, Kaden glared at him.
"You did this didn't you what did you tell her??" Kaden growled
"Nothing she finally came around and I must say I'm impressed, you are to thank for this if only she didn't hear about your Bargain... Well you've served her well and I have to keep to my end of the Bargain, shall we pick out your ceremonial dress Alaina.. " I nod ignoring Kaden's glare.
"Alaina please..." this is finally his time to be free he doesn't deserve to suffer for my sake and providing him freedom is one way to stay.
"My mind is already made up I'm sorry...." I said as Noah smirked and Kaden leaves the room upset.
I fizzled dried my tears which won't stop running.
"Now you have one last thing to do... " Noah said
I was at the Company with Harley hoping to track down Emilia until I got a video call from an unknown number.
I answered the call, the video call revealed Emilia being chained down and screaming.
"Help... " Emilia piercing scream sunk my heart she was in pain.
"If you want to see her Alive show up alone at the old abandoned church in Empire city... " the voice said as the video call was hanged up.
"That's over at New York... " Harley said snatching my phone away from my grasp doing hell knows what.
"What are you doing??" I Finally asked
"Forwarding it to Liam so he can meet us there, come on we don't have time.. " Harley said.
We were at Becca's Place, the place was messed up we decided to look for clues or anything that can help track down Emilia until my phone vibrated.
"A clue?? " Becca asked pushing her head out she got tired and decided to microwave the pizza she ordered.
"No Harley texted me a video.. " she sat down next to me on the couch with spices of Pizza.
"if you want to see her alive show up at the old abandoned church in Empire City... "
"isn't that in New York??? " Becca asked In Dismay
"Yeah it is that means they have her captive in New York.... " I put down my phone as Becca grabbed it.
"I Know this Place it's not in New York it's in Detroit and it's an old abadoned Penthouse down the street ..."
"You mean that Old Hotel that everyone says it's Haunted....meaning this Video is a trap we need to warn Ben and Harley... "
"No we need to Save Emilia before it's too late just call them on the way... " Becca said

"Emilia..." I yelled as my Echo bounces back
"There's no one here.. " Harley voiced as we look around the Church and suddenly heard a ticking sound.
"That's weird.....is it only me or do I hear Ticking like a Bomb... "
My phone vibrated in my pocket as the unknown timer kept ticking
"Ben Get out of there the place is been rigged with bombs... " but immediately the bombs went off.

"they died in the explosion as you wished sir...." Noah smirked on the news a tear escaped from my eyes drizzling down my cheeks, I didn't even get to see Ben one last time and now he's Dead all thanks to me.
"Good... No one touches what's mine schedule the ceremony to commence... " Noah said as his errand boy or should I say Dexter left leaving us both
"hope you remember your Vows... When you hear Melodies that's your queue don't disappoint... " he said and left leaving me looking intently at my mirror.
I was wearing a Red bridal gown that's the tradition we must wear red in the ceremony.
I heard the melodies as I get up sighing and head outside where the Ceremony was being held my eyes widened in shock on the number of Men or Soldiers that were here to see their Leader give off her power to her Bethroted.
They looked harmless and average but on the inside they were certified beast trained to listen to my command but not anymore.
I stride towards Noah fiddling with my fingers sighing I looked back at Kaden who was guarded until a say my vows.
The Ceremony began as all eyes darted to me and Noah.
"The Princess shall say her vows bestowing Silico's authority over to you... " my eyes darted to Noah a grin worked it's way to his lips.
"Emilia.... Don't do this... "


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