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EMPIRE - Chapter twenty-one


Empire - Chapter twenty-one


"So you killed Amira and the rest right?? " I voiced out
"how did you know about Amira?? " Ben growled
"Answer me... " I cried unknowingly tears flow down my cheeks.
Everyone was shocked on my expression especially Ben who wore a remorseful look I think I don't know anymore.
"Emilia... I'm sorry you weren't supposed to find out... " I got up from my crippled position wiping my tears away from my eyes.
"You are no Different from Noah... " I sobbed as he tried to reach out to me but I flinched backing from his grip.
"Stay away from me you monster, so all those times you lied to me and you deceived me and I foolishly believed you and worse I gave you my body I was nothing more than your Toy what have you done?? " I yelled at the top of my voice throwing everyone who was in the room in pandemonium.
"Emilia... "
"Stay back ....i don't want anything to do with you, if he finds me he'll kill me and it too... " I cried the more I'm nothing more than doomed and if he finds me he won't spare me this time.
One of them tried gripping their hold on me but I flinched from their grip, darting to his trusty gun and getting a tight grip on it and pointing it at Ben.
"Emilia drop the Gun... " I shook my head gripping tightly to the end of the gun.
"I'm sorry Emilia I wanted to tell you I love you... " my tears couldn't hold back
"it won't work on me I'm not a Fool I'll never Forgive you..." I said letting go of the Gun tossing it to the floor.
My eyes darted to the exit and I broke into a Sprint through the crowd pushing past until I heard Ben call my name I don't know what made me stop but I did.
"You promised you wouldn't Leave... " I held back my tears and turned to face him.
"You promised you wouldn't hurt me who broke theirs first... " I looked intently in his eyes I saw remorse in his eyes.
"Don't go... "
"goodbye... " I said sprinting out of the Warehouse in tears, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me I stopped brainstorming where I should crash in.
I can't crash at Rebecca's cause that's where Ben will eventually Look there's only one person that Ben will not think to look for me.
My phone vibrated I looked at it, it was Rebbecca.
I looked intently at the phone, now I've done it I can't risk her safety I wanted to pick it up but I shrugged off.
"it's for your Safety Rebecca... " I threw my phone to the floor and stepped on it until it broke into smattering.
Ben Bought me that phone and can easily track me down with it so breaking it will take him off my scent.
"The Person you are trying to reach is no longer available or doesn't exist.. " my heart sank, she was reachable a minute ago.
I tried calling her again but I got the Same message I tossed my phone on my couch.
Something isn't right about Lia, First it was the business trip and now she's Dating Ben whoever that is and Lately she's being acting weird and secretive, where does she even work???
I slouched back into the Couch until the door Bell rang, I quickly dashed to the door and opened it to see the Pizza Delivery guy.
"oh it's you, I think I have your money here somewhere I'll be with you in the moment... " I said digging through the couch, I dug out some money and something else but didn't care to know and I head back to the Pizza guy and paid him his money.
"Hey you're Becca Torres that girl who did the Fundraiser, wow I was thinking if you wanna hang out sometime... " Did he just ask me out.
"Ummh I'm sorry I'm already seeing someone... " I said nicely but slammed the door against him and put the pizza on the table and my eyes darted to the strange object as my eyes widened in shock.
"Oh my God... " my eyes darted to my phone as I dropped the object and dialed Liam's number.
Pick up, pick up, pick up
"Hey this is Liam.....I'm busy right now leave a message... " it said.
I didn't have time to leave a voicemail.
"Liam it's Becca call me back when you get this it's important... " I said cutting the call and sat down I can't just sit and do nothing I put the object in my purse and grabbed my coat and some money and my keys, I'm going to Liam's.
"You Told her.... " I Clinged tightly to Liam's collar.
"What are you talking about?? " Liam grunted in my grasps.
"You Told her didn't you so you can have her all to yourself, you are nothing but a Bastard." I said hurt.
"What are you talking about?? " Liam asked and I tossed him over to the other side of his shop.
"You Showed Emilia to the Old Trafford Warehouse... "
"Why would I do that, that's where most of your meetings are held would I be that selfish to risk Emilia safety... " Liam said
"Then how did she know?? " I growled
"I don't know I didn't even talk to Emilia Today..." he froze on reaching out to his Phone.
"Peyton...... " he voiced.
"What about Harley?? " I asked
"She came earlier telling me to inform Emilia about you making her Your Heiress Secretly.." I shot Liam a Confused Look.
"I didn't plan on making Emilia Heiress Secretly ....." I said
"That explains the text... " Liam displayed the text on his phone.
"Someone Texted Emilia to meet her there and the only person that was with me the entire time... " Liam said
"it was Peyton.... " I growled and stormed out leaving Liam

"Drink it will Help.. " Daxton said striding towards me with handing me a glass I didn't care what it was I just took it anyways.
"You were right he is Dangerous, I even knew and chose to ignore it... " I said indulging whatever was in the glass into my system.
"How Do you feel?? " Daxton asked
"Used... Stupid and incorrigible... " I sighed taking another swing and everything started getting dizzy.
"he used me, all those moments was just for him to take advantage of me and at the End dump me like he did with probably Amira and the rest I'm doomed if he Finds me... " I sipped on my Drink again.
"Ben?? He won't Find you.. " I shook my head receiving brutal migraines as I try to recollect everything.
"No... I gave my body to Ben something Sacred that was meant for him...." Daxton scrunched up his brow in confusion.
"Who is He?? " Daxton asked in confusion
"it doesn't matter... " I said feeling a little bit dizzy
Daxton got up from his seat as he made his way towards me taking my glass away from me slowly pushing me down.
"What are Your Plans?? " Daxton leaned on closer as his Knuckles brushes down my arm at once a pang of memories hit me.
"Don't Touch me... " I squealed but Daxton didn't stop as his fingers pushed up my chin and made my lips pucker in full.
"What's been done has been done, He hurt you Emilia what stops you from hurting him... I won't hurt you like he Hurt you I Love You... " his Lips crashed against mine gripping tightly to my upper arm I struggle to free from his grasp as he tries to force his way in my mouth, a tear races down my cheek, his hands trailed up to my button as he Climbed on me.

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I pushed Daxton off me in one full Jerk sprinting out from his grasp.
"He will hurt you... " I heard Daxton grunt and I stopped.
"So Will you... "
I barged into Harley's room she looked surprised.
"Ben what are you? "
"You were the one that texted her didn't you??" she acted surprised.
"Ben why you would you even think I would be selfish enough to do that?? " she asked
"Because you are a Maniac... You are obsessed, why won't you get over it was an accident Peyton... " I said
"You saw it as an accident but I didn't Ben I always Loved you.. "
"What happened to Her??? What happened to my Best Friend, what happened to the girl that always went to Sunday School, what happened to the girl that wore a purity ring for Eighteen straight years, what happened to once pure, what happened to Peyton... " I said
"She died along with the rest, I love you, I still love you and no matter how I try to have you you always have excuses... I got initiated I made sure any girl that was a threat to me got initiated and Died and when that didn't succeed with Amira I killed her myself.... "
"I thought you said the ritual was unsuccessful... "
"It was Unsuccessful and I was given the honors to Kill her.... I gave you my heart, I gave you my Loyalty, I gave you my Body and I gave you.... "
"I didn't ask, I didn't ask for your heart, I didn't beg for your Loyalty and I didn't mean to hurt you, I get it that night meant something to you.. I was drunk, you know I wouldn't touch you unless I was I'm sorry....I'm sorry I lead you on, I'm sorry I made you feel like a whore, I'm sorry I hurt you, I didn't ask for Harley I want Peyton back and I want her to forgive me... " I said as a tears Flow freely down her cheeks.
"let's go..... " she said.
"Excuse me?? " I asked
"Emilia is with Daxton.... "
I head back to the Apartment as the Drink wore off I sluggishly pushed past the door, the house was Empty meaning Becca isn't home.
It's good cause I need to leave and I'm sure she wouldn't be happy if she found out.
I brought out my Backpack my only friend, o sighed packing what I needed at least I have money, this time I'll rent my own place, I quickly packed some clothes I didn't need the one that reminds me of New York.
-ρяσмιѕє мє уσυ ωσυℓ∂и'т ℓєανє
-ι ωσи'т ℓєανє
-чσu prσmíѕєd чσu wouldn't lєαvє
-чσu prσmíѕєd чσu wouldn't hurt mє whσ вrσkє thíєrѕ first.
I've overstayed my welcome and I don't need to stay longer than I plan.
I didn't even get to say goodbye to Becca I'm going to miss her, I spotted her small Compat phone the one she gave to me to call her to pick me up, I haven't used it much ever Since Ben bought me a new one which I currently just smashed into smattering.
I picked up the phone, maybe something I'll use to remember her by or I'll call her when I get to the subway.
I picked up the phone and put it in my pockets and pulled out my Jacket, a piece of paper fell to the floor curious I picked it up heading out of the apartment and slamming the door behind me.
I recognize the paper it's the one that Rocco gave to me back in New York, I didn't even get to read it.
I fly out the paper to get a quick glance.
"I know Emilia isn't your real name, something about you predict trouble call me back when you get this 555-234-652" it read and immediately I pulled out the phone and dialed the number.
"Hello.... Rocco.. "
"I was wondering when you would call.... Ben is... Don't forget... You are... " I couldn't hear a thing like we were breaking up.
"Rocco I can't.... " the Phone escaped from my grip as something or someone shot me and I fell to my knees.
"Going Somewhere Alaina... " my heart stopped instantly my lips quivered in fear and my heart couldn't stop beating as he pushed up my chin in his grasp.
"Noah??? " I stuttered
"I'm taking you home... "

Me and Harley drove to Daxton's place it was quiet we let ourselves in since we got no reply.
"Daxton the Deal is off release Emilia....oh my God..." Harley said as she gasps on sighting Daxton in his pool of Blood he looked like he was shut.
"Where is Emilia??? " I asked hoping she is safe.
"I don't know but whoever was here probably has her.... " Harley said
"This couldn't be any ordinary petty robbery this was more like an attack and they have Emilia with them Look around maybe we could scout for clues what attacked Daxton..." I said as Harley nods and we split
"Ben you need to see this... " I heard Harley call and I made my way to the other room she was.
"Found a Clue... " I asked
"Better I think I know who has Emilia look at the Dagger they used on Daxton it's Silver but at the end it's Marked with a sign like symbol for a cult or a...."
"Mafia.... " I said completing Harley statement.
"What Mafia could be after Daxton... " I asked
"Unless they weren't after him and they were after Emilia... " Harley said
"What could Emilia have that a Mafia group will probably want?? " I asked it isn't making sense.
"Unless she's Bethroted... " Harley said examining the Dagger.
"Emilia Bethroted to a Mafia boss you've got to be kidding Harley... "
"Think of it Ben we don't know anything about her, she was new to Detroit and they didn't leave her Dead body Behind... " Harley had a point as my phone rang.
It was Rocco.
"Rocco... "
"Get out of Detroit... Now.. " Rocco said
"Excuse me?? "
"Ben... Listen to me Get out of Detroit before he finds you he has Emilia... " Rocco said.
"Who has Emilia?? "
"Noah Dante..... " Harley Jerked up in fear for the first time she's afraid after so many years.
"Do you mean Noah Dante the King of Chicago... " Harley asked
"Yes.... " Rocco said surprised over the phone
"That means Emilia is the Lost goddaughter of Silico Deville, she's Chicago's missing Mafia Princess she was Bethroted to Noah after her parents Died...." Harley said
"You mean Emilia is Alaina Deville.. "
"Ben what have you done you touched the goddaughter of Silico you have brought war on Detroit, leave immediately... " Rocco
"I'm not going anywhere not without Emilia... "
I was closing up until Becca ran up to me.
"Why haven't you been picking up my calls.. " Becca asked
"What are you doing here this late it's midnight and I've been busy trying to call Emilia but it seems like she disappeared from existence... " I said
"Well I need to talk to you I found this... " she brought out a pregnancy test it was positive.
"you're Pregnant??? But we didn't even have sex"
"No Liam Emilia is pregnant.. "


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