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EMPIRE - Chapter Twelve


Empire - Chapter Twelve
Theme: No_one_touches_her_but_me 


"She's off Limits.. " I said almost immediately sounding possessive over Emilia
"How is she Married or something ?? " Rocco asked foolishly
"She's my Wife.... " I Blurted without actually thinking
"You say What now?? " Emilia who was just as surprised as Rocco voiced I shot her a glare signalling her to shut up.
"You're Married Since when?? " Rocco asked in disbelief still lusting after Emilia but he can't touch her or I'll kill him.
"We got Married Yesterday.. " my eyes widened in shock on Emilia's statement, she's actually going with this.
"Yes.... Yesterday... " I stuttered gagging a light chuckle throwing my arms around Emilia faking our couple cuddle.
"I didn't know you were Married ??... " Rocco asked underneath his jealous tone.
"Neither did I... " Emilia gritted in between her teeths throwing Rocco into pandemonium.
"no body knows it was just a private wedding, just me her and the priest... "
"At Least you could have invited me, I'm your best friend for God sake how could you not inform me you finally tied the knot... " Rocco asked still in disbelief it's almost fun I wonder how far I can go with this.

I twirled Emilia to face me, planting a quick peck on her lips, her eyes widened in shock, her cheeks blossomed crimson, wait is she Blushing.
"We didn't want any interruptions right babe.. " her cheeks across her nose heat up and somehow I found it cute.
Emilia didn't say a word she was still in shock I guess or she was trying to process what actually is happening.
She gently shakes her head escaping from my grip getting back on her feet.
"Yeah.. That's correct.. " Emilia voiced rubbing her arms with both hands looking down at the floor her face was still in crimson and if I'm not mistaken I saw her smile.
"So which strip club did you pick her from I'll like to meet someone like her.. " I slide my hands down my pocket.
"She's actually my PA... " Rocco expression turned sour which attracted Emilia's attention, she shot us both confused looks.
"Seriously?? " Rocco wore a Shocked expression driving Emilia more confused than ever sparking a drive of curiosity In her.
"Babe why don't you get settled in... " Emilia just only nods taking some of the Luggages in.
"You got another PA does She Know all the Risk and do you know you are endangering her if you wanted her wasted you could have just handed her over to me... " Rocco Whined
"Look she doesn't know and that was years ago she won't find out.. " I said
"How can you assure that ?? You know 50 percent of your dealings is in New York, you were advised to close the platform for a good reason, Amira Died Ben how many lives do you want to keep risking... " he was right about everything
"She Won't find out and she has to attend some of the meetings so she won't get suspicious if she really knew what I hid under this Mask she'll Flee... " Rocco only hissed under his breath.
"What if she Figures out Your True Job, she has to get Initiated like the rest and eventually If she doesn't succeed she will Die Ben, Remember when Amira Died... " Rocco said as all the painful memory came flooding back one by one.
"Amira is Dead and that's the End and she won't find out and if she does find out they'll have to go through me first before initiating her, I'll kill them all If they lay a Finger on her..." Rocco nods.
"What about Peyton does she know ?? It's being long she paid a Visit, I heard she came back to Detroit after going into hiding..." I grimaced in disgust it's weird saying Harley's real name.
"It's Weird you address that Maniac with her real name after she made it clear that she was reborn as Harley Quine the queen of deaths and of course she doesn't know ... " I said, Rocco tapped me gently.
"Remember you made that Maniac and she's Human she's just Deranged and confused.. "
"And insanely obsessed with me, after that one night stand, she's changed after she left and I'm afraid she after Emilia.. " I said
"Who wouldn't kill for you, still you can't get rid of her.."
"That's the Thing she's like a Leach she won't let me breathe, it was only one night why won't she move on like the rest.. "
"You expect her to move on when she gave you her Body and shared everything with her Goodluck.. "
"that one night stand was a mistake I was drunk OK and I went to her place and before I knew it I woke up with Blood staining the Sheets and I don't understand the Fuck that got leaked to the internet ..." Rocco just shook his head.
"At Least She isn't in for the Money come to think of it I think Peyton actually Loves you........"
"You mean Obsession besides Love is Absurd... " I growled, Rocco Shot me a suspicious grin.
"What would you say about your wife?? " he asked I choked on my silava breaking into a loud cough.
"Emilia?? " I forgot I was pretending to be married to her
"Yeah Do you Love Her?? " I've taken bullets to my skin and probably die of bleeding but that question hit me like a dagger.
"I..... "
"Wife?? Where did that come from ?? And he called me Babe Like In The Dream, and he Pecked me and I Foolishly Blushed what is wrong with me Arrgh..." I cussed loud enough in the Subtle house, the sounds bounced back and forth escalating into an echo.

"What were they even talking about that Ben asked me to Leave, Maybe it has to do with selling me, is it his way of making those girls disappear is he going to kill me and then fake my disappearance?? " my hands massage my temple relieving the minor migraine I've recently being having I'm too young to face this Kind of stress, it's as if I'm dealing with a Kidner gardener with Peas for brains.
"Hey.... " I Flinched letting out a shriek of cower, Ben Expression was subtle I didn't really know if he found my feeble behavior irritating or amusing, he arched a brow scaling me from top to bottom.
"Are we living amongst ghost.. " he voiced I folded my arms across my chest granting him an eye roll.
"I don't know this is your House that's left for you to answer.. " I snickered at him his expression lit up something I find confusing recently.
"I'm delighted to inform you this House is Ghost free so you shouldn't be scared.. " he shared me a flirtatious wink.
"I know stop jumping out of nowhere before I land in a comma.. " I wrinkle up my nose huffing out a silent breath, Ben did nothing but break into a genuine smile and my heart stopped.
Did he just smile, as in really smile not in a flirtatious way or smirk but a real smile.
I gasped in the sudden shock, he's nothing but unpredictable.
"If you're Scared, my arms are wide open for you to jump in... " I squinted my eyes almost dim glaring at Ben, his brows furrowed In confusion.
"Are you going blind or something.. " Ben raised his voice a little bit loud filling the volume of the atmosphere I still squint my eyes at him making him lean closer to me tilting his head sideways, clearly noticing the distance between us I backed up a bit extending the distance between us, he only crack up a faint smile taking a step forward depleting the distance between us.
I let out a cough stepping back again and again Ben stepped up towards me.
We Kept repeating the same mantra until I slouched back in the couch
Ben stood in front of me wearing a nefarious smirk and just about now I just realized on trying to escape from his grasp I'm trapped.
"Are you Afraid?? " Ben Seductively purred I kept mute, I slightly got up but Ben Pushed me back on the couch climbing on me.
This is another Dream right??
I Pinched myself and it hurts gasping in shock, Ben leans towards me, my breath hitched on the thought that every moment Ben Leaned closer.
"Oh.... "
Ben Drastically jerked off me realizing that we were not alone.
"You are Still Around?? " Ben asked
"Sorry to interrupt but I'm throwing a Party later today just wanted to inform you this place would be packed with strangers. " Ben Glanced at me instantly I looked away from him scanning the room avoiding any eye contact with him.
U can still feel him boring two holes at my skin.
"I don't think that would be a good idea Rocco we are here for business not a vacation... " Ben Retorted not buying the idea of thousands of strangers getting drunk and smoking weed in the Pent house.
"Oh Come on maybe the companyis making you boring now, it's only tonight have a little fun Ben, you can shut it down if it goes wild.. " Ben face radiated with a smile.
"One Party and if it goes wild I'm shutting it down.. " Ben said
"Yeah, Yeah...whatever won't you save me a dance Princess you can't be dancing alone by yourself... " Rocco said smoothly.
What a Flirt
"She Won't be Dancing alone... She'll be dancing with me.. " Ben Snickered at Rocco
"oh I forgot she's your Wife.. " Rocco said granting Ben an Eye roll .
"When you Get bored don't be afraid to come grinding on me... " Rocco said and I couldn't feel more like an object than already before.
"I've already ordered the Booze it'll be here in a few hours... " Rocco said exiting the living room.
"Seriously Wife, we didn't even get Married for peace sakes why did you have to lie that we're married... " I grumbled in a loud whisper only me and Ben could intercept.

"if I didn't lie Rocco would have you in his bed, I did you a Favor be grateful.. " Ben muttered lowly only sharing one last glance at me before he tooj to his steps walking out on me.
"Isn't The same thing you're doing to me same like Rocco.... " I Blanchly hurled almost in anger.
Ben stopped but didn't care to glance or even just spare me a look.
"We are both different Emilia, He can't Touch you but I can, he can't feel you, but I can, he can't frustrate you but I can, he doesn't own you but I do.. " he sounded scary on the last part, without looking back he exits the room leaving me in my thoughts.
•Time Skipped to Party Time•
I sat down sinking in the blasting audio of what ever was on the playlist, I was at the drink table glancing over at the numerous number of people Partying tonight in Benjamin's Penthouse.
I got a can of pop soda trailing back to the sofa I looked to a distance everyone was dancing while some were already drunk and weed was already smoking in the Air.
I let out a loud sigh which drowned in the loud background.
I got up rummaging through the crowd who were going wild dancing and I think I spot Rocco already being grinded.
I Decided to Lurk around the the House maybe I could find something and this could be a great time to investigate.
I went up the stairs some were stripping down fucking in the hallway, why some girls leaned against the wall waiting for a Bastard to Waste his money on her and breach their hoe wider than it already is.
Some guys Too leaned against the wall, some smoking while some were already drunk.
"Hey Sexy how about I cum at your Pussy.. " I shot him a nasty glare signalling I'm not interested.
"oh come on, I won't bite just one lick.. " I walked out on him after inhaling his sharp breath stinking of Alcohol.
I actually settled earlier at the guest room while Ben settled in the main room.
I creaked the door open a bit tiptoeing to the other side of the room scanning for anything suspicious or relating to anything about the Mysterious dispearance.
The room was spotless with only a picture of a woman in the middle she looked a Little bit Like Ben except Ben has Dark Chocolate hair while She had strawberry Blonde hair, I'm assuming that's his Mother.
It's like a Mystery Picture
Something about that Picture gives a clue or something she was staring at me like I should look at what she was staring at.
I traced her glare to the closet, whatever the picture was glaring at I think she wanted me to take a look at it.
"What's in there? "I mutter under my breath realizing I'm taking to myself, I walked away bit closer to the closet.
I knocked on the door I didn't get a reply as expected it's a closet anyways.
Shakily I held to the door knob, I took in a deep breath.
"There's Nothing in there... " I repeat the mantra in my head and click open the door, my eyes widened in shock, my heart dropped and behold a dead body was swinging on the hangers, I let out a gasp slamming the door of the closet shut.
My heart beat faster than ever before, I just saw a dead body being hanged I felt my body shaking, I wish I can unsee what I just saw.
I took in a deep breath gathering enough courage to open the the Closet once again .
I stretched out my hand and Yank I was thrown to the bed and behold the Drunkard of earlier was climbing on top of the bed, my eyes darted to the Door he Fucking followed me.
"You Found us a room.... " he pushed me down violently clinging to my top
"Get off me... " I broke out in a cry for help
"Don't be that way... " He brought out a Knife my eyes broadened in shock at the sharp object.
"Good Girl.... " He Praised dropping the knife by his side.
Taking down his only threat I Punched him on the Nose, he groaned in pain almost immediately I jerked off throwing him off me, unexpectedly the sharp piercing object digs through my skin as I let out a moan of pain.
"Don't try me baby girl... " In a Flash a blow landed on the face of the Bastard.
Ben with a bloody hand violently bloodied the Guy throwing in blows until he was half dead.

"No one touches her but me... "


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