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EMPIRE - Chapter Thirteen


Empire - Chapter Thirteen
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Ben called off the Party Drastically and that was the last I would see the Drunkard that tried to rape me if he survived those blows the only luck on his side was some of his friends that picked him up after much plea from Rocco or else who knows what Ben was going to do to the guy.
For a moment I feel sorry and a little bit afraid,

Yorkers left the Penthouse the Party Upset, every glaring stare was darted at me signifying I was the party Killer, For God's sake I was nearly raped.
My hands trail down to the spot I was violently stabbed like a vudu doll with a pin.
A single touch and a sharp stun radiates at the spot, it was deep and earlier was bleeding crazy but stopped after getting a Plaster.
Like a Flock, one by one they left leaving.
the House was Empty leaving a mess, Rocco Slammed the Door shut after probably hitting on one of the girls grinning successfully after getting her number.
I Roll my eyes and sighed at his successful attempt to hike one of those girls I nearly feel sorry for.
"Casanova..." I rolled my eyes hiding the spot I was Vehemently stabbed.
"Par..... "
"This is your Fault.. " Rocco was cut short by an interuptting growl, we both turned our attention to Ben whose hands slide down in his pockets, he shot daggers at our direction.
He looked different, earlier he was wearing a buttoned up shirt, tucked in neatly in his black leather Jeans which was bloodied when he almost destroyed the nose of the unlucky guy.
Ben Shove his hands down his black Skinny jeans ,this time he had a Tank Top outlining his Massive Chest and perfectly carved abs ,the Shirt was just a Show-off of his Muscular outlines that could blind me if I'm not careful I might well as run up to him and rip his shirt off.
I shut my trap up realizing I'm staring longer than I'm supposed to but too late Ben already caught me checking him out leaving him Flustered, I'm sure I saw him smile but he hesitantly replace it with a glare and it wasn't to me this time, it was to Rocco and he Looked like he was going to rip Rocco in Half.
I stepped back, Ben Stride towards us his hands still digging through his pockets he stopped shooting daggers at Rocco.
Rocco didn't look Afraid he was calm and collected, it makes me wonder if he's Dangerous too.
"What's that Supposed to mean I didn't attempt to Lick her Cunt.. " Rocco retorted immediately flaring up Ben who clench his Jaw shut, gritting in between his teeth possibly depleting every anger In him before he Kills Rocco in front of me.
"She almost got Raped.. " Ben Pointed at me bitter at the Previous event.
"It was a Drunkard Ben, And you almost Killed the Guy remember
what if The Cops takes this up ?
You broke the Guy's Nose and probably almost blinded him, you could have well have killed the Guy in the Process... " Rocco Spat I don't get this at all, Ben Couldn't hold back when He Nearly Disfigured the Drunkard but he's trying to hold himself from doing the same to Rocco like he's afraid he'll lose it on Rocco.
And Rocco on the other hand isn't afraid one bit and from the looks of it he's using Ben's Formality as an Advantage, like he knew or knows Ben won't touch him.
But Why???
The Question clouds my thoughts and I can't seem to figure out why.
"He was this Close to Touching her and he Stabbed her, he had the guts to touch her under my Nose I swear I could have gun him dead if I could... " Ben Said, Call me crazy but it almost sounds like he care or was afraid but I couldn't recognize if he really cared or was just Furious that someone got to touch me before him.
"You told me to keep an eye on her didn't you before I Looked she was already gone how could I know she Went up, You should be asking her why she went up there?? "
My cruel fate was sealed by Rocco and I've never crave a yearning to grab a gun and shoot him at the Balls till now.
OK that was harsh but Ben Just Shot me a Suspicious glare.
He left Rocco who arched his brow with a smug grin plastered on his face, I hate Rocco .
"What were you doing up??... " I averted my stares to the floor my only saviour from crumbling down to his foot.

"Nothing important.. " I said through a poker face still looking down ignoring his spine chilling glare.
"Look at me.. " the Familiar Phrase rings in my head but I didn't oblige, I kept looking down at the Floor, ignoring his threats and building my doom.
"Talk to me... " I gasped aback at the sudden change of tone, it wasn't demanding, it wasn't rude it wasn't possessive, I glanced over at Rocco who too was surprised at the upcoming change of tone.
It was calm and call me crazy it sounded to me a little bit concerned which ignited confusion in both me and Rocco.
I didn't know what to say I kept mute tampering with his temper if he would uproar but no he didn't scream, he didn't continue glaring at me, he shared me a Concerned Look something that had I find strange and new.
"I wasn't blending in with the Party so I decided not to stay I wanted to go up to the guest room and take a nap but that got aborted and I got dragged into the room and..... " I was Pulled into a Hug Disguise as Comfort, my heart raced for some reason.
Ben Dark is Hugging me I'm dreaming, my hands trembled by my side still collecting what the Heck is Happening, I wanted to ask questions but decided not to and went with the Hug.
"Ehem sorry to ruin your moment but Emilia by any chance did you see anything?? " Rocco asked as Ben redrew from the Hug shooting Daggers at Rocco.
"Like?? " I asked cause I fucking saw a dead body.
"Anything you know?? " Ben furrowed his brows wondering what Rocco was talking about.
"No I didn't see anything, I didn't get a chance to have a look when I was being dragged out against my own will... " I said but Rocco didn't Believe me and immediately my heart sank.
"Are you?? "
"Stop with the interrogations she said she didn't see anything, Let it go Rocco and as for you go to our room ..." I was chilled and scared at the same time again they didn't want me eavesdropping on their conversation and I didn't object, I was just let off the Hook thanks to Ben, but curious about what they needed to talk about.
"Emilia?? " I froze unable to move on the Mention of my name waiting for Ben's Command.
I didn't turn, I couldn't risk it without trembling before him.
"See you in Bed, Dress Sexy.. " My cheeks heat up redder than a tomato, seriously I even forgot we were fake married.
"Stupid... " I whispered Loudly as Ben Chuckle on my defeat.
"I heard you.. " I just rolled my eyes climbing on the stairs.
"Don't Slip and die.. " I heard Rocco half way the stairs.
"Fuck you... " I pushed up my middle finger in the hair escalating up the stairs.
"Save your Fucking for Ben... " Rocco said with a smirk.
"At least I have a Someone to give a blow job.... " I can't believe I just said that.
"Whatever... " Rocco sighed and I know I just won the battle but the war has just begun.
I glide through the hallway to the guest room to get my things which isn't that much, it's stupid that I have to pretend to be married to Ben What's Next he's going to tell everyone I'm pregnant.
Chuckling to myself I packed a handful of my clothes across my bossom, I wonder how long Rocco is going to be here cause eventually he's going to find out we aren't married and probably start flirting with me non stop but till then he can go suck on his Dick for all I care.
I slammed the door behind me, heaving a sigh of despair I glanced one last time at Ben's Door leading to the other side where a guy nearly raped me, a creepy picture of a woman glaring and how could I forget 'a Dead body'.
Battling in my thoughts I shoved fear aside installing boldness as I kick down the door, scanning the room with my clothes trapped in by grasp.
I stared blankly at the door that was the only place o could put my clothes and I didn't want to take a look at it again, finally after much thought I could just fake a scream and Ben Can just come up with an excuse leaving him in question.
Heading to the door boldly I clicked on the knob and the door creaked open, I forced it open, my clothes escape from my grasp, I stepped into the closet it was only packed with Ben's Clothes.
The Dead body was Gone

"What Did you Do?? " The moment Emilia left I attacked Rocco with the question.

"Nothing... It's Just I may have Killed a guy and stashed him in your closet... " is he fucking serious, no wonder he was busy interrogating Emilia.
"And you are just telling me now?? "
Rocco ignored my glare.
"I didn't remember until now and she said she didn't see anything so we're safe and besides I didn't know you were bringing your 'wife' on your business trip, I was not alerted or else I would have scanned the entire house.. "
He was right though he wasn't alerted I was bringing Emilia proving that I'm endangering Her she could find out sooner.
"I swear there are still some guns stashed some parts around the house that I don't remember where I kept them..."
"You shouldn't have Interrogated her she could have gotten Suspicious and even if she saw the Dead body we could blame the Party.... Besides a lot of people die by just going clubbing what's different from the party you threw.. " Rocco bobbed his head back and forth on my reply.
"What business did you even have with the Guy you stashed in my Closet... " I asked
"He owed me money and proved stubborn, when I decided to see him myself he brought his gang, they were minors, they didn't stand a chance I brought out my Gun and Gunned him and the rest flee I was lazy so I boothed him and toss him in your Locker till his case was off.. " Rocco said
"Next time Don't Stash your Victims at my house.. " I said
"OK but I don't trust her she Looks Familiar like I've seen her before but I can't just stick my finger to it something is off about that Emilia....." Rocco said getting all suspicious about harmless Emilia.
"Seriously you Think Emilia is Dangerous? " I laughed on his thoughts
He only shrugged
"I don't know but she may not be dangerous but I sense she's trouble and it's not the good kind... " Rocco said

Maybe I'm seeing things maybe the body wasn't real maybe I'm just delusional and stressed.
But it looked real so real my eyes can't deceive me but it's gone like a Mirage.
I picked up my clothes and threw it into the closet and sat down at the edge of the Bed.
I just need a shower that's all since I can't find any reasonable explanation for what is happening.
Concluding, I stripped down unclad striding and putting on a Towel towards the bathroom.
I closed the door behind me, I wowed in awe even the Bathroom is magnificent, I drew the curtains open stepping into the cubicle, I threw my towel at the edge and drew the curtains shut concealing my privacy.
Sprinkles to drops of warm water stream down on my body the moment I turned up the shower, this was what I needed.
After taking a shower I put back on my towel, My hair dripped wet on stepping out of the Cubicle, I head out back to the room spotting Ben on the Bed as he glanced through his phone.
"Fuck... " I muttered under my breath which got Ben's attention his eyes widened in shock on finally noticing me.
"Hey... " I finally broke the dead silence and not for a second did Ben look away.
He didn't reply he only got up from the bed folding his arms across his chest.
"So Can you leave I want to change.. " I spoke out but he still had his arms folded as he made his way towards me.
"Why are you backing up.. " he asked
I gag out a loud laugh hiding the fact that I'm worried
"Nothing do you mind? " too late my Back hit against a wall, my arms Clinged tightly to the only thing that clad me right now.
"I'm your Husband remember?? " he snickered at me
"We Didn't get Married...." I blurted almost immediately.
"But here we are still here.. " he snickered at me again.
"Wanna try it?? " I shot him a confused look
"Try What?? " I asked
He Playfully tugged to my the only thing that could strip Me down leaning on to me.
His knuckles glide against my wet skin.
"Stop...." I cautioned but he didn't heed to my cries as his knuckles glide up to my thigh getting to the ends of my towel.
He playfully tugged on the top threatening to fling it off and gripped to the end, sliding under with a smirk as I let out a gasp.
He leaned on to my ear pressing him against me as he whispered

"Let's take it off.... "


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