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EMPIRE - Chapter Ten


Empire - Chapter Ten
Theme: The_kiss


"What!!! " I gasped earning irrelevant stares across the room and a nefarious grin from the devil in human form.
This what he meant by Punish me when he has me all to himself, yes this was Punishment and Worse than Overtime I'll be stuck with the Arrogant Bastard for Hell Knows how Long.
What Can he do to me in that Business trip??
I don't care and not really interested in finding out the last thing I want is to be alone with the beast, who knows what he has planned for me.
I'm not going on that business trip.
"Hell No... " again all attention diverted to me listening to my qualms, Ben shot me again a wicked grin, his hands folded across his chest insisting I should try to get out of this situation.
"What's That Ms Campbell?? Are you Complaining?? " he Snickered at me, oh God I hate him.
"Ummh... I.. Can't just go with you to the trip.. " I calmly stated as he arched a brow his smirk grew thinner and more devious than ever.
"And Why's that?? " he pestered on waiting for my irrelevant reply that wouldn't even Matter .
"Ummh... Huh.. I can't go because.. Ummh I don't think I'm privileged to have this opportunity or even deserve it and pretty much don't take anything around here serious obviously I'm not good for the Job and it could Jeopardize the Dealings with the Clients and I recently started working with Darks Empire and currently have no experience like others who know this Company like the Back of their hand and think they deserve this Privilege... " I Smirked confident in all the gibberish I just said as everyone looked at me in awe like I just struck a point.
Ben shot daggers at me meaning I've won but quickly sneer at me nefariously.
He made his way to me stretching out his hand for a handshake, I just looked at him in awe.
Have I won ?
Is this a sign of Defeat ?
Everyone was in the office were thrown in pandemonium just like me
I had a reason to be confused though, but I didn't know why they were confused maybe they thought he would slap the hell out of me or confused at his reaction to my bold and foolish reply.
"Ms Campbell I don't bite.. " Ben brought me back to reality indicating he was giving me a handshake, I too immediately stretched out my hand gripping tightly to his hand in a firm shake, in the process he gently pulls me towards him as he breathe against my ear.
"Smart Girl... But not smart enough.. " My eyes widen in shock.
He's not giving up
We both disengage from the shake as we both face the Audience who's in for a show for what Ben have in stored for me.
"Well Ms Campbell I've heard your Point, But when you applied for this Job, you were interviewed like everyone else in Dark Empire... " I Just only nodded
"Yes.. "
"Good you also Signed a Contract Didn't you??"
Shit Shit Shit Shit
"I'm aware I signed a Contract what does that have to do with the Dealings.. " His Smirk never seem to diminish but grow wider everytime I look at him.

"Well if you take a look at the Contract it states you are to assist me with the anything about the company in or out of Detroit as I please whether you like it or no, so your say doesn't matter anyway because you signed.. " He smirked making him the final victor.
"Thank you for accepting our proposal we wish to be part of your clients in mind... " some of the clients said
"We Would be Looking Forward to working with you all.. " Ben Replied and the meeting Disbanded and I was stuck in shaking hands.
Frustrated I picked up the Damn files as everyone left, leaving me and Ben.
"Emilia... " Ben Hoarsed I was completely stunned on the mention of my name.
He made his way to me, he faced me pushing a strands back.
"You were a worthy opponent I must say.. " He Complimented I rolled my eyes on his foolish win.
"When and How Long is the Business trip so I can count the number of puke bags I'm going to bring.. "
"I thought you would be happy, me and you alone in New York The Big Apple " oh no wonder he said apples earlier.
"Happy?? Happy is an Understatement it's more like Depressed I'll rather die than spend a day or two with you.. " I scoffed rolling my eyes at him as I purposely shouldered past him, he Pulled me back, slamming the main office door shut as he made his way to me.
His Hands traced down the sides of my thigh, gently squeezing it and inadvertently I let out a moan, how my body betrayed me.
"I don't think so....and you moaning isn't helping.. " I just hate how right he is and how he plays with me how he likes.
"That Doesn't prove Anything... " that was my only comeback at the moment again he smirked.
His Fingers Danced up to my chin rocking a mischievous grin one that melted my heart beat In a second.
"Give it Time we've got three days Together and eventually I'm getting my payback..." He stared blanchly into my eyes slowly leaning towards me my heart dissintegrated the more he leaned towards me, I couldn't yell strangely I wanted him to lean on the more.
"Ben... " the door kicked down violently, my heart raced almost missing a bit, Ben Snarled at the Familiar voice as he redrew from almost kissing me
I think..
It was Liam who kicked down the door
"What... " Ben Growled Disappointed he got interrupted from kissing me out of the blues.
"The Supplies you requested are delivered Bobby wants to check in on the count... " I could never be confused in my Life what sort of tongue are they speaking.
"So... " Ben Snarled almost flaring up.
"Should he go on with the count without you.." Ben Calmed down whatever they were talking about was important and illegal.
"Arrangement for the Trip has been made pack what you need and the trip remains discrete to whoever accommodates You.. "
"When is the Trip... " I asked
"Tommorow.. " Ben walks out the office exiting with Liam to hell knows where.
Tommorow?? how is that enough time to pack not that I have much clothes but What the Heck am I going to Tell Becca.

"Where is Bobby?? " Ben asked annoyed.
"He's not coming I just needed to talk to you alone.. "
"I don't have time for this.. " Ben Snarled not interested in my discussion.
"You Promised that you would exclude her from all the meetings and you let her participate not only in the meeting, but invite her to go on the business trip to New York why don't we make It easy and just shoot her instead of risking her life... " I gritted in between my teeth gripping tightly to Ben's arm.

"it's only three days and she would get suspicious if she didn't participate and I won't take her to the meetings she's only going with me as an escort.. "
"if you needed an escort why didn't you take Harley?? " He Flinched from my grip.
"Harley could get us in trouble she doesn't stick to the rules remember and she will jeopardize the mission.. I'm not risking that again.. "
"And Taking Emilia would be better she doesn't have any experience about business talk less of what we actually do, she will get suspicious and killed this is a big risk Ben, I know exactly why you are taking her... " I said
"She's the Perfect Cover and she is my PA isn't she??....." he said
"Ben... " I growled
"my decision is Final Emilia is going to New York with me, my mind is already made up.. " he said shouldering past me.
I need to talk to Emilia.

•Time Skipped to Nighttime•
"So you are going for a internship program in New York for only three days.. " Becca spat still confused of course I lied to her she would freak out If I told her I'm going on a business trip with Ben Dark as his Plus one as punishment and Ben said it should be Discrete.
"Yes it just Came up.." I smized hoping to convince her.
"I thought you said you worked as a Barista in a local Coffee Shop I didn't know they were doing internships.." Arrgh why did I choose that Lie.
"They Don't, this is their First time and they are scouting for recruits and it's in New York and only Three days... I'll be back within the week.." Becca Nods slowly glancing up at me waiting for any change of my expression but I kept them intact.
"It's New York and it would be a good experience and it's only three days, besides I have relatives there maybe you could lodge with them if possible.. "
"I don't think that's necessary I'll be able to take care of myself and we are getting our own lodge... " I said
"Oh well then since you are going I could spare you some of my clothes at least you should look fashionable.. " Becca said earning a chuckle and an eye roll from me.
*Ding dong*
The Bell sang.
Me and Becca both Gave each other funny looks.
"Anthony is out of town are you expecting anybody.. " I nod in denial.
"I'll go check who's disturbing our peace.. " Becca headed to the door why I slouch back into a couch clearing my conscience it's being dirty lately.
"Ummh Lia it's for you.. " I jerked up from the couch confused heading to the door to see Liam Clad in Black ripped jeans, Black tank top and a Denim jacket he pushed his hair back on the sight of me.
My cheeks heat up when he winked at me.
Why aren't we talking again.
"Hi... " Liam Spoke Softly and all I could do was giggle which he found amusing
Oh God why me.
"Well I better get started with your packing.." Becca elbowed me excusing herself from our presence.
"I think we should take a walk it's better she doesn't eavesdrop.. " he said
"Becca's Cool.. " I voiced
"Does she know that you work at Da.. " I pushed him out of the doorway shutting the door behind us and dragging him away from the apartment.
"Hey Don't blow my Cover.. " I threatened which didn't bother him one bit.

"So You are Like me then, You don't want her to know you work in Darks Empire and why if I may ask.. " he smirked.
"Ummh for a billion reasons and I'll only mention one I don't want to risk her safety.. " Liam Shrugged pushing his hair back again with his fingers and I awkwardly fiddle with my fingers.
"Do you Like Ben...? " I nearly choked on my silava, I gulped down on the sudden question that felt like a slap on my face and honestly I don't know the answer.
"Why are you asking me that question?? " he only shrugged looking sideways before finally looking at me straight in the eye.
"I don't know you guys seemed to be in a moment when I forced myself in the main office... " my cheeks blossomed red, my hands rubbed each other in discomfort.
"it was nothing.. " I said blankly.
"Almost kissing was nothing?? last time I checked kissing someone means you Like Them.. " I feigned a Shocked expression throwing him off guard.
"When does Kissing Determine, you like someone?? And we didn't even kiss and who do I kiss bother you it's my lips, I have the right to kiss anyone I like.. "
"And you chose Ben... " he scoffed.
"Why are you so Upset about it ?? Last time I checked we aren't talking because you didn't want to tell me anything about what you were hiding, I'm supposed to be the one upset.. " I flared up at Liam he Only Cussed under his breath.
"Why do you always make it so hard ?? " I shot him a confused look I don't understand what the hell he was talking about.
"So Hard to what?? " I asked hoping he could talk he only shared me a cold stare.
"Forget it Just be Careful I'll be waiting for you... " He Just said and walked out on me, my palms clenched into a fist.
"Liam.... " he twirled to face me
"What?? " I slowly walked towards him standing in front of him, I gripped tightly to his Jacket Collar Forcefully pulling him closer as my lips made contact with his, shock Liam pulled me closer to him as his lips guide me devouring and savoring every inch of my Plump lips, inadvertently he deepens the kiss, I clunge tightly to his hair, his hands slide under my top, I let out a gasp disengaging from the kiss.
We both looked at each other startled,
awkwardness danced in the atmosphere.
Did I just ??
"Ummh I need to go.. " I blurted racing to the apartment.
Why the hell did I kiss him, what's wrong with me.
I got in the apartment spotting Becca who had her head stuck against the window looking shock as she shut the blinders.
"You Kissed Him?? " She Squealed excited Arrgh she saw the whole thing.
"What were you guys talking about?? " she asked, I heave a sigh of relief she didn't hear a single word.
"Ummh I'm really tired goodnight...." I snapped
•The Next Day•
I thought I needed a goodnight sleep to erase that kiss from my memory but I didn't get enough sleep, All night I was just thinking about it,
Why did I kiss him??
I'm confused as hell
"Emilia.. " I snapped back to reality looking at an angry Ben.
"Stop getting lost in your thoughts and carry all the Luggages to the Private Jet.. " My eyes Darted to one of the attendant who was loading some to the Jet.
"You've got to be kidding All of them we won't be able to board all of them into the plane easily.. " I whined as Ben Slightly nod.
"You are right.. " I heave a sigh of relief at least I talked some sense into him.
"You There Stop boarding all the Luggage into the Jet Leave it all For her to carry alone... " Ben Smirked.
Two things are going to happen it's either I die on this trip or I kill Ben

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