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EMPIRE - Chapter Sixteen


Empire - Chapter Sixteen
Theme: Feelings


"Liam.... " my lips parted, holding tightly to Becca I held my head down brainstorming how the Fuck I'm going to get outta of his sight before he spot Ben's Hickeys.
"Are you OK?? " Liam Stride over to me but I jumped back still holding my head down.
"Yes... It's Just my Neck.. "
Shit I doomed.
"What Happened to Your Neck?? " Liam asked concerned trying to get to me but I wouldn't let him.
"It's Just a Little Bruise... "
"Bruise did you get Hurt?? " Liam Scorned, curse his Caring personality can't he just let it go it's just a neck, that may have Ben's Hickeys
"No you know just a slight bruise with those Hard Pillows what are you doing here?? " I asked prancing towards the stairs leaving Liam slightly upset since he slammed the door with a loud Bang.
"I missed you so I decided to come over maybe you might be a little homesick.. " I wish I could raise up my head and glare at him, how can I be homesick Detroit isn't my home, Fuck it wasn't the Place I was birth to, why would I be Homesick.
"I'm Fine thank you.. " I said striding up to the stairs my head still bent down.
"Emilia wait..." I froze on the mention of my name it sounded important like he wanted to tell me something.
"What is it Liam?? " I came off rude rather calm besides I'm wearing Shorts and a White Floral Top hiding some of the hickeys that went down my collar bone but not effective enough to hide the ones at the side of my neck.
"Since I'm here Why don't we get a Movie or something my treat... " a smile curled it's way to my Lips.
"I wanna go to the the New Theme Park... " I Blurted out not sparing him a sin Look.
"Sure we can go to a Theme Park and we could catch up... "
"When.... " I asked he couldn't see it but I had my eyes squinted.
"Now if you want " I just nod
"isn't it too early.. " I asked
"Emilia it's 02:00pm.." my eyes widened in shock I've been asleep for 16 hours and Ben didn't bother to wake me up, maybe he went to his meeting and I think I need to see a doctor about my Sleeping Drama.
"I need to go change I'll be down ..." I escalate up the Stairs and to my room, I dashed into the shower quickly wrapped under a towel, i tossed my clothes on top of my bed and ended up picking out a short Flower frilly printed skirt that went above my Knee of course and a purple turtle neck crop top with sleeves that had the word 'Victoria's Secret' printed in pink which made the Purple stand out with the Pink, which hid Ben's Hickeys.
I let my hair down since I have no experience with Hair do's, my Hair grazes down my back, I pushed my hair back revealing the Earrings I got, I still remember the pain.
I breathe in repeating a new mantra in my head.
"it's Just A Hang out not a Date it's Just an Hang out not a... "
"Date?? " I Jog up startled as my Eyes darted to the Door spotting Ben who Sinisterly snickered at my Fragile reaction.
I huff under my breath he's still here??
"Ummh Good morning.. "
"it's Two In the afternoon.. " Ben Corrected striding towards me as I gag out an uneasy laugh.
"So You're Dating my Brother?? " Ben Arched his brow which is ridiculous.
"Pfft it's Just an Hang out I'm not going on a date with him... " I scoffed as Ben glared at him.
"Where exactly?? " as predicted he asked
"The New Theme Park, Don't worry we'll be back before Dusk I just wanna get on one of those Bumber cars..." again Ben arched a brow scaling me from head to toe.
A smile curled up his lips leaving me perplexed and I'm thinking I should be worried, should I??
"You can go.... "
I was gonna go without his consent anyways who does he think he is my Dad.

"But I'm coming with.. " Ben said
"Ummh it's only me and Liam and don't you have any of those meetings to go to... " I trailed off rolling my eyes with a scoff.
"Nope.... "
Well Fuck.....
"OK then... " I said as Ben heads to the Door.
"Nice Top by the way .... " my cheeks hinted red on his Comment.
"Thanks.. " I blushed as he Nods heading out of my Room.
A Hangout with Ben and Liam, Just kill me already.

I waited for Emilia patiently Downstairs while she got ready, I heard Stomping down the stairs I'm got up as my eyes darted to Ben who wore all black.
"off to work?? " I voiced
"not today, what exactly are you doing in New York and how did you get the address... "
"Rocco Texted me we still keep in touch.. " I knew he didn't like my presence or for one bit likes me, he despises me but still calls me to carry out his mission.
"Does Harley know you are here?? "
"You mean Peyton, she Followed her Dad to a Press Conference in Washington so you are off her radar for now... " he rolled his eyes and sat down as if he was waiting for something or someone.
"Waiting for Someone??.. "
"I'm ready... " Emilia said cutting me off, Ben got up which got me confused as Emilia strides down the the stairs.
"Good then we can take my car.. " Ben said almost immediately wait to where.
"Emilia is actually going to the theme park with me..."I said
"I know and I'm coming... " oh that's why he's dressed
"hope it's OK Ben tags along.. " Emilia Smized hoping I could understand why she did, I let out a silent sigh.
"I have no say but he's paying for his own rides... " Ben Shrugged, why is he interested in going to theme parks he hates Theme Parks and Recreation it's only Work, Work Work.
"that's not a problem... " Ben said as he brought out a Mask and wore it.
"What's with the Mask?? " Emilia asked
"For my Cover, I don't want anyone knowing I'm Benjamin Dark in a mere theme park..." I rolled my eyes but that didn't quench Emilia's Curiosity.
"But we went to a Carnival Yesterday ??" Emilia Blurted almost immediately
"That's Different it was late at Night, Dawn is still upon us..." Emilia Looked at me and back at Ben.
"Why isn't Liam wearing a “Mask??... " Emilia asked.
"Unlike me Ben is Famous and can easily get spotted By the Papparazi, there you go your answer can we go now.. " I almost flared up.
"Geez you don't have to yell.." Emilia Grunted heading out as she shouldered past me.

After much arguing we took a Cab instead since both of them wouldn't come in terms and use one of their Cars, no matter I'm enjoying my day.
"Welcome to Blade City..." I wowed in how big the place was.
"Wait you've never being to a Theme Park?? " Ben asked at my display of awe
"Have you Been to one? " Liam shot at Ben
"Yes... " Liam Scoffed but Ben Didn't seem bothered as he Dug his hands down his pockets and he didn't look Bad.
"What Ride do you wanna go on first.. " Liam asked while Ben stared over to a Long Line unconcerned with my opinion, his eyes were glued to the Line.
"Emilia?? " Liam Snapped his Fingers at me bringing me back to reality.
"Which one do you want to go Ben?? " Ben bewildered at my question turned to face us.
"I don't know anyone you pick I don't really mind... " But I really want to know which one he wanted to ride for some reason.
"I want to go in that one... " I pointed at the long Line Ben was Looking at.
Liam wore a confused look as Ben Shot me a confused look.
"That's Slaughter Death you wanna ride on that?? " Liam asked concerned on my pick
"Yeah... "
"That's going to be impossible Pick another ride... " Ben Blurted harshly like he didn't want me going on that ride.
"Ummh and why??" I asked folding my arms across my chest.
"Don't you see the Line, we'll be waiting till we Turn 50..." he said under his mask
"No... I want to ride Slaughter thread... " I pouted
"it's Slaughter Death.. " Ben Corrected
"Whatever I wanna ride it.. " I persisted Ben Sighed and gave up on my stubbornness as Liam watched our Bickering in confusion.
"Fine... It's your Funeral... " my nose scrunch up at his reply.
"Excuse me?? " I asked in a gasp
"Just Forget it let's just get in the Line... " Ben said as he made his way towards the Line, it didn't look that Long.
"See it's not that Long... " I said as Ben Snickered at me and points at a red line ahead revealing a much Lengthy Line.
"You were Saying?? " Ben said and I hissed
"Fuck.... " Ben was right but why the Fuck did he Look at this direction.
"Don't worry Emilia it will be our Turn in no time... " Liam said to cheer me up but I regret my decision anyways.

Three Fucking waste of hours Later•

My Legs couldn't be more blistered I'm sure I can't feel my legs anymore.
"Next... " my head pushed back up as I passed through the Rail leading to where the rollercoaster was.
"Finally Three Fucking Hours was worth it.. " I yelled drawing attention from those behind me o don't care I'm going to swear if I want I stood for Three Fucking hours for this Damn ride.
"Please Get in the Coaster and Buckle up.. " I sat down in one of the seats giggling in excitement as Liam sat down next to me belting up as we pulled whatever those things are towards our chest.
"Excited Huh ??" Liam smirked
"Yeah I've been dying to ride this Shitty ride.." I said as Liam arched a brow.
"Weren't you swearing at the Line... " Liam asked as I rolled my eyes.
"Whatever I'm gonna ride this Slaughter Death, quick question why do they call it that.. "
"Because It's so intense that you'll actually taste Death... " my eyes widened in shock.
"What?? Oh no I ain't riding this.." I squirmed
"Emilia we are already Tugged in... " Liam said as I tried to breath I just signed my own death.
"Why didn't you tell me?? " I asked
"you said you wanted to ride... "
"Fuck that I ain't riding this death Machine.. " I pushed back the roller and got off successfully as two other strangers made their way to the empty seats.
Three hours isn't worth it for a taste of death I like my life.
I looked up to see Ben who shove his hands down his pockets.
"Traitor.. " Liam pissed at me and I couldn't be more happy to receive that comment.
"See you in the next life.. " I said as the roller coaster or should I say slaughter death ride started moving in motion leaving me and Ben.
"Why did you come off?? " I asked
"Cause you were Scared.. "
Arrgh I hate him he's the reason I chose the ride because of him.
"Didn't you even want to get on the ride... " I asked
"Not really it's not fun if you weren't on it... " my brows furrowed on his comment.
Was this his plan to get me alone with him or what??
"I thought you wanted to ride on the bumper cars why did you suddenly change your mind ?? " he asked as my cheeks heat up
"no reason... What's that?? " I asked pointing at a moving wheel.
"That's a Ferris Wheel, you seriously have never been to a Theme Park before?? " Ben asked amused at my reaction.
"Can we ride it?? " I asked litting up with a wide, Ben only nod in approval signifying he's given in.
I took his hand rummaging through Hundred of a crowd till we made it to me Ferris wheel.
There wasn't a Line when we got there as a Huge Man like the one at the rollercoaster but more bigger pulled something like a switch as the Lights on the roller coaster died down.
"Sorry Missy we are closed..." the man said and I sighed loudly.
"I didn't even get to ride any of the rides.. " I shrugged with a sad face.
"Let us ride... " Ben said in a commanding tone.
"Excuse me didn't you get it I said we are..... Forgive me Sir.. " Ben pushed down his Mask as the man gasped and nearly worship Ben OK that's odd.
"You are Forgiven... " Ben pushed back up his mask Pulled me behind me as we made our way towards one of the seats of the Ferris wheel.
We got on one together as we were tugged tight to by iron rod or whatever probably so we couldn't fall.
The ride started moving in oscillation as I squint my eyes at Ben who later noticed my piercing stare.
"I'm the owner of the theme park... " Ben confessed.
"You What?? " No wonder that man was afraid of him.
"No wonder you are wearing a mask you are undercover..." I said as Ben Laughed.
"You can put it that way, I was checking out the new ride you wanted to try, they had it installed when I was in Detroit I wanted to get a ride until you surprisingly wanted to ride and suddenly you back out... " I averted my eyes from his before he could read my mind.
"Unless you wanted to get a ride because you thought I wanted to... " Screw it he already knows.
"So you own Darks Empire, You own a Theme Park, what else should I know about you?? " I asked
"you'll know eventually, is there anything I should know about you?? " Ben scooted closer to me shortening the distance between us.
Soon the Ferris wheel stopped.
"Ben the Ferris wheel stopped... " I said as Ben pushed down his mask wearing a sinister smirk as his eyes darted to my lips.
"What's Your Favorite color...?? " Ben asked seriously the Ferris wheel stopped and we are stucked at the top as Dusk breaks, seriously I'm freezing.
Ben slowly took of his Jacket as he threw his Jacket on me as nothing but warmth radiates against the cold breeze.
"Aren't you cold... " I asked but he didn't seem disturbed.
"What's Your Favorite color?? " Ben asked again which got me confused.
His eyes hypnotic darted to mine
"Blue... " I said as Ben pressed his Lips on mine cupping my cheeks hesitantly deepening the kiss and suddenly the Ferris wheel starts moving again as Ben still kisses me.
"Sorry Sir it got stuck..... " Me and Ben Disengaged from the kiss as we both looked at each other.
We both got off the Ferris wheel grinning like maniacs my eyes darted to Liam who threw something at a trash can and heading out of the Park.
"Is That Liam ??" I asked as Ben Nods and I let go his hands
"Liam... " I yelled but he didn't stop or bother to look back.
"Liam... Please wait... " but he didn't stop.
He went out of the Park hailing a Cab but I caught up with him before he could get one.
"Liam you didn't tell me you were off the rollercoaster.. " I said
"get out... " he Hoarsed harshly
"Why are you mad at me?? " I asked
"Why shouldn't I be Mad Emilia... Why shouldn't I be upset First you Kiss me then you Kiss Ben and I thought I was delusional but you've got Hickeys now so why shouldn't I be mad at you?? " my heart dropped he saw the Hickeys and the kiss.
"I didn't do anything to you and you're mad at me I don't get you why can't you tell me how you feel.. " Liam walks up to me
"You Wanna know how I feel.... " he asked
"Yes... "
"This is how I feel about you... " He Leaned towards me as his lips grazed on mine.


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