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EMPIRE - Chapter Six


Empire - Chapter Six
Theme: A_night_with_the_beast 


Arrgh of all the days I actually wanna go home right now and curl up in a fold and probably just sleep and die has been taken away by Ben Dark, Liam couldn't do anything, I guess because he doesn't know I'm spending a night with the beast, he Just gave me some bus money in case he didn't make it explaining that Ben Sent him to go get his supplies with Harley having no clue I'm spending over time as punishment, this was clearly Ben's Plan and I don't like it.
No Liam, No Co workers just me and the beast, someone please put me out of my misery.
"Emilia aren't you going home?? " Cindy asked spotting me still working on some files.
"Erhm I'm supposed to get this done for Mr Ben... " I stammered ignoring her piercing glare.
"don't stay too Long..." she Flashed me a warm smile partially trading me a hug and finally exiting the building so with the others, I was tempted to get up and sign off and probably move away to another town or even country.
But what good is that going to do, he could track me down and may I remind myself I'm broke as Fuck where the Hell am I gonna run to when I just escaped from Hell and involuntarily Got myself into another Pit of Hell.

One by one some greeted me with a warm and good smile, signing off leaving me at my cubicle attending to some files like Ben asked me to after a battle of minor paper cuts I stack the documents into a single file binding it with a Binder, I breathe in lifting up the orderly stack of the companies documents in the Binder clasped across my chest excusing myself from the Cubicle and heading to Ben's office, the entire time I was praying to stumble and probably die on the spot in the middle of the Hallway but no, this Flats won't do their job, I knew I should have wore one of Becca's death Heels, I should have known earlier she was interested in my death which I find not a bad idea drinking a sniper if I had one, she offered to borrow me since I helped her out with her post finals but I foolishly declined.
Still hovering the Documents across my bossom I took in one last breath calmly repeating a Motivational Mantra to keep myself sane for how long Ben wants me over time.
I Let myself in to see Ben Head Bent reviewing some documents his eyes were glued stuck I'm not sure he even noticed I welcome myself in.
To his dismay he glanced up at my presence replacing his Subtle expression with a deceitful smirk, my heart almost stopped, I let out a silent shrieked, his brows curved at my miniature exhibit of panic, his lips curled into a thin sublime line with no emotion throwing me off from guessing what he had in stock for me.
"Someone wants to go early... " he voiced warmly but with a hint of darkness layered in disguise.
"Sooner the Better... " I scoffed
I Looked down at the Floor a habit I seem to have bought ignoring his cold penetrating scowl boosting my self-esteem.
"I Had The Documents and Files Arranged and took a look at Companies budget Like you asked and Bind it all in one stack like you requested... " I said proudly with a confident smile plastered on my face I stride my way towards him, slamming the Binder on his Desk he wore a Bemused grin taking in the Documents as he reviewed it.
His Lips Coiled into an offended Smile but he didn't spare me a Single Look he Pushed the Binder Forward and let out an unsatisfying smile.
"You Did it all by Yourself?? " What kind of immature question is that of course I did,
he had me cornered and made sure my fingers bleed and my soul cry till I was done with it.
"Yes... " I Mummur Under my breath calming down, immediately he parted the Binder and took off the Documents.
"How Long Did you Work on This?? " He asked getting up from his Chair heading to the other side of his office.

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"Five Hours... " I Blurted out and instantly he shredded my Five hours of Paper cuts and Splinter and pain in just one Second.
He Wore a Smug grin enjoying my Facial Indication of Frustration and Anger, he walked back to his seat leaving me bewildered.
"I indicated you file the paperworks and budgets stack and stappled in Rows And Columns and instead you Filed it and Binded it... "
"But you Said I Should Bind it not Staple it and what difference did that make you could have still took it off the Binder and stapled it... " I was almost moved to tears, Five Hours of actual work and concentration Terminated In just a split second he's a Monster, he didn't even feel bad or show a sign of remorse but clearly he's feeding on my misery like a Demon.
"Who Runs this Company Emilia... " He Purred my name which irritated me I want to kill him .
"You of course.. " I Scoffed In Desperation folding my arms across my bossom he just chuckled one that seemed Genuine it almost went in my head for a moment I envisioned him as normal and cute, getting up from his chair he casually stride over to me until we were a inch apart, his eyes never seem to stop glimpsing and sparkle across his eyes, I looked down at the Floor my only saviour from his mind tricks.
His Hands Chiseled up my Chin as I pushed my hands down by my side letting out a gasp, I averted my eyes avoiding his stare again he let out a light Chuckle somehow it wasn't dark this time and strangely warm.
He face leaned closer towards mine but all of a sudden stopped, my heart raced but I didn't give way to look into his eyes.
"Look into my eyes... " He Commanded I did just so, our eyes locked in vivid stare I almost choked he broke his eye contact as his eyes darted to my lips swiping a taste of his Lower lip.
"Listen Carefully Don't Talk Back to me ever, You aren't going Anywhere until I say so, I run this company how I want and again you are filing the paperwork and budget as I please and this time staple it, you understand... " I Gulped a Lump as he striked Fear into my veins all I could do was assent to his orders.
"And This Time I'll be right next to You... " Heaven Just Kill me
I didn't want her to leave I wasn't satisfied with her presence and my only chance of having her all to myself was working her overtime besides she's got nothing to do, nor does she have a waiting Lover so I have her all to myself while Liam is Out Getting my Supply the Santiago brothers Smuggled earlier.
She Stood Still Filing the paperwork one by one, I just stared at her from head to Toe, my eyes stuck to her Skirt she Looked sexy unveiling her perfectly toned Legs with Hugged her Thigh.
She Pushed back her Brunette hair which was nothing to her but a disturbance to her
her hair messed up, made her Looked Wild, From the Looks it seems she was still a Virgin.
This should be interesting for me then.

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Sliding off my chair as my index finger forms an imaginary line as I made my way to her.
A lot of things Flashed across my mind What should I do first.
I purposely brush my lips softly against her earlobe and suddenly she Froze.
"Do you need any Help?? " I Smirked I could feel her Shiver as she Stunned on my Touch.
"No.... I've got everything under control.. " She Gulped getting back to stapling the files, I brushed my knuckles against her arm.
"Does This Make you Uncomfortable...." I Whisper as she Just gasped as I pressed my lips against her Skin and suddenly she got goosebumps.
"Sir..... " that's the only thing that escaped from her Lips as she Let out a moan, I cocked a victorious grin.
"Remember You Have no Working Experience Keep Quiet Let me Teach You... " at once she gave in Under my Touch as my Hands Traced to the Sides of her Thigh and I Successfully Lift her up tossing her on top of my Desk she Looks down afraid to Look into my eyes.
I trail my Hands up to the Hem of her Skirt she slapped my Hands away.
"Don't..... " she Murmured but Shrieked back under my gaze.
"Trust me I won't get under your skirt not Today at Least..." my Palms trailed down her Thigh, digging under her Skirt as she again Let of a Moan Filled with Lust as she threw her hands over my Shoulders her Hair was Loose and Messy as we drew Closer.
Just one Taste, Just one Swoop, a Lick of her Plump red Lips is all I need as I Lean Closer to her, I could Feel She was Wet and Turned on as always my Charms never Failed but there is something different about her, her innocence, her Purity, I can't waste her not until I spoil her.
"That's all For Today Lia..... " I redrew my hands away from her thigh leaving her Flushed and Confused, she was Flustered ,her cheeks blossomed red leaving her apparently confused.
Her Lips Parted as she adjusted her skirt still mortified and I enjoyed her Crimson look it's adorable, her entire cheek was hinted a perfect color of red, she Put her Brunette hair in a Low down ponytail, it's so easy and fun pushing her buttons I couldn't tell if she was upset or still Embarrassed or confused either way I enjoyed the Look on her Face it's Priceless and only I can make her feel three emotions at once.
"I'm Done....." She Looked down still thrown in a State of Bewilderment.
"Have That Delivered to my House by 6 in the morning.. " She straight up snarled quietly and then snorted shocked at my request.
"But... I don't know where you Live.. " I Picked up a card handing it over to her.
"That's My Address don't get Lost You are Excused today's Lesson might have taught you something next time you'll organise the Entire staff Paperwork and next time I'll won't stop at the skirt... " her eyes widened in shock as she just only nod not really having anything to say I got up from my seat heading to her as again my knuckles trails up her arm.
"Remember I own this company, no doubt I own your body too..." She Scoffed breaking into a Subtle Laugh.
"You've got to be Joking... "
"Oh Poor, innocent, Pure Emilia... Remember the Contract you Signed, you should have taken a Look at it clearly states I own you and under your Signature You Willed Your Body to me You know what that Means..." She gasps getting a Full Picture of what I'm trying to say.
"I Sold my Body to the Devil... " she scoffed sarcastically
"Bingo...... "
How Could I stupidly Sign a contract without knowing everything in it Ben just went back to his seat as his phone rings.
"You got the Supplies.... " my eyes darted to the Files Ben expect me to deliver to his house at 6 in the morning, I saw a Familiar name Amira Paige... It probably could be the Amira That Liam and Cindy were Whispering about, maybe if I could find out what actually Ben really is if I just take a quick look at his Old creepy Apartment filled with loneliness I assume.
"Liam is Outside I assume he's your ride... " I nod only I stack up the documents across my chest.
Before I could head out the Door he called my name once more.
"I Don't Like Sharing Keep That in mind... " I didn't spare him a Look I just shook my head understanding what he meant.
I walked out of his office signed out and walked out of the Building meeting Liam who patiently waited for me in a Scurry I got in the Car slamming the door hard.
"You didn't tell me he Worked you overtime, Did he Touch you.. " Liam gritted in between his teeth.
"Where were you... " I spat
"I told you I went to retrieve some Supplies Ben Ordered me to get... "
"What Kind of Supplies Liam, Doesn't this Company Deal with Stocks and Data what Supply does the Company Want that isn't paper... " He grew worried like I've almost caught him in his act.

"You Are Hiding Somethi....." My words were Cut Short as Liam Shut me up with a Kiss.


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