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EMPIRE - Chapter Seventeen


Empire - Chapter Seventeen
Theme: friends_ish


"This is how I feel about you... " He Leaned towards me as his lips grazed on mine.
My heart skipped a beat as our lips connected like missing puzzle pieces, my eyes were opened wide in shock, Liam's hands trail down to my waistline, Tugging me closer to him in a single yank, his Lips were gentle and soft on mine but I numb my lips in a thin line, I felt him trying to get me to respond butterflying my lips softly, my heart sighed on my lips behalf, I dimmed my eyes shut trailing my hands up to his hair tugging tightly to it as my fingers tangled up, my lips caressed his responding to his Kiss, Liam continued to brush his Lips with mine savoring and devoring every last taste like it was his last and I let him, Liam's hands scaled up my arm cupping both my cheeks slowly deepening the kiss as our tongues slightly caressed each other and instantly he disengaged from the kiss but still cupped my cheeks looking directly into my eyes.
"I Love you...but I can't have you, he already beat me to your heart..." He Let go of my cheeks trailing his hands down his pockets signifying defeat and I couldn't help it but my eyes well up.
"I'm sorry Liam.... I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't want to hurt you... " I sobbed, Liam stride towards me wearing a smile, I could see the pain in his eyes.
"Why did you kiss me back??... " he asked I looked up at him locking my eyes confidently with his
"I don't wanna hurt you... " I said lowly as Liam nods and puts on a forceful smile.
"I'm heading back to The Penthouse , I just need some time to get over the fact that these are just feelings, Be Careful...... " He warmly embraces me planting a quick peck on my forehead, he let's go disengaging from the Hug, hailing a cab and waves me a goodbye.
How could I be stupid to lead Liam on and mess with his feelings....
The Cab accelerated pass me a the Cold wind splashed my face, I turned round to see Ben, his hands down his pockets as his mask hides his identity I couldn't actually read his expression, did he see the Kiss?? Is he upset??
He walks up to me scaling me from top to bottom.
"Why are you crying did Liam hurt you?? " Ben asked bemused my the tears smothered on my cheeks, his hands trailed my cheeks wiping slowly the tears dry.
"No he didn't ... I wanna go home..." I said, Ben Nods Hailing a Cab as we both got in, my head pressed against the window, letting out a sigh I stuck my head against the window.
Liam will move on right??

Later that Night
My knees trembled shakily, my head bumped onto the hard excuse for a door I needed to make this right, now since Ben is not around I sighed lightly hesitantly tapping the door gently.
"Name?? " I heard Liam voice my heart sank I wanted to retreat I can't face him now but too late I already knocked.
"it's Emilia... " I managed to say as the atmosphere went quiet seems like he didn't want to talk or even see my face.
"Liam I only want to talk, nothing more... " I gasped but he didn't reply it kinda stunned me as my nose kissed the door, I let out a deep breath I'm talking even if he doesn't want to see me.
"I know I've said this before and I'm going to keep say It again until you open this door so that we can talk please... " the tense silence was his reply I knew he wanted me to talk and probably give up.
"I'm sorry... I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry for leading you on, I'm story for playing with your feelings OK I didn't mean to at the time I didn't know how I felt, I still don't know how I feel I'm new to all this emotions packed in one shot, in one feeling and probably I dragged you into it, I'm trying to know how I feel I don't wanna hurt anybody, I don't want to hurt you Liam I love you.... " I heard the Locks loosen as the door swings open revealing a pitiful Liam.
"Why did you kiss me before you left for the trip?? " he shot immediately leaving me dumbstruck at the moment trying to brainstorm how to place my words carefully so I couldn't hurt him.
"Because at that time a part of me liked you and actually I wasn't thinking, I'm sorry... " Liam nods pushing his hair back something I found adorable everytime.
"I actually came to New York to talk to you about the kiss and that I love you Emilia and even though I don't really buy the idea of Ben being with you, I still love you and I can never be mad at you, not for long at least besides I stole your First kiss that's something I should be proud of and I beat Ben to that... " I couldn't help but giggle at his reply.
"So we're cool... " I hinted as Liam Snickered at me.
"We are cool... Hug.. " he hinted arching his brows
"Seriously?? " I crossed my arms across my chest as Liam threw his hands wide open.
"I'm the heart broken one you're supposed to at least grant me a friendship hug.. " I rolled my eyes at his valid answer.
"Fine we aren't kissing anyways" I stride towards his arms as he locks me in his grip his hands trail down my arm gently patting my back as my head collided against his torso, I sighed as he sniffs a whiff of my hair wearing a sad smile.
"I just wish we could be more than friends... " I heard a very tiny whisper, it couldn't be Liam right it's like I heard his heart talking, heart or not he wanted that.
The Next Day•

"Where did you even get a camera " I rubbed my eyes in total confusion as Liam prints out my pic he just took for the seventh time today.
"From the Thrift Shop... " Liam smiles flying out the picture.
"Another Success taken down in a paper.. " Liam says putting back in his bag swung over his shoulder.
"We are Supposed to be hanging out and you are just blinding me.. " I hissed another pic and I'll go blind.
"What's the Hurry?? " Liam retorted.
"Ben gave us two hours... " I yelped but he didn't seem bothered.
"What do you wanna buy? " Liam asked driving off my complains.
"Nothing......" I spat folding my arms across my chest.
"You know that used to be the biggest ball room in New York City where Fair Maidens and Young Majesty Dance their nights away..." Liam said taking a picture of the building but click it on save instead of printing it.
"I thought we were hanging out not learning stuff... " I squirmed which seemed to entertain Liam.
"There is never a bad time to learn... " Liam said with a sinister smile.
"OK then I'm going home keep learning.. " I said about to leave but Liam pulled me back in one Yank.
"Fine let's go to that Pizza Hut I'm hungry... " Liam said pulling me to the Pizza Hut the Bell on the Door clicked alerting those who care that we just joined the Hut.
Nobody actually seemed to care since they were busy on their phones, no one was chatting, some were busy texting while waiting for their order, while others glanced through their phone while eating.
We saw an empty spot as Liam Childishly raced me to our spot.
"I'm first that means you're paying.. " Liam grin
"No problem probably by the end of the week when I get my paycheck.. " I scoffed
"Chillax I'm paying like you could pay for my order... " Liam winked at me while I tapped gently the table slyly picking up the menu scrolling through millions of options, not a million though.
"Pepperoni with Mustard that sounds good ... " I dropped my menu bewildered at his pick.
"it's not even in the Menu... " I whispered
"They are going to put it on the Menu when I'm done talking to them...." I chuckled lightly putting down my menu.
"So What are you going to Order... "
"Hope you stacked your wallet... " I teased
"oh please I'm a billionaire I can handle whatever a girl orders.." Liam said as I shrugged and a waitress came to our orders.
"Welcome to Sanchez Pizza Hut and Fun what can I get for you both.. " Ben Picked up his Menu which was useless anyways he was gonna order garbage.
"I'll like a Mini Pizza with Pepperoni and Mustard... " I quirked out a laugh dragging attention from the phone zombies.
"Excuse me Sir there isn't Mustard on the Menu... " the Waitress Cried I feel sorry for her.
"Then Make some isn't the Customer always right... " Darn I can't help but laugh at Liam.
"Fine same with your girlfriend ??... " I broke into a cough drawing attention the more I may as well go Broadway.
"She isn't my Girlfriend... " Liam spat out as one of the waiters got me a glass of water.
"Oh I'm sorry I thought she was Your... Forget it what will be your Order Ma'am...." I take one last chunk of my water as the cough died down.
"Erhm....Pepperoni, cheese , advacodoes ummh and also no onions and garlic pepper please extra large oh with mushrooms... " the waitress and Liam's mouth dropped wide open on my order in shock.
"Is that all?? " The waitress asked still in shock.
"Yeah that's it and also the biggest bottle of Coke you have... " I said as she nods and goes back to get our orders.
"Are you Pregnant?? " Liam asked
"No why would you think that ... " I replied shocked on his question.
"You just ordered a Family pack I can even finish a medium and you ordered Large the only conclusion is you are feeding another being... "
"Nope only me, I haven't eaten anything like this ever since I ran away from home only little portions... " I slouched back again another flash came blinding my eyes.
"I'm gonna break your Camera one of these days... " I scowled at Liam.
"So What's your Definition of your Home?? " Liam asked
"Excuse me?? " I asked confused where this is going to.
"Oh mind me let's do a question and answer session, not too deep and not too pointless just inbetween OK I'll go first... " I nod
"What was home like to you?? " Liam asked
"It was Hell so many rules, don't do this, don't do that, don't touch this, wear this, do this it was already this, this this... " I said as Liam snickered at me.
"I get that feeling same with my step-mom... " I shot him a confused look.
"Step mom?? " I asked
"Yeah I thought you already knew by now that me and Ben are Half brothers... " my mouth dropped in shock it all makes sense why Ben somehow has a dislike for Liam I guess.

"So that Lady in the Picture was your step mother what about yours?? " I asked
"Long story short I was kind of the Bastard child of the family the only thing I know is my mom was a prostitute and my dad had a one night with her and my mom took in and I was birth and nursed till I was two and taken back to live with my Dad... " I looked down feeling kinda bad for Liam and we were served our order.
"That would be $17.99 please.. " Liam dug through his pocket and handed her $100.
"Erhm Sir I don't think we have enough change.. " She said kindly as Liam nods.
"It's okay Keep the Change... " a Smile worked it's way to my lips, the girl squirmed in excitement almost kissing Liam's Feet but he stopped her and sends her back happily to the counter.
"That was nice of you... " I said already Liam was shoving the Pizza down his mouth.
"Hmmm she deserves it, Mustard wasn't a bad option.." I looked down at my extra large pizza and started eating like no tomorrow and instantly I finished eating and chugging down the large bottle coke it leaving Liam perplexed.
"You have the appetite of an elephant... " Liam complimented.
"Then you fine sir... " I snorted
"Can I ask my question?? " I added
"Why did you choose to get tattoos... " Liam smirked Ben doesn't have any which is supposed to be the other way around.
"Hmm it's more like expressing my pains in art on my body, any new lesson I get a new tattoo... "
"is the Lesson worth drawing on your Body? " I asked
"When I look in the Mirror everyday when I wake up I see a new person but When I look at my tattoos I remember my past where I came from, they are the drawings of my past... " Liam Hoarsed pushing back his hair which caught me in awe.
"What tattoo would you suggest I get... " Liam Chuckled loudly at my statement which slightly upset me.
"I wouldn't dare give you a tattoo not After when you gave me a black eye for just a piercing besides you're beautiful inside and out and you don't need tattoos to tell people about your past... " I heard the volume cranking up playing -
Worth it by Fifth harmony
I'm not surprised those phone Zombies didn't bother to dance no one even bothered to dance.
"You know this Song??? " Liam asked
"Becca streams it on her playlist so I picked a few lyrics... " I said
"Cool..... " Liam Looked down at his watch to check the time.
"Wanna Dance? " Liam asked
"I picked up a few lyrics not Dance moves hell no.... " I squirmed but Liam didn't care yanking me to the Dance Floor trying to get me to dance.
"Liam we are the only one Dancing... " I cried but he didn't seem to care.
"Dance like no one's watching it's only me and you... " Liam said I gulped down my doom trying to recall if I can copy any Dance Becca displayed I sighed, here goes nothing.
"Shout out to the Girl killing it on the Dance Floor... " I heard the speaker say as all eyes were on me I didn't bother to stop I didn't want to stop.
I whined my body to the beats of the song swinging my arms up complimenting my body as I slowly went down and all eyes were on me and before I knew it everyone joined the dance floor to dance too.
My eyes darted to the clock it's already 06:45pm Ben is gonna kill me.
Everyone was Dancing and I spot Liam trying to talk to the DJ.
"Liam what are you Doing??" I asked
"Picking a Song... " He said.
"Forget the Song we are late Ben is gonna kill us let's go ...." I said yanking him out of the Pizza Hut, as we both walked back home.
"I didn't know you can Dance?? "
"Neither did I?? Maybe a secret talent?? " I said as Liam Rolled His eyes.
"Look a Photo booth.... " Liam Yanked me in without my say.
"But we're late we might miss our Flight back to Detroit... " I said
"Ben can't leave without you, highest he would call on a Search party just one Selca together... " Liam pouted and I'm not going to go anywhere if I don't get with it so what the Heck let's get this over with.
"Fine.. Make it quick.. " Liam puts in a Dollar successfully for five snaps.
"Say Cheese... " Liam said as I didn't strike anything through the five snaps.
"Nope we are taking another one... " he said tearing it
"Arrgh seriously?? " I squirmed
"at least strike a pose or make a Funny face??" Liam said.
"don't you have a camera filled with my pictures.. "
"Yes but not one with you and Mr so strike a pose or something.... " I rolled my eyes as Again Liam puts in another Dollar.
I turned to Face him
"Like this... " I puckered up my lips in a pout and surprisingly Liam Lipped in a Kiss.


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