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EMPIRE - Chapter Seven


Empire - Chapter Seven
Theme: Dark_empire_is_a_cult


"You Are Hiding Somethi....." My words were Cut Short as Liam Shut me up with a Kiss.
He didn't even Let me Finish what I had to say as he hesitantly deepens the kiss, inadvertently I returned the kiss realizing what I'm doing I jerked off from Liam's Grip, we both looked at each other In complete shock but mine was inestimable, I just pinned down the locks looking directly at the windshield plopping back against my seat.
The Silence after that was Harsh and awkward and I did not have a choice did I.
"Emilia.... " Liam Whisper but I just ignore folding my arms across my chest letting out a loud enough exhale for us both to hear.
"What are you Hiding, I can handle the Truth does it have to do with Amira?? " He was just quiet hiding in a Subtle expression making it hard for me to read him.
"Trust me Emilia you don't want to know... " He sound worried, Worried for my safety which I could care less.
He lean towards me again I just bow and nod sideways.
"Just Drive... " I said coldly I don't really need to be confused

is Liam a good guy ?
Is Ben a Bad Guy??
Of course he is he nearly stripped me unclad the thought of what happened earlier left me flustered till now.
If Ben is Bad Though is Liam Bad ??
For God's sake what kind of Supply are they talking about.
Is it Drugs
Maybe Ben is a Drug Dealer in Disguise and using Darks Empire as his Cover to throw suspicion from the Authorities.
But Why is Liam Helping Ben if the Business is illegal
So Ben is a Drug Dealer
My Head Hurts I just wish I can make Liam Spill the Beans so I can get a dish of what exactly is going on here
Why the Fuck did I accept this Job.
After a Continued Session of Intense Silence the Car's Engine coughed bringing me back to reality as Liam Started driving.
I looked down at my thigh the Files Ben wants me to drop at his place first thing by 6 in the morning if my Job wasn't hard enough I have to deal with a Possessive Bastard, Sometimes I wish I wasn't born.
"I'm sorry about kissing you.... " he apologized I really wasn't interested in his sob story if he won't tell me anything then fine I'm not saying anything, I have to find out what actually they do or at least know what Supplies they are talking about.
I just shrugged and let out a loud hiss only me and him could hear and I knew he wasn't comfortable with me giving him the silence treatment.
Liam parked in front of Becca's apartment I looked at the apartment the lights were down which is strange because Becca usually have a beer party with the Neighbors and last time I had to sleep in her room she insisted I sleep in because it was going to be wild.
I picked up the files I felt Liam grip tightly on my upper arm, I didn't really want to put up with his crap this evening not after I put up with Ben's Crap.
"Please Just Trust me... " He he groaned I just sigh and nod he lits up and I Flinched from his grip.
"I just need to think and you being around is not helping, and don't pick me up tomorrow I don't need to be dependent on you always, thank you for the ride... " I said and I knew he felt bad but I just need a day or two processing what actually is going on and with Ben and Liam on my nerves it's stressful so I need to cut one off for now, not Ben though because he'll kill me.
"it's okay I hope you actually come around.. " he murmured and I just only nod clicking on the door handle and letting myself out of the car and slamming it behind me I don't know how I'm supposed to feel right now but I feel kinda torn and confused.
I heard Liam drive off to hell knows where maybe his ink spot or doing more dirty work for Ben. I huffed under my breath searching for my keys in case Becca isn't home since the lights are down, to my dismay it wasn't locked the moment I switched the door nob open it just creaked once, Weird.
I Fling the door wide open it was dark but not pitch black clasping tightly the files again my bossom.
"Becca... " my Voice Echoed In the not so pitch darkness but I didn't get a reply I stretch out a hand to find probably a switch to brighten up the room, but a hand gripped tightly to my hand it was cold as it drags me into the pitch darkness.
I gag out a loud shriek letting go of the files breaking free from it's grasp and went Taekwondo on whoever picked an unlucky day to die.
"Lia It's me Becca... " I heard Becca cry and back up from twisting her arm behind her leg In a knot.
"Oops Sorry...." I switched on a light spotting Becca who laid back on the floor.
"Why Did you Go Killer Robot on me... " Becca asked trying to get up I went to help her at least get up.
"You Yanked me in the cold darkness what did you expect a Kiss... " I said sarcastically and looked down at the Files Scattered all over the floor.
"Arrgh now I have to Arrange this again... " I said picking up the files one by one.

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"What are you doing coming this Late Anyways?? are you Dating Tattoo Guy??... " My Cheeks blossom red on the thought of it I shake my head to get it out of my head.
"You are Dating Him oh my God you are so Lucky... " She took my ignorant silence for a yes.
"No...I'm not dating him that's ridiculous I had to work overtime as punishment for coming late.. " I said filing the documents in order.
"And His name is Liam... " her eyes widen in shock like what I just said was a Taboo or some Forbidden language.
"You Mean Liam Dark.. " She got up from her chair looking perfectly fine and just a minute ago she was Whining about me almost putting her in her early sick bed.
"Yes... "
"Oh my God cute Tattoo guy is Liam Dark... " She squealed in Excitement, what's there to be excited about he's just another sack of flesh and blood.
"May I ask why you are so excited... " I scoffed putting the files on the Desk.
"Duh Everyone knows Liam Dark is the Prince Charming of Detroit he just doesn't like going public and probably hides his identity here and there unlike his Elder Brother Benjamin Dark The King of Detroit..... " She Licked her lips on the mention of his name.
"Prince, King when did Detroit start ruling according to Monarchy, doesn't the Mayor run this City... " I asked confused.
"Of Course the Mayor does but it's kind of a title given to them since they own the biggest Company in Detroit and have connections in all part of the World and also for their reputation , Liam is known for being The Secretive saint and mostly a Heartthrob he just isn't open to Public and Minds his own Business.. " hmm that explains why he runs a Tattoo shop.
"What about Ben... " I asked curious
"Oh He Doesn't Bed more than once with anything that wears a Skirt he's kind of the Handsome Bastard that has a reputation of using and Dumping, he changes women Like a Pack of Cigarettes when he's done he dumps them but who wouldn't want to bed with him he's a confirmed expert at getting what he wants ... "
"What an ass hurting all those women.. "
"Well That Ass Doesn't give a Fuck, I even heard he bed with the Mayors daughter...." I nearly choked a part of me wants to listen and the other wants to slap the hell out of her so she could shut up.
"Would You say he's in Drugs.." I asked as she shook her head and then shrugs.
"That's a Mystery to everyone, no one actually knows what the Company is about but Sources insisted that Dark Empire is a Cult... " my heart dropped.
"Silly Right?? " She added as I nodded
"Why Would they Think That?? " I asked as she shrugs again
"Maybe it's because of the mysterious disappearance of employees in the past years...." I gasped on the thought of Amira.
"Mysterious disappearance doesn't that seem absurd... " I scoffed
"Yeah Every Year in the past few years Girls who were Picked to work side by Side by Ben Dark Mysteriously Disappear and never to be heard from again some filed a lawsuit but it was never taken seriously... " she voiced
"Why?? "

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"Because What Chance did they Have?? What Evidence and what Risk would Courts takes just to accept the case so the Judges just overlook it and it wasn't taken up.... "
"That Doesn't Sound Right something was involved and something had to do with those Girls death they all fall according to place they worked side by side with Ben... Couldn't the Court had found that Suspicious..?? " I asked
"What Evidence could they Uphold there wasn't any proof he Killed them all they all just disappeared until She Came into the Picture, Her Parents begged her not to go because of the Mysterious Disappearance that alone strike fear in some citizens but some like her still took the risk and surprisingly she Lasted Longer and even got Engaged to Ben but a few Days to their Engagement party she too was Confirmed Disappeared and after that Ben Closed the Public Platform for applying into the position... "
"Wait.... For him to Close it means something right it's proof he is responsible for the disappearance of those innocent girls.. " I said
"Not Quite if he was responsible he wouldn't close the Platform that easy he's Ben Dark maybe she meant something to him and decided to Close the Plat Form....but I heard he re opened the Platform and already got a new PA... " My eyes widen in Shock I'm the New PA.
"What's the Name of the Girl that made Ben Shut Down the Platform.. " I asked
"Amira... Amira Paige... " my eyes widen in gape shock
"So What Do you think about all those Rumors... " I asked
"though they weren't actually confirmed and Ben Didn't give his word on it, I think it's just maybe some rumors the news posted so they could get more Followers and it's all bogus and besides that wouldn't even stop me from working at that Company... So I don't believe any of that shit..." she said getting up but it all lines up somehow but Ben Can't be in a Cult right, part of this story isn't true but the Disappearance about Amira Is Confirmed, I need to know more about Amira.
"I'm Heading back to the Covers and thank you for Helping me with my Post Finals I didn't really want to explain my brother for failing again..." she shot me a warm smile and you know what she's actually pretty nice.
"You're Welcome... " I said as my eyes darted back to my files.
"if you want I can help you with Anything just Anything.... " a Mischievous smile found it's way to my Lips I already know what I want.
~the Next day~
My Lips Stuck on the Keys of the Laptop as a Ray of Light Dazzles and disturb my eyes, I Yawned pushing my head up to see Becca head on the Couch with her Feet on the table with a Blanket covering park of her body.
I tried to remember what happened yesterday
Oh yeah Becca gave me Her Laptop why she stayed up teaching me how to use one eventually she slumped into the couch tired of my unending questions why I try to figure out how to use it on my own.
I laughed at my ignorance and Becca's easily giving up on me.
It's too Sunny this morning, I used the mouse to switch on the laptop to take a look at the time.
"8:15am Holy Crap... " I yelled at the top of my voice waking up Becca from her peaceful sleep as she Fell to the Floor.
"What Happened? " she asked but i didn't have time I dash to the showers to at least take a bath but no single water dropped.
"Becca The Shower is Out... " I yelled as she came in I drew the curtains I know it's ridiculous because we are both girls.
"Arrgh The Landlord didn't call the Plumber.. " she hissed under her breath of all the days the water had to run out, I'm not only late but I'm screwed.
"What am I going to do..." I asked as Becca just shrugs.
"I'm going to call Anthony maybe He could Help" She said shoving out her cell how is he going to help.
"I'm Dead.... " I muttered under my breath

~At Darks Empire~
Anthony Came over and Fixed the Pipes it was just a rusty pipe I didn't know he was good for something maybe he's not a dead beat after all.
Anthony offered to Drive me in his SUV dropping me off a stop before The Company before he finds out I work there o don't know why I want to keep it a Secret but I want to, I thank Anthony for the Ride and skipped to the Company signing in as all eyes were on me and indistinct Chatters were bouncing all over the place, I couldn't drop the files off at Ben's Place and I Figured I would lie to him I got Lost besides I don't know my way around Detroit, that's my only hope.
On getting to Ben's office Cindy Looked down in pity not sparing me a look.
What is going on here it's like someone Died or Something.
I just ignore her maybe I'll talk to her after I deliver the files I was supposed to drop at Ben's House Yesterday, I Let myself in to see Ben who was staring at his translucent glass Window.
"Look who decided to Show up.... " He voice out as He Turned to Face me.
"I... I got Lost.. " yep that lie failed Flat as he made his way towards me his hand chiseled up my chin.
"Congratulations You Just Earned Yourself another Overtime... " he grinned.
Just kill me

To be continued


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