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EMPIRE - Chapter Nineteen


Empire - Chapter Nineteen


"Peyton Vera and Daxton Starks are coming to my charity event... " Becca squealed I don't know how I should feel right now, happy for her or bummed that Modern Delilah and Anti Benjamin are going to be there.
If you don't get it Modern Delilah is Peyton Aka Harley Whatever her name is and Anti Benjamin is Daxton Strarks the King of New York that's what I've heard.
And do you know the worse part I have to attend after blowing off me and Becca's chance to Hangout as Punishment and I can't say no or else she'll hate me.
"Do I really have to go... " I shrieked and she just ignored me.
"you know how much this means to me and the benefits I can finally help all those orphanage and children and remember you blew me off to hang out with your Boyfriend I never ever see because he's always busy... " Becca air quoted the last part delebrately.
"I said I'm sorry... " I apologized again chugging along my water slowly
"Too Late you already owe me and you are attending this charity event I've got an idea why don't you invite Ben.." Becca said and I spit out the water before I choked.
"Are you Okay?? " Becca asked worried
"Hell No... " I spat
"Jeez it's only water you didn't die.. " Becca said
"it's not that I can't invite Ben Besides he hates socializing and probably won't even want to come... " I said

"Have you tried asking?? " I shook my head, wasn't she listening.
"Are you Deaf?? " I growled
"No.. Just tell him that you wanna go with him besides I bet you guys haven't even gone on an actual Date... " my lips parted she wasn't wrong we haven't actually gone on a date, he's always busy with unnecessary meetings I don't even know about and I always hang out with him in his Apartment sometimes.
"OK Fine I'll convince him to come if You invite Noel... " Becca glared at me and I broke in a Loud quirk.

*Ding Dong*
Me and Becca shot each other confused Looks.
"Anthony?? " I asked and her brows furrowed and grimaced in Disgust on the mention of his name like it was a Taboo.
"What Does that Shithole want?? " I gasped as she heads to the door and flings it wide open.
"Fuck You.... "
"Excuse me.. " I pushed my head out to see Liam who was confused just as I am, by the way what's he doing here.
"Liam??? Oh Shit I'm sorry I thought ummh, Emilia You're wanted... " That's strange I need to talk to Becca about Anthony and was she Blushing in front of Liam.
I went to the door, I waved shyly to Liam it's being three weeks ever since you know what happened and I haven't seen Liam in a while or didn't even bother to ask for him, I'm such an idiot.
"You Look Good... " that's the only thing that escaped his lips.
"Thanks Same to you... " I nodded as Liam Smiles trying to say something but ends up sighing.
"Liam is there something you wanna tell me??" Liam catches my stare.
"I'm... You know, the thing is.... remember I'm so sorry for making you confused and frustrated I didn't want to ruin our friendship and I'll understand if you want to be with Ben as Long as you're Happy I'm Happy... " I went mute I didn't know what to actually say.
"I understand if you don't want to be friends.. " Liam said heading out but I gripped tightly to the wrist.
"Of Course we can be friends I'm glad you are happy and not upset Liam... " I said pulling him into a hug.
"I'm sorry too for leading you on..." I said burying my head down his Torso.
"Forgiven now I can give you my Present... " I pulled away from Liam confused as he pulled out a red tiny Box.
"What is it ?? " I asked but he didn't even hint me a clue.
"Open it... " Liam grinned, I just shrugged cause it's now or nothing.
I opened it to see an Amulet I guess Dangling it in the air, it glowed anytime I shook it.
"I went to Madagascar last week for a getaway mission and found it in a Cave it's pretty much one of a Kind, it was supposed to be taken to the Museum but I had my ways and was permitted to take it with me so I decided why not gift it as an apology... " I jogged up to Liam, Successfully he catches me as we both Locked in a hug.
"Thank you..... " we both Disengage from the Hug as Liam pushes my hair back and Helps me put on the Necklace.
"I'm glad you like it... " Liam chips in as the Amulet glows as I giggle.
"Becca Check this out?? "
"Shit.... " Becca Cussed under her breath slamming her Laptop down and throwing it on the couch.
"Is everything okay?? "
"No it's not The Band I hired for the Damn Charity Cancelled on me, what am I going to do now?? " Becca Whined
"Ummh I could Help.... " Liam Volunteered
"How can you help me... " Becca Scoffed
"I used to play gigs a lot in highschool, I'm sure your Charity is no different from them.. " Liam Snickered at Becca.
"I have to confirm that myself if you mind.. " Becca said as Liam Shrugged.
"Sure you can check me out if you want ...." my phone Vibrated in my pockets.

@Cindy --- Where the hell are You ??
@Me --- Home, Where else will I be??
@Cindy --- Whatever Remember this Morning we bumped into each other we switched files and I need mine now.
@Me -- but it's Wednesday I got my leave early today can't I come tomorrow
@Cindy --- Get here before I Loose it on you I'll be waiting.
I sigh it's 03:35pm seriously doesn't she have a conscience, she didn't even know how long I pleaded with Ben to Let me leave early.
"Are you Coming Emilia??" Liam brought me back to reality.
"Erhm no Cindy just texted me to bring her something urgently maybe another time guys... " I declined quickly picking up the files and racing out the Door.
"Nice Apartment... " Becca complimented and I just shrugged.
"it's a working progress.. " I said switching on the lights.
"You have a Music room.. " Becca asked
"Yeah, I thought it would be a great idea when I wanted to pursue music as a Career but gave up in the process.. " I said as Liam chuckled.
She went to the other side of the room grabbing a guitar and pretend like she knew the Keys.
"My name is Rebecca
and I'm a rocker
don't mess with the queen or you'll get..." a string cut before she could finish her song earning a loud laugh from me.
"Not Bad... " I complimented
She blushed a little putting down the guitar and went to where my where a bunch of notes where.
"You write Songs...?? " Becca asked
"It used to be fun... " i shrugged
"this one seems recent though... " my eyes widened in shock, I raced to her and snatched it from her.
"This one is confidential... " i breathe
"But I scrolled through the Lyrics they are really emotional like you wrote your feelings down, you should sing it for the Charity event... " my brows furrowed in anger.
"I'm not singing this at the Charity... " I growled
"But... "
"I said I'm not doing it OK Rebecca... " I said as she nods.
"You Remind me of my Foster Brother.... " I arched a brow.
"Foster??? " I voiced out
"I was adopted by my foster parents, me and my brother were adopted actually he never actually wasn't open with his feelings, he never liked me so I went crazy dating guys blowing off my studies while he graduated, got married and owned a solid business in Chicago, I'm only doing this charity because whenever I see all those orphans it reminds me of how Lucky I was to be adopted... " She Slouched back into the couch, I stride towards her and sat next to her.
"What about your Foster Parents?? " I asked
"They're Dead...they both Died a few years ago, after they died my whole world came crashing down I never did anything but rebel against them and caused them pain, so I thought throwing this charity event might make up for my past... "
"What about Your Boyfriend.... " I asked
"We Broke up Last Week, he said I was selfish and self absorbed and I was cheating on him and generally I was busy with this Charity event maybe I'm selfish... " that explains why she yell at me earlier
"You're not Selfish.. You are kind amazing and a nice person and he was dumb to break up with you....." she shot me a smile and I'm just realizing that we were breath apart.
"Thanks.... " she said as we both stared at each other, she leaned closer Locking her lips with mine in a Kiss, her hands traced up to my hair tangling her fingers in the locks of my hair, inadvertently my hands traced down her waistline, I pushed her down on the couch dominating her, I gently nibble on her lower lip as she grants me entrance and I deepen the kiss, her fingers yanked my buttons one by one and my fingers traced under her top.

"Liam the Door was open so I... Holy cow.. " I jerked off Becca on seeing Sylvia who held takeovers.
"I Have to go.. The Charity won't organise itself.. " she said thrusting down her skirt and top while I buttoned up my shirt.
"it's okay... " I said as she nods and hint of red were still radiating on her cheeks, she looks back.
"I hope you sing that song at the Charity it will mean a Lot.. " Becca said dashing out of the music room.
I hissed under my breath what the Fuck was I thinking.
"Thank you, You just saved me from getting Fired... " Cindy praised exchanging her files with me
"Whatever is Ben around?? " I asked
"I'm not sure maybe you can check... " I nodded heading to Ben's office I just remembered that I need to invite him for the Charity Tommorow I know he's going to say no but what's the harm in trying.
I knocked but I didn't get a reply so I let myself in anyways slamming the door behind me, Ben was no where to be found, I pranced around his office and sat down on his Chair.
"Maybe he's at his Apartment... " I muttered to myself, my eyes darted to the Desk Drawer, the last time I was here Ben planned a trip to New York for me and I remembered it has something to do with Amira.
I tried to open the desk drawer but Shit it's Locked.
"What are you Doing in here...?? " My heart skipped and I tried to remain calm on seeing Daxton.
"Well I'm Ben's PA I was Dropping of some files like he requested, I should be asking you that same question aren't you supposed to be in New York??" I shot back.
"Remember the partnership agreement it holds here in Detroit so you will be seeing me constantly... " Daxton smirked.
"Well Arevoir... " I said shouldering past him but he gripped on to my wrist pulling me back to him.
"you are a pretty girl, what will it take to get under your skirt, Cash, money, anything I have it all, I can double the salary Ben pays...." my lips parted did he just indirectly call me a prostitute.
I Flinched away from his grip.
"Not interested I'm satisfied with my pay and I already have a boyfriend... " I spat.
"Is it by any chance Benjamin?? " I gasped giving him a Valid answer.
"I don't have time for this... " I said pushing past him.
"He's going to hurt you, He's Dangerous Emilia Do you want to risk your Life, Do you want to share the same fate with Amira.... " my heart dropped I don't want to hear anything coming from his mouth but I can't stop him.
"You don't know that... Ben Loves me... "
"If he Loves you he won't risk your life like he risked the others like he risked Emilia, I know you want answers and I can give them to you just give me all I want and you don't need to live under a Lie... " I froze but I shook my head Daxton is probably insane.
"Thank you but I think I'm satisfied with my answers and your offer will be my last option over my dead body... " I said wanting to walk out on Daxton.
"He's going to Hurt you Just watch.. " he said.
The Next Day

I didn't see Ben so I got the Day off again I texted him if he wanted to see the Fundraiser or charity concert but got no reply.
I Sighed Maybe Daxton was right what could he be doing that's so important.
I just kept myself busy helping Becca with the Fund raiser preparations and she Looked stressed.
"Places people Places what does it take to get attention around here and where's Liam His gig starts not less Than Ten minutes I'm so dead..."
"Becca calm down... " I said
"Calm down??? I'm freaking out here, he's not even picking my calls did he die or something everyone is going to think I'm a Fraud and I collected the money for my own benefit... " I slapped her without thinking.
"Just be Calm hey look it's Liam... " Our eyes darted to Liam who held his guitar smiling at both of us as we both race to him.
"Oh thank Goodness you are alive, what the Fuck dude you wanna kill me you go on in five minutes... "
"I know and I brought someone for you, she's here come on... " Becca looked at me confused and I just shrugged.
A married couple came out with a little kid.
"Noel.... " Becca whispered almost in tears.
"Rebecca... " Noel, oh Noel is her older brother she raced to him and jumped on him as they both hugged.
"What are you doing here?? " Becca asked confused
"Well Liam said he's your friend and he said you were doing a Fundraiser for the orphanage and I can't be more than proud mom and Dad would be proud of you.. " Becca hugged him more and the little boy.
"Jaxon say hi to your Aunt... " Noel said as the boy greeted Becca, I pulled Liam aside away from Becca and her Family to a corner.
"Okay who are you and what did you do to Liam, how did you Find Noel??? " I said
"Perks of having Sources..." I pecked him on his cheek.
"I'm proud of you now go out there and earn a lot of money.... " I said as Liam nods and I left Back stage to the VIP stand.
Becca came out standing on the stadium.
"Thank you all for your Donations and for coming together to help the Fundraiser and Thank Benjamin Dark for Donating a $1000000. And also Liam Dark who would be entertaining us tonight, I give you Liam Dark Keep Donating... "
Becca left the stage wait Ben Donated that means he's here somewhere.
My phone vibrated.
@Ben-- I see you
I looked around and no sight of Ben as Liam came out with his Guitar.
He stride towards the Mic looking down on me as Becca came down standing next to me.
"Good evening everyone you may know me as Liam Dark and I'm here to sing a Song for a very special Brunette and she's a girl...." everyone was confused cause half the stage of girls were brunette and screaming.
Becca was grinning like a maniac she's Brunette too so Liam wrote the song for her then, but what do they have together.
The lights dimmed shut as the lights dart at Liam.
What am I, What are you
Finding it so hard to make you mine as the roses bloom
You, yes you thought it was easy but I'm a fool
You make me smile no matter what but I can't make you mine that's so true
And even though we just met
I want to cuddling next to me on my bed.....
What am I what are you
And if you don't still want me
I'll still be here waiting
Cause you yes you
I don't want you
"I need you" Liam voiced the last part loud and clear looking at our direction leaving me dumbstruck as everyone applauded.
Becca wasn't next to me as Liam continued staring at me, until someone Yanked me and kissed me.
"Ben.... " I gasped as he intertwined his fingers with mine.
I looked back at the stage Liam wasn't there
"Thanks Liam... But can you stay for the after-party there will be cake.. " Becca said but I just chuckled.
"Sylvia wants me to take her home maybe another time... " I declined and nod getting to my car putting the guitar in my trunk and got in my car.
"When are you going to move on?? " Sylvia said bitterly.
"what are you talking about?? " I asked
"I know you wrote that song for Emilia... "
"Becca said I should. "
"You wrote that personally For Emilia you could have sang anything and you chose that because you wanted to let her know how you feel but let's face the truth Liam you still Love Emilia ..."
" Ben... " I called but I saw him kissing a girl in the crowd when they pulled from the kiss I decided to see who it was that stupid Emilia he already likes her.
After I gave him my body
After I gave him my loyalty
And she takes him away from me.
Tears flow down my cheeks as I head out to the parking lot.
"Harley Quine or should I say Peyton Vera... " I recognized that voice anywhere.
"Daxton... What do you want... " I growled
"or what do you want?? " he said and I laughed
"Get out I don't have time for your stupid alliances.. "
"Oh you'll be interested in this one... You want Something and I want something too and I think we can help each other out..." he said
"I'm in... "


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