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EMPIRE - Chapter Nine


Empire - Chapter Nine
Theme: Drug_trafficker


"That's Peyton Vera the Mayors Daughter... " Becca Said my brows furrowed in dismay.
So Harley is the Mayors Daughter, nope that can't be the Mayors Daughter, the Last name is Vera and Harley's Last Name is Quine.
It can't be the same Harley or Peyton or whatever her name is.
I scrolled down the picture cropping everyone of them it's actually her but how??
Peyton Vera or whatever looks so innocent and pure in the before throwbacks but Looks Edgy and Bitchy in the new throwbacks and I hate to admit it she Looks gorgeous the thought of her and Ben having an affair.
"You OK... " Becca asked me my eyes were glued to her laptop like honey to a beehive.
"Huh?? " I jolt but still glued my eyes to her laptop in utmost confusion
"You Look Like You've seen a Ghost.. " Of Course but I've seen a Killer in my Midst how can a sweet innocent girl immediately just turn into a notorious killer.
"Ummh... It's nothing I thought she Looked Familiar, seems my mind is playing tricks on me like my Boss.. " I Scoffed ignoring her concern expression.
"I need to go take a shower it's being a Long day and I hope a shower would wash everything down.. " I snirk plucking off a button heading to the bathroom.
"Ummh Lia... " I stopped and turned to face her waiting for what question she had in mind.
"Yeah Becca.. " it's strange we are both giving each other nicknames when we barely know each other and a few days ago I hated her and her not so deadbeat boyfriend guts.
"Ummh I've been meaning to ask you, I wanted to ask you on the First Day but since we are getting along surprisingly, I think it's high time we get to know ourselves, so don't be upset and you don't really have to answer if you are uncomfortable but how did you end up in Detroit ?.." my breath hitched on the mention of that question
should I tell her,
should I come clean,
can I trust her
She did ask but if she knew I'll be risking her safety, but I'm already risking her safety by staying here
But I am staying here till I get back on my feet
She Looked at me trying to read my expression which I perfectly disguised into a subtle look.
I let out a emotionless sigh hoping to throw her off balance, I need to stay calm and choose my words calmly, not too much of the truth and not much of a lie.
I stride to her direction again letting out another loud sigh signalling her I'm ready to spill.
I gulp down ready to spit out the first thing that escape my lips.
"I ran away.. " Good At least it's part of the truth but not enough as she shot me a confused look.
"Ran Away.. ??" She Looked confused of course she looked confused she needed more than 'I ran away' but sadly I can't tell her the whole truth, she can't get involved with my messes, I can't risk her life, as much as I want to be honest, I don't really have the heart to tell her the whole truth, not until my cover is safe.
"My Parents Died when I was 14...i was kinda betrothed so I ran away... " I bluntly told her the Same sob story as I told Liam her eyes widen in shock
did she dig through my lie and found out the truth?? or does she already know who I am.
"Becca are you??... " she flinched on my touch
"You Were Betrothed?? that means you are some Kind of Royalty... " I just chuckled and breath a sigh of relief that she believed me and didn't pester me with more questions
"That Means You are some Kind of Princess or Something, no wonder you aren't in College.. "
"Actually I was Homeschooled my entire life and actually went to college very early and graduated when I was 13 my parents were very kinda controlling..." her eyes widened in shock at least that was true and the only truth I've told her so far
"So you are a Genius no wonder you were able to help me with that equation.... " she said still bewildered as I blushed on her supposed compliment.
"Actually I'm not Genius, my parents just pushed me too hard but I loved them though after they died everything came crumbling down, my freedom was more restricted and when I was told I was going to get betrothed I ran away.... " a tear races down my cheek, I didn't think I was going to tell anyone that story but I told Becca and I think I might have gone deeper than I should but at least some of them were exaggerated.
I gasped as Becca pulled me into a tight hug I was surprised but it was comforting, it's much of a surprise and a shock that I'm sharing a Hug with her, a few days ago I was planning to shoot her because of her loud moaning but actually she's pretty nice, which is strange when I think of it that I shouldn't judge people by their looks.
It's Strange am I doing the same with Harley and Ben and Liam ??.
We both pulled away from the Hug.
"Phew Thank Goodness I thought you were some drug trafficker, I knew my guts were right about you not being one... " I just rolled my eyes on her silly guess.

It seems I'm not the only one judging others by their Looks.
"Wow Drug Trafficker?? " my brows arched in amusement as my arms folded across my bossom as a smirk curled up my lips.
"Don't Look at Me, Tony Suggested the Night you brought out my flyer and requested you needed a Place to stay, Tony said it was a bad idea that you could be a trafficker on the run, he even browsed through your Stuff but found nothing... " He Did What, You Know what I was Wrong Tony is a Dead Beat, infact he's a dead man, how dare he search through my stuff, the Audacity.
"Don't worry I hid your panties before he could take a look... " My cheeks heat up, why didn't I think of that, that explains why I saw them In the Fridge last time, she was hiding them, sweet relief I though she was in a cult or was a Psycho pant thief.
"Thanks.... " I said as she slightly nods sharing me a warm smile a sister would.
"you better go back to your shower you reek.. " she bluntly spat as I only nod at her reaction but stopped.
"Becca?? " she turned to face me waiting for my question.
"Yeah... " she lead on
"Why Didn't you Just Kick me out or refuse to house me after all those things you heard about me cause I would have definitely kicked myself out..." She let's out a laugh at my sharp honesty.
"Because I don't judge people from their Looks, like the old saying don't judge a book from it's cover, though you looked like one, but on the other hand you look lost and in need of shelter and I decided to let you stay and thought I'll kick you out the next day but I couldn't so I let you stay and also I always wanted to know what's it like to have a younger sister so I just thought maybe this was my chance and I needed the money... " I now feel kinda guilty but laugh on the last part.

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"Thanks for not throwing me out... " I smiled as she shot me a smile back.
"Well I'm off to take a shower... " I said going to the bathroom.
"Wait a Minute?? " She stopped me I thought we were done with the question and answer session.
"Oh Come on.. " I whined
"What were your first thought about me.. " She Crooked a grin playfully glaring at me as I let out a loud chuckle.
"My Lips are sealed... " I pressed the tip of my thumb and my index finger sliding it across my lips in a Zip virtually displaying that I lips were Zipped shut.
"Oh you are Talking Sister... " She Playfully said cornering me but I ran to the bathroom before she could get a hold on me.
I am the Victor for Today... ~Hehe~
~•The Next Day•~
Today like the cycle of the Bermuda triangle I didn't fail to come late but this time I came by 10:00am on the dot and I didn't get yelled out or any complaints, I even told Ben about it he Just Slightly nod and told me to take down his schedule for Today.
I Purposely Switched his meetings with his clients causing chaos he only shot me a smile a sincere smile and I poured him or should I say I purposely spilled hot Coffee on him twice Today he didn't yell or do anything but kindly asked for a Napkin as I only shot him a confused Look.
Out of all the times I want to get overtime so I can take a Look at the Documents about Amira, Karma is perfectly working against me, it's like he knew about my plan Forehand before I could act and came prepared or he's reading my mind.
Come to think of it I'm playing with Death on the other hand, If Ben Finally snap I swear he will show me Hell or have his way under my skirt so I'm taking a big risk and my life is on the Line.
I was with Ben by his Side as he Slides some Documents over to me.


"Take a Look at those it's for my next meeting and you are participating don't think of being Late or You're Dead... " He Sounds scary as I only rolled my eyes.
I dropped the files down on his Desk as he looked up scrunched up confused at my reaction.
"Mr Dark I'm confused " I Pouted as my elbows pinned to his desk looking him directly in his eyes, the eyes of death, my eyes glanced to the Desk drawer he earlier hid the Files of Amira and shit it's Locked.
"What are you doing ??" He Yelled at the top of his voice but I've already gone too deep to redraw now.
"You Seem Weirdly Fair to me Today.. " His brows arched as his Lips Fumbled into a thin line rendering his face without expression.
"What are you Talking about Miss Campbell??.." He Retorted and sounded formal in Pronouncing my name. I didn't like it, why?? I don't know
"I don't know I came late and Mixed up your meetings and spilled Coffee on you twice but instead of giving me overtime you seem rather Cool about it.. " His Lips Curled into a Devilish Grin, yeah that's the Ben Dark I know I'm so Dead.
His Fingers went up my Chin
"Miss Campbell I didn't know you are already attracted.. " He Blurts as my eyes widen as I back up.
"Attracted?? " I could see him break into a smile.
Arrgh I let him get under my Skin
He gets up and moves to my Ear
"I don't need Overtime to Punish you, I already have plans to Punish you when I have you all to myself get ready for Payback...hope you like apples... " my expression grew in disgust and confusion, what does he mean he has me all to himself, he's just bluffing right...
He withdrew from my ear picking up his files from his Desk that I slammed mercilessly earlier bemused by my Shocked expression.
"The Meeting is in Five Minutes Don't be Late and it's at the Main office.. " He exits his office as I stayed behind watching him leave the office as he shuts it behind me drastically I bent over to the Desk Drawer trying to open it, it was Locked.
"Fuck.... " All that time wasted to get into Overtime wasted and still no Key, even if I did get overtime how was I supposed to open it anyways.
I looked up at the Clock it's almost time for the meeting I drastically picked up the files dashing out of the office feeding off attention to the Fellow workers who were amused at my struggle.
Just in time I raced to the main office mostly in Pants as the Meeting was about to Commence, thanks Gracious Lord.
"Good Ms Campbell will you be kind enough to advertise the Documents, you should have been able to go through it since I gave you enough time... " Ben Smirked
How is Five Minutes enough time Arrgh I should have spilled more Coffee on him
'BASTARD' I mouthed as his Smirk grew wider as everyone waited for me to advertise what I came unprepared for.
"Ms Campbell don't keep us waiting remember your Paycheck depends on this.. " He's a Monster if he thinks of taking off my paycheck.
I screamed internally I took one last glance at the files and looked up at Ben, I wore a Devious Smirk that Confused him catching him off guard like he was afraid, I saw it before he hides it under a piercing glare like the rest of the clients.
"Mr Ben, This is Your Advertisement why don't you assist me and you know what Take over it, I can't do all the work I'll be taking all the credit from the original... " two can play this game he smirked at my comeback but didn't show a look of defeat like he has something up his sleeves which I'm praying he shouldn't.
"As you Wish Ms Campbell... " he got up and made his way to me shooting me one final glare, he gestured me to my seat, I Victor in his final defeat.
"Well Ms Campbell was supposed to tell you about the Statics about the Company so if we can get enough shares across the world Dark Empire will be the Story of the country and I would like to make that happen by sampling half of our shares to one of the Cities it will start one by one until we've reached the Entire Country.... " Everyone applauded including me I have to admit the way he spoke was so in control I almost have respect for him.
"Don't give me all the Credit it was all thanks to my Lovely PA and because of that she'll be the First to Join me in my business trip as my Plus one to New York.... "



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