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EMPIRE - Chapter Fourteen


Empire - Chapter Fourteen
Theme: Possessive_much 


"Let's Take it off... " Ben Snickered in a Husky Tone, his Hungry eyes darted to my lips as his tongue glide down his lower lip in a lustful crave, his eyes hypnotic, darted back to mine locked In an intense stare still pressed against the wall.
Timid I pushed my head down staring at his Torso my only shield from his hypnotic eyes, his hand went up to my chin pushing it back up to his stare.
Stroking my chin gently a smirk glued on his face driving me confused and bewildered at the same time.
He only shook his head letting go of his grip on my towel but still held to my chin.
"What Do you say Emilia ??" my Lips parted, my back slammed against the wall, sharp breaths radiating against my cheeks. My stomach churned making flips here and there, he leaned towards me, his breath alone clouded my thoughts melting my heart in a heartbeat, it felt so right to feel this way but somehow a pang of guilt was still there but I didn't care what it was about and didn't want to know.
His Fingers tangled up with my hair brushing it down playfully combing it slowly, his fingers traced to my down to my collarbone threatening to strip it off.
I Clinged tightly to my Towel, my eyes broadened in dismay, he Noticed but wore a Smirk.
He leaned towards my earlobe letting out quiet gasp in a whisper.
"if I wanted to make you mine I would have Fucked you in the shower... "
Instantly he pressed his lips against the sides of my neck sending a tingling cold sensation that races down my spine.
His Hands trailed down to the sides of my hip pulling me closer to him pressing his massive chest against my bossom, my breathing hitched as I let out a gasp.
His Lips worked down my neck planting butterfly kisses trailing down to my collarbone sending thrills down my spine, he slowly glides back up devouring and gently savoring every sweet tick of my flesh as I let out a lustful moan that didn't stop Ben and I didn't want him to stop, he shot out his tongue delicately gliding down I whimper on the wet paint of his Tongue, my body betrayed me again I gasped out a moan In a tone, Ben thrilled on my response to his Tongue technology bruises my Neck, delicately chewing and nibbling on the skin on my neck trailing down to my collarbone bone, I was a moaning mess, my head was in the clouds I felt high but Ben didn't stop there, he Drastically smashed my back against the wall harder than before, his hands traced to mine baffled I struggled to tuck it tight enough before Ben smashed my Hands against the wall with his pressing his Torso against me.
We were both breathing heavily against each other his eyes darted to the ends of my towel knotted sloppyly, a Nefarious smirk danced it's way to his lips.
My Heart Sank on his glare, he pushed his head to the other side of my Neck same as earlier planting little butterfly kisses down to my Cervix, I shriveled under him as I let him paint me.
His Lips were the brush, his Tongue were the Paint and my Body was his art and like a painting I let him turn me into his masterpiece.
He Let's go of my Hands convinced I won't stop him cause at this moment I don't want him to, I pushed my hands down my side in defeat signifying I give into him.
His kisses never seem to stop trailing it to the Apex of my boobs, my breath hitch as I tried to force him out of me but he was too strong and didn't seem to care.
He stopped again his eyes darted to the Dandy knot about to crumble.
"Just Trust me... " He whispered and again I obeyed his sinful command whilst he fiddle his tongue delicately I between the apex of my boobs.
The sensation stopped as Ben Let's go of me, my cheeks blossomed red feeling slight pangs trailing down my neck to my collarbone but replaced with a tingling thrill that shriveled down my spinal cord.
"Done... " I've never been more confused and flustered at the same time again I Clinged tightly to the knot of my towel.
"Now Rocco can't Dare Touch you unless he wants to Die... " My cheeks still crimson, flustered on the thought that this was somehow related to Rocco and I just crumbled under a his touch.
My fingers trailed down feeling the marks he gave to me.
"What the Hell did you do to me?? " I asked confused.
"Ever Heard of Hickeys I gave them to you, you're welcome... " He Winked
"Why ??? And how do I make them go away.. " I said earning a chuckle from Ben.
"They're Permanent don't Flaunt it too much.. " Ben said as he head towards the door to exit the room.
"Get Enough Rest we have a meeting Tomorrow and next time I see you in a Towel I'm not stopping at Hickeys.. " My Cheeks radiated a Mutation of red.

Ben turned to Face me Scaling me head to toe
"Me and Rocco have some business to tend to Goodnight Emilia.. " He Slammed the Door shut I stride to the Bed clasping my palm against my neck, I facepalmed myself burying my face down my palms.
"Why Me... " I cried throwing myself on the bed.
I went to the Closet Picking up Shorts and a night blue top.
Again I threw myself on the Bed slowly drifting into sleep.
~•The Next Day•~
My hands trail down shoved down in my pockets waiting for Emilia who was taking a long time getting Ready.
Rocco burst out from nowhere swinging a set of keys OK his index finger.
"Your Car got delivered this morning.. " Rocco threw the keys Directly at me in one fling and I caught it without a Flinch.
"Great all I need is Emilia what is she doing putting on makeup?? " I asked looking down at my wrist watch tapping my foot impatiently.
"So What's Today's meeting about?? " Rocco asked.
"We Have to Check up with some clients it has nothing to do with the supplies so she can participate in the meeting... "
"So You're not Worried?? " Rocco asked shooting me a bemused look.
"Why should I be worried?? " I asked
"You're meeting up with Daxton today remember.... " I cussed under my breath I forgot I'm in a treaty with that son of a bitch.
"Why exactly should in be worried?? " I asked furious.
"Aren't you worried that Daxton might try to get to Emilia?? " Rocco asked
"Why should I be Worried Me and Emilia are married.. "
"Oh save me the bullshit, You can't bed more than once and suddenly you want to spend the rest of your life with a girl you have little Idea about her background I know you guys aren't Married Ben...." why the Fuck did I think I could trick Rocco
"How did you?? "
"I scanned through the batch of certificates on the internet yesterday and your name wasn't on it and you guys aren't wearing rings.... So......"
"So what?? "
"So aren't you afraid Daxton is going to make Emilia His.. "
"He has to get through her over my dead Body... " I was cut short by the loud stomping of Emilia gliding down the stairs.
She was struggling flying her up her collar her arms clasped hanging over her neck.
I looked back at Rocco and back to Emilia.
"Good morning.. " Rocco greeted Emilia only Nodded dragging her Collar up, Rocco wore a confused Look while a Smirk made it's way to my face.
"Good Morning... " Emilia greeted back not letting go of her collar and she ignored my stares looking down everywhere except my eyes.
"Emilia are you Feeling OK..? " Rocco asked, She only nods my arms folded across my chest.
"Good morning to you.. " I snickered at her her cheeks heat up implying she was blushing I decided to get under her skin.
"Yeah Morning.. " She made her way towards the Fridge to get a Snack.
"Rocco knows we aren't married... " her lips parted her eyes widened in shock I couldn't help but chuckle lightly to myself.
"Then Why did you give me hickeys?? " She said almost immediately letting go of her collar clearly revealing her fresh batch of Hickeys down her collarbone.
Rocco eyes widened in dismay on the large Print of Hickeys, Emilia Hesitantly pulled back up her collar concealing the Hickeys.
"Wow that's some Hickey... " Rocco blurted Emilia face was red with Humiliation.
"Don't we have a meeting to go to.. " Emilia cried letting go of her Collar revealing a sight of her Hickeys.
"Yes we do babe... " Her brows furrowed and there goes that Hidden dot that pops up.
"Whatever let's just go.. "


We Took Ben's Car to the Meeting we were supposed to attend while Rocco stayed behind he said something about fumigation I didn't quite understand what he meant.
The Silence was dead awkward then I decided to go through his schedule.
"We have to make a partnership with Daxton Sparks the owner of Sparks Empire.. " I read as Ben Hissed unconcerned.
"This is a very important meeting and could hold an esteem proposition for Darks Empire... " Ben Still glued his eyes to the road eventually.
"we aren't even going to listen to their proposition or whatever I just need to attend and get this over with... " Ben Scowled at me.
"Then why are we even going wasn't it better we didn't plan the business trip... "
Ben snicker at me
"This is the only one you could attend... " OK what does he mean by that??

There are other meetings??
I just kept mute not pestering him any further until we got to the Company as we let ourselves in the building, a group of high tech security team guarded the building the only thing that Guarded Darks Empire in Detroit was Stanley the security guard and this company hired a SWAT TEAM.
I scoffed walking side by side next to Ben who was being examined by the Security.
"Leave him alone he's working with me... " my mouth dropped on the handsome stranger that walked out of the Building entouraged by guards, seriously where was I when these men were born.
His eyes scouted me shooting me a stare of His daunting eyes that made me Blush, Ben on noticing pulled me closer to him, I swear I'll bite him if he calls me his wife again.
"Wow What Happened to Harley?? " he was bemused thinking I'm Harley
"This is Emilia my new PA, Emilia Daxton Sparks the owner of Sparks Corps.. " Ben growled.
"Are You by any chance Single... " Ben Pulled me back what the Fuck is wrong with him.
"She is Taken actually.. " Ben Smirked as Daxton hissed under his breath his nose scrunched up shooting daggers at Ben
I may be new but I think they hate each other
"Well it's Hard to believe such a Fine Maiden is Taken.. " Daxton pushed his hair back with his fingers.
"Well believe it she is... " Ben growled OK what is happening.
"OK Ben Shall we Discuss the Preposition?? " Ben Shove his hands down his pockets.
"That's what we are here for isn't it?? " Daxton shot me one last Look tilting his head back signalling us to come in.
We Walked in the Building as Daxton tries to walk with me but Ben wouldn't allow it so I followed behind him.
"So Emilia.. When did you start working For Ben?? " Daxton asked
"Oh This Week I'm actually new to this work of a thing.. " I said
"impressive beautiful and smart.. " My cheeks flushed crimson I heard Ben grunting but I just ignore him.
"Thank you.. " I said flustered eventually
"Do you have a second opinion about your change of work?? " he asked and actually I'm finding it hard to tell him I signed a contract to work for Ben and only for him till hell knows whem.
"Not actually I'm pretty much happy and I just started so I don't think I'm interested in working anywhere right now.." I said and Ben's uneasy grunting stopped, I wonder why?
"Well think about it, I can offer you more than you are paid, i need someone like you working in my company.. "
"She's Mine... " I nearly choked on his words as Ben Cut Daxton Short.
Possessive much.
"She doesn't belong to you, she only works for you Be treat her with respect you could loose Employees like her.. " Daxton voice
Any moment Ben would blow up like a grenade thrown in the Air but he didn't which surprises me the more.
Ben stayed mute till we got to the office and a bunch of Clients marched in as the Meeting commence.
"So What's the Meeting about?? " I asked
"I offered Mr Dark to engage in a partnership with me and my proposition for my idea will benefit both Companies since Dark Empire is Successful in Detroit and my Company as well doing a Partnership can actually make a difference and double the statics.. "
"What Do you say Mr Dark?? " Daxton asked but Ben looked away like this didn't matter showing unconcerned.
"We'll do it.. " I blurted out almost immediately as everyone in the room uproar in joy and immediately Ben got up.
"You are nothing but Pathetic.. " He said with Venom in his voice and surprisingly it hurts I've received a lot of harsh comments and shrugged it off but Ben comment hurt me.
"Thank you we'll be looking forward to doing business with you.. " Mr Daxton said as Ben stormed out and I follow after him.
"Ben.... Ben... Ben.. "
"What do you want Emilia you've won OK I know I've not exactly being fair to you I know clearly you didn't want to go to this trip in the first place, you win but you didn't have to prove it by Agreeing to Join my company with that son of a bitch... " His eyes were bloodshot red his glare was stuck at me as he ratted every possible word that came to his head.
"What are you talking about didn't you hear the Benefits, you're supposed to be thanking me." I spat as anger clouded me.
"Then Thank you Emilia, Thank you for agreeing to give half of the companies shares and Loans to Help with a Stupid project.. " I didn't even know what the proposition was about and I just agreed because of what Daxton said, a pang of guilt hit me.
"I'm sorry.. " I looked down but he just walked out on me walking out of the company as I followed him to the car.
He didn't yell as I got in with him, the silence was harsh and the atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Soon Ben Drove home not saying a word to me he got down from the car and I followed.
He barged into the house as I followed.
"Ben... I said I'm sorry.. It's just some project that could actually benefit you.. "
"I told you earlier that we aren't going to conclude on an agreement and you went there with that big mouth of yours flirting with him.." my lips parted
"You know what you are Pathetic too if you won't talk to me then so be it... " I said but a hand pulled me back locked in his grasp.
"Where do you think you're going?? "
"Anywhere that doesn't have your Temper.. " I said trying to free from his grasp
"Too Late Babe I want you... " he said as he crashed his lips on mine


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