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EMPIRE - Chapter Four


Empire - Chapter Four
Theme: The_contract


"Welcome to Darks Empire.. " he said as I sighed a Smirk curled up his lips taking In the Deed I just signed, I just sat down waiting for any orders or information he had to share, his eyes glued stuck to the paper like I signed a deed willing him my life or something,
I don't know how? but that smirk made him look Devious.
His eyes darted to me as he gently brushed a swing of his lower lip staring at my Face, the way his Chocolate brown eyes stuck on me made me feel Uneasy like he was some Demi god almost leaving me mesmerized.
At once he jerked up from his seat slowly making his way towards me.
He just stood behind me as I felt his stare sinking through my jacket and burning my bare back.
I Fiddle with my fingers the uneasy silence made it hard to actually know what's going on.
"Sir may I leave now?? " I asked but he didn't reply the Harsh silence testified his answer I just sat down as he just stared at me making me feel more uncomfortable than any human would.
"do I make you nervous?? " he asked with his deep husky voice in amusement almost putting me in a Trance.
Betrayed by my own mouth I was afraid to speak with just his question throwing me off guard and giving him a slight nod.
He let out a Chuckle a graceful one but likely it sounds devious that alone made my heart skip a beat.
I felt him lean over my head as his lips slightly scrubs my earlobe sending a spark thrilling sensation down my spine.
"Nice Earrings... " my eyes widen at the recognition of the familiar voice, it sounded the same but it couldn't be the person that complimented me. He wore a mask and only his chocolate brown eyes which were visible.
"You.. " I gasped I felt his breath splash again my neck slowly warming up my collarbone.
"Now You Figure it out... " I just stuck to my seat looking down my thigh.
"Why didn't you ask me yourself that you wanted me to work for your Company instead of going through all that trouble asking Liam to bring me to you, it would have been easier.." he let out a chuckle amused by my thoughts he spin my swivel chair to his direction my heart almost stopped with the way he shot me a grin.

"What Would you Think if I walked up to you with my mask and asked you to work in my Company... And Didn't you Decline when Liam insisted you apply... " I gawked In awe as he leaned forward I looked down again at my thigh avoiding eye contact.
"Look at me... " his fingers danced on to my jaw tilting it upwards as our eyes locked again.
"I don't ask when I want something, I take it..." he said shooting me a grin leaning towards me until the Door kicked down as Liam made his way into the office and from the looks of it Ben wasn't pleased, neither was Liam who Glared at Ben.
"What are you doing?" Liam shot him a blood shot stare as his jaw clenched.
"Weren't you taught Manners, you're not welcomed until I say so.. " Ben Growled.
"This is my Company too I have the right to come as I please, I didn't come here to fight with you Ben, I just need to have a word with you... " Liam protested Signalling that he wants me out of here.
"Leave.. " Ben gritted in between his teeth scaring the pee out of me, I just nodded whatever this two want to discuss they don't want me eavesdropping.
"Wait up with Cindy OK... " Liam smiled I nod and smile back at him reaching out to the exit as my hands gripped on the door knob.
"Emilia.. " I Froze on hearing my name escape from Ben Lips.
"See you tomorrow Don't be Late... " it Sounded more of a threat than a Harmless warning I just nod and made my way out of his office shutting the door behind me.
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"I said she was off limits... " Liam growled the second Emilia Slammed the door behind her leaving us both in a tense atmosphere.
"you say a lot of things but who's the boss here.." I grinned irritating him the more.
"You're are putting her at risk remember Amira.. " the thought of him bringing back Amira revolted me.
"Amira is Dead... " I slammed my hands down my desk my mind was clouded with Anger at this point I don't want any reminder of what happened to her.
"You know why she died, you are putting Emilia in the same risk as Amira.. " He was right but I don't want to admit it, he's always right and when he gets the chance he was going to gloat about it as long as I'm alive.
"Amira Put herself in risk when she Found out, you know the Rules Liam and unfortunately death shook hands with her at the wrong time.. " Liam still wasn't pleased he's usually the I don't care guy and now he's suddenly caring about this girl.
"She isn't your Toy Benjamin.. " He only calls me by my full name when he's upset.
"it seems you've developed feelings for the girl.. " he gasped as my statement took him off guard and snapped out of it before it could get to him.
"I know why you picked her, she isn't like all those who let you under their skirt, she's different.. " he growled.
"so you have developed feelings for her.. " he looked down at the floor cussing under his breath not interested in sharing me any details.
"I don't know how long or how many hearts you want shattered it won't bring back Amira don't touch her.... " he said taking one last look at me before heading to the door the same way Emilia exit the office.
There is something about that Emilia that makes me want to comb her crimson blonde hair with my fingers, her silver grey eyes that makes her a mystery, her pale white skin that glows brighter than snow and her slightly pink plump lips that makes me want to kiss her out of her senses, Liam is correct she is Different but how different though.
That's why I need to have her it's more of an Obsession her body is an Empire, one I will conquer and not even Liam's empty threat can stop me.

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Cindy Handed me my Uniform the moment Liam charged out of Ben's office some how upset, he took me by one hand ushering us to exit but Cindy stopped him.
"Ehem.... Forgetting something.. " Cindy yelled as Liam Scoffed letting go of my hand.
"Sorry Cindy it's just Ben is Being a Dickhead today I just can't tell him what to do anymore, I say one thing he does the direct opposite did I do the wrong thing leaving the business for him.. " he groaned frustrated as Cindy nods in agreement.
"You Know you had to Leave the Company for him, you did the right thing he's your brother after all..." I think I felt the Universe explode
Liam and Ben are brothers Woah my mind is technically blown.
But who is this Amira and why is everyone worried about me.
I should be the one worried the way Ben talked to me nearly put me in a trance.
"I have to take her home... " Liam took hold of my hand bringing me back to reality
"See you tomorrow sweetheart.." Cindy greeted us both goodbye as we both head to Liam's car, like a gentleman he opened mine first even when I clearly have hands.
I let myself in as Liam slammed the door shut and getting in the car as well and starting up the Engine until it kicked up active and he started driving.
The atmosphere was dead silent i didn't really know what to say there are a lot of questions running through my mind
Who the heck is Amira ?
How are Ben and Liam related ?
How is Harley in the picture ?
and why is everyone worried about me?
I know these are questions Liam wasn't interested in even answering so I muted as the silence grew more awkward until we made a stop in front of Rebecca's.
I sighed on the thought I'm left curious and I have to go back to watch Anthony and Rebecca's porn hub show what a life.
"Emilia... " Liam stopped me before I could clicked on the door handle as I turned to Face him.
"Please be careful around Ben.. " I just gave him a slight nod and turned to open the door.
"And one last Thing Emilia...." he said leaning towards me with a grin on his lips not in any way easing out the tension.
"you know you are pretty so try not to get kidnapped.. " He said pushing a strands of my hair behind my hair my cheeks heat up a little I looked down so he wouldn't see me blush a bit I looked up rolling my eyes at his remark only giving him a nod.
I got down from the car and slamming it behind me with my uniforms in my hands, waving at him he just shot me a warm smile.
"I'll pick you up tomorrow.. " he offered I just nod because I couldn't argue with that and I'm broke at the moment.
"Don't be late.. " I yelled at him which came off as a minor threat he only shrugged and drove off.
Well today was a crazy day I only went out to buy lunch but ended up getting a Job I just hope it won't blow my cover.

I let myself in with the duplicate key Becca lend me in case she wasn't home.
To my surprise she sat down studying.
"Where Is Tony?? " I asked confused.
"He went back to his Apartment... " She said glued to her book studying I just gawked at her, she had her glasses on and was busy trying to study, she looks at me and dropped her pen taking off her glasses.
"Tommorow is post-Finals where were you? " she asked as I hid my uniform behind me.
"I went to buy breakfast and bumped into a friend and finally got a job... " She only shrugged pointing at the Fridge.
"Well Anthony made Chilli and there's leftovers if you want.. " it's weird she's acting kind and compassionate and she and Anthony aren't fucking if it's because of her post finals I hope she writes post finals every year.
"Thank you.. " I said as she shot me a warm smile she's sweet after all.
I went to the fridge bringing out the left over chilli and putting it in the oven as it slowly heat up as I sat down next to her waiting for my chilli to heat up she was solving an equation and was finding it difficult to get the answers.
"The Answers is 0.23..." I said as the oven ding my chilli is ready, I went to the oven serving myself a bowl of hot chilli.
"it's correct... " she gasped
"yeah this is pretty easy that's pretty much grade school problems.. " I said taking a ounce of my chilli, Anthony isn't useless after all he's a great cook.
"Please you have to help me study or else I'll fail Post Finals please... " She pleaded and she was being nice and she gave me the Chilli.
"OK fine but I'm eating first.. " I said going back to eating my Chilli and later stayed up all night helping her study.
°The Next Day°
I woke up from the loud blasting of a horn, Becca who also woke up yawned and got up to look out the window.
"Who is it.. " I yawned as she gasped and started dressing up her messy hair.
"it's The Cute guy from the Tattoo Shop.. " she squealed so highy eardrums nearly blew up.
"Liam.... " I gasped I looked at the clock in the middle of the house it's 09:45am.
"oh my God I'm Late... " I yelled as I raced to the bathroom to take a quick shower and rushing to the living room to put on the uniform that was given to me as Becca shot me a confused look.
"bye Becca Luck in your Post Finals.. " I said as she only nodded as I dashed out the door and out to Liam's car as I got in.
"You are.. "
"I know I'm late I'm sorry... " I pleaded strapping on my seat belt.
"good luck explaining to Ben.. " I'm so dead.
°At Darks Empire °
I thanked Liam after he dropped me off and I just realized my skirt is Shorter than it should be as I try to stretch it down.
"Emilia you are late.. " I heard Cindy Whisper I could only nod because I have no explanation she only handed me some files pointing directly at Ben's office.
"good luck.. " she mouthed as I nodded heading to Ben's office
I stood before the door about to knock but I heard a familiar shot to that of a bullet and some people pleading.
I quietly creaked the door open seeing both Harley and Ben each holding a gun by their side as three men stood before them
"Where's my supply... " Ben said more deadlier than a grenade and from the looks of it he wasn't afraid of using the gun.
"We told you sir we were robbed.. " one of the men cried but Ben didn't give a damn.
He made his way to the man up front
"You Won't Talk...... Meet Harley Quine the Modern Jezebel , Harley take care of them.. " Harley stepped forward picking who her first victim is.
"What's it gonna be boys still quiet... " she threatened flashing them a Scary grin, she seductively played with one massaging his shoulders speaking in a whisper only him could here and snap she broke his neck with one move as he slumped to his death.
"We hid the supplies it's at the boarder please don't kill me.. " one of them blurted out afraid of Harley as Ben only gave her a nod.
And she killed the remaining two with the blink of an eye.
"Call Liam he has some cleaning up to do... " I stepped back not caring before I'm next.

" what are you doing here... "


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