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EMPIRE - Chapter Five


Empire - Chapter Five
Theme: The_clients_are_dead


"What are you Doing here... " I flinched turning around to see Cindy who wore a worried look.
"Ummh I was Dropping off the files you asked me to.. " She Was shook like she just made a big mistake.
"Emilia did you see anything?? " she almost said in a sob, she didn't want me to see what I've just seen.
"No... " I coughed letting it slide normally if she didn't want me to see it then I'm not risking telling her what I saw.
"I wanted to open the door but before I could you already stopped me.. " I lied through a poker face she breathe a sigh of relief confirming she didn't want me to see that but I just did.
"Ben is busy at the moment I forgot to tell you, he and Harley are busy with some Clients
why don't we just excuse ourselves till the meeting is being called off... " she lied through a genuine smile, that scared me more than even Harley, the Clients are Dead.
"Since I'm his PA isn't it my Job to assist him with his meeting with the clients.. " I arched a brow to throw off less suspicion off me.
"Yes But this meeting is confidential and he ordered that you should not participate trust me it's for your own good.. ".She said in a Dark tone it's only confidential because Harley just killed somebody like it was nothing.
"OK... I'll wait.. " I said looking once more at the Door
'what supplies could be worth killing someone over' I thought to myself, this is more than just a simple supply and I'm going to find out what but for now I need to keep my distance from Harley and be careful with Ben as Liam instructed this Company is hiding something and I'm starting to realize that this isn't just an ordinary company.
Harley was on my desk taking a shot of Heniken flicking her gun round her fingers it's good she took off the bullets or else she would have shoot me carelessly or at least not on purpose.
She got down from my desk taking another shot and pouring it directly at one of the victims face washing away his blood something she found entertaining something I found irritating.
"When is Liam going to get here?? " she said already bored having nothing to do but booze up.
"He'll be here soon and if you mind stop washing down the drink on the dead body.. " I said as she rolled her eyes.
"you're no fun anymore... " She said taking a shot and handing it over to me.

"And you are Dangerous.. " I said
"But you Bed once with this Dangerous bitch.." she said playing with my tie but she's right.
"You know the rules Harley.. " I slapped her hands off me but that didn't stop her from gripping again tightly to me.
"Yeah one Night your last but how long are you going to keep it you'll break someday.. " she definitely said in a threat seductively playing with my suit as she plucked off a button she leaned forward to my ear as her hands traced down to the ends where my shirt was tucked in.
"it doesn't have to be one night with me.. " she purred in a seductive tone plucking down the rest of the buttons, she knew how to turn me on, she wasn't that bad she was the sexiest woman I've known and our one night was a night to remember she was clearly an expert in bed.
"The Rules still stand and I don't joke with rules, don't test me.. " I growled jerking off from her grip.
"You break rules everyday, eventually you'll break this one and when you do you have my digits... " she said picking up her drink letting loose of her knot over her abdomen prancing out of my office at once she exit the office Liam walks in with a gloomy look sending me daggers.
"You nearly got caught.. " he cautioned upset.
"I turned down the offer.. " I voiced out getting back to my swivel chair buttoning up my loose shirt.
"What are you talking about?? " he demanded baffled at my statement.
"What exactly are you here for? " I asked too having no clue of what the conversation is about.
"Emilia almost caught you with your business with the Santiago brothers which eventually led to a blood bath.... "
I let out a groan not really giving a Fuck right now.
"And did she?? " I questioned clearly getting on his nerves
"That's not the matter now you promised you'll handle the business more discrete since Emilia is on board, what would have happened when she caught you, you know the consequences.... "
"She didn't find out, did she?? and yes I'm aware of the consequences same should Emilia right? "
"What are you talking about?? " he said bewildered at my smug grin.
"She was supposed to be here as early as 7 in the morning and she probably got here by 9 if she followed the rules and was here by that time she wouldn't have almost caught me with my business with the Santiago brothers, I have no interest in discussing this matter Further Liam, may I remind you I run This Company and not you so I'll run it how I like just do me a favor and don't get in my way again... " I voiced through a growl he again shot me daggers clenching tightly to his fist.
He huffed letting out his bottled rage out in one exhale his knuckles loosen up.
"get your helpers to clean up this mess would you?? " I said as he nodded clearly upset any moment about to flick his trusty Gun and bullet me dead.
He turns to exit my office but stopped inhaling and exhaling:
"Anything that happens to her, you are a dead man Ben and I won't consider you my brother if that ever happens... "
Cindy kept me busy by organising some of the companies files I'm scared and frightened and I'm not sure I can forget or unseen that if Harley can do that what of Ben.
Maybe he's not as Dangerous as Harley but why couldn't he kill them himself and instead send Harley.

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Maybe he's Dangerous because how can he trust someone as dangerous as Harley unless he's more worse than Harley and what kind of business did those poor men have with Ben that he had Harley to Gun them to their premature death.
"hey.... " I jog up startled throwing all the files in the air as they slowly disarray in complete disorder I turned to see Liam gleaming with smiles failing to hold back his laughter Cindy is gonna kill me.
"What the Fuck Liam... " he still was laughing at my display of cower.
"What's up with you you looked like you saw a ghost.. " He smiled revealing his sparkling white teeth, hands down in his pockets his lips parted a bit, why am I upset with him again.
"What are you Doing here.. " he just smirked pacing towards me leaning a bit and with just a smile he had me in a trance.
"Does my presence make you Uncomfortable.." he grinned I rolled my eyes looking away from his glance.
"As if you disgust me, you just scared the crap out of me that's all... " I bluntly said he pushed back a strand of my hair back wearing a mischievous smirk.
"You Sure.... " he leaned closer forcing his torso on top of me startled I limp under his force my eyes widened almost baffled until he breaks into a solid laugh.
"I'm playing with you... " he said my brows arched almost making an attempt to kiss me is a game Arrgh I hate him.
"OK then I disown you.. " I said squatting down picking up the files I earlier threw on the floor.
He Squats down too helping me pick up the files one by one.
"I'm here for a job my brother wants done.. Happy.. " he blurted at once I looked up with a confused look.
"I thought you said you don't work here anymore..? " his expression change but he was quick enough to diverse it like he wasn't hiding something.
"I... I don't I just, you know help with the company you know I still have to be here to clean Ben's mess... " he wore a sad look.
"oh.... " that was all I could say oh?? What is wrong with me I just saw His Brother order that killing machine to Kill three innocent men.

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"is something wrong you look Disturbed.. " I choked on his statement wondering if I should come clean or not.
"Ummh... Nothing it's just I know how you feel being there for someone despite their errors but sometimes you have to break free and move on so they won't hold you back.. " a tear slides down my cheek, Liam moved towards me down on his squats moving closer towards me, our eyes locked in an intense stare.
"it's okay.... " he slope towards me as we breathe against each other as our nose brushes faintly.
"Emilia.. " I sprang away from Liam and on my butt, my eyes widened as my heart beat faster on the thought I almost kissed Liam again or should I say he almost kissed me.
"Yes... " I lift myself up dusting imaginary dust of my uniform, Cindy sneer Mischievously frabicating a fake cough, Liam on the other hand winked at me like whatever happened between us never happened.
"What Happened?? " she asked looking down on the disorder files on the floor she had her arms across her chest beaming with all smiles I'm dying right now.
"it's just a minor accident and on me.. " Liam cover up for me which made Cindy snicker at me.
"You both know this is a business environment so you both can take your Love games after work on Liam's Bed... " my eyes widened I almost choked on her words but too late I broke into a wild cough which Cindy found entertaining to watch.
"oh stop it Cindy Emilia can't wait that long we can do it my car as soon as she signs off." the Audacity he had to say that my cheeks have never been this red if embarrassment was a deadly disease I could die any moment from now if they continue to haunt me.
"Anyways Ben Would like to see you.. " Liam expression grew bitter fast, I could see he doesn't want me to go or he doesn't like the mention of Ben's name, maybe he knows about Ben's Smothering people to death.
"What Does he want.. " Liam growled
"I don't know he wants to have a word with His PA to review her if she saw •Anything•.." She stressed the last part in a code she and Liam could only Understand.
Liam nods and sighs.
"She'll be with him in a minute I need to talk to her myself.. " Charlotte nods excusing herself, Liam took me by my hand pulling me closer his hands then traced to my face cupping my cheeks.
"Emilia did you see Anything?? " A glimpse of spark glowed in his eyes.
"I....... " his expression unsure of my silence grew worried he doesn't want me knowing.
"See What??" I numbed out.
"This Morning Did you by any Chance See Ben Doing Anything with Harley this Morning.. " he didn't confirm the whole story so he does know about Ben but doesn't want me knowing from the looks of it.
"No... I didn't get a chance to open the door, Charlotte stopped me before I could try is there anything I should know.. " I lied and I had to.
He heave a Sigh of relief
"Good... Not now but maybe later.. " He Let go backing up I fiddle with my fingers.
"I need to attend to Ben.. " he nods slowly I backed him heading to Ben's office I was right but what is Ben's Job somehow I'm intrigued to know but something tells me I won't like what I'm going to find.
Liam Did a great Job cleaning up this place after the Blood Bath earlier it's like Nothing ever happened, I was stamping some files, everything is as it was the word normal.
"You Called... " Emilia let herself in I even forgot about her.
She Looked nervous my eyes darted to her skirt Short as I requested, she struts towards me I gestured for her to have a seat.
I licked my lips as she looked down on her thigh.
"Look at me.. " I Yelled as she did immediately.
"You were Supposed to be Here by 7 but you failed , I'm supposed to Fire You, I don't Tolerate Tardiness but I'll let it Slide because I had a meeting with my clients and it was confidential so I'm glad Cindy stopped you before you could participate..." I said all she only did was nod.
"Thank you Sir I'm Grateful it would never happen again.. " She Smiled faintly
"I Know it will never happen again that's why you are staying overtime, You will stay behind arranging and filing all the Companies Budget as Your Punishment...." her eyes grew wide in shock with a hint of anger.
"But.. But... "
"You Signed the Documents remember which clearly states I can work you to the bones until you can't feel your body anymore... " Her Expression was priceless something I enjoy or derive as pleasure, I don't know but the more I get on her nerves the More she's upset and she squints her brows in a bent curve exporsing a deep dot on her forehead.

I licked my lips no, Liam, no workers only me and her this will be Fun.


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