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EMPIRE - Chapter Fifteen


Empire - Chapter Fifteen
Theme: Wet_kiss


"Where do you think you're going?? "
"Anywhere that doesn't have your Temper.. " I said trying to free from his grasp
"Too Late Babe I want you... " he said as he crashed his lips on mine roughly his hands trailed down my waistline forcing my body against him, I tossed my hands over his shoulders but got hold on his nape.
His lips were hard on mine depriving every every breath from me
I was thrown into Pandemonium I didn't have time to actually collect any moment that happened but that didn't stop Ben from planting little rough kisses, sucking and nibbling on my Lower lip gently, I couldn't resist as his rough little kisses turned into a passionate wet kiss, *Ben Shocked* I responded, guides my lips with his as our lips rhythm in a perfect sync, Immediately Ben's hands trail down to the side of my thigh gripping tightly, slowly squeezing it, instantly he lifts me up my legs enircled round him, my hands trail up to the locks of his dark chocolate hair, fiddling with his hair as my Fingers tangled up on them.

I let out a moan inadvertently Ben deepens the kiss to his advantage he pushed past my lips as our tongues brushes each other and dance in a Single Rhythm, his Tongue delicately glides in my mouth at the same time now nibbling on my Lower Lip, Ben Pushed his Tongue back giving me a turn, I didn't fail to Plant Butterfly Kisses trailing down to the side of his lips, Hesitantly Ben Let out a Moan as his Legs Move to a Nearby Couch in the middle of the Living room as he Tosses me on the damn Couch climbing on top of me his Hands Trailed Down to my Buttons plucking them one by one as a glimpse of lust spark at the corner of his eyes, he stopped at the third button exposing the apex part of my Bra as I felt the Cold air splash against my chest and jinked my hands went up to his buttons plucking them one by one more than a spark Of Lust ignited in me I didn't care for a Second what I was doing and I didn't want to it to stop.
Ben resumed to To kissing the sanity out of me, his kisses trailing down to the side of my neck and down to my collarbone but it wasn't Pleasurable nor was it desirable
I let out a cry trying to get Ben off me.
"Get Down... " He Growled I tilted my head in denial trying to push him off me.
"Stop Hurting me... " I Yelled but he didn't stop.
"This is Your Punishment.. The pain you're feeling is the same pain I feel... " His eyes were Bloodshot red I could see his pain disguised as anger
"What Pain?? " I blurted almost immediately as he Stopped pushing his head aback holding my stare he leaned closer towards me locking our eyes in a Stare.
His Palm clasped mine trapped on the couch leaving me defenseless forcing his body on me, his Torso crushed mine gently his eyes darted to my lips again but not with lust this time it was disguised.
I couldn't tell what it was he leaned to the side of my ear sending harsh breaths jacuzzing my right ear.
"Promise you won't Leave me... " He redrew from my ear locking our eyes again in an intense stare.
Baffled I went mute, I didn't bother to struggle free anymore my heart melted instantly on his stare it wasn't hate, it wasn't Lust, I'm disconcerted I don't know that Look I only Nod as he Leans in and lipped me off guard and I give in his Palms trails down to my buttons.
"Say it... " He Hoarsed purposely grazing the ends of my neck and nibbling on it's Flesh.
I let out a moan loudly, Ben Smirked
"Say that you won't Leave.. " he Hoarsed again caressing the sides of my neck turning me into a moaning machine.
"I Won't Leave... " his smacked his lips on mine again Yanking of the rest of my buttons as I Clinged tightly to the locks of his hair again my fingers dug through messing up his hair again Ben's hand trail down my thigh putting me under him as he made himself dominant over me.
His Hands again trace the the clips of my Bra
Was this right ?
Should I be doing this??
Should I tell him??
"I'm a Virgin... "
"I know... " He Whispered back to my confession and he doesn't seem bothered about it.
"Hey Ben I saw your Car and.... Bad timing.. " Rocco walked in, Ben Jogged up while I threw on a Confused look my cheeks heat up now that I've come to think about it I was going to give Ben my Body.
What is wrong with me
I thrust my skirt down to it's normal length and quickly buttoned up shirt before my boobs hinted In display to Rocco he threw on a baffled look.
"Hmm Couch Sex... Anyways how did your meeting go with Daxton did you shoot him this time or something.. " Rocco changed the topic immediately, Ben Buttoned up his shirt adjusting the fringes of his Collar I Crumbled, Tangling his hair to a neat do, ignoring the fact he almost Bed with His PA.
"it was fine we agreed to merge the companies shares to support the project.. " Ben said, Rocco shot him a confused look.
"I thought you said you didn't want to participate in the Project?? Why the sudden change of mind.. " Rocco asked.
Ben Glanced up at me sharing me uneasy stares, I gulped down, he's going to expose me that I'm the cause and I'm sure I'll never live to see the next day in peace.
"I just Decided it's only a Proposition and could earn more clients if I get use to working with a few.. " Ben didn't expose me but why?? Oh well I don't care I'm just trying to survive Rocco's Suspicious glare as if he couldn't hide the fact that he suspects me.
"Well the House is done Fumigated no more Stash it's all Clear, I won't be around for a while we'll keep in touch Ben... " Ben only Nodded.
"Thank You Rocco .. " Ben said
Rocco made his way towards me glaring at me evidently.
"Campbell what a formative Last name , interesting isn't it there are a thousand people that go by that name but none of them actually share a biological trait with you.. " Rocco Whispered the Last Part For only me and him to hear, Ben Cared Less what Rocco had to say.
I break into a sinister laugh disguising the fact that I'm scared.
"You Know what they say DNA rapidly changes.. " I giggled his instense stare didn't go easy on me.
"So do names, people change their names too when they run away.. "
Does he know??
"Rocco you are scaring her.. " Ben noticed I was feeling daunted by Rocco interrogations.
"Sorry I didn't know what came over me... Forgive me Emilia that's your real name right?? "
"Of Course that's her name she told you earlier didn't she ?? stop with the interrogations Rocco, Last Warning...." Ben growled and Suddenly Rocco suddenly shook his head adhering to Ben's warning,
Since when?? .
He made his way towards Ben gripping him in a Firm shake.
"Goodbye for now, I don't really know if I'll be here to see you off to Detroit but I'll see something about that, Give my greetings to Liam and Peyton... " I let out a quiet gasp Rocco Knows Peyton who is also Harley
That means he's Dangerous too.
Rocco made his way towards me.
"Use Protection... " Rocco Pulled me in an unexpected Hug.
He Pats my back trailing his lips down my earlobe.
"I don't know who you are but Trouble is on it's way be Careful.. " my heart Dropped as Rocco slides something into my pockets.
"Don't Hurt him or you'll wake up the Beast in him and trust me you don't want to see him in beast mode, he's not perfect... Avert the same doom the rest faced..... " My heart stopped beating for a second on mentioning those words who are the rest.

"Don't forget my own Blowjob.. " Rocco Said as a Distraction to throw Ben off who was Trying to eavesdrop on our conversation
"Psycho... " I pushed him away playfully as Ben just rolled his eyes at our presumed childishness.
"Goodbye Ben... But I have to go back... " Rocco said, Ben only Nods ushering Rocco out.
I shove my hand down my pocket bringing out the peice of paper Rocco dived down into my pockets.
It was folded as I drastically tried to unfold it.
"Finally He's Gone... " I flinched hiding the note half unfolded.
"So....?? " I asked
"Let's go to the Carnival... " I shot him a confused look what's a Carnival.
"What's that ?? Is it a Place where people eat people" Ben Stuttered at my reply.
"That's Cannibal and no it's kind of a place where People have Fun, My Mom used to Take me Every summer it's a Lot of Fun but I grew out of it after I took over the company.."
"Don't You Have a Very important meeting Tomorrow?? " I asked
"It's Boring...and we're done with Today's Meeting so are you coming or what.. " he persisted and I don't really want to argue why we shouldn't.
"OK fine... Only once but forget it I'm not eating anybody... "
"Did you even Listen to what I said?? " he grunted
"Not a Word.. " I said as I walked out on him folding in my grasps the paper.
I won't look into the paper now, I'll take a Look when I get back from New York, I can't have a Look when Ben is around, Rocco didn't want Ben to see it and I'm not making that mistake by disclosing whatever Rocco wanted me only to know.

Time Skipped to Later that Night•
Ben Drove us both to the side called Carnival it was somewhere in Central Park I can't believe people stay up late to play games.
"Two Tickets Please... " Did Ben Just say Please or am I deaf.
I Pressed down my Flower Printed Dress that went up my knee then up my Thigh showing off a little skin with no sleeves.
"Shall we?? " Ben Snickered at me after getting our tickets did he take Poison in his System or What ??
He's acting more jovial than Usual.
I Linked my arms with his glancing over the different games waiting to be Played.
"So What Do you wanna Play.. "
"I wanna go swing... " I pouted
"That's not even a game, What about Pin the dart..."
"Then Have Fun Pinning Darts... I'm going swinging... " He Pulled me back.
"Fine at least you could have told me before I bought tickets.. " I just shrugged pulling him to where the Swings were far away from the other part of the Park.
I got in one already kicking my feet in the air in motion as gravity plays it's part.
"Don't Just Stand there get in a Swing... " I snickered at him, he just rolled his eyes shoving his hands down his pockets walking up to a swing he just only sat on it.
"Happy now.. " He Smacked at me evidently I gave him an eye roll.
"Didn't you swing in your Childhood... " I asked he gasps adjusting his butt on the swing and pushed himself back swinging by my side slowly.
"Of all The games you wanna play you chose a Swing I don't get you..." I looked down at my flats probably the only shoes I own.
"This is the only thing I did For Fun In my childhood I had the swing all to myself I feel high like I'm flying and it's the only thing I did bonding with my parents before they.... " I stopped tears slowly came streaming down my cheeks.
"Emilia.. " Ben Called his eyes locked mine in an intense stare he didn't move neither did I.
Ben Chained the Together the ropes of the swing pulling me closer to him we were a inch apart.
"It's okay I actually bonded with my mother or should I say Lady Cane, That woman was Hell New York actually reminds me of her though she was brutal she was my mother....never does a day go by I recall the day she Smashed my balls... " I let out a loud gag.
"Is She the same woman that was Glaring at me in the picture.. "

"She was not a picture person, I'm surprised how that photographer survived she was heck of a woman, stubborn, notorious and nasty but caring at the same time.. " Ben said and you know what I don't feel down anymore.
"New York is really Beautiful I see why your mom Picked to stay here but why did she build her house here and how did she end up with your Dad?? " I asked
Ben sighed.
"That's a story for another day.. " he said and I scoffed.
"Yeah... "
"Do you Like Daxton.. " My eyes broadened in shock I looked at Ben if he was Joking he was damn serious.
"Wait is this What is about You Brought me here to hear your Sob Story so you could infiltrate me with stupid questions.. "
"Answer the question?? " he Scorned
"You're not even going to apologize?? " I yelled at the top of my voice .
"Apologize for what?? "
"For Yelling the Fuck at me you Jealous Quirk... "
"Until you apologize for Flirting and agreeing to a Partnership..."
I can't take this right now why are we even yelling.
"Your Loss... " I jogged off the Swing.
"Where are you going... " he asked
"A place where I can Flirt with Oxygen since I'm not allowed to even Breathe without your permission.. " I blurted
His Snickering Smirk didn't seem to fade, he got up from his Swing striding towards me.
He chiseled up my chin.
"I'm sorry... " I gasped almost immediately as Ben slowly Lipped me with a kiss.

•The Next Day•

Ben apologized something is weird about his behavior lately after the Kiss Yesterday we went to get Cotton Candy and play some games, Ben Won a Toy Donkey I'm excited because this is my very first toy since my parents Band me from Having Toys and I named it Becca, I really miss her just one more day and I'm out of Here and I'm getting a phone.
I moved back to the guest room until the door Bell rings.
Do people know how much sleep is to get this Days.
I Sluggishly picked up Becca dragging my feet, heading to the door.
"I'm coming... " I yelled gliding down the stairs I'm not running the Person will Have to wait.
I head to the Door as I unlocked it
"Liam... "


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