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EMPIRE - Chapter Eleven


Empire - Chapter Eleven
Theme: Dreams_more_like_nightmare


After boarding all the luggages by myself in the private Jet, I took a break before Ben gave me any orders.

"Emilia... " I jerked up from my position cussing under my breath, my fingers massage my temples draining down the minor headache.

"I'm not paying you to slouch back and relax, This isn't a Vacation this is Business can't you take something serious for once??" He gritted in between his teeth escalating my minor Headache to a Hypertension any moment from now , he's nothing but a pain.

"Do you Understand??" He bluntly spat
"I wouldn't be this tired if I didn't Carry about 99 percent of your Luggage all by myself... " he smirked again.

"You Should be delighted I started off easy this is just the Beginning Ms Campbell... " I want to die now I don't care who kills me just kill me now.

"Sir... Everything is being Arranged the Jet has been fueled, The Pilots are in Check and the attendants are ready.... "

"Loose the attendants... " I'm just as confused as the young man and I'm scared at the same time cause I'm guessing it has something to do with me.

"Sir with all due respects why do you suddenly want to loose the attendants?? Is there something wrong??" he asked Ben glanced at me and back to the ground attendant.

"I don't know I just feel like flying without the attendants I don't need any disturbance it's only approximately two hours that's enough time... " Ben Winked at me and I know what he meant, the Attendant only nods.
"As you wish the attendants will be rid off.." Ben Nods and tips the idiot that just went with Ben's point.

Ben made his way towards me shortening the distance between us, a inch apart

"No Attendants Huh??" I grimace in disgust

he pulled my chin up wearing a nefarious grin

"Two hours is just a minimum, I get to have three days with you... " he smirked

"I thought this was a Business trip?? " I slapped his hands away from my chin.

"When has Mixing business with pleasure ever stopped me.. " he mumbled under his breath loud enough for me as I gulped down my saliva hard.

"I thought the old saying goes never mix business with pleasure?? " I stuttered in a stammer earning a smug grin from from Ben he lean towards me pushing a strands of my hair behind my ear.

"that's the Fun Part of it all ...breaking the rules to get what you want... " It took a lot in me not to kill him besides even if I tried I know I won't survive going up against him.

"The attendants are already loose sir your Flight is to New York is already booked, waiting for your orders.. " The Attendant interrupted our little growl fest as Ben only nods.

"Ms Campbell Ladies First .." he gestured I plainly rolled my eyes at his poor gesture.

"How Kind of you Mr Dark... " I hissed silently striding towards the steps that was connected to the Jet.

I Pranced in the Jet and wow it was huge, I twirled in awe checking out the Jet it looks bigger on the inside than on the outside.
I took a seat at the front making myself comfortable for now before Ben gave me meaningless orders.

"Already getting Comfortable are we?? " Ben snapped as I just ignore laying back at my last resort for sleep, I don't care if we're alone it's two hours I'm getting my shut eye.

"goodnight... " I voiced, Ben Chuckled which I nearly found humane but impossible Ben isn't a human he's a beast.

"Awwnnn Already Catching zzzzz's isn't it a little bit early to be napping??" Ben asked

"I couldn't sleep.. " I voiced out
"Why?? " Ben asked

'I was too busy thinking about how I kissed Liam your brother yesterday' I thought in my head and let out a chuckle I'm signing a death warranty if I said that.

"oh nothing Becca had me pack up yesterday considering I got informed about my trip to New York a little late don't you think??
 " He just smirked at me.

"you look more than comfortable, this isn't your first time on a Plane..." my heart dropped which is true, I disguise my worried look with a subtle smirk.

"What makes you think so??" I asked through a sly expression

"Most people first time on a plane it's either exciting or terrifying ..." he made his way towards me, his fingers flick up my chin leaning closer as my heart kept beating fast on the thought he already suspects me or he was too close.

"So?" I gasped out a calm reply throwing him off-guard he didn't smile, his facial expression was something I couldn't read making it hard to predict his next move.
"You Seem rather Calm for a first timer... " he broke the awkward silence between us looking into my eyes directly.

He didn't once look away, he kept his stare but I didn't look away, I couldn't look away

I felt as if he was reading through my soul, searching for an answer that I couldn't provide that he was determined to find.

Inadvertently he leans closer than ever, his eyes darted to my lips and back to my eyes a smirk curled up his lips throwing me in pandemonium and confusion.

A quiet chuckle escaped his lips.
"Am I Right?? " he asked I shook my head confused.

"Wha...? "

Please Kindly Fasten up your seatbelt the Jet is about to take off, thank you

The Announcement saved and interrupted Ben's interrogation.
Ben took a seat next to me
Saved by the bell or announcement or whatever my cover is safe.

Ben is Smart and observant after all, pity though I need to be careful.

I glanced over at Ben quickly he was busy scrolling through his phone.

I wonder what if the Announcement didn't come up honestly I was going to lie to him.
Why does my heart keep beating fast anytime he touches or he's close to me

I hate him, Right??
But does my stomach make flips and turns anytime he looks at me....

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"Get up Sunshine... " my ears stunned on the mention of those words my eyes instantly open, I was laid on the softest matress.
it felt like heaven it felt like home, I looked down I was Clad in a white Lace nightgown revealing my bra and panties.

"How Did you sleep?" I looked over to my left spotting Ben who Laid next to me I gasped in awe what the Fuck am I doing in the same Bed with him.

I Jerked up shocked no words can describe how confused I am right now.

"Where are am I ?? Who changed my clothes? and why the hell was I laid next to you??" I bombarded him with questions he only shot me a wide smile it made me feel uncomfortable.
"Don't Worry Babe.... "

"Babe?? " I cut him off struggling in the foam as I made my way towards him gently slapping my palm on his forehead.

"Are you OK, Are you Drunk?? " I asked

"I'm fine Babe... " my face grimace in disgust and shock

"OK what is going on here I'm confused?? " I asked he smiled at me throwing me under a mask of total confusion.

"Don't you remember, We Went Clubbing and you got Drunk and I carried you home but the Next thing I know you ripped off my shirt and we the best sex ever... You are more in control when you are Drunk..." my eyes widened in shock.

"We had Sex?? " my mouth dropped in Shock

"The Best... " this is Just weird he isn't yelling, he isn't controlling he's just nice which is weird and creepy.

"What about the Meeting?? The Business trip, what we actually came here for?? " I asked he just flashed me a smile.

"Do they really Matter ??" How Long did I sleep and If I did sleep was I under some charm, have I slipped into a comma.

"Yes they Do... It does matter because we were supposed to meet up with important clients. " I queried but he doesn't look bothered or disturb.

"I Love you Emilia Say you love me too... " my eyes widened in shock, stunned I froze, Ben slowly crippled to me with a smile slowly lowering me to the bed.

In just a flash I was Under him, he quickly ripped my night gown down to shreds

'this can't be happening' I thought to myself clad in only a bra and panties he mocked his middle and index fingers as a Scissor sliding under the tip of my bra.

"Snap.... " he playfully threatened before ripping my bra into two exposing my boobs, he gently plucked both with his delicate hands.

I stutter in shock as a moan escaped my lips
He trail down my undies sliding off without him even doing anything I was already wet.


"get up you're wet... " I jerked up from my seat Wet from my head down to my top.

My head bobbed sideways to Ben and Back to my Top.

"How Did I ??... " my eyes Darted to a half empty bottle of water on Ben's hand, a devilish grin was plastered on his face.

"What the Hell?? " I yelled at the top of my voice

"You were making weird noises so I gladly splashed water on you... " so it was a dream.

Thank God it was a Dream.

"Arrgh there are better ways to wake me up.. " I queried but he shrugged it off

"It wouldn't be fun... " I got up from my seat walking past Ben who gripped tightly to my hand.

"Where are you going?? " he asked
"to the door so I can jump off and die now when I have the chance... " I flared up as he let out a chuckle and it irritates me.

"What were you dreaming about anyways that you had to interrupt my reading??" I choked on the question trying to loosen from his grip.

"I just had a bad dream... " I spat bluntly as Ben arched a suspicious brow.

Dream more like nightmare I think
"Hmmm it's weird though, you're sure you were having a bad dream...? " I just only nod
"Yes... "

"OK... But Since When do people start moaning loudly in Bad dreams unless it wasn't a Bad Dream... " my cheeks heat up Arrgh why won't he give up.
"You don't get to interprete my Dreams.." my cheeks blossomed red giving way to Ben's Hypothesis.

"so it wasn't a Bad Dream... " he stated
"I'm going to change... " I said jerking off his grip running to the luggage cabin to get my bag.
please Kindly Fasten up your seatbelt the Jet is about to Land in New York

I threw my hands in the hair in Frustration I did not even get enough time to change.

"You Heard the Announcement... "
 Ben Smirked and I've never been more willing to stab him in the chest more than before all I need is a Dagger or Knitting pins to put him out cold.

I let out another hiss getting back to my seat buckling up like the Pilot requested
Two Hours, I Have three Days to put up with this crap.

What the Hell did I eat that wasn't a dream it was a complete nightmare Arrgh I'm so pathetic.
The Jet or Plane Safely Landed, Ben First Strapped off his seatbelt while I looked over the Window at the View.

"We have Places to go get up and stop staring at the Window.." Ben threathened.

"Fuck.... " I muttered under my breath.


"Why Did we take a Taxi didn't you get alerted that Your Car was Shipped to New York.. " I Whined
"I Did... "

"Then why did we take a Taxi.. " I asked

"Because it's fun watching you suffer.. " I rolled my eyes at him as I finally discharged the Luggages from the Taxi.

"Keep the Change.. " Ben paid the Driver Leaving us at the step of a Pent house.

"Ehhmm didn't we book a Hotel?? " I asked

"I cancelled on it before we got here.. "

"And I didn't get informed.. " He just makes my Job Harder than it already is I'm his PA for God sake.
"What was there to inform you about it was only change of apartments ?? " He said with no interest.

"Whose House is This?? " I asked curious

"Mine... " wait he has a House In New York

"You Have a House in New York?? " I asked

"It's actually my mom's but after she died she willed it to me so anytime I wanna get away I just come here, no one knows about it except for Rocco and Harley ... " He said typing in a Code the Mention of Harley's name made me sick to my stomach.

"Who's Rocco ??... " I asked

"a good friend of mine he always checks up on this Place if I'm not around, Maybe he's Home... "

The Gates Opened automatically as Ben helped me the Luggages.
"The Devil himself finally comes home... " A strange deceitful voice spoke out as a Handsome Young Man comes out of the Shadows.

Ben Dropped his luggages making his way to Rocco I assume as they have a brotherly hug I've never seen him this happy to anyone even Liam, Rocco must really mean a lot to him.

After they disengaged from the Hug, Rocco Shares me uneasy stares as he Licked his Lips.
"You Brought us a Toy to play with, how kind are you done with her I think I need a round or two with this Sexy Thing..." Ben Frown but replaced it with a calm look and I hate Rocco immediately.

"She's off Limits Rocco... " Ben said with possessiveness written all over his tone.

"How is she Married or something ?? " Rocco asked foolishly

"She's my Wife.... " Ben Blurted
"You say What now?? "


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